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“I’m ovulating right now, probably,” Dana tells us in the most consistently entertaining interview we’ve conducted in ages. Below, A Basement Affair‘s pot-stirrer talks about strategy (she claims she was the one who wrote Annie’s infamous rap), violent tendencies, her rivalry with Melody, her mother’s influence on her (it is Edie Beale-esque, to say the least) and, of course, her “flawless vagina.”

Did you have fun on the show?

The show was magical to me. Frank and his family were fantastic and, it was the most flattering experience of my life. Here I think I am going on a show to see if I vibe with Frank, to see if there’s a love connection there, and I walk into a house and the girls are giving me so much attention. They were so interested in me and my mom, it was like they were my little fans who envied me and my flawless life. And I can’t blame them: they are very forgettable, they are boring, and you know me, I have a great vagina. It’s not saggy. On top of that, I am not old. My reproduction cycle’s great — I’m ovulating right now, probably. I could pop out 10 kids and I don’t got to open up my legs and f*** to stay on Frank’s show. My breasts are real and my life’s perfect. So I guess I can take it as a compliment that they are so jealous. You know, know life’s great.

Do you see yourself as the show’s villain?

Villain? I am not a villain. I am just perfect. I look great, I feel great. My life is just amazing. I am spectacular, it all comes with the territory they are just jealous. I think really a majority of it stems from my flawless vagina. It has to lead back to that, that’s the only thing I can think of.

Why is that your center? We never heard anything about your flawless vagina on the show.

You can’t get to know this vagina. It’s exclusive. I am not going to let someone see it on a reality show. And its not sagging, it’s fresh, it’s young, it can produce kids. It’s like my super power. No one can touch this. Frank can’t touch this. You have to be the love of my life to touch this. It’s just too fantastical.

I realize that your comments are in reference to you calling Melody’s vagina “saggy” on the show. Did you have firsthand evidence of that?

No! Thank god I’ve never seen her vagina, but with age your eggs diminish. It’s a known fact. The truth hurts. I was never mean to these girls. I never said anything that wasn’t true. You’re an old bitch. Your vagina’s old and your reproduction cycle is diminishing. It’s like a known fact. When you hit 30 you loose 90 percent of your eggs. Yeah it sucks, but the f***ing reality is if I’m 36-years0old and someone doesn’t put a ring on it, shoot my head off. If I cant have a man by that time and a have family, there’s something wrong with me.

Melody told me that she thought you came in with an agenda to shake things up. She thought maybe you had a manager guiding you.

I did hear that. I know since I am so great it seems like I have a team behind me, but I’m just really that great. It’s just me, no manager. The whole reason why I did go on the show is because every aspect of my love life my mom totally takes control of. She wants to know who, what, when, where and if she doesn’t like the guy, he’s gone. I just wanted a chance to do it on my own and she’s like my third eye, she’s my psychic, my cupid heart, whatever…I just proved to myself that I can’t find love without my mom. I couldn’t get into it because I felt so guilty of her not being there every step of the way. My mom has to pick the guy that will be my true love. She just has to.

It’s interesting you say that, because it seemed like you were really in to it. You fought hard. Sometimes frighteningly so.

I wanted to be into it, but I just feel in my heart…God even comes to me in my dreams and says, “Dana, you need your mother to find true love, she has to be there every step of the way.” My mother went in there and she didn’t want me to be with Frank, that was very clear. She switched it up and was nice to Frank. When she can’t get rid of a guy that I like by threatening me and threatening to kick my ass and all this s***, she will actually make them lust for her and they don’t like me anymore. My mom’s a smart women, she’s got it going on, she’s a cougar, and she just has that power. She’s like f***ing Superwoman. I don’t even think Frank eliminated me. My mom eliminated me.

Your mom might as well have been part of the cast, for all of her on-screen presence.

She got more camera time than the bores in the house. They are like knickknacks in Dana’s world. They are pictures, portraits in my house.

Your confidence reminds me a lot of Tiffany “New York” Pollard’s.

I hate being compared to Tiffany Pollard. She’s a great woman, but I have a better weave and I am just more fabulous all around. Great woman, my weave’s better. She might know what she wants, but I know what I want and I get it. I am the better version of Miss New York. I am Queen New York.

You are also from upstate right?

Yes, I am from Newburgh, NY.

So, when your mom swoops in with her Superwoman cougar powers, there’s no jealousy on your part?

Me and my mom are both single right now and every time we are both single we always end up liking the same guys. She will only date guys who are in their 20′s too. It’s always this competition with my mom — we are always liking the same guy. She’s tough competition, I’m not going to lie. I’m not going to say I am jealous of my mom because she’s just so great. That’s just the life of Dana and Donna. She is my competition.

Your character really came into its own after Annie’s rapping debacle

I have something to say about that debacle: I actually wrote that rap when we were in the car driving there, made Annie do it and got her eliminated. I actually got a couple of the girls eliminated in different ways. I am very smart. Like I said, I fight for what I want. If mom didn’t come, I know I would have won. She’s just stronger than me. I was picking the girls off one by one. With Melody, the same thing worked. I put in Frank’s head that she was too nice, she was gone. With Renee, I said, Renee you don’t know how to be sexy. What did the bitch do? She threw on some wack-ass costume, tried to be sexy, flopped that s*** and she was out the door.

So you were acting, then, when you were so upset about Annie ruining your “little diva” routine? Were you acting at other points during the show?

Listen, I will act when I need to get a bitch up out the house, but I think that the only time I did act was when I had to cry to Annie. Annie is a sweet person, I really like her. I don’t think she really wanted to be there anymore either. She just didn’t feel that connection with Frank in a romantic way. I talked to her about it before I did it. I didn’t do it intentionally to hurt Annie or to harm her. The other bitches I didn’t care about, they had to go. You’re old, take your old ass home.

So you weren’t really offended when Melody was comforting Annie?

Actually, I was offended because it needs to be all about me. I don’t care if I had Annie write that rap or not, you need to come see me and ask me how I am doing first. And that’s how the f*** it needed to be.

