Help Wanted: Openers For Bon Jovi



Bon Jovi‘s been relevant for so long not just because they have a knack for writing hits, but also because they understand marketing. Case in point: “Bon Jovi’s Wanted: A Superband Tonight,” an online contest to select 13 unsigned acts to open for each stop on their new Circle Tour.

We’re sure the opportunity to perform in front of a stadium-sized audience will set off a frenzy of interest among bands in local music markets. (Attention bands: get details and upload tracks at Ourstage). But Bon Jovi is taking it a step further by allowing fans to collectively rank the entries by connecting with their Facebook accounts.

One of the most promising acts to enter the competition right now is Jessie Kirk, who fans have voted to the top of the list in Chicago. Her song “Love Finds You” has a mere 599 listens on her MySpace page. We found this YouTube video of Jessie performing around two years ago, when she was nine years old. She recently turned 12, and we doubt she’ll be unsigned for long.

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  1. Stuart says:

    Bon Jovi always comes up with very cool ways to keep fans engaged with their shows. They just announced that they will be streaming their April 11 Dallas show online for free. The show is sold out so it should be awesome. You can watch at

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