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Yesterday, I answered my phone to hear Frank the Entertainer shouting over a din of commotion that I immediately recognized as a stream of ranting from his mother, Susan. “Can we please set up an interview? My mom is really upset over Dana’s interview,” he asked, and so, what probably should have happened a while ago finally did: I spoke with Susan Maresca about her son’s show and she was just as outspoken and hilarious as she is on screen. Below, Susan responds to Dana’s claims about the other girls and Frank. She has choice words for Dana’s infamous mother Donna, too (sample quote: “Her mother looks like she could use a good bath. And a good hair-washing. She was a horror.”) Grab your popcorn, ’cause this means war!

I didn’t really ask Susan a first question, she just kind of unleashed:

Dana and her mother were such phonies it was unbelievable. First of all, the first day Dana came into that house, she walked in and her first words to me were, “I love your family, and I want to be in a family like this because my parents are in an open marriage.” I couldn’t believe that she said that. Dana proceeded to be boring on the whole show. She walked around like a stripper, and that was the only thing that was interesting about her for TV. As far as her mother goes, her mother is a crazy person. Well, maybe she’s not so crazy. The mother was doing this to get on TV and I wasn’t going to play into it and fight with this woman. I’m sure she had seen me or at least heard about what happened on I Love New York, when there was a fight between Michelle and me. For the longest time, I never knew that Dana and her mother were making these phone calls back and fourth. Had I been privy to that as it was going on, I probably would have tried to stop it immediately. I saw those phone calls on the VH1 website, and they were the phoniest calls I’ve ever heard in my life. It was acting, and it was poor acting at that. It really was horrible.

So you don’t think her mother is actually as aggressive as she comes off?

Definitely not. She would have to be in a mental hospital if that was really her. And they turned it on and off, too. She comes walking in the house, and she’s screaming and yelling at the door, and I said to myself, “I’m not going to give this one any more airtime than she should get.” She shouldn’t have gotten any airtime, but I decided if I fought with her, than that would give her plenty of airtime. They’re out to get their own show, mother and daughter. Dana practically admitted it in the interview. What was her name, anyway?


Donna. After Frank talked to her it was a complete different Donna. Donna comes in like a meek little lamb, and believe me she was after my son. Want to know why I think Dana was there? I think Dana’s mother put her up to going on the show so Dana’s mother could have my son. She said she had a younger boyfriend and everything. I don’t know what age, I thought he said a 19 year old boyfriend, but I can’t swear to that. Her mother looks like she could use a good bath. And a good hair-washing. She was a horror. They think they’re two beauties, and unfortunately, the public likes to see people like that. They love to see people that are rude and crass and they love people like them. They love low lives. The daughter talking about the girls? Those girls on that show, honestly, they were one nicer than the other. They really were.

I’ve talked to most of them at this point, and I concur.

The only one I didn’t like was Mandy. I really didn’t like her. That wasn’t an act, I just couldn’t take her. Maybe she was a nice girl, too, I don’t know. I didn’t really give myself a chance to get to know her because she was too much like the other girls that my son has brought home that I couldn’t stand. But the other girls were lovely girls, every one of them. Even Dana, I didn’t think she was bad until I read this interview. I didn’t think she was the brightest bulb, to be honest with you. She came and she told me that she was going to law school. I didn’t believe that. Look, until the episode with Annie’s performance, you barley even knew Dana was there. And I guess her mother must have said, “You better step it up or you’re not getting your own show.” Because it’s obvious that she went there to get her own show. Dana went there to get my son for her mom, and a show for the two of them. My son was on three other shows, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with wanting your own show, but that’s not the way to do it. You don’t go giving interviews and talking about all these girls and the nonsense in that interview, I mean really! Come on, who gives a s*** about her vagina? And all the girls were after her? Please! If I was a lesbian, I’d go straight after seeing her and her mother. I mean, come on!

It was crazy, but the blogger in me was delighted.

