Want To Attend A That Metal Show Taping? Here’s How.


That Metal Show is coming to Los Angeles to film its fifth season, and we’re looking for hardcore L.A. metal fans to be in the audience for our shows! More info than you can bang your head against on attending a taping is below, courtesy of the show’s producers…

You wanted more metal, we’re giving you more metal! VH1 Classic’s That Metal Show is back and ready for another season of celebrating all things hard rock and heavy metal. Hosted by Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson, That Metal Show is a 30-minute round-table talk show where legends of rock hang out and discuss their past and current projects, all the while interacting with the metal maniacs that make up our studio audience. Once again, we’ll be settling all metal arguments, trying to Stump the Trunk, and we’ll be tracking down artists who vanished from the metal scene. That Metal Show is quite simply the only on-air destination for the greatest genre of music ever created.

Filming dates: April 9, April 12, April 13 and April 15 (Note: We will film 2 shows each day. You must stay for both show tapings.)
Time: 3 PM
Location: Los Angeles, CA (Exact location given upon ticket confirmation)
(Note: The total check in and tape time for the tapings will be approximately three to four hours.)

As this is a television taping, all shows are overbooked. (That’s standard for any show.) Audience members will be allowed in on a first come, first served basis.

We are extending this special, complimentary ticket offer to Los Angeles fans of metal!

Want tickets? Here’s how:

Email thatmetalshow@gothamcasting.com. Include your picture, name, phone, email address in the body of the email. Type the number of tickets you’re requesting and the date of show in subject line of your email (example: “ 2 tickets 4/12″). Also include guest names if you have any. (You are allowed to bring up to two guests — additional tickets upon availability only.)

Note: There are no hard tickets, you will be put on a VIP security list upon confirmation.

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  1. Mike says:

    Did you know that Jennavecia from the Tool Academy 3, was also in another reality TV show in the Bad Girl’s Club season 2. I think she is in the Tool Academy 3 because she does have to change to keep her man, but more so for the fame and exposure.

  2. gillen gummow says:

    what ever happened to the band bad for good where did all the members go.since you are Paul Dianno fans what do you think about him sing some of the new maiden songs

  3. abigail says:

    I will love to be in that metal show with you guys even if I’M A GIRL.

  4. abigail says:




  6. Severina says:

    In Latin America (Panama) we are watching the 2nd season at VH1 LatAm. Pretty sad… However, I would love to see in a near future all the upcoming episodes, talking not only about mainstream metal, but also about the best 90s and contemporary metal bands worldwide.

    I congratulate you for the job, and I really think you can do even better, because you are not focused on videos that may be shocking to many people, which is usually not appropriate for TV. You are interviewing and presenting news of the bands, which is easier for inclusion of underground bands. Maybe you should talk about increasing your budget reach, to include trips to cover metal worldwide… which would be more interesting. I am sure we would all be delighted with interviews in some major festivals in Europe!

  7. Eddie Simon says:

    When you’r gonna invite Led Zeppelin to the program please invite Led Zeppelin I am a great fan of Zeppelin or Robbie Krieger or PINK FLOYD please.

  8. gern says:

    take me to the roots-Riot,UFO,vandenberg,saxon,more riot,maiden,blackfoot,hair of the dog wasnt a bad album,nor was the first montrose album-touch on these a bit and let the kids know rock!your show is great,never miss an episode and I always watch it twice.lets bring metal to the forefront as it once was and shall be once again!AMEN

  9. Stu says:

    What is the name of your theme song from Bumblefoot? and is it available as a ringtone or mp3? I am sure I must be the millionth fan of your show to ask this question since it is not listed in your credits on every show.


  10. DEAD ERNEST says:


  11. Mark Worth says:

    Where did Eddie get his Dingbatz T-shirt? I want one. Can I get one online???

  12. Linda Streeter says:

    WE NEED Y&T …. PLEASE !!!

  13. Kyree Neal says:

    Hey guys i was just wondering what happen to thrash Metal Guitarist Marty Friedman. He played with Megadeth from 1990-2000 and i haven’t heard from him since. I know he left to do “pop” but im just wondering hows hes doing?

