Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business – Watch The Supertrailer


Come April 11 at 9/8c, VH1 will probe the inner- and professional lives of Brandy, Ray J, Sonja and Willie Norwood in Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business. Above is an extended look at the series, featuring sibling rivalry, parental epiphanies and one seriously great catchphrase: “Don’t Ray J me!”

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  1. Cinema says:

    Not gonna watch a single episode.

    Also, that “business of family” song sounds so hokey and dumb.

  2. MASSA says:

    To Cinema…I have no problem with you, but why come on here with negative energy. If you don’t want to watch the show is fine. But coming on here to knock these people is wrong. learn to love… could be a lot worse. I am praying 4 you.

  3. Joe says:

    Cant wait for this show! It’s gonna be great!

  4. DF says:

    Imma gonna watch it!
    That show is gonna be huge. I can feel it.

  5. toobad says:

    Instead of giving us I Love Money 3, 4 or whatever, they give us this POS. At least give us Daisy of Love 2! The programming these days is boring.

  6. KeAunna says:

    I think this show is a great in new look for vh1 you finally have a show worth watching with real normal people. I love the Norwood’s. We need this on TV thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!1I finally can watch a family show with my favorite instead of hookers in wannabe pimps. Keep up the good work VH1

  7. N8 says:

    omg…. why??!! why???!!!!!!!!!! this is a horrible idea. i hate both those dumb stuck up ($$(`*@+&$&@^&++ heads. it should be called – i want to be famous even though i’m washed up and doing a reality tv show. really though these shows are not real just like his “love” shows. if you look at the credits you will see “writers” now why would they have writers on a reality tv show?? hmmm i wonder. its because their life is really too boring to have a tv show about. the writers and producers just give them things to say and do to make it less boring. so actually its not a “reality show” and all you people on here that “cant wait to watch it” your all dumb. your part of this whole reality things thats not even reality. none of those shows are. ray j is a +@%)(&^^@(~_^@# he went through a bunch of girls “looking for love” and ended up with no one still. him and his sis are trying to use this reality thing to get their careers going. because jay j can’t sing. he doesnt have a good voice. its a joke. this whole things is! and their family is !&_*`@(@@@(^)*@) ed up. im sure this will be a good example on how hollywood creates stuck up families. !&_*`@(@@@(^)*@) this show and !&_*`@(@@@(^)*@) you all. goodnight.

  8. Denise says:

    Brandy and RJ have always been my fav brother& sister combo in Hollywood. cannot wait to veiw the show.

  9. Jackie says:

    I just watch the show online and I Luv it.
    I’ve always Luv Brandy and Ray as artist (Ray alittle more) but now you see a different side of them.
    Next episode clips got me wanting to see more.

  10. mrsanyad says:

    Love the show! I love the family bond and how Mother Norwood is protective of her children. Brandy is exactly how I though she would be: Caring and passionate!As for Ray J, he’s hilarious! He knows what he’s doing, which is getting the publicity needed to make that money! God Bless, the Norwoods!

  11. Kathy says:

    SONYA “Ray I’m not going to be proud of you if you don’t put *@~&)!(!`!@(`%*( tail in her place” R U kidding? Well now we know why Ray J appears to be challenged in the maturity area. You treat him like he’s 6 years old. Let him grow up! UNBELIEVEABLE!

  12. Nettyboo says:

    the last episode I was so surprise how Ray J acted toward the young lady who works in your family office. “Check your bank account” she was only trying to give you some advice. You went overboard with your comment. Not everyone makes the money you make but she was just letting you know she cares about you and your family and giving you some advice as a friend at least she thought she was to help you out. But as you can see money makes people do and say things they really feel like she just work here and keep pushing the paper or answer the phones cause you mean nothing. I am a really big fan of you guys since Moesha but the behavior you acted the last episode turned me off. But Brandy you go girl I love you from the start, you keep it real I see how no one listens to you but your fans are listening and we luv you.As for your brother the money is all that matters he doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he is having fun, he will grow up one day.

  13. Lenia49 says:

    RayJ needs to get off the breast milk.

  14. Mugsy says:

    Hi–I am a 54 year old white woman who loves Brandy’s voice..I was hoping for a come back soon. I think she shoud just do it on herself and not her brother. All of my black friends do not like RayJ for whatever reason. She needs to separate herself and just like her voice and music happen.Not hip-hop—just her voice..