And it was at that point that you took the opportunity to pounce on Melody…

There are a lot of things that bother me about Melody. She needs a mini-face lift. She’s just old. She’s got no ass, no t**s and when she comforted Annie and didn’t come to me first, she’s lucky I didn’t knock that bitch the f*** out. All this bulls*** about me having an anger problem — I do not have an anger problem. If we were in the outside world, they need to come to where I am from and ask people how I get down because I would have f***ed them up. I didn’t do that because I am not trying to leave the show in cuffs and I respect Frank and his family because they are great people. But I just couldn’t stand none of those bitches and it just showed me how strong I am to just hold back.

I think when you settle words with violence, people tend to start to think that you have an anger problem.

I usually don’t even talk, I’ll just hit you. And I don’t think that’s having an anger problem at all. I think that’s just how I am. That’s how Dana’s built. Dana is a superpower, she will f*** you up.

Do you get into fights a lot?

Every once in a while I will have to knock a bitch out or smack a bitch up because they get out of line. If they get out of line with mom I’m gonna have to f*** them up too, because I don’t want them to mess up her weave. I’m not even trying to mess up my weave like that, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Isn’t there a disconnect between you harping on Melody’s age and adoring your mother the way that you do? She’s older than Melody.

My mom is older than Melody, but my mom already had her family, already had a marriage. She could get more guys than Melody could pull and to keep it real. I can tell you firsthand that my mom got a young vagina. She’s got vagina rejuvenation. Her s*** is like a virgin. She’s got that fresh vagina.

And just listening to your mom talk to you, I assume that solving problems with violence comes from her.

The way I grew up was that if anyone crossed me, I would have to f*** them up or when I got home my mom would f*** me up. She taught me how to defend myself and love her so much for that.

And that constant threat of violence wasn’t oppressive?

Where I come from — Newburgh, NY — it’s pretty bad. I live and you just have to fight to get through life and I would rather fight on the street than come home and fight my mom. My mom is a tough bitch. Yeah, she’s my best friend and we party but she’s not going to let her daughter be a chump. I am her princess.

You were worried, though, before she showed up on the show.

I never what to expect from my mom. My mom will come in there and I don’t know if she will f*** up Frank’s family, she’ll f*** me up, she’ll f*** the girls up. My mom just does not play.

You said, “I’m not here to make friends,” a lot on the show. Is that your motto?

“I’m not here to make friends” is so boring. Let’s just say that I declined. I think maybe the girls had crushes on me and I just declined the offer for them to maybe see my vagina or get close to my vagina. I didn’t want them and I think they got offended.

At what point did you realize that you didn’t like them?

Coming in, I wasn’t even thinking about the girls. All I was thinking of was, “Oh my god this is my first time trying to date someone without my mom down my throat and down their throat.” I think I was consumed by that and to be honest, the girls bored me. None of them caught my attention. I like to go out with girls that look bad, girls that are just hot and fun and these girls couldn’t keep up with me.

And what are your thoughts on Frank at this point?

I really have nothing bad to say about Frank. The chemistry just wasn’t there, and like I said I couldn’t do it without my mom being there. I feel like she has to be more involved in my dating process. I think Frank’s a good guy, his family is amazing and I have nothing bad to say about them.

Not even after he called you a “little girl?”

That’s his opinion. Maybe that’s just not his type, but maybe he’s not my type either. I like guys with a big wallet and a big d*** and from the shorts he had on, I didn’t see either one of those swinging in there. F*** the d*** if the big wallet isn’t there. That s***’s important.

You did know about his financial situation doing into the show.

I was seeing if I could look past it. I think if I really loved somebody honestly I could. But like I said, it wasn’t there.

All of this talk about needing your mother to help you find love sounds to me like you’re gunning for a spin-off.

You know what? Me and my mom are going out looking for love regardless and if the world wants to watch the world of Donna and Dana, then they gotta keep up.

Donna and Dana. It’s like it was meant to be: the two of you as an entertaining duo.

We have double D’s, we are double D’s, and it’s just great. We have D-breasts we are Dana and Donna we are just divine, delicious and delightful.

Did your mom enjoy watching herself on TV?

No, my mom won’t even watch the show. She’s like, “F*** this s***, I am not watching the show. My daughter ain’t competing for no dude, dudes will be competing for my daughter. I won Dana because I got your ass outta there.” She’s on that kind of s*** where she’s all happy that she won. She got what she wanted, she eliminated me.

It seems like you were born to be on reality TV.

Even before reality TV, I think everyone was just so fascinated with me. They just love to hate me and hate to love me. They will never admit they love me but they are just totally obsessed with me I think.

Follow Dana on Twitter. (Her mom, Donna, is on Twitter, too!)

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  1. ron says:

    Dana is just insane. she was born to be on tv only because she is a freak show. her and her mom. they are probably going to fighting for the same guy and then rip his head off. i can’t see Dana or her psycho mother finding a man that would be able to handle their temper and attitude. good luck ladies

  2. nikkibeach says:

    this girl is just obnoxious! way more obnoxious then tiffany pollard. she wants a guy who she can control, cuss at and let her mother abuse… only if her mother doesn’t wanna !++(`!`&(++&#)&+ him too

  3. Chels says:

    hate hate hate her!

  4. Shortxshot07 says:

    Okay Dana is disgusting. Her weave looks ratty and it needs a comb and a dye job. Her nose takes up half of her face and if you end everything in violence you have an anger issue. This girl needs a reality check.

  5. SANTERGRIA says:


  6. Elle says:

    Dear VH1,
    Please do NOT make a spin-off of this wretched child! Anyone that has to brag about something that no one should know anything about, ie her &`)#%&^!*@!~^^@$&@ is just trash! She makes Tiffany “New York” Pollard look like a classy woman…and that’s a hard feat! Not to mention, anyone that has to sport such a god awful weave like hers to go along with that parrot nose of hers and be THAT conceited does NOT deserve to be rewarded in any sense! Charm school is too good for her! I just sick and tired of seeing these disgusting, no-good, trashy people being rewarded for making the Jerry Springer show look like quality television. I’m glad she’s FINALLY gone!

  7. cupcakes says:

    dear vh1,


  8. uniqueandsexy says:

    i guess if jesus really does talk to her in her dreams about needing her mom to help her find a man then jesus went crazy too. her mom will chase a man away or steal them. Dana do not use your mom to help you you will be single forever.

  9. jenn says:

    This will be the first daughter-mother dating show! love itt!

