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And so, we come to the last of our A Basement Affair interviews. Below, Felicia talks about why she eliminated herself, what she thinks of Frank now, her brush with breast cancer and how someone pursuing a serious career in business got mixed up with reality TV.

How was the show for you?

The show was good. It was nothing that I ever imagined doing, but I met a lot of great friends out it.

You don’t strike me as the reality TV type…

I did it for fun. I was in school and I had some time off before my next semester started and I thought it would be cool to meet Frank. He seems like a cool guy and luckily I got called back.

What did you think of your portrayal?

I think that it was okay. I kinda feel like they made me look cut and dry. They left out all the good scenes that we all had, but that meant I came off really classy. I just wish they showed more interesting things. I had a fight with Renee, and they didn’t show that.

You were classy till the bitter end. Do you regret sending yourself home?

Oh, no. When I first signed up to be on the show, I knew the whole situation with Frank, how he was 31 and living in a basement…but, I really didn’t think it was going to be all about that. When I got there, I realized you don’t really see him that much, and then the more challenges I won and the more dates that I went to, I really did get to know him. By the episode when my parents came, I was kinda done with everything. I felt like he didn’t have an interest in anyone, and he wasn’t that smart at all. Before the show, I thought it was an act when, in fact, it really was himself. I was kinda happy that I sent myself home.

But it seemed like you were fighting to stay.

I am in no way a quitter, but after I took a step back from the situation, I realized that Frank was setting us all up, especially me. I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t his idea because I’m pretty sure he is not that smart to come up with something like that on his own. Of course for TV purposes, they wanted to see how we would turn on each other, but that’s not my deal. I would rather give him upthan to turn on the girls I met. I would rather stay friends with the girls then a phony. I knew that Kerry really liked him and if I was iffy on him after really getting to know him, then it wasn’t fair for me to stay. It was hard to just give up after all of the hard work I spent trying to get to know him, but in the end, I knew I was doing the right thing. Frank was totally different whenever the cameras were off. After the show ended, he did horrible things to Kerry, things the Frank on TV would never do. If he was like how they portrayed him, don’t you think he would be out of the basement by now? Obviously he has other issues than what you see. Major issues.

Do you have resentment toward Frank?

No, that’s just who he is. You can’t judge a person about how they are, you have to accept them. He’s very insecure about himself and listened to whoever just to create drama. I thought everything was for show, but after getting there, I realized he really was just a 31-year-old loser living in the basement. And honestly, I don’t think he’s getting out anytime soon. After thinking about the situation he put us in and everything that was going on, I realized that I need more of a man than what Frank could offer me. I am not saying that he is a bad person, but what you experienced wasn’t really him. If I were to do this type of situation ever again, I would want someone who was really looking for love, not someone trying to do anything to salvage what’s left of a career.

It’s interesting that you call him a loser, because you took exception when he put himself down on one of your dates.

I know what he was going through. He has very low self-esteem. That was second time in the whole season he ever brought it up. Everyday he would say, “I can’t eat this cupcake,” or, “Oh, I can’t do this, I have to do to the gym…” He just always had self-esteem problems, so when he asked me that I was just sick of it. Maybe I think you’re not too smart, maybe I don’t usually date guys like you, but I am giving you the chance to stop putting yourself down. I hate guys, I hate anyone, who really thinks bad about themselves. Everyone needs to be happy with themselves before they can be happy with someone else.

Was it disappointing at all to leave without saying goodbye to Frank?

Yeah, it was disappointing. He called me after and said, “I didn’t know you weren’t here for me.” I told him that he put me in a situation where there were two friends. Obviously they are going to vote me off. I haven’t talked to him since the show ended. It’s whatever to me. I don’t really need to talk to him. If he wants to call me he can.

Any lingering resentment over Frank’s probing of your relationship with your parents?