    -Kyree Neal
    Queens, New York

  14. cami says:

    i love this tv program is very nice and i love guns n roses and everithin rock band clacis is very importan your progran and i happy all see you i love men kiss bye

  15. Harley M. says:

    Hey, You’ll guys are awesome I want to know what bill ward is doing cause BLACK SABBATH is the best band ever!!!!!!!!!!

    Harley M. from Fulton,Miss.

    P.S. what was pearl jam’s name before pearl jam Eddie for stump the trunk.

  16. kevin kingsley says:

    Hey guys I use to be one of the bouncer’s at Lamour’s in Brooklyn. I spoke to Eddie a few times and I would really like to see a taping of the show when you are in New York.He should remember me as the guy who was heavy,long black hair,and a Paul Booth tatoo. Also,my wife loves Jim Florentine from the Stern show. The show is great-loved the DIO tribute.Kevin

  17. LIZZY MAN says:


  18. metalchefguam says:

    I would like to thank you for you discussion on the Accept album “Blood of the Nations” This is the first album I have listened to the whole album. I listened to every song, all the way thru the songs. A couple of my favorites are Pandemic, Locked and Loaded, and Blood of the Nations. Thank you again, and Long Live Metal.

  19. zach says:

    hey eddie, i’d like to talk with you and express my thoughts about you and your show , please e-mail me

    thank you


  20. nohemi says:

    hola algunos fans de slipknot queremos daber q pasa cn joey jordison y cuando lo ban a entrevistar en that metal show psd:saludos

  21. louis D says:

    Louie D from norwalk CT would like you guys in the “that meatal show” to look up a band from the late 80′s early 90′s the band is truley great it is called steelheart and it is also from Norwalk CT. There first album went gold and they are heavy metal their most popular song was called “i’ll never let you go”. They are an amazing metal band.
    the D in my name stands for drummer because i didnt think it was right to put my real whole name.

  22. Bill Stark from Traverse City, Michigan says:

    Hello Eddie Trunk, Great Show, What ever happened to Captain Beyond’s, Drummer, Bobby Caldwell, and Guitarist Rhino? This is a Classic record, the first self-titled one! Thanks Bill [High Flyer, still far out to sea Stark] KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!

  23. burzthrone says:

    This show will never receive full metal cred until it starts covering the underground, where the heart of this music always has and always will lie. By not interviewing and discussing death metal, black metal, and grindcore, you are not giving the attention to the extreme elements of the genre that not only survive trends but also push the genre forward, and, you are exposing a limited knowledge of the breadth of the genre, or at least a misguided unwillingness. Begin to give these artists their due, and you will see your viewership begin to include fans of all strains of the music we all love.

  24. Machete says:

    Hey Guys,
    Love the show. Keep up the good work. I especially like the guest guitarist thing you have going on. It was really great to see Richie Kotzen there. I believe he was there in a couple episodes. Native Tounge was one of Poisons best releases in my opinion. As well as Richie’s killer guitar work he complimented Brets vocals with his own. Love to see and here more of Kotzen.

  25. Tony from Ohio says:

    WTF Karnage??? These guys know all about those bands just like I do but if you take all the ticket sales combined on all those bands they would not even equal 1 record of Winger and yes they are gay but more people know those bands because of popularity and if they cover those bands you talked about 95% of everyone would check out except maybe a handful of us who dig that stuff but to be honest I DIG it all so I am just thankful they are on tv taking about the music other than RAP!! Long live that metal show and the cast even though I want to cut those sideburns off!!! Just keep paying the bills and keep it going you collective group of MISFITS!!