  10. NINAB says:

    ewww so they will be making out with the same men on national tv to find love WTF GROSS

  11. appletini says:

    Dana and her mother are as crazy as they come i would be so embarrassed if i bragged about looking for a husband with my own mother. that’s the most insane thing i have ever heard in my entire years of living. you and you mother are a circus of dysfunction. you need a mouth filter.. think about what you say. if you and you mother do get a show GOD FORBID just take her advice don’t let her make every decision. because maybe she will tell you they are bad for you if she wants them for herself.

  12. psiloveyou says:

    yes you do have a major anger problem!!!!!!!!! HELLOOOOOOOOOO

  13. BonishkaRai says:

    i’m not surprised that dana tried to be all new york on all those girls.

  14. BriannaSells says:

    I’m sorry but all these comments saying “oh, I wouldnt watch a show with dana and her mom” are kidding themselves. OF COURSE YOU WOULD TUNE IN, even if it to laugh at them, be shocked, have something to talk about. That is what sells television, ladies and gents.

    (a couple of these comments I am sure are from former contestants who know they stand NO CHANCE at a spin off)

    I liked what Dana brought to the house and I like how she called the girls out for what they truly were. And she played the game well…because, HEY, it was a game!

    Is Dana perfect? No…but no one is perfect.

    I think she is playing a character and this interview cracked me up!

  15. aida says:

    i love the way she left…. “im sorry i just wasn’t into it. whether she meant it or not hilarious! she has some nerve.

  16. Cinema says:

    I get the feeling that she’s going to try and push for her own love show, featuring her mom, which NO ONE WOULD WATCH. I would guess the ratings on this piece of crap are pretty low as it is.

  17. thomas says:

    im not gonna lie if they do get a show im for sure gonna tune in. i won’t even try and say i won’t.

  18. iheartDana says:

    Dana i love you. you and your mom MADE the show. team DOUBLE D’S…. DANA AND DONA 4EVER!

  19. Can U Hear Me Now? says:

    Wonder if they did a background check and psych. exam before she & momma went on the show. Just seeing the two of them made U think they were classless, and now, here is the proof. Talk about the degradation of women -this is the icing on that cake. These 2 belong in a psych ward or incarcerated – not a TV show.

  20. hannah6 says:

    Considering that Frank is getting totally obliterated as far as ratings are concerned (lowest of all the current running celebreality shows from my understanding) I HOPE vh1 would take the hint and not give this crazy beotch and her giant nose a show. SRSLY! It would have to be called “Dana and Donna and Dana’s GIANT SCHNOZZ”. I thought New York looked like a muppet, then I saw Dana.

    Plus…what’s up with the crazy vaj talk? VH1 stop putting unstable people on your shows! Remember Ryan!

  21. vh1star says:

    frank show tanked in ratings because it was boring except for Dana and her momma. they would have a hit show for sure. i would bet my life on it. it would be like I LOVE NEW YORK on steroids. i think Dana is sweet under neath it all…. she deserves love and so does her mom. and she has a “FLAWLESS __&@_^+_(^@`(*`)!& 2 THUMBS UP.

  22. Micki says:

    She is seriously out of her mind.

  23. Rich Juzwiak says:

    You guys aren’t getting the full picture of the ratings. A Basement Affair is actually outperforming just about everything else in its “sneak premieres” on Sunday mornings. Not trying to save face for my company (I certainly wouldn’t lie), not saying that Dana is getting her own show (I have NO idea), just want to clear up a common misconception.

  24. Sam says:

    Delusions are usually a sign of mental illness. Just sayin’.

  25. speadlove says:

    if she gets her own show will she get a better weave? but i hope she keeps the same psycho attitude.

  26. alan says:

    “for the love of the Cougar and the kitten” they both bite

  27. theboss says:

    she ovulating guys… who wants her to be your baby’s mom lol she’s crazy!

  28. sandy says:

    I am speechless!! she is really cookoo!! I feel bad for her because I really think she believes what she is saying.

  29. H P says:

    Anyone who has to talk about how awesome they are is suffering from low self-esteem. Anyone who has to discuss how fabulous their reproductive organs are is seriously low on herself. If you have to advertise how fabulous and wonderful and how you are the center of attention then you really haven’t been the center of attention and you are lacking something in your life that makes you reach out to others–instead of inside yourself.
    Suck it up and own it woman.
    You should hold your head high and be beautiful but be classy. Talking about your )^~^!`^^~^+$!^`!#% as a superpower is low-class and ridiculous. I appreciate that you weren’t particularly slutty on the show but advertising what you have in such a brazen manner implies your lack of couth as well as your internal lack of self-esteem. No one who truly loves themselves has to advertise it to the world.
    Be well…

  30. lava03 says:

    It is insane for anyone to even say they would watch a show with this woman. She is INSANE!!! I agree that she probably cried her eyes out after she got the boot from this stupid show. And besides the fact that no one would watch her show. So I HOPE that VH1 has some sense and doesn’t produce a piece of crap show with this nobody. She’s ugly, her weave is ugly, and her mom’s weave is ugly.

  31. posterchild says:

    this #%&`!@%(@~@##%*_$ is $^&`)%(#((~!)&%) ing crazy and is she for real? you need to shut your mouth. every week you was saying some dumb comments that make no kind of sense. you and yo mama can kiss my butt.

  32. markyg says:

    save the drama for you moma!!! your full of drama you repulse me. go head give her a show she will never find love no one could put up with her mother of her drama. but i would love to watch and laugh along the way to her heartbreak. what would she give out at elimination a shot of hennessy or maybe a ghettofabolous chain with the word flawless ^@!#^+#*%!&*+*`)@^ i wonder?

  33. Princesspms says:

    I think her mom was WAY more entertaining than she was. Her mom needs a show not Dana. lol

  34. linda says:

    im a fan of Dana. i really like her strong confidence she doesn’t back down what she feels. not even for frank, she told him what’s on her mind regardless if he wanted to hear it. i would love to watch her find love im sure she wouldn’t put up with any guys bs… and not only that she wouldn’t have a choice… cougar mom wouldn’t let her lol. and i agree with the name For the LOve of the Cougar and the Kitten. REALLY adorable in a trashy kinda way ;)

  35. chris says:

    yes Dana everyone probably is fascinated with how incredibly out of touch with reality you are and also you mother. what kind of mother hits on her daughter’s crush. and she even kissed him quickly. what the hell!!!!! you guys sure are a packaged deal of out of the norm.