Kind of, because everyone has a different relationship with their parents. I never had a serious boyfriend. I did bring a boyfriend home once and basically my dad basically was just like, “You better watch out this is my daughter.” After that, I never wanted to bring any guys home or talk about any guys, even. That was so embarrassing. I have a boyfriend now. My parents have both met him. I talk about him with my parents everyday. It wasn’t really until I found that one person that I wanted to share my parents with. I’m not going to call my mom and say, “I met someone at a bar last night.” I don’t want to tell my parents those things. It’s not necessary. I’m not sharing everything like Dana and her mom. That’s a dysfunctional family. I read her interview and I thought it was completely rude. To be honest, on the show, you never even saw her. She was so boring. I feel like she did everything for TV purposes, and now she’s portraying someone that she’s really not because she probably can’t do anything else in her life but try to pursue reality TV.

Speaking of doing other things, have you gotten your MBA?

I’m in the process of getting it. I just started a new job at a great company. I work at an accounting firm. I had to actually cancel the semester to go on the show and then start work, if that makes sense. I took a semester off so I’m going to start again in the summer. I am about half way through my MBA.

That’s impressive for someone on a reality show.

And the scary thing is, a lot of people know. My HR manager came up to me the other day and she patted me on the back she was like, “I was on a plane the other day and there’s not many channels and who did I see, but one of our managers on the TV screen acting. Do you act?” I told her I didn’t know what she was talking about, because someone told me a story about Mr. Boston and how he got fired from his job because so many people came up to him and it really got in the way of his work. So I try to keep it hush-hush at work.

I thought it was brave of you to represent for young people with cancer.

Well, I had a tumor in my breast but it kept growing. I don’t want to go too much into detail with it but it was very small and every time I got it checked it kept growing and growing. They said I needed to get it removed because if it got any larger that eventually it would be at risk to me. But yeah, I just wanted to be myself. I wanted to send a message that people have to focus on their well-being. They really have to get physicals. I really just want to make sure that girls know that they need to check themselves and be healthy and I just wanted to share that with everyone. I thought it was nice to share with everybody and try to promote and be there for other young girls.

Where do you go from here? Do you think you’ll stay with business or have you been bitten by the entertainment bug?

I am really not sure. I haven’t been contacted for anything. I know the other girls haven’t been contacted for anything either. I know Dana tried out for Bad Girls Club and got denied. Kerry and Cathy are working the whole thing, but I am in Tampa. There’s not much going on over here. People have been asking me to do appearances in Miami but that’s about it. I work at what’s basically the Harvard of all finance jobs so if I stay here I can go anywhere. It’s going to be a tough decision if I want to stay in the entertainment business or stay at the career I’ve been working for. You never know, if something comes up and it’s good enough for me to leave my career for, of course I’m going to do it. I have to take advantage of all the opportunities that I can, but right now I don’t see anything really coming in between me and my career.

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  1. Vicki says:

    Loved you on the show Felicia!! You were too good for Frank. He is a douchebag that didn’t even express any emotion over you leaving.

    Plus his interview yesterday showed that he’s a jerk as well.

  2. JoAnna says:

    “I know Dana tried out for Bad Girls Club and got denied.”

    Way to keep it classy, Felicia! Enjoy your new boyfriend and job and go get that degree! :D

  3. Handsome Ole Geeza says:

    Sorry to burst your bubs, but u were boring from the beginning & lacked a personality. U seem to be very hateful n cruel & I think yur father would have said many more negative things about u if given a chance. By the way, u never said if the lump was malignant which makes the story very questionable. I don’t think u respect yer parents enuff or other people. U r far from CLASSY & U look frigid to me. Maybe u r good with nbrs, but u r stupid at life. U dress funny too!!!!! U seem like immature brat!!!!

  4. Dennis says:

    Handsome ole geezer get a life! No way was she “frigid” I think you are hating because Susan is more of your type. Felecia on the other hand was very CLAssy and I would love to take her out on a date. BTW, you type like a ghetto girl… I wonder who you could be hating on her. Go FELECIA!

  5. Curious says:

    Excellect interview. Felicia is a smart and strong lady. I kind of hope to see more of her, but I also hope she continues with her career and education. Whatever she decides, I am sure she will make the decision that is best for her. (Kind of like she did by eliminating herself on the show.) She’s a straight shooter and I like that. Thank you for the interview!

