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We’ve heard from Kerry about her break-up with the man she won the heart of (at least, as far as the show was concerned), and below is Frank’s take on the situation. Frank also gives an overview of the show, commenting on many specific girls and their eliminations, he talks about his portrayal and he explains why he still isn’t out of the basement….

I talked to Kerry, and she told me that you guys broke up about three days after the show because you’re hung up on your ex-girlfriend.

Wow, that’s not true at all. We broke up because I tried calling her, and she would never call me. She wanted to communicate to me through text messaging. And not just that, it was a lot of other things. I got letters online about Kerry from a woman and transcripts from AIM with Kerry’s screen name that [without going into detail] made me think that she’s a user. I think that she’s trying to cling onto me for more opportunities. On Facebook I see this thing about how it’s time for her and Cathy to get their own dating show. Obviously everybody wants to have their own shows and that’s great. I happened to get lucky and get mine, but I went about things differently.

Did you immediately regret your decision? Do you wish you picked Cathy?

No, none of those girls were for me. I wish I could have done the casting. They called me up and asked me what my type was and I said Spanish or Puerto Rican, and there was one f***ing Spanish girl on the god damn show.

Not having your type there didn’t stop you from having sex with Cathy.

Well, come on. She went down to my room and I had been drinking, so of course I was going to f*** her. Come on.

Multiple times?

I honestly don’t even remember. [On this point, Frank has sent a note of clarification: “I think Cathy’s a great person who I ended up having true feelings for. I didn’t like her at first but she grew on me. Yes, I was drunk, but I wanted to sleep with her. She is beautiful.”] But getting back to Kerry, she told people she won this show. This dude came over to my house before the show even aired and said, “Oh I heard that Kerry won.” So Kerry and I started fighting about trust issues. How can I be with a woman you can’t trust? Kerry is one of those girls that looks great on the outside, she’s sexy as hell and she’s beautiful, but she tries to use her looks to get what she wants from men. Except I’m the kind of guy that does what I want, when I want, how I want, and I don’t care how beautiful she thinks she is, that’s not how it is. So of course I had to let her go. There’s just too much s*** about Kerry.

But you talk to her now, right? Are things friendly between you two?

We talk like once every two months. She texts me and tells me she misses me, but every time she tests me, she only talks sexually. There’s one time that she wanted to meet up and I told her that I wasn’t feeling her mentally and I didn’t think it would be right if we hung out. I said we’d never really get anywhere because I wasn’t attracted to her mentally, but I said I’d come and we’d get a hotel and I said we’d have sex, but that’s all it would be. She said OK. We met up, we had sex, and that was it. And I haven’t seen her since. If Kerry called me tomorrow and said she wanted to f***, I would f*** her but I’m not looking to date her.

What about Cathy? Have you been talking to her?

Actually, I’ve been talking to Cathy a little bit. I didn’t talk to Cathy at all after the show for a month or two. I felt really bad letting her go since it didn’t work out between Kerry and I. Not that it would have worked out between Cathy and I, but Cathy and I had a better shot of lasting longer than three days.

It seems like you’re friendly with many of the girls and you keep in touch with them.

I talk to a lot of the girls. I’m a real guy and they came on my show to supposedly want to get to know me. I have nothing against any of these girls. The only girl that I can say that ended up turning on me was Jenny. We talked after the show and all of the sudden she flipped on me. She started posting things on Twitter saying that I’m a racist. I’m a racist? How am I a racist? I’m not looking to keep a girl on my show who didn’t want anything to do with me, who didn’t want to show me any affection. It had nothing to do with her being black. It’s not my fault they only cast two black girls. As far as I’m concerned they could have f***ing cast every goddamn girl black on the show for all I care, you know?

Obviously, you eliminated Jenny based on a picture that didn’t really jibe with the image you thought she was projecting, but then in post-production they blurred that picture out, sort of implying that it was racier than it really was.

I just saw a picture, it wasn’t a pornography picture, but it was a picture of her looking very sexy with her boobs out. She’s got some big cans. And her making this face like she wanted to suck c***. When you see pictures of that on the Internet of a girl who looks very sexual, but wasn’t showing me affection, not even a kiss, I wasn’t going to keep her.

But what did you think about that blurring, though? Didn’t you think that was deceptive?

I wouldn’t have blurred it out.

What did you think about Annie and her performance-art approach to reality show competing?