  26. Steve says:

    Ok i just watch the episode with Slash the other day. The guy’s had the topic on the best the 5 best thrash ablum’s. Now i know this is based on thier opinions but there this is a shame to what they think is THRASH METAL!
    Now i do agree on Eddie’s choice of Overkill’s Taking Over and Metallica’s Kill EM All but Amoung The Living and Reign In Blood, what?,. Reign In Blood is more like a dam punk album to me. How come FISTFUL of Metal Didn’t make the list by Anthrax, That’s there best album to date! And Slayer, Show No mercy,HELLO. And they overlooked TESTAMENT! TESTAMNET IS,WAS AND WILL ALWAYS BE A BETTER BAND THAN Anthrax!
    Were talking thrash here people, not commercial thrash.
    What about Forbidden’s Forbiiden Evil or Darkness Decend’s by Dark Angel!
    I could go on and on, But i think you’ll get my point.
    Dosent any one agree!!
    Keep it real and death to false METAL!!!

  27. Ryan Moomey says:

    I’d love to go to a taping but I live in Iowa…which really sucks ass!!!!

  28. Steve Segal says:

    When will season 7 start taping and when can we request tickets?

  29. Fastpace says:

    I hate the fact that you guys moved the show to LA. This is an example of why we true metal fans hate mainstream.


  30. Terri Davis says:

    I’ve watched show for long time. I know Carry Lee [1st Ms. Box 'o Junk] died. I mean no disrespect, to anyone, but what happenned to her? She had a cool, way bout her. She put with you guys

  31. david escamilla from texas says:

    love your show,rock heads my daughter works in LA for a PR firm and deals with with stars she says ther so fake keep it real guys, metal lives hard and heavy in SA TOWN.

  32. Dale says:

    In The Top 5 For Power Ballads.Some One Should Have Brought Up Love To Love By UFO.Thanks.

  33. Greg says:

    5 Best Thrash Albums: 1) Slayer “Reign in Blood” 2) Metallica “Kill ‘Em All” 3) Megadeth “Peace Sells…” 4) Anthrax “Among the Living” 5) Testament “Legacy”

  34. Dalyla says:

    When does taping for the new season start and how would I go about getting tickets?

  35. Mike Paiss says:

    Would you guys be willing to cover King Crimsom in one of your shows ?

  36. Bill Driggs says:

    this is my dead mans band. this has been on my mind for some time. lead vocals-Bon Scott. lead guitar- Rhandy Rhoads. back up guitar Dime Bag. bass- Cliff Burton. drums- John Bonham. i hope i spelled the names right. this is my dead mans band. you guys rock.

  37. James Walker says:


    Regarding Episode 607 with your TMS Top 5 Guitarists, I think the three of you have lost your minds! Are you kidding me? Ace Frehley? He is a laughing stock in the guitar world of rock-n-roll! And to leave Jimi Hendrix off your list?

    Here is the top five in no particular order:
    - Jimi Hendrix
    - EVH
    - Randy Rhoades
    - Steve Vai
    - Stevie Ray Vaughan

    Dimebag – good, but not great, and not deserving to be listed in a top five list. Don’t let his tragic death compel you to put him on this list.

    Tony Iommi – monster, but limited all-around. The man that helped start heavy metal guitar music, but as an overall musician he is not a top five guitarist. Perhaps top ten at best.

    Satriani and Page are far better than Iommi and Frehley. The kid down the street playing in the garage is better than Frehley.


  38. ron12 says:

    Hey Eddie theres a great metal band from NE Ohio called VENOMIN JAMES please give them a shout out on your show they need some help great song called bullet juice! ROCK ON BROTHERS!!!

  39. Tyler Kirkland says:

    Re: TMS top 5 guitarist
    1.Eddie Van Halen
    2.Mick Thompson
    3. Angus Young
    4.Dylan Ruskin

  40. Banks Ishmael says:

    Hey guys, what’s happen to the show? I love the show! I was hoping I can come to a show.

  41. DAVE says:


  42. DAVE says:


  43. Chris G. says:

    Hey guys,
    You’re big kiss fans, I’d like to know what’s going on with Vinnie Vincent, is he doing anything music wise?

  44. Sarayha says:

    What ever happened to the band Love/Hate?

