Tough Love Couples – Watch The Supertrailer


The third season of VH1 Tough Love is set to take the series in a new direction: in Tough Love Couples (premiering Monday, April 12 at 9/8c), Master Matchmakers Steve and JoAnn Ward will attempt to help sort out the love lives of not a group of single women, but a group of six couples. The stakes are higher, the screaming is louder and the vein on Steve’s forehead is throbbing harder than ever. Seems like a fun show!

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  1. Holly says:

    can’t wait:)))))) i think this will be alot better that the previous Tough Love shows!

  2. krayzieprincess says:


  3. kbeth says:

    I CANT WAITT!!!!!! AHH

  4. SHIRL says:


  5. Melissa Navarro says:

    shoot i think me and my girlfriend need to be on here how do i sign up like super fast please let me know

  6. takeaguess says:

    cant wait to watch! that guy larry looks like a complete tool!

  7. Averie says:

    I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT for this show, and cant wait to see Dennis & Simone : ) : ) Its so fun to watch a show on TV when you actually know someone!<3

  8. AHNOLD says:

    I met Larry and i LOVE THE MAN. He is one of the sweetest people i ever met. All you __@(_$%$!~(~+!))$ es talking `(@_%%`*(())*_~( are JEALOUS….HOLLA LARRY, do your thing boy. LARRY FOR PRESIDENT, LARRY FOR THE WHITE HOUSE…LARRRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

  9. tjw says:

    OMG Cant wait for it to come on its going to be crazy this season

  10. sci_flyer says:

    Okaaaaaaaayyyy! Now How could Steve be a matchmaker, if he himself doesn’t have a girlfriend? Plus, is it me, or is he a little to close to his mother JoAnn? Although his mom is kinda hot.

  11. Rhonda says:

    I love this show me and my man should be on hear can you tell me how we could be on the show we need it.

  12. james says:

    I love wichn yr show, l would like to know how can i be on your show

  13. vinny a says:

    larry A is my brother… i take offense to what some of you idiots have said… it’s all good though he may be small and puny but he has me….. AS for him being a tool its apparent you are full of envy….sooooo if anybody has anything to say negative just keep it to yourself……

  14. EGIMO says:

    At least these couples are willing to look at themselves an try to have a better relationship with each other and to learn from there past mistakes. So can the people who like to put others down look in the mirror an say that. It takes courage to go and put your life out there like these couples did

  15. golden girl says:

    Larry is a great guy……yes he might have a few quirks but we all do. I think people need to be a lil less judgemental. Love u larold..

  16. whatajoke says:

    It’s funny how his own brother can defend him, yet he was one of the many people who told his ex to leave him after what he did. Yeah, everyone has a past but some of it is unforgetable.

  17. Moe says:

    golden girl: verbal and physical abuse is not a “quirk”…Larry is a controlling, bi-polar, wife beater! I hope his girlfriend realizes it before it’s too late! He is a LOSER!

  18. Laurie J says:

    Vinnie..It’s nice that you take offense to what we say about Larry, he’s your brother…I get that. But his ex was my neice and Larry put his hands on her violently too many damn times. Can you explain that? Can you really defend that? His own family told her to leave him. How do you explain that? He had to put her down everyday to feel like a big man. Nothing was good enough for Larry. He found fault with everything. Is this a quality you like in your brother? He is lucky that a few of the men in my family never found out about the physical abuse. Maybe you should stop defending him and start getting his some help.

  19. Candy says:

    Can’t wait ! I love steve!!!!!!!!

  20. francheska says:

    Dear:tough love i now that my name is not in this . But I would love to go to your next tough love boot camp on the solo part and even i have allot of problems wen it comes to guys . I had a bad problems with domestic violence. Even with the problem just I don’t trust men in general. Please write to me at my e-mail FRANCHESKACAMACHO25@GMAIL.COM aand thank you

  21. Melissa says:

    I love how blunt honest Steve is! It’s hilarious and refreshing! I think his honesty, confidence, and passion for what he does is very attractive. The woman that is meant for him should consider herself lucky.

  22. ToughLoveFan says:

    ok…… what is all the dirt throwing going on here. Larry from episode one, seems like an all american nice guy. A dedicated guy and a true man. So so what if he likes to verably degrate and beat down woman. he seems like a changed man. And thats all that matters.

  23. ME! says:

    I think Steve is on the mark when it comes to relationships. I have been married for 19 years and I am only 36 years old..I have always thought relationships begin and end with communication. If you can’t be honest with each other and can’t talk about things that are bothering you than you should not be together!!! Your partner “IS” your best friend!!!

    Steve, If you have another couples series, please consider my friends Deshawn and Joanna! They have some serious problems they need to get over. I have tried talking to them using some of your techniques, but it doesn’t seem to work! They need help badly!!! What do you advise?

  24. localgal says:

    hey steve, you need to help the real problem relationships, tough love cougars/big girls comeon now theres a huge market (no pun intended) for women in this age group and size. help us out throw a gal a bone, I’ll be happy to be your first contestant. Please steve do me a solid! Frany

  25. kjones says:

    Could someone please tell me how we can sign up for the next casting….my man and I could really use Steve’s help! Every problem mentioned with every couple is a problem we have. Someone please help me sign up! Thanks

  26. amanda franchesca michelle coldiron says:

    hi i was just wonting 2 knw if u can helpe 21 an my boy frind is 25 iv been with my boyfrind 4 all most 8 years. an we have a 1 year old littl girl. an we fight all the time. an i love him but i dont wont 2 live like this any mour. my baby dos not need 2 see all off the fighting. an think it is ok. im at the braking pont. it was one thang 2 be with him win it was just me an him. but we r parent’s an he is all was cheating. an just recently he left 2 go get some beer with some frinds. an the next thang i knw some girl is at r door. saying some guys asked her back 2 thar apt 2 drenk. an she was onle 17 an still in school. my baby was right thair an he came back 3 hours later drunk. an he showed her his @~^@`@~`~+_`^*~! an tried 2 have sex with her in r bath room. an then a lot of stuf happend an the copps(( showed up. an she hid a crack ppipe in my neighbors couch. an he is out of control he tacks no responsbily. an sas i was drunk an he wont even spend time with r baby. i just dont knw what 2 do please please helpe me. i just have 2 knw that i have dun evey thang 2 fix it. not just 4 me but my baby. i dont cair what i have 2 do. i just knw iv tryed all i can. i knw now i need some help.