  36. TexasGirl says:

    Okay….first of all I am a HUGE fan of VH-1 and lately I haven’t really been interested in watching the shows. I still keep up with the shows by reading the blogs, but this interview was far too ridiculous. I mean if she has to talk about that her ^@$!`~^)`&$$)&$+_` is perfect and she can have 10 kids if she wanted too, must tell you something about her self-esteem. In the end of the day, no one is going to care. I just think that VH-1 will hit a new low if they even think about getting this girl a show. I won’t watch it, just like I didn’t watch Daisy of Love or Real Chance of love II (one was enough). I think Frank is a great guy and liked him on the other shows, so I gave this show a chance for a little awhile, but it became like all the others. Same cliche mottos and basically almost the same people attitudes. I hope VH-1 will continue on such shows as Tough Love, Tool Academy, and the glory days of Flavor of Love and Rock of Love.

  37. Sharon M. says:

    Is she just stupid. She was the uglest one there hands down. PLUS she had a personality of a snake, so that made it worse.I have to admit I lost some respect for Frank when he thought Dana’s mom was good looking, I threw up in my mouth. That would be something that Dana and her mom would do, both of them do Frank. YUK!!!! They are both PIGS!!!

  38. spunky says:

    Dana is the definition of a obnoxious trashy _)+_$~$%%#(@$+**) she will get her own show and find out in the reunion that her mom is banging the winner!!!!! and then maybe she would realize wanting her mom to help her find her love isn’t such a good idea after all.

  39. seth says:

    best celebreality interview ever! hands down superpower vag haha

  40. Tay says:

    i love Dana she should have won the entire show. _~_%~^)%^_$%^!^@ the hater go suck a ^$#&+&*~`%@)%$(&

  41. sourdez says:

    i wonder if they will compete for the same guys or have guys for each one of them? it would prob be the way real and chance do it but crazier. that would be awesome. dana and donna chains. her mom would end up stealing one or two guys from her though. or actually i do like the way cougar and kitten chains sounds. im excited for this trainwrek

  42. aces says:

    Dana wouldn’t put up with crap in a relationship i can tell the way she told off Frank under the Brooklyn bridge. she would be so real to the contestants and her mom would &(^#)$@~__!$+^$# them. i am rooting for the girl. love calms you down and she needs so lovin

  43. danagotohell says:

    you are a crazy *&~%~`$@(`~!“_*^ you need a therapist not a dating show.

  44. betheredonethat says:

    i hate Dana and her disgusting cougar mother

  45. SilkBeauty says:


    Really? You’re just a silly little girl is all. You can’t compare yourself to Tiffany “New York” Pollard. Are you trying to get your own show hun? LOL! Tighten your weave baby. Then go sit down somewhere.

  46. imastar says:

    i wanna see this show… i will have my popcorn ready. :)

  47. shirlybee says:

    well if god tells you mom has gotta help you find love you better listen

  48. says:

    The “I party with my daughter” thing is soooooo played out! Why is Dana talking about herself in the third person?? a sure sign she’s crazy, LOL. However, if her and mom get a show, I’ll watch it, they should call it “trainwreck & trainwreck Jr”–LOL

  49. unknown says:

    Melody is way and I mean way hotter than Dana and her mom Dana is just a lame drama queen who can’t even compare to the bigger drama queens like New York.

    You did a horrible job of making drama you are not smart you are just a dumbass puppy dog if you want to talk about smart Megan is smart what she did in I love money was smart and she never starts something so aggressively the people who were in the palm of her hands started acting aggressively.

  50. anonym says:

    Grey Gardens, now with more punching! Great interview, Rich. Also, because it has to be said, if those are good weaves, what are bad ones? That stringy mess makes Kim Zolciak (heck, even BRITNEY) look like a hair model.

  51. DracutAfterDark says:

    So if Felecia, Kerry, and Cathy were the top picks (front-runners) all throughout that show thus far, why couldn’t Dana convince Frank to eliminate any of these young ladies? Wouldn’t they have been more of a challenge to a self-proclaimed hot sexy lady than picking on underdogs like Annie, Renee, and Melody? I think before VH1 offers Dana & her mom a reality dating show, they first need to give both of them a Polygraph (Lie Detector) test to check out their integrity.

  52. heartbreaker says:

    so if they get a show will Dana let them see her flawless #)#(~@~+~(&_#*$@~! at any point. lucky contestants they are gonna be… and i wonder how many she will verbally abuse?

  53. LadyinRed says:

    You’re only 22 and alot of growing up to do.

  54. melissa says:

    i wanna see her find a love. i wanted her to win. she is the best!

  55. LadyinRed says:

    Dana acts so sure about herself, she just look like an idiot on National TV … hellooooooo

  56. c says:

    this was probably the most obnoxious interview i’ve ever read. it’s painfully obvious how fake she is, and she’s probably still bitter that not only did she get eliminated, but frank was obviously more into her mom than her.
    and she’s too ugly to be that full of herself.

  57. Trish says:

    Sounds like Dna and her mom might have some incestual threesome type of sh*t going on with these “twenty-somethings” that they supposedly compete over. GIVE ME A BREAK! You are the fakest thinkg since Pam Anderson’s boobs. Stay in New York! You definitely belong there, ya trash bag

  58. crazydaisy says:

    she is a good candidate for the Bad Girls Club, i hope she auditions!

  59. blondeberg says:

    Dana is so gross to me. This interview is the most annoying one I have ever read. I think VH1 needs to keep her off tv from this point on. Her mom is trash. Complete trash. For Dana she needs to tell herself shes pretty and great every other second because shes so insecure with herself because she was probably called Miss Piggy her entire life cause thats who she looks like. Dana your gross and if I ever met you I would laugh at you. Thank You

  60. americangirl says:

    this girl has got the it factor. very original she will be around for awhile. i will be stoked to watch her show. hurry up and air it vh1. i cant wait.

  61. sam says:

    so when is this airing i wanna see this crazy broad try and find love?! she is what you call a hot mess. is her mom just gonna help her find love or compete for love too? im confused… oh this is gonna be good.

  62. LAURENCEE says:


  63. shaknbak480 says:

    Is it me or was that interview really long and drawn out? I don’t need to hear about her “vagina” 20 times in one interview.. And she is bragging about getting the weakest girls eliminated? They eliminated themselves I woulda liked to see her go after Cathy and see what happened..

