RuPaul’s Drag Race 2 – Episode 7 Gif Wall


Did everyone bring their reading glasses?



And here’s a very special, very sorrowfully assembled mini-gif wall in tribute to our dearly departed, Jessica Wild, who lived up to not only her name, but the name of the challenge when she lip synched for her life wildly and as if her actual life depended on it:


Jessica, we’ll your commitment to high camp and inadvertent hilarity via your non-native English speaking. We applaud you:


Have no idea what’s going on here? You still might not after watching the episode, but it couldn’t hurt. Also, please please please do yourself a favor and check out Drag Race‘s companion show, Untucked, which features mostly footage of the queens bitching at each other while the judges deliberate. I can’t even do justice to how amazing it is.

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  1. q says:

    rich why havent you covered megans prime girl competition??

  2. Jo says:

    Aw, poor Jessica. The only reason she did the “sleep” thing during the photo shoot is they said “dreams” to her…duh. She’s a non-native speaker, she’s not necessarily going to get the distinction.
    I love Tati, but I couldn’t believe she got to stay after this week…it was a rough one for her (though she did bust out a great lip synch.)
    Still think Pandora should’ve win the shade competition at the beginning.

  3. Jennifer says:

    LMAO Trya’s sweaty head!

  4. gypsywoman35 says:

    There is only one JuJu…Go girl, go

  5. Janet says:

    I will not be watching a season 3 of Rupauls Drag Race. OMG Rupaul do you EVER make notes on performances and follow them. I have never in my life seen so many bad judgements in my life and thats saying a lot. The only one that deserves to be there at this point is Raven. You got rid of the ones that were the best…being Pandora and Morgan. It definitely is sad to see Tyra and her awful personality still there and some of the best personalities gone. I should have known it was going to be a farce when Mystique wasn’t the first to go. Morgan would have been a wonderful spokesperson for the Drag community. She had wonderful ideas. Pandora’s comedic performances was astounding…she gave you just what you asked for with her Drag Mother routine and you SENT HER HOME and kept JuJu omg go back and look at JuJu’s mother’s performance…you have lost me forever and I’m not alone.

  6. :D says:

    I love this show sooo much.

  7. Nate says:

    Really, Janet?? How you gonna tell RuPaul how to do ANYTHING? Much less how to judge her own show? How dare you. That `_^*_*~#%&_*`^($~ has been there and back and there and back again, and is THE drag superstar.. and I’m pretty sure she didn’t get to where she is now by listening to someone like you. And you are COMPLETELY out of your head if you think that Morgan should have stayed. Her face/makeup was AWFUL. And Pandora’s cute and all, but there’s just no way she could be the next drag SUPERSTAR. JuJu and Raven are the top two. Have been from the beginning. They’ve got versatile personalities, which will serve them well in their careers. I will agree with you on one thing, though. TYRA GOT TO GO. That `_^*_*~#%&_*`^($~ just makes me want to slap her. Wit her Barry White voice and that ridiculous obsession with Beyonce. THAT poor girl needs to go home and reevaluate her talents. And get cultured, would you, T? NEVER SEEN A TINA TURNER PERFORMANCE EXCEPT WHEN IT WAS WITH BEYONCE. WTF??????? REALLY?? GO HOME, TYRA. AND VIVA JUJU! THAT’S MY `_^*_*~#%&_*`^($~

  8. 2367098 says:

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