I don’t care if all of them get careers out of this, as long as they’re good honest people. At least Annie kissed me. At least the girl wasn’t running away all disgusted like Jenny was. I can respect someone like Annie more than I can respect someone like Jenny. If you want to come on the show and play a game, then play the game. At least Kerry played the game right.

How about Dana?

I don’t even know what to say about that. I knew that her mom was angry, but my thing was just to put on the charm and make the mom like me. I had no interest in that woman, come on, look at her. I could get better cougars than that. That’s not even a cougar. I don’t even know what I would call her. Maybe a jackal. I’ve had woman hating me that were so aggressive and all of the sudden I sit down and I play piano or I play guitar, and they’re all over my d*** just like Dana’s mom was. Dana’s mom would write to me after the show on Facebook asking if I wanted to hang out. As far as Dana goes, I thought Dana could have a bigger penis than mine. She was talking about my penis in her interview and I’ve never had any complains about my d***, but…

I’ve actually heard wonderful things about your penis, Frank.

Well that’s what I was going to say, I’ve heard wonderful things about my penis too from everyone. I’ve never heard anything negative. But I think she might have a bigger penis than mine. Even my friends said it.

Melody, to me, that was the biggest bulls*** elimination. Too perfect?

The thing is, that’s true. I would do things to get her riled up. I still do. I call her up and I tell her to just joke around and I want to hear her yell and scream, and she won’t do it. So for me, I don’t know. There’s a big red flag up there, because there’s no one in the world that has a Brady Bunch life. No matter how bad you want that life of potato-sack races and stuff, because that’s what I picture Melody doing. I picture her in a potato sack, smiling all day with kids and never being upset, and that bothers me because I don’t live in a world like that. I like a woman that yells and fights me, that’s a little mean and is not afraid to hit me in the chest or whatever. Smack me around a little bit. I mean, I like that.

Do you think Renee got a raw deal?

I think Renee tries to be an actress. She took theater classes. I have nothing against Renee, but like I said, I think most of these girls that were on the show were on for other reasons than to date me. The only girl that I actually think was really there for me was Melissa. Melissa still calls me. She told me yesterday that her and I were made to be together. She’s the only girl that’s still consistent, that’s still trying to win my heart. I love Melissa. I talk to Melissa all the time, I think that she’s an awesome girl, I just tell her that her and I were not made to be together, we were made to be friends.

Was having your own show everything that it was cracked up to be?

No. I feel like the editing, for example, could have been done a little bit different. I mean, when Dana and I were yelling and she called me a psycho, at least let people see why she was calling me a psycho. I was acting psycho, I was going insane. I thought my veins were going to pop out of my f***ing forehead, but they didn’t want to show that. I don’t know how they want to hide me having a temper when the last three shows was me yelling and screaming and being really who I am. This show is also who I am because I’m nice, but I’m like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. They should have shown both sides of me on my show, instead of making me look nothing but presentable. That’s fine by me, because who wouldn’t want to look presentable, but sometimes I’m not presentable.

This show was about you finding a girlfriend and getting out of the basement, however that was supposed to work, but you’re not out of the basement, right?

I could get out of the basement if I want tomorrow. I choose to stay home, and the main reason is because my father’s sick with pancreatic cancer, and my mom and my dad really need me now. When I was younger, I was a pain in the ass and ran away from home and didn’t do anything for them. I feel like this is my time to make it up to them and I want to make it up to them. My heart really wants to do this. They have no one to take my father to chemo and stuff like that, and if I move, I want to move out of state. Once I move, I’m moving for good. So right now my place is at home, and I don’t care what anybody says.

Is your mom still on your case?

She stopped nagging when I got my show because I was getting some income, but now that the show’s over, she’s like, “What are you going to be doing now? You’ve got to get a job.” So it’s right back to where it started. I got lucky, I got on I Love New York and they called me to do I Love Money, and they called me to do I Love Money again, and obviously they see something in me. I see something in me, as well. I mean, I work out hard every day. I don’t think my career stops here. Am I looking to be a big movie star? No, I’m just looking to earn money, I’m looking to make a career. If I could do modeling…that’s why I’m working hard on my body. I go into Calvin Klein to go buy a shirt the other day and I see a picture of a guy, you don’t even see his head. You just see his neck, his nipples and his stomach. I’m looking at this guy and I’m like, Jesus, my chest and my stomach looks better than this guy, so I’m going to go see if I can f***ing model. I’ll work out hard. I’ll do whatever they want me to do. I would love to host shows, you know, so I want to do stuff in the TV industry, but it’s just got to be something right for me.

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