Oh, I know you were, but I’m telling you I was shaking when I read that interview. The way she talked about those girls, she should be ashamed of herself, she really should, because she was very friendly with all of them. She had nothing to do with my son getting rid of anyone. Who the hell is she bulls***ting, that he got rid of Renee because she talked him into it? And she didn’t get rid of Melody, believe me! And then talking about my son! Talking about the size of his wallet and the size of his private parts, I mean come on. She’s ridiculous. She wasn’t even close enough to him to know what the size of his private parts are. She said disgusting, terrible things. She’s a fool. And if she and her mother get a show because of the way she’s talking now, I will never ever watch VH1 again. I’m not kidding. I won’t even watch another reality show and I’m a reality TV junkie! That would show that they’re fools that get low class people to put on TV. I thought they were trying to get away from that with Frank’s show. And by the way, you can also quote me by saying that Newburg, NY is not the place that she makes it sound like it is. Newburg is not the ghetto. It’s a suburb. There are bad parts, but everywhere has bad parts.

You’ve experienced both Dana and New York firsthand – do you think the comparison is apt?

If she really was like Tiffany Pollard, why didn’t they project that the whole show? Why did it happen on the last two shows? Come on, please. That was a phony attitude to get their own show, and if people are stupid enough to want to see people like them, low-class white trash, on a TV show, that’s fine, but I won’t be watching.

I don’t know, Susan, Frank seemed pretty into Donna.

For the record, my son does like older women, he has a history with them, that is true, but not someone that looks like that, dresses like that and — please quote me — acts like that. My son was not interested in her in the least. She’s an old bag, which I am too, but I’m not coming on to any young kids. She’s an old bag that’s trying to be young once again and make herself feel good, but no young guy in his right mind would look at her. That’s the bottom line. And whatever my son did on that show – and he did to kiss ass a little bit – was to keep her from going ballistic. He was not interested in her, and that I have to get across. Believe me, she was interested in him and I believe that with all my heart and soul. And that’s the end of the interview, Rich.

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  1. TeamDD's says:

    oh Susan get over it Dana and her mom are wayyyyy more entertaining then you and your son.

  2. Melissa says:


  3. mikall says:

    this interview was boring compared to Dana’s im sorry lol. hey what can i say i like the obnoxious drama Dana and her mother bring to the table.

  4. lava03 says:

    Susan is right on the money about everything she said. Dana is a phony who is trying to get famous out of this show. It’s OK to do it, but come on it’s a boring theme already with the mom and daughter. So please VH1 DO NOT create a show off of this stupid girl who obviously has deep mental and emotional issues. She didn’t do anything to eliminate any of the women on the show because either a. the women eliminated wanted to be eliminated or b. Frank didn’t have a strong “connection” with them. And why does she say she is going to law school? She clearly is insane!!!

  5. jack says:

    I love susan!! she is so funny

  6. Cinema says:

    Aww, I love susan. She’s right. Don’t give them a TV show. I’m sure I’m not the only person who would boycott Vh1. You guys need to start giving a f–k about quality, which with the release of shows like Transform me, I have hope you guys are getting back to. Don’t screw that up with another trashy, predictable, fake reality show.

  7. michelleM says:

    as much as i would love to say that Dana isn’t entertaining she unfortunately is the best thing since Tiffany. hell she even had the balls to to tell Frank off. her show will be my guilty pleasure ;) and her mother is the icing on the cake. she had me when she said “melody has a saggy $@!^~+!!)#!(%~^#^( and i’m over it”.

  8. victoria says:

    i have a feeling Dana’s mother would have won. she’s cookoo

  9. RealityFlicks says:

    So although some people will deny they will watch these train-wrecks in full effect we all know the world will be glued to the TV watching their dysfunction unravel. this is what vh1 has been missing. a hit in the making for sure. now what shall we call it “mommy dearest” perhaps?!