  64. mrhollywood says:

    Dana just perfect for TV . she has such a talent for making a scene where ever she goes, she can make drama out of nothing! dramatic facial expressions and What a Drama queen!

  65. DD says:

    What an unpleasant child she is.

  66. mandi says:

    wow she is disgusting. maybe she kept going on about her )##!#@*+##_$#$#(&_ because she realized half of America wasn’ sure if she had one. she looks like a man. she is so ugly.
    Far from perfect this girl is so delusional

  67. mnchick says:

    Dana is in a word: trash! I actually wondered if this interview was real or made up. (Sorry Rich…I just can’t believe someone is actually like this in real life!) I don’t know if she thinks the way she talks and acts makes her look like she’s this fantastic person she thinks she is or if she maybe just doesn’t give two sh*** how she looks or comes off to those around her. I think that her relationship with her mother is really odd and that her mother looks like a used up old hag.

    You know, I am typically pretty neutral (typically, not always ;-) ) with my comments on here and don’t try to stoop to the level of below the belt insults. But Dana and her mom take the cake as far as trash goes. They are the definition of trash. Gross. Both of them have a lot of growing up to do. Good luck landing that rich guy Dana. *rolls eyes* Any man with money with any amount of class would not give you (or your mother for that matter…gross!) a second look!

  68. Rich Juzwiak says:

    Unbelievable as it may be, this interview is printed as it was said.

  69. dinelle says:

    this girl is so dumb and she is not even hot neither is her mother……

  70. CJ says:

    WOW – I cant believe she lasted so long on that show. She was BY FAR the most unattractive person to hit reality TV. Seriously with her giant nose and giant roots….nevermind her personality. Maybe she should go on Blow out and get a new do and then on to Dr. 90210 and have her face fixed and round that out with a little couch time with Dr. Phil. she can bring her white trash mom with her since she could use a dose of all that too.

  71. Sarah says:

    Get a nosejob and MAYBE you could be called passable… Until then, you are a dogface my dear. :)

  72. sahneka says:

    girl you are out of this world! keep doin your thang

  73. ilovefrank says:

    you are a _%$+_)#^)$)~%@_@$

  74. DrkMstrs says:

    this broad is insane does she know that her nose is the size of texas? i mean my god her hair is arats nest and her mother looks like a deranged tweeker.

  75. mikemeyers says:

    did they have auditions yet for her show yet? i wanna try out

  76. Katie says:

    I really hope this interview is just satire. I’m also a little disturbed that someone would brag about their mother abusing them if they don’t go out and %#&%`+#+_`^~$$@ ault other people. Finally, your #!)(`~#!$%%$%`^&$% doesn’t make babies! It’s just a canal. Learn the rest of the terms for your own anatomy.

  77. crom2004 says:

    Dana you give people from Newburgh, NY a bad name. I am from Newburgh and take offense to how stupid you make us all look! You and your mother have absolutely no class at all! Your interview makes you look and sound completely uneducated, ignorant, and classless. You completely humiliated yourself and your mother on the show and with this interview. Grow up!!!

  78. susann says:

    i always knew she was a little off her rocker. she is a drama queen )%+@`()^)#`%&`&*! she loves the drama and honey men don’t. that’s why you and your mother are single. im sure vh1 will find a wonderful group of men to wanna date you

  79. Jax M. says:

    Was this for real? She is so disgusting! VH1, Please don’t make us suffer through a horrible show with her and her white trash mama! Was Daisy of Love not bad enough? BTW, She is WAY worse than Tiffany “New York”!! I cannot believe this interview was for real! How Rich made it through is beyond me! You are a brave man to sit in a room with an obviously deranged chick!! What a whack job!!

  80. tiffkay says:

    she’s either a psycho or a genius. i’ve never heard someone say their mother has a nice (*!!@((!$_(&%$_`~)

  81. BELLASWAN says:

    her and her mom are the best thing to happen to me since i love new york!!!!!!!!

  82. shawty says:

    her and her mom or should i say Double D’s act a fool

  83. CS3 Fan says:

    This girl is so stupid. Does she not realize that she will be 37 years old some day? If she’s lucky?? She should be praying she looks as good as Melody at that age.

    You are a very BORING girl. Get a personality or you will probs end up like your mom, looking all busted and played out. Oh wait, you already do.

  84. DIANE says:

    Did anyone notice how RUDE! Dana’s mother was? the old washed up looking thang did’nt even speak to Frank’s parents. But if he don’t care why should I.

  85. tina says:

    ok so Dana news flash you do have a major anger problem and you need tough love to learn how to find a man.

  86. Dannyboo says:

    I think she is very immature…She is just acting like that because she wants a tv show for her and her mother, it obvious. She sound stupid..

  87. Random says:

    this girl is a dumb %_#(~#&))&#`~()&) She’s just aching to be on TV so bad that she’ll say anything for attention. No one wants to see her ugly ($+&%`~!@`)+~^$ and her moms old washed up ($+&%`~!@`)+~^$ on tv. The truth of the matter is, she’s fake, she’s dumb, and she’s ugly. She looks like she got into a fight with Mike Tyson and never fixed her broken nose. It’s pathetic that she tried to feed people with that lie in the beginning of the show saying that she’s a law student. THAT IS A JOKE. She lies out of her ($+&%`~!@`)+~^$ and everyone knows it..she’s not a lawyer nor will she ever be, just some dumb white trash chick going no where in life. Her mother is also a mess.

  88. BEYONCEFAN says:


  89. yousahoe says:

    Dana could really use sober house for her addiction to herself and her mother. she is so far up her mother’s butt it’s weird. she is extremely threatened by her mom and will do whatever she says because she is scared of her.

  90. TishVH1Fan says:

    Wow…I agree with alot of everyone’s comments…I think in the very beginning I was so caught of gaurd by all the comments she kept saying about her so called flawless _((`&++^*+~%#!%^*) that I could not stop laughing. To think that she is even a real person who thinks likes this about herself and thinking that every one else is jealous of her…hmmm..someone has some serious problems. Oh and yea.. “My mom is superwoman and has powers”, that is classic!Thank you Dana for making an idiot out of yourself…lol…hilarious

  91. christy says:

    aww this interview made me sad . . . i wonder why she is like this, she is so pathetic and so ignorant. its really just sad the way she talks about her self. one day she will look back and cringe at herself.she definately needs some kind of help , and i hope she gets it. maybe through therapy.