  6. JENNY says:

    I heart you!

  7. Dennis says:

    To the ole geezer… you could not be further from what is real… Felecia was the realest on the show. With the way you are typing you sound like someone who is jealous of her…. FELECIA if you read this, my name is Dennis and I would love to take you out and show you a real man. Plus my balls dont sag.

  8. Shayla says:

    Felicia was really a beautiful and classy woman. I question why someone who actually has a modicum of intelligence would want to compete for Frank’s affection, but whatever!

    I hope that we can eventually uncover what this dirt is with how Frank treated Kerry. I wonder what really went down?

  9. tique says:

    Love Felicia! This interview made me love her even more. The problem with Felicia on this show was not that she was boring — it was she had a brain. We all know smart, sexy women don’t bode well on reality TV. Kudos to Felicia!

  10. BonishkaRai says:

    initially i thought she was so beige and cold-hearted. but after the last three or four episodes, i don’t feel that way about her anymore. she’s one of the classiest girls there. but still i never really thought she was there for frank. she’s clearly more focused on her career goals and in the process of accomplishing them. and i wish her luck on that.

  11. unknown says:

    Mr. Boston got fired? I didn’t know that Dennis the menace and CS3 Fan comments were funny Handsome Ole Geeza AKA Dana mom or AKA Handsome ugly old cougar geezer Felicia and Jenny were the only conservative people on the show

  12. Samantha says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH BAD GIRLS CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. shaknbak480 says:

    I dont know why they portrayed Frank as some like god who treated women like queens and all this crap when hes known for his temper and being crazy.. he said so himself

  14. Peekaboo says:

    Did anyone else notice that at the beginning of the interveiw she says she had time off before the next semester started and then when asked the question

    Speaking of doing other things, have you gotten your MBA?

    She responded with this…

    I had to actually cancel the semester to go on the show and then start work, if that makes sense. I took a semester off so I’m going to start again in the summer. I am about half way through my MBA.


  15. toogie says:

    This gal should be on The Apprentice not frank basement affair lol. Honestly, you were likable, intelligent and carried yourself as a lady. Your parents are lovely people. You were smart to leave when you did, no disrespect towards gorgeous Frank, but Felicia you need to date someone more with the same education, etc. Good luck Felicia……honestly The Apprentice show sounds like it would be suitable for you.

  16. kate says:

    this girl seems smart. i hate when all of the other girls come off and in their interviews they rave over how “amazing” frank is, when in reality im sure he is even more of a loser than Vh1 makes him out to be and im glad that felicia has enough guts to call him out on it.

  17. CURIOUS ONE says:

    Thanx for pointing that out “Peek A Boo” – I know that doesn’t make a bit of sense. Personally, I don’t think it takes a high I.Q. to hurtfully criticize anyone with the sole intent to humiliate them. What did they ever do to you anyway????????????? Don’t get all upset, it is just an opinion. I still like Frank & Family no matter what is said.

  18. Dani says:

    Loved you on the show! very sophesticated, and educated, which set you apart from many of the others.
    You seemed like an affable, genuine and intelligent person, best of luck with all your endeavours.

  19. darlene peoples says:

    Even though I didn’t care for the show. I am in total agreement of who Frank pick.

  20. Ciaraslove says:

    Felicia was very real and genuine!….i really admired her personailty for live chat, gossip, blogs, job search, videos, pics etc….ALL EARS GOSSIP

  21. lessfuss says:

    I suffered watching a ’32′ age man ? man ? Home Alone therory,,Frank ,,Really ?? there must be a better way of making a buck than off your lazynest and parents .Don’t plan to watch again

  22. goldrodd says:

    I got a idea for a new reality show called “when *#$*%(~##@*&%*&)$ s collide”. It’s about groupie gold-digging chicks and the schemes / plots/ strategies they use to catch / get / trapped a man with big money. Just think of a cattle call at a hotel after party for say jamie foxx or p.diddy. cameo’s by superhead, melisa ford, amber rose and goldiggers to be named later. holla back production