  10. jhfjdskhfjsd says:

    dana your something else. what a ~_$*^*#(+)*##(*&%

  11. I'm With MOM says:

    I agree wholehearteldy with U Susan. They shouldn’t get rewarded for their gross methods and lying ways to pursue getting their own show. It’s hard to believe that a sane human would even be interested in watching these 2 trash buckets. Personally, I never thought Dana was cute or a nice person from the start & her “MOMMY DONNA” is a complete “NIGHTMARE”. Wake up people and stop smelling the “Garbage”! YEWWWWWWWWW

  12. CS3 Fan says:

    I love that she says Donna is an old bag “and I am too”

    Love your honesty Susan, you rock!

  13. MaryL says:

    I love ya Susan! You remind so much of my mother. I agree with what you said about Dana and her mom. I hope to hell VH1 doesn’t give them what they want (Dana and Dana Sr. HA) because of them acting like unclassy tramps who talk about _((%($*@$~!@+)`(&& I mean seriously, if the American people want to see that, there are speciality stores that sell that kind of merchandise without you putting it on tv. Glad to hear you speak your mind Susan AS ALWAYS!

  14. Angela says:

    I love Susan! She is the reason why I watch the show. Dana and her mom are butt ugly!

  15. Mary says:

    LMAO. Love it. Dana is the worst.

  16. S.McKay says:

    Vh1 you really should think about creating a sub channel where stupid trash like Dana and her mom CAN get their own show… but have to take off their clothes and or ^_$++$_#*)@@+(+& people. Their HAS to start being some loop to truly HUMILIATE these people. I mean let’s take a page out of Howard Stern’s OLD book. understand that the proof is in the pudding… but young kids don’t know this, and are starting to emulate them. Do we really need 50,000 more screaming Donna’s and &)_^)^&#!*$`^&`^&% tripping Dana’s in the world? I mean you have the gift of truly humiliating these people… let’s go to the next level!! I mean people WILL do anything to be on tv… just create a new channel for it! I mean when people like Dana talk about how great their &)_^)^&#!*$`^&`^&% is… shouldn’t she be made to show it? Or at the very least be utterly humiliated instead of given her own show? She needs to be on Hustler, not a good reality show hence forth.

  17. angel says:

    LOVE Susan… HATE Donna and Dana. I’d watch a Susan reality show 1000 times over any old bad weaved over-tanned mother daughter witch team show.

  18. Demitrius says:

    Is she really serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. JennHas2Ns says:

    I’d love to see Dana stuck in a house with Ashley, Farrah, heck, the entire Blontourage. Dana would get eaten alive!

  20. Debbie says:

    I am so glad she was told to leave the house, I think she should have went a long time ago!! Her mother was just as rude as she was and they both had no class what so ever!! They both looked like trailer park trash!! I have so many people that commented on my page saying how happy they were that she finally was told to leave and they all felt the same way!!! Well all I could say Susan we see who the lady was and is!!! You did the right thing not to go to her level!! I am glad you told her off now though!!! Your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Gail Thomas says:

    Susan doesn’t need to get over “it.” I love Susan and I think she should have HER own show. Dana and her mom were disrespectful on so many levels.

    I also think Frank is very entertaining.

    So there!

  22. TaT says:

    I LOVE SUSAN!! Dana may be able to get her own show, after she lances that gigantic Schnocker of hers.

  23. krayzieprincess says:

    Susan and your family are GREAT! Would love to see more!Sucks show is at the season finally;(. Time to watch What Chili wants and Family business! KEEP UM COMEIN’ VH1 AND PLEASE BRING BACK I LOVE MONEY!. I know VH1 makes enough money now but why not make more and BRING IT BACK!

  24. Mitzi says:

    Dana and her mom are jokes! Dana look in the mirror you gotta lot of work to do. Your mom needs to have a bag lift, and the two of you have NOTHING to brag about.

  25. kristie says:

    I LOVE SUSAN!!! Oh team DD, your probably dana and her crazy mom if it even is her mom trying to get some more time and its not going to work. Man talk about a true train wreck that you just can’t take your eyes off of. An OPEN marriage, thats not love… SUSAN ROCKS!!! XOXO

  26. RYAN says:


  27. Doanaaf says:

    hate to say it susan but Dana and Donna will probably be coming to town. :)

  28. BlakeD says:

    Susan is awesome! Dana should NEVER be compared to the greatness that is New York. Dana is a meek b!tch compared to New York. I forgot about Dana until the last episode or two she was on. She was BORING. Rich, do us all a favor and get the REAL H.B.I.C’s opinion on this matter. Call and ask New York if she thinks they should be compared. I gurantee you that she will be disgusted at the comparisons (if she even knows who lamea$$ Dana is).

