Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty Recap – Episode 2 – Priceless Quotes



Who says the modeling industry places impossible demands on women?

It’s time for Jessica and her crew to visit Paris, which is in turn gay and plaintive. Just like real life! At the top of the show, Jessica & co., met this week’s beauty ambassador, Rosemary, who became a model at age 13. She talked about weight restrictions and feeling like a piece of meat — one that wasn’t always valued for its meatiness (or lack thereof):


The first genius (“genius”) quote came when they talked to Rosemary about the model’s diet, which basically amounts to a leaf of lettuce:


Referring to the opulent French pastries she, Ken and CaCee had to dine on, Jessica said, “She said, ‘Models do not eat like this.’ We’re like, ‘But it was a croissant!’ We thought that was French.” Let this be a lesson that not all people eat all French food, much like many of us Americans will never have the pleasure of pig feet or bull testicles between our teeth.

At a “wine spa,” the group was addressed entirely in French. Ken asked CaCee for a translation. She offered none:


CaCee is, however, very good at translating the visual into the verbal:


See? She didn’t lie. Big wooden sticks, after all, are the universal language.

In response to such stick, Ken busts out his own priceless quote:


Could be worse! You could be a piece of meat. Ask Rosemary.

Also, this isn’t a quote, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t include a shot of Ken Paves kicking up his heels while sitting in a giant vat of wine…


It’s the simple things, really, that let us all know how alike we are.

The rest of the episode centered on Jessica’s walking in a PrĂȘt-Ă-Porter fashion show. Guiding her (into misery, mostly) was this one:


The woman has balls, both literally (Jessica’s response to her outlandish get-up: “Couture? All I see are these blue balls all over you!”)…


…and figuratively…



Alexandra directs Jessica very helpfully, using such specific guidance as…


“You don’t need to have this thing, you don’t need to go like this.”

She also tells Jessica to smile with her eyes. In case you don’t speak that language, here, let me translate for you. Makes a lot of sense now, right?

At one point just before the show, Alexandra asked Jessica if she’s nervous. “I’m just not a model,” replied Jess. “You’re not a model, I know. We know that,” Alexandra shot back. God, lady, I hope your runway is in a freezer because it can’t get much colder than this and the episode isn’t even over yet.

But it turns out, actually, that Alexandra warmed to Jessica’s unseasoned ways on the runway. In the end, she proclaimed Jessica “great,” and after suffering from a spell of nauseating nerves, Jessica finally came around to the realization that, “If they judge me, they judge me!” Looks like our little girl is growing up!


The final scene involved meeting with a plus-size model and Jessica proclaiming that “everyone should define their own joie de vivre.” Have fun defining your joie de vivre this week, guys!

And just to temper the lightness, here’s the episode’s emotional high point: a meeting between the group and the famous anorexic model Isabelle Caro, who launched a series of PSAs to warn of eating disorders in modeling:

Given the statistics…


…it would seem that the work Isabelle does is exactly what the industry needs.

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  1. um says:

    What is the point of this show? Jessica Simpson travels the world and tells us super obvious things like “French models are skinny” and “they eat weird things in Thailand”


  2. Sammie says:

    I get it!
    Bravo, Jessica!
    She has been scrutinized relentlessly for her so called weight issues. This was a perfect show for her to do in order for her to realize the meaning of beauty. She is such a beautiful girl. She nailed it at the fashion show. That was a lot harder than it seemed. Kudos!

  3. VH1 Rules says:


  4. lisa says:

    I really love this and another show on (Transform Me) onVH1! Jess and her crew talking to the anorexic woman was really important message wise and its great stuff w/out stuffing it down our throats.-I’d love to give Jessica a hi-5 and tell her to never worry again about that J.M.-he was ‘idiot napalm’ and she’s lived and learned and is way more classy than him!

  5. kit says:

    Major applause for you, Jessica, and this really wonderful and eye-opening show that you’re doing. I think this is by far the best reality show that’s been on TV in a really long time. Also, think this is some of your very best work.

    This should be required viewing in homes and schools everywhere. Such a powerful message of acceptance for whom a person is; true beauty which equates to confidence and in general; happiness.

    Brava, bravo to each and everyone of you working of this show.

  6. dsh says:

    I didn’t used to have a very high opinion of Jessica, but this series has opened my eyes. I’ve seen a very different person from the immature pop star she was before. It doesn’t matter what size she is on the outside, because inside she is beautiful.

  7. sheila mcfadden says:

    This episode surprised me. The first episode in Thailand where Jessica cracked-up while meditating – i feared she would still be as immature/babyish as she was on Newlyweds. However, this episode she was honest about fearing, facing and overcoming body image. Kudos to her for accepting who she is. How refreshing.

  8. Alina says:

    I love this show and I love watching Jessica. She is just so genuine! The fact of the matter is this show is a perfect window for watching someone else grow through their experiences. Yeah, we know some of these things already, but 90% of the fun is watching Jessica and the gang experience the world.

    Jessica faces a lot of scrutiny, I really think it comes down to jealousy. A beautiful girl, who is a world famous singer, and who doesn’t bother faking that she is someone who she is not translates to an easy target.

  9. gsh says:

    what is the point of this show? Is she so washed up that she has to do this? She was on a roll till she did the dukes of hazard and divorced. I guess the singing career is a bust since she tried and flopped at the country scene so now try reality TV again back to where she started. I don’t think this show will remake her.

  10. Tracy says:

    I am in love with this show. I think Jessica is the most beautiful she has ever been. You can tell she is confidant inside and out. She has every right to be. I think being confidant, caring, smart and funny are qualities we should all aspire to. I will be watching with my 14 year old daughter. I applaud you Jessica for being a role model for all girls. Don’t listen to jealous people who show their stupidity by opening their mouths!

  11. RoxelanaKarima says:

    R.I.P. Isabelle Caro, she passed away this month

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