Basketball Wives: Watch The Supertrailer!


Above is an extended look at Basketball Wives, a docu-drama series that’s set to premiere on VH1 on Sunday, April 11 at 10/9c. This trailer serves as a primer to introduce you to the basketball wives/exes/finances, but more importantly, it’s a window into the season’s drama. Accusations of phoniness fly, “Twitter-crazed cheerleaders” weep and drinks fly in every direction. It’s