  29. Marshy says:

    Dana has wasted Frank’s time by kept on accepting the key,if she didn’t feel that way about him then don’t keep on accepting the key,she is just like the men and women that goes on reality shows looking for romance accepting objects if there is no chemistry between them. There are girls from other reality shows that didn’t find their true love that needs a show more than Dana does.

  30. danni says:

    i loved Dana since she told off Renee in the bonus clips

  31. unknowm says:

    If Frank didn’t like her why did he need to kiss so much (@$“)&@&`+^$%% if Dana mom goes ballistic you can kick her (@$“)&@&`+^$%% out therefore she will barely have any screen time Ryan Frenchie doesn’t need her own show what is the point if you can’t understand her she is not that funny!

  32. Colette says:

    I agree. If Dana gets her own show I will also boycott reality TV, and like Ms. Maresca, I am also a reality TV junkie!! She was so disgusting and classless.

  33. Lady D says:

    I absolutely love Susan.

  34. Team Maresca says:

    Mrs. Maresca can see right through what happened. Those phone calls were all an act to get their own show. I think Mrs. Maresca is right. Nobody walks into somebody’s house the way Donna did. Obviously Donna was pulling the old Mrs. Patterson moves to get camera time.

    @I’m with MOM: Great comment!!!

  35. Jo says:

    Screw Frank–give Susan her own show!

  36. chirich says:

    Dana and Her Mom are the two of the biggest skanks they put on that tv. Dana has a horse face and her mom looks like she just got off meth. Get over yourselves.

  37. BonishkaRai says:

    u know i’ve always respected what susan has to say about people and things. but i think she’s wrong about mandy, who didn’t seem so horrible at all. but she’s sure as hell is right about dana and donna, who are just two ugly tiffany and michelle wannabe duo of transvestites w/ fond hopes of getting their own spin-offs. i think susan should have mentioned that dana’s )(~(`)!_%#%“##*“ is so fresh b/c she just had her %+#*(`~^~+`&^&_~` changed into a )(~(`)!_%#%“##*“ like seriously who the hell is going to brag about their )(~(`)!_%#%“##*“ otherwise.

  38. Sam says:

    Susan is hilarious! I wish my parents were as cool as Frank’s.

  39. Princesspms says:

    I would watch Susan over the trashy double d’s ANY day!!!! I absolutely LOVE Susan but I really think she needs to throw Frank out of the basement and give him some tough love. I’m not too impressed with Frank but I really like Gary and Susan.

  40. jailnurse93 says:

    Susan, you’re awesome and so is your husband. I became a huge fan of both of you!

  41. Amber Dawn says:

    I think Frank’s great, but I can honestly say that it was Susan that really got me watching this show. She’s freaking hilarious!

  42. Amy says:


  43. jaybird369 says:

    I’ve been a BIG FAN of Frank Maresca ever since he appeared on I Love New York season 2. His mom Miss Susan may be too direct at times but that’s because she loves him, she’s looking out for his best interests and she’ll do anything to protect her family. That’s how my mom was when she was alive. Also, I TOTALLY agree with Susan about her comments regarding Dana and Dana’s mother Donna. Dana was BEYOND ANNOYING and Donna looks like she needs to be run through a car wash 24/7. Donna and Dana give all the other mother-daughter combos out there a REALLY BAD NAME!!! HOLLA!!! Frank, dude, it sucks that things didn’t work out between you and Kerry…Kerry was my FAVORITE!!! Things change/happen. Frank, you’ll find that special lady someday. Ya’ just gotta hang in there!!! Miss Susan, you and Frank (and the rest of your family) Stay Strong!!!