  92. Amanda says:

    Dana is the most ignorant person I’ve seen in quite awhile. She needs to be more mature and maybe, just maybe she’ll be stable enough to keep a man interested. By the way, her hair is ugly! She so needs to dye her hair again. Her roots were way gross.

  93. SouthSidescotty says:

    Well that Dana is right about being something special, her and her Vajaja, in a world of girls with Daddy issues she a real enigma, a girl with Mommy issues, never saw that comin did ya, badabing !! And btw, its Kerry cupcake 4 the win at out house from day one :0)

  94. Trouble says:

    I never even thought she was attractive. I actually wondered how she lasted so long. I wouldn’t of been shocked to find out she gender changed she has a lot of mannish features.

  95. kathy says:

    this is the most ignorant self absorbed idiot i have ever witnessed. however i do find her quit entertaining so let her keep going. it’s the laugh of my day. she should do an interview once a week so we can hear the great intelligent things she has to say. a dating show with her and her mother would be pure genius.

  96. bobbydigitall says:

    i wonder what kind of guys would be fighting for her love?!! i see her with someone who will roll over and play dead so she and her mother can control them.

  97. michael says:

    real classy

  98. maureen says:


  99. jessika says:

    good luck to you and your mommy finding love girl! you represent a true NY girl :)

  100. icandobetter says:

    love you Dana and Donna and your perfect %^($`&#&(_~)(^(@)+ s

  101. weekendlover says:

    i hate you but i can’t wait to watch your show to laugh at you and your psycho mother.

  102. tique says:

    “So, when your mom swoops in with her Superwoman cougar powers, there’s no jealousy on your part?”

    From one journalist to another, BEST INTERVIEW QUESTION EVER, RICH!

  103. Angela says:

    Dana is just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside. Her perception of reality is disturbing. Dana and her white trash mother have no class and I hope they don’t get their own show because that would give VH1 a bad name.

  104. cxd says:


    Let me help you all out…. This dude is over 30 and living at home.
    Doesn’t a RED FLAG pop up in your mind that this should not be the type of guy you should be looking for???? Geezus…..

  105. marineswife says:

    wow i guess her and her mother top New york and sister Patterson. this is UNBELIEVABLE to say the least. she has to worry her mother may possible steal her boyfriends?! their show will be pretty interesting.

  106. mj says:

    Dana is crazy. This is such a fake interview. She’s trying to push for her own show starring her and her mother trying to find love for her. It’s so obvious the way that it’s setup. Dana’s not cute in the least, so that messes up the theory that she’s perfect. This girl knows she’s not perfect. She just wants her own show. Give it a rest girl.

  107. markGoldsmith says:

    Dana and Donna are the new dysfunctional family. probably the most intriguing since the Ozzy Osborne’s show. they have entertainment written all over them. everything draws you in from their bizarre relationship with each other to their self absorption. these women will make history, id bet my life on it.

  108. IAMSPEECHLESS says:


  109. ilovedana says:

    i think you rock! you made the show!

  110. cara montagna says:

    What a joke! This girl needs to have her $&#&&+@`%)@~&`~ kicked b/c nobody is gonna want to watch a show where two ugly, crazy women, are fake-trying to find love. Why does vh-1 employ such trash as her and new york? Are you serious? But I guess it’s better than welfare right? Hahaha! Ugly, trashy women!

  111. ochocioncofan says:

    i’m dying to see what will she give out at elimination…. my imagination is running wild i can just see her mother now pulling a guy aside that she doesn’t want Dana to be with and then telling Dana he tried to hit on her to get rid of him hahaha

  112. kjkjljkljk says:

    you are a ghetto $%!@“$+~^&@@%^@`

  113. SHHH! A REAL SECRET says:

    What’s Rumored is that the duo have had the First Experimental Vee-Jay Transplants ever because their original’s were in sad, saggy, deteriorated, & abused condition. That’s why they claim they are so “Fresh” now. They got the transplants from a couple of old JACKA$$ES who were to be euthanized > Oh by the way, the Doctor was actually a VET in training & the operating area had not been sterilized!!!
    Oh well, they say it was successful.
    Keep this secret – OKAY? (This story just brings out the worst in me) I apologize to anyone who is sane & has a brain. I feel very sick now – I will rest.

  114. jennifer says:

    this girl never keeps her mouth shut…. who would say and do the things she has done? she even called frank a psycho and made him chase after her after his family invited her into their home.. then she practically started trouble with everyone in the house or gave them attitude! and her boobs were always hanging out!

  115. laurea says:

    and i thought it didn’t get any crazier then new york and sister patterson. geezzzzzz

  116. NATALIET says:


  117. diane says:

    they are completely nuts. the two of them should be called double trouble, not double d’s.

  118. rich says:

    i can’t wait to watch Dana’s mother embarrass herself again. i’m sure she will be a complete terror to her daughter’s potential love interests. it is kinda weird that Dana feels guilty if her mother doesn’t help her pick her boyfriends! NOT NORMAL

  119. vh1Fan says:

    trash, if they get there own show i wont watch vh1 ever again!

  120. No name says:

    This girl makes herself look like a complete idiot from the things that she says in this interview. She doesn’t make herself look good or sound cool. If anything she just showed to America that her and her mom don’t have anytype of class and there mouths are full of trash. She seriously has A LOT of growing up to do.

  121. angieP says:

    Im so happy Dana and Donna have great @(&%_$_~~*%~~%*_&$ s then maybe men wouldn’t notice their hideous faces.

  122. Vh1bigfan says:

    oh come on people you know you will be watching along with the rest of the world. those saying they wouldn’t are probably the other girls who were on the show! it’s so obvious!!!!

  123. Brian says:

    I’m commenting, just because this deserves to be in the most popular posts section of the website over some of the older stories.

