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A Basement Affair‘s Melody was known for being “the nice one” (she got sent home for “being too perfect,” even!), but that doesn’t mean she can’t throw shade with the best of them. “She looks worn, and I think she’s had a lot more life experiences than I have, even though I’m older,” she says about her on-air nemesis Dana’s ageist insults. More on those and everything else below…

How was your time on the show?

Besides my experience with Dana and that drama, everything was great. I mean, even with that, it was a little intense and a little stressful but I was able to learn from it, the way we all learn from life. Not that I wasn’t strong to begin with.

What did you think of your portrayal?

I mean, there were a lot of things that they didn’t show, like I did massage all the girls. I was the masseuse of the house. You know, I walked around trying to teach everybody how to do the little (growls) roll of the tongue, and being really sexy and cute. They didn’t show a lot of that. They portrayed more of me just being nice to everybody and that’s obviously a part of my personality. I did get very lucky, I think. Some other girls, they just narrowed down, like Cathy and her sex side, and Renee who is an actual angel. I mean, poor thing, she had it rough, and I know it’s been really hard on her.

It took a few episodes for us to have any sense of your character.

I told Frank I wasn’t going to be aggressive and not myself. I mean, I’m very outgoing but I’m not going to fight other girls or fight for attention. But then again, I did get out there and do a lot of things that they didn’t show. I mean, I made him breakfast in bed early on. I gave him a massage. He gave me a massage. Like, a topless massage.

What did you make of your elimination? You were sent home for being perfect. Was that as confusing to you as it was to everyone else?

What a lot of people are saying is that they thought I was too good for Frank, and that’s not the case. It’s just that his personality is different. I think that’s especially the case with him living in New York. I lived there before and I know it’s just different. I’m different than the other girls, too. I’m very Southern, and I was just raised differently. I talk things out. I don’t scream, I don’t yell, and I would never swear at somebody. Except for Dana.

Let’s talk about that. What do you make of the Dana drama?

You know, [Dana and I] weren’t close friends. Even when she said I was her best friend, I don’t perceive myself as being her best friend. She told me that I reminded her of her sister, which I thought had more to do with being nice. I honestly believe that she might be a good person outside of the house. I don’t talk to her, she hasn’t tried to contact us. Everyone’s reached out to her, but we hardly ever speak to her. And the rest of us are extremely close. I mean, I speak to every single girl that’s been on the show. So to me, Dana probably did have a game plan. I really think she went into the whole thing with possibly a manager, and there was a reason behind it. And that’s fine because it’s reality TV, you know? I’m one of those few girls who didn’t go in with that in my mind. I was a single woman, and the oldest. I was giving anything a shot and someone had asked if I wanted to do the show and said that she thought I would really get along with the guy, and I thought, “Well, you know what? I’m looking for love, so why not?” I was able to be me, but with Dana I think definitely wanted to play that role as far as being the bad girl.

It didn’t take much for her to flip into it. It was kind of out of nowhere, right?

It came out of left field to us, but I think that was her plan the whole time. She went after the other girls, too, like Renee. It was just so easy to go after the girls that were very calm and laid back and not aggressive. These were girls she thought that she could just push around. I would have loved to see her pick on Cathy. Cathy would have knocked her out with one hit. That would have been awesome, but that didn’t happen.

That whole episode where she sort of switched was strange, because then came the oil reading that said you had the evil eye and that you maybe weren’t what you appeared to be. Did you feel like you were being dragged through the mud all of the sudden?

I don’t think anyone expected her to react the way she did with me after I comforted Annie. I know that even the producers and such were a little upset, and Frank was really angry. Dana had everyone fooled thinking that there was a plan, that I was being nice because I was up to something, which really was not the case. I think the evil eye thing was interesting, because she was the evil eye. She was the one saying, “The thing you’re hiding is that you’re just a bitch.” And I was like, “No, what I was hiding is that I’m me.” I wasn’t going to go crazy on her, even though a lot of people expected me to explode and throw my dinner plate at her or pull her weave out, but I’m just not that girl. I’d rather just walk away and be like, “Well, if you’re going to fight then go ahead and have him. I’d rather just keep him as a friend as opposed to being stupid.”

I think it goes without saying, but I wonder if you wanted to articulate the fact that comforting one person isn’t necessarily taking their side in the matter.

I think it’s just immediate reaction if you have any heart at all. It’s not like I took Annie’s side. I actually went to her and my very first question was, “Why did you do that?” I told her that she should apologize to his parents. I told her that she was disrespectful and I told her that she does have a good heart and I realize that she is a good person, she just made a mistake. I wasn’t trying to lecture her, and I wasn’t trying to be on her side. I was just trying to be a friend, which is normal.

Did any of Dana’s comments get to you at all? Specifically the ones about your age?

Honestly, no. I’m older, but I felt that I was in much better shape than her. I have to be frank, I just laughed. I walked around in bathing suits and little shorts and dresses. I feel confident with my age. I am smarter and older and more mature. She looks worn, and I think she’s had a lot more life experiences than I have, even though I’m older, so I just laughed at it. As my dad would say: it’s in the eye of the beholder, and obviously she’s blind. At one point [before the fight], she even came up to me and said, “You know, they’re going to start using your age as an issue, and I will help you get whoever you want out of the house.” I thought that was so strange because I wasn’t in an alliance with anybody. I was just there. Everyone kept asking me what my strategy was, and I kept saying, “They’re all kind of eliminating themselves, I’m just kind of sitting back.” That’s why they didn’t show me so much, because there was so much drama with everybody else. My strategy was just to be me.

But, of course, that strategy didn’t take you to the end. Were you disappointed to be eliminated?

I was really sad. You make a bond with everyone that you’re living with. I still talk with the girls, and I talk to Frank and his family. I genuinely liked Frank, but he’s just not boyfriend material for me. It’s just our personalities. Even this morning he sent me a text message saying, “If only you’d get pissed off and yell at people more! You’re so hot now, but you’d be even hotter.” I do get pissed off, but I’m not that type of girl who is going to throw stuff and fight with you, and I think he needs that as a girlfriend. I was sad, but it was all for a reason. If I did stay around another week and my mom got on the show, it would have been great. My mom is very much like myself, as far as being a nice person. I told her, “Just be on your best behavior, don’t try to be anything different than what you are, because that’s not how this works.” She knew about the Dana situation, so she said, “If someone were to ask me what I thought, I would have told them I would have pulled her weave, and her mother’s weave out.” Frank should have sent someone else home, honestly, because that would have been the best drama ever. They thought my mom was going to be so nice and not say anything, but nobody asked her. If they had asked, I think it would have been different. It would have been a totally different show.

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