Christina Aguilera Debuts Bouncy New Single, “Not Myself Tonight”


It seems almost unfathomable that Christina Aguilera, for all of the impact she has had on the music world, has only released three full-length studio albums during the course of her ten-plus year career. Her self-titled debut stormed the pop charts way back in 1999, she got herself all “Dirrty” in 2002 with her Stripped LP and went Back To Basics with a big band-influenced sound in 2006. But after taking the last few years off to focus on raising her first child, Max, she’s gearing up to release her latest album, Bionic, in June. As a means of whetting the public’s appetite for the project, Aguilera debuted the first single, “Not Myself Tonight,” on her official website last night.

Judging from the electro-flavored synths and pulsating, dance floor ready rhythms of this Polow Da Don produced banger, it’s immediately apparent that Aguilera recognizes that her biggest competition these days is no longer her old Mickey Mouse Club rival Britney Spears, but rather the omnipresent Lady Gaga. To wit, Aguilera begins the song by announcing that she’s feeling “out of character” and “in rare form” as she hits the club, ready to embrace the kinds of pansexual behavior that Gaga has built her reputation on. Although she promises (Her lover? Her husband? Herself?) that “In the morning, I’ll go back to the girl I used to be,” tonight she’s unrepentantly “taking shots” and “kissin’ all the boys and the girls” who cross her path. Got a problem with that? Aguilera has two simple words for the haters: “F*** you.”

Point taken! Actually, we’re glad to see that motherhood hasn’t softened Aguilera’s attitude in the slightest. As soon as she decides to cut a music video for this song, you’ll no doubt be seeing it on our weekly Top 20 Video Countdown. (Speaking of which, it will be interesting to see if Aguilera appropriates any of Gaga’s visual style in her video, something she has been accused of in the past.) Until then, enjoy the audio clip above.

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