    Do it for Dana’s flawless @^^&++^#^&!#~^&(~_

  124. krayzieprincess says:

    Well looks like it’s 50/50 For who likes her and her mom to have the show. I’d be lying if i didn’t watch. But she should NOT be competing with her mom. Poor Girl lol

  125. Jacksie says:

    There’s a fine line between trash as entertainment…and simply trash. Say what you will about New York, she never had to pander to get her own show. The ratings were what proved her success and she didn’t play up her features to get there: New York radiated the energy consistently, whereas the Dana here is nothing like the Dana on the show. Simple debasement to get a job is true classlessness and I don’t believe for an instance the twosome will prove worthy of more TV. A ratings disastor spin-off of a spin-off, no 51 Minds “of Love’s” on the horizon since the “Megan…”/”I Love Money 3/4″ debacle = slim chance

  126. christi says:

    love you Dana :)

  127. rachaelrayfan says:

    yes Dana you need a love coach and a dating show!….. so i can be entertained! but the next guy you go after shouldn’t live in a basement.

  128. nkkjkj says:

    so god told her that her mother needs to help her? lol wow

  129. jenn says:

    maybe they are just misunderstood

  130. mikee says:

    im actually looking forward to her show… i haven’t seen anything so bizarre in a while.

  131. sydney says:

    That interview was amazing!(: haha

  132. Danaisafake says:


  133. mike says:

    wow she doesn’t bite her tongue does she!!!!!!!

  134. REAILTYSUCKS says:


  135. Jackie says:

    I could never get past Dana’s Huge +^#`&_**^`!@`%! nose. If she gets a show it will be soo boring and skanky :)

  136. disappointed fan says:

    Wow dana is really pathetic. honey i hate to bust ur bubble but u r totally unforgettable. if i saw u in the street i wouldnt look sideways at you. your a hot mess n your cougar mother is a dirty &*(+!~)#**%)*#*^# your 15 minutes of fame are hopefully over cause i cant imagine anyone with any real intellect watchin a show about two desperate woman who act trashy tryin to find love what a waste of time. and if vh1 decides to give u a show i will never watch it again.

  137. SaMex says:

    Really Dana, review the tapes look at your photos…dam girl you need more than a @)))#(!_*_%&~`&*^^ lift you need an overhaul…and your in your twenties…OMG. You had nothing on Melody….LOSER.

  138. Hijklmnop says:

    Dana is so wak. She looks like she’s half black to me. Is she biracial?

  139. danaisahoe says:

    vh1 would be considered pathetic to give them a show.

  140. Lady D says:

    ATTENTION VH1- Do not give this sorry excuse for a human beung and the beast that brought her in to this world a TV show. I agree with Susan…. I will just stop viewing vh1.

  141. tori says:


  142. Bee says:

    What a trashy bish with a big ugly nose I might add. I’m from NYC and everybody that I’ve met from Newburgh is GHETTO TRASH. Every single one. They’re all uneducated, poor, fight, kill, and they have babies for their recreation up there. Gag.

  143. Elle says:

    I can’t even believe what I just read! This woman is sick about her mother! A grown woman who still calls her mother “mommy”, a woman who competes with her own daughter’s boyfriends. A woman who SHEY SAYS sabotaged her from the show and got her eliminated. If that were my mother, I’d hate her. As for Dana, what the f–k, talking about her ^+&^@^#(@()_`&^)&& Vh-1 would be totally stupid to fall for her manipulative tactics and actually give her and her MOM their own show. Please Vh-1 let their fifteen minutes be up.

  144. Kimberleigh says:

    Your weave is horrible! Seriously, that’s a bad weave. You look terrible you manipulative c–t, knock-kneed, skinny-legged, line-backer-back and arms. You are so not attractive. All the girls were prettier than you except Annie (but she was nice), and that black girl from way back w/the orange wig. For real!

    Vh-1 Please! Have a reunion show with these girls. Let’s see if Dana is so talk during a reunion. Just b/c we know what happened with Frank & Kerry doesn’t mean we don’t want to see a reunion and find out what is happening with all the girls and here what they have to say.

  145. Captain Kirk says:

    I know a guy who is forty eight yrs. old and still lives at home and he actually has a girlfriend! Amazing.

  146. KitKat says:

    Holy psychotic!!!

  147. B#$%plz says:

    I watch all reality shows regardless of how much i hate the celeb(New York, Megan Houserman, Frank the Entertainer, Brett Michaels, etc.) but this _$^$`_(+!$^)@_@@ cannot happen. This girl and her nasty skanky mom need to grow up and stop acting like they are still 12. 1. If i spoke about my jj that often my mother would disown me. 2. If my mom stole my men I would have a problem with that. 3. (my main point) her mom is living through her and it is pathetic…grow up and get a life and please do not put it on vh1 anymore;

  148. chirich says:

    Hardly perfect. You have the face of a horse, you were the ugliest girl in there. Good luck to ya and glad you’re off the TV.

  149. destiny says:

    This ~`!%_%_&%#~$$(^#) is crazy…hahaha…fake, ugly, and annoying!!!!! Her & her mother need to go see a psychward..

  150. Cari says:

    Too bad that weave didn’t come with roots that matched

  151. Kim says:

    She belongs on reality TV, alright. I’m thinking A&E’s “Intervention”. What a loon.

  152. Bobbi says:

    Why do all these reality skanks think they are classy?
    Also, this may be news to you, miss Law Student, but Newburgh is considered downstate. It’s in Orange County, barely above NYC. It’s known by the rest of the state as the trailer park- hick area. Walk into a gas station and everyone you meet has stringy hair and crooked teeth, and smell like they live in a toilet.

    The only sweet, sincere people on this show were Annie and Melody. Then again, half of them just wanted to be part of Jersey Shore, Part Two.

  153. allie says:

    dane, you really are a stupid $$^`^#)%_+~(@+#_& you’ve got a hideous face. i mean GROSS!! you kinda look like squidward. i really hope that you do get your own show so that it fails miserably and then we’ll see if you still think your all that you fat cow!!

  154. roxy says:

    i have seen some real gems in my life but she takes the cake. are you freakin’ kidding me with all the vag talk. how classy! this idiot is just doing it to cause a commotion and it’s working. she is NOT worth it people! let her keep talking. she’s only making a fool of herself. she and her mother are a disgrace to women everywhere. hopefully, if we all ignore them, nothing else will ever become of these white trash ho bags. get a nose job, fix that hideous hair, and change your AWFUL attitude you ugly b!tch.