  45. Soldier of Metal says:

    I would like the show to cover bands from the NWOBHM era
    New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, like Samson, Diamond Head, GirlSchool etc.

    and also spanish language bands like Angeles Del Infierno

  46. sepultura disciple says:

    I would also like to have the show talk about foreign language metal bands such as Angeles Del Infierno

  47. kenny cadarett says:

    where the hell is vinnie moore not ufo just vinnie moore shadows of yesterday,the thinking machine,in the blink of an eye,race with destiny eddie quit smelling don’s butt kenny huntington beach

  48. Chris Gervais says:

    Hey guys, about the tms top 5 you just did, on stage antics, WHERE WAS DAVE LEE ROTH!?!?!? How could you have a stage antics list without Van Halen’s original frontman?!?! His sommersaults, roundhouses, flying through the air with the suspencion cables… You saw their reunion tour, right? He’s still one crazy dude!
    Alice cooper
    Dave Lee Roth/Van Halen
    Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath
    Thank You for the show, by the way!

  49. jonster says:

    liked most of your top 5 sophmore albums list . definitely should have had ozzy’s opus album diary, & you left out pantera’s (major label) vulgar display wich kinda saved metal. mine woulda went ,
    1. black sabbath – paranoid
    2. ozzy – diary of a madman
    3. pantera – vulgar display of power
    4. slipknot – iowa
    5. megadeth – peace sells… but whose buying ?

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  56. Lea says:

    Dear guys, As a teacher for 30 years now, I think you could say that I have worked for the “people”! That includes people who hace disabilities.

    Great show–love it!


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  61. Adrian Morales says:

    DAMN!!!! I misses your latest taping of the show. When will you be taping again? I’d love to be part of the audience.

  62. free website says:

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  63. Kathleen says:

    I just watched the episode with Duff McKagan and I was in total shock that only one of you picked the original line up of Deep Purple!!! I mean come on they made Smoke on the water, Highway Star, Space Trucking, Hush, Knocking at your back door. The list goes on.
    I seen them live and they ROCKED Joe Louis Arena in Detroit. The place was going CRAZY. I have like never been so freaked out about anything I have heard on the show, like I did tonight. I do respect all of your opinions , but I just had to speak my mind about this one! I love the show and I watch it faithfully! Keep
    rocking and thank you so much for keeping Metal alive.

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  165. Gregg Pascuicco says:

    Hey, Eddie, anyway you could bring Kirk, Lars, and Dave Mustaine (original 3 members from Metallica) on your show.
    Gregg P in H.B.

  166. Coololdude says:

    When will there be more TMS show and will they be taped in L.A.!!!!!!

  167. Gary says:

    Is it kosher to ask a “whatever happened to?” question that I know the answer to? Here it is … whatever happened to Perry Richardson, the original bassist for FireHouse? Answer … he now plays bass in the touring band for country singer Craig Morgan! That’s right, I said country. He can be seen in the video for “Redneck Yacht Club.” Check it out.

    You should have Firehouse on That Metal Show. They still have three out of four original members and still kick serious ass live. I saw them 4/23/11 and they are as great as ever.

    Love your show and watch it all the time, even re-runs over and over. Can’t wait for the next season.

    Rock on … Gary

  168. Adam Aurioles says:

    what date will tony iommi be taped

  169. Jesse Ramirez says:

    Hey Guys,
    I have been a fan of THAT METAL SHOW since season one, and have watched the show religiously. I’m also a huge Ozzy fan and “The Ultimate Sin” is one of my all-time favorite Ozzy albums. What ever happened to guitarist Jake E. Lee?

    Jesse Ramirez from Whittier, CA.

  170. mike calderon says:

    still waiting on response on if u qualify or not for tix to a taping?

  171. would like to see if my company can replace that dean on the wall with some hot metal guitars would like to put a differnt guitar each month and have a new design to be revieled at the 2012 Namm show but would like to show it off on the wall of that metal show I moved my company to oceanside so not hard to change out each month want to see more go to csgguitars.com let me know Thanks Rick Channell CEO C.S.G.Guitars LLC

  172. Scott McMann says:

    I would like tickets for the show. Please let me know when you will be taping again this fall (2011)
    Thank you & Rock On!
    Scott Mc.

