Celebrity Fit Club: Boot Camp Recap – Episode 7 – 10 Things We Loved About This Week’s Show


This week’s show was all about mind over matter…


Some people (ahem, Bobbaaaay!) took that to superheroic extremes.

The first thing we loved about this episode?

- Mountains made out of molehills.


Almost everyone sniveled about Harvey’s track, which scaled up a hill and back down…


In fact, Tanisha even sobbed over it. A lot of good it did her, as she ended up in dead last place…



…as her team’s dead weight. Which brings us to our next item…

- Tanisha’s task.


When told that her dead-weight task was going to be transporting horse manure, Tanisha said, “I’m a diva, I don’t even clean up my own s***. You want me to clean up horses***?” That’s funny, and also…disconcerting. If she doesn’t clean up her own s***, who does? Does she have a wiper on staff? Anyway, this was all worth it to watch her struggle and pout. “This some bulls***…no, this some horses***,” she whined. Indeed, Tanisha, indeed.

- Sebastian’s Kaycee impression.


After all, who doesn’t love some jazz hands every now and then?


- Nicole’s shirt.


It’s a little weird that the layout is Run-DMC-esque (after all, they weren’t gangsta) — the one I have is in the N.W.A. font. Still, who could argue with the ironic sentiment?

- Internet bash-back.


In group, Rhonda confronted everyone with “bad press” in the form of what were most likely anonymous comments on the Internet. Sebastian summed up online hating directed toward him: “The Internet is some kid in a trailer park going, ‘I want to be in a band, f*** him!’” Really, not everything is about jealousy (there’s a sporting component to mockery), but Seb’s attack on ageism…


…(“If someone doesn’t think I’m hot, guess what? I was 19 once. I’m 41 now. It’s gonna happen to you too, motherf***er!”) was totally dead-on.

- Bobby’s philosophy.


The most impressive results of this exercise involved Kevin owning up to some of the gossip out there (“I was a f***in’ lazy bum and sat around the house and didn’t do anything for a long time”) and Bobby’s extremely down-to-earth take on being a discussed personality: “That’s what we get into this business for, for people to talk about us, people to remember who we are, what we are. So, as long as you spell my name right, I’m cool.”

It seems as though he’s come a long way from his “why don’t they just let me live” days. Our guy is growing up right before our eyes. Love this man.

- The resolution to this comment-reading.

Rhonda then had all of the celebs make up their own gossip headlines to reclaim their stories in a light agreeable to them:





I don’t know what I love more: the fact that Sebastian used this opportunity to plug his work, or that it made it to air two months too late.

- Bobby’s excuse.

Bobby crapped out of a workout led by walking/swimming/running/living inspiration, Sarah Reinertsen.


His excuse for jumping ship and having to be driven to the end of their running path?


“I got a Charlie horse in my knee!” Oh, and there was also, “It’s a hernia that keeps popping out here!”


Someone get this guy a medical degree (or maybe an explorer badge), ’cause he’s making trailblazing discoveries of things that never before were discovered where he’s discovering them. Really, you could have told that this would go badly from the start…


…just by looking at his face when the challenge was announced.

- Kevin’s confrontation with his past (at last!).


Obviously, Shar and Kevin have been dancing around each other and their history for this entire season. It was extremely cathartic, then, for Rhonda to sit Kevin down, explain the toll Shar’s association with him has taken on her life and career, and say the words: “Part of the public’s problem is it’s hard to like you when there’s no remorse. You haven’t said what you need to say.” Look, Kevin’s emerged from this show as a likable figure (certainly more so than ever in his career), but let’s not lose our heads to love. Sometimes everyone needs their ass handed to them.

- The results.

Jay’s goal was 4 lbs. – he lost it.


He has now surpassed his goal for the season!

Kevin’s goal was 4 lbs. – he lost 2.


Nicole’s goal was 3 lbs. – she lost 5.


Kaycee’s goal was 3 lbs. – she lost 2.


Shar’s goal was 3 lbs. – she lost 1.


Sebastian’s goal was 4 lbs. – he lost 1.


Bobby’s goal was 4 lbs. – he lost 2.


Tanisha’s self-imposed goal was 5 lbs. – she lost it!


The team breakdowns are:


The spread has widened considerably…but not for the two individuals with the highest Fit Factor points…



…they’re neck-and-neck as always. Harvey calls this an “old-fashioned dog fight,” but I think it’s more a new-fangled one. Mostly, I want to see them play tug o’ war using only their teeth.

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  1. Cassi says:

    I don’t think Kevin really deserved some of the things they said. I think he was trying really hard to let Shar get it all out, and I don’t think anything he could possibly say would have made it better. However, I think everyone should realize that as hard as Shar has it in the press, Kevin has it WAYYYYY harder. They completely hate on him and talk about him constantly. I think Kevin showed a lot of maturity by not sticking up for himself when Shar just talks about him to his face.

  2. Trina says:

    Love the show…i must say i love looking at Harvey, i feel bad when he yells at the fit club but man it looks sexy!

  3. lee says:

    Most had said that they don’t like to look on the internet because people say really hurtful things about them, but I just wanted to say that just as many people have their back too(so, even when you can’t defend yourselves…know that SOMEbody is doing it for you).

    There are billions of people in the world, and not all of them care for ignorance or want to see someone fail[and they stand up for it]. Right is right..

    On the behalf of ‘those’ kind of people, I just wanted to say Good luck with everything, everyone! You’re all beautiful. <–not just being universal, but being honest from what I see in the times that you show your true personalities.

    I don’t watch much t.v., but I like celebfitclub and celeb rehab/soberhouse(not because of the negative starts, but the reform most go through by the end).

  4. Parisia says:

    I totally love this show. I appreciate the candid responses of the celebrities. One thing that stood out to me when they were reading the Internet blogs/personal opinions, was the fact that Tanisha is always viewed as the ugly, fat girl. It’s a shame how they make her to out to be a monster. First and foremost, I think she is a beautiful black woman and like Monique says, F.abulous A.nd T.hick. When you have personal problems or demons from the past, sometimes those things can interfere with current relationships or how your personality is reflected outward. There seems to be no consideration of her past emotional issues with men, instead people are quick to judge. Her prior experiences could be a direct correlation to the behavior she exhibits on the show. Either way, I think she looks great and will look even better once she’s at her desired weight.

  5. Sherri says:

    Shar needs to grow up and move on with her life. Every week it is all about her and how she was screwed over by Kevin…woman up and stop blaming everything on your past!

  6. donny mac says:


  7. krayzieprincess says:

    LOVE THIS SHOW. MY first season to watch VH1, Best cast yet!

  8. Shannon says:

    Is it just me or does Nicole Eggert look drunk in almost every episode ? She’s nearly incoherent and yet the doctors and Harvey don’t mention it. She should’ve been cast on Celebrity Rehab.

  9. Primadonna says:

    I’m rooting for Shar. Her smile and her spirit are truly beautiful. As a dark skinned black woman society says you aren’t beautiful, that you aren’t deserving of love. To be left by the man that claimed to love her for a blond white girl is hurtful and damaging on so many levels. I don’t think she’s whining at all, I think she is finally using this platform to express how she feels about what happened. She’s never really said anything before. Keep your head up Shar! There’s somebody out there that will love you the way you deserve to be love but first learn to fall in love with yourself again.

  10. LaDondra says:

    Sebastian needn’t worry about being hot. Yes, he’s 41, an no he doesn’t look as he did when he was 19. But, all we children of the 80s who grew up listening to and watching him are still in his age bracket. Watching this show just made us love as well as lust. You’re still gorgeous and you still rock hard Mr. Bach!