  155. BonishkaRai says:

    dana u probably are so embarrassed of this interview. u made a complete idiot out of yourself. u think you’re so great but most of the people commenting here think you’re so pathetic. and i hope u don’t get your own spin-off b/c u showed what a phony u really are. i heard u even got denied by the bad girls club.

  156. meg says:

    oh. my. god.
    I don’t know if this girl is serious or not.

  157. KOURTNEY says:

    I can’t even finish reading this rediculous post. If she wants a show she’s going about it the wrong way. BORING & IMMATURE!

  158. smarter than this mess says:

    I didn’t realize that “middle of nowhere, country pumpkin, Newburgh” Ny was so rough that Dana had to learn to defend herself. Dana, people in the toughest of neighborhoods (incidentally, located NOWHERE NEAR Newbrgh) aren’t half as delusional as you are. Who talks about their moms vag like that. News flash wack-job. Nothing on you or you mom is fresh or new or fantastical.

  159. toogie says:

    Dana do you see the trash you are talking?? Downright vulgar. I bet in 20 years from now you will be embarassed by your actions, hardly the way someone wanting to attend law school should be talking . You need to grow up and stop obsessing about Melody, obviously you are jealous. Your 15 minutes of fame is up and its not a graceful exit.

  160. Time Will Tell says:

    Jus red this & wndering if true/false? See b-low.

    “the truth is Kerry was a casting __@*`^&)((_$!$^ ociate for vh1. she helped cast herself and cathy on the show. and thats why vh1 didnt show her in a bad light cuz she works for the company. duh.”

  161. Marisol says:

    She’s so ugly inside and out, her nose is atrocious her mouth is defigured and her %$`$#+@*~&&#@_( s are saggy. he hair looks like it hasnt seen shampoo in years. She looks like dirty and stinky.

  162. Meghan K says:

    She is one of those women that make me ashamed to be one. She is scum, and I feel sorry for her, although I am looking forward to hearing about her killing herself at 36, what man WOULD be with that?

  163. Maggs says:

    I’m sorry, but Dana looks like a drag queen. Gag-worthy. Having confidence is one thing… but being in love with your psychotic self is another. This girl needs to be locked up in the psych ward

  164. DaYna (the "y" means I'm sane) says:

    I’m not going to call this girl trashy, crazy, ugly, and such. This interview made that very clear.

    VH1, I cannot stress to you enough if you give this girl a show you’ll finally not only lose whatever remaining creditability you use to have (being the classier, more adult version of MTV way back when), but you will sink to an even lower low that you couldn’t even imagine recovering from. I cannot stress this enough, don’t do it. The question isn’t “would people watch it,” but “should people watch it?” You are rewarding low-life, talentless hacks by turning them into faux celebrities and parading them on national television. You’re promoting this bad behavior. Frank’s a prime example. He’s a grade A loser and he knows this, that’s why he kept asking those girls, “Do you really like me? A guy who lives in his mama’s basement?” Please, VH1, please resist the urge of giving this child a show. You’ve got to stop this madness.

  165. Amber Dawn says:

    Lmao @Carl. Before she even went nutz, I couldn’t stand looking at that god awful weave. AND her mother can afford a $+_)!$%##_)(^@#(*` l lift, but not a decent looking weave? You have to give someone INCENTIVE before they even bother with the nether regions.

    And dear Goddess PLEASE do not allow this idiot to get her own show!

    P.S. there is nothing wrong with talking about your $+_)!$%##_)(^@#(*` I happen to LOVE mine, but she just made it sound creepy and weird.

  166. Ronni says:

    take a shower you fat skanky @*%~^+`@~@`^%@@%+

  167. lala says:

    ew. u have big arms and a fat, wide fist of a nose. people are as fascinated with you as they are as the hairs growing out of some nasty mole.

  168. Heather says:

    wow!! Dana is a real (&**@@#$(&($$+%@& everything she said during that interview just proved that the way she was perceieved on the show was ALL true. She was the (&**@@#$(&($$+%@& on the show and is obviously a (&**@@#$(&($$+%@& in the real world too. HAHA

  169. Heather says:

    wow!! Dana is a real b**** everything she said during that interview just proved that the way she was perceieved on the show was ALL true. She was the b**** on the show and is obviously a b**** in the real world too. HAHA

  170. Jenny says:

    She’s crazy, she would of had more support if she came off saying her mom has mentally screwed her, and she is trying to be a better person and went to cousiling. MAYBE then they would of given her own show, just to have a guest appreance from the mom, for more laughes. But if she just would of came out in this interview and said her mom was nuts and coaxed her into acting nuts and apologized to the other women on the show then maybe just maybe she would of gotten a chance at her own show. Also i am looking forward to the carry and her friends looking for love show. I think those two together would be something interesting to watch. But after seeing past interviews from my other favorite show tough love 2. I think VH1 needs to work on the happly ever after part. doesnt seem to work out for to many after the show, and from what i have heard doesnt seem they are picking women that frank even liked. He said spanish women. There was only one. I think hes a tool. He needs to move out his dad even said they are supporting him. He claims to still be there to help out. His dads doing much better. Frank is a pig and dana and her mom are the slop.

  171. Nicole says:

    Oh my! I think her and Mel Gibson would make an excellent couple! ;-)

  172. haha says:

    what a crazy ~#^`~^!)()~^_(%+_ and a nasty one at that. Talk about someone with no class at all nobody cares about your disgusting ^&^)$*~+@`&)!$^$+`

  173. shelly says:

    rip seemed like a great guy and family man..will we ever see your son frank get out of that basement and find love

  174. ew says:

    wwoow someone has really bad self esteem issues.. were u bullied and beat with a stick growin up? Quit acting like ur so great as if the world revolves around you BARF**
    try comparing yourself to megan fox or kim kardashin not that theyre smart or anything.. but you thinking ur soo good looking.. GAG*

  175. jaybird369 says:

    Dana…OH MY GOD!!! You are BEYOND annoying, conceited and ridiculous!!! Frank kept you around WAY TOO LONG!!! I was so glad he eliminated you when he did. You should be in a mental institution or in jail (or both) because I firmly believe that violently going off on people is against da’ law. And, your mother Donna is no better. Your mom is a CREEPY LOOKING COUGAR!!! And, I completely agree with what Frank’s mom said…I truly believe that your mom did put you up to appearing on Frank’s show. Dana, bottom line: you need to get over yourself. Remember that.