  173. london fisher says:

    i would love to see bloodgood on your show., the singer les carlsen lives somewhat locally., and they have oz fox in the band and they are currently re-mastering one of there albums., in nov of 2009 they were inducted into the christian rock hall of fame!, they were around before stryper!!!

  174. Dawn Fraser says:

    are the April dates the only dates available this year to attend a taping. I really want to go to a taping but will be on vacation out of state during the April dates. Just wondering if there are more dates available.

  175. Dawn Fraser says:

    also, you really should have some of the guys from Avenged Sevenfold on this show. they are awesome and their music definatley gives a good nod to the old school metal. Hmmmm, maybe M. Shadows or Synester Gates? they would be a good interview!! just sayin.

  176. Tim Benson says:

    Are tickets still available for the taping of That Metal Show (April 9 – 15)?

  177. Alex Rosas says:

    Have you guys ever heard of Pure Rubbish? They were an awesome band from the late 90s – early 2000s. They recorded an album with Mike Clink (GNR & UFO). A promising band who toured with Ozzfest and Motorhead but somehow disappeared at their peak.. Just wondering if you ever checked ‘em out?

    If not, you should! … Its right up your alley!

  178. Leslie Harris says:

    Would love to see Exodus on the show!!

  179. Mark Dombrauskas says:

    That Metal Show Totally Kicks Ass!Keep up the good work guys,and hope to be on your show someday soon…Mark William D.

  180. Teresa Burton says:

    I sent an email and have not heard anything back, we should be able to get tickets to the show without having to do all that.

  181. AnnieJo C says:

    Bummed…sent In my request for tomorrow’s taping but never got a response. Not even a sorry, we don’t have anymore tickets left. :(

  182. Jaclyn Nunez says:

    is there an age limit??

  183. Todd Mestas says:

    My husband and my son are HUGE Metal fans and would love to come to a taping. Any taping you have would be great and if they could get 4-6 tickets that would totally rock! Thanks, Donia

  184. Mike Krysto says:

    Can somebody email me when tixs are available for Taping’s ?
    I keep missing the dates !
    Thanks Mike

  185. Emily Smith says:

    dear Eddie,
    I am here to tell you how much of a fan my father, Patrick Smith, is of you. He likes all the same bands as you, knows the answers you know on Stump the Trunk, agrees with you in the throw down and is around the same age as you. He and I would love to hear from you and go to your show
    -Emily Smith

  186. Ivan Sosa says:

    Hi Guys

    I lke your show i want to suggest if sometme use your show to speak about rock bandas like Epica, Within Temptation, Evanescence, Agonist, Leaves Eyes, Sirenia like those great musisc also beautiful women thanks and rock on..

  187. Maggie Ray says:

    Would like to know when you will be taping again. Please advise, thanks!

  188. Chuck says:

    Aww man!!! I would love to come to LA and be in the crowd but Colorado Springs is way too far.
    Love the show. Seeing my metal heros now after years of playing thier songs out of “Guitar for the Practicing Musician” is great! Loved seeing Micheal Schenker and always wondered why he left Yes. Wish there was a “real” music scene here but alas I’ve played all my life and never got anywhere because of diapers and wifes…. Kudos to those who were capable of making it. Love seeing them on your show.

  189. Deshawn Lira says:

    Hiya! I simply wish to give an enormous thumbs up for the great info you’ve gotten here on this post. I will be coming again to your blog for extra soon.

  190. Mark Best says:

    Hi Guys …Great show you’s put on watched every episode keep on rockin guys.
    Eddie you turned on so many ppl on U.F.O. my dad had a few L.P’S of U.F.O i never heard them before cos they been under the radar which i accept today it’s a bad thing to do cos there’s so many great bands under the radar.. Today U.F.O is one of my fav bands.
    Eddie i’m sure you heard of a band from Australia called Angel City here we call them The Angels. The Angels – Beyond Salvation … give that album a try

    Mark Best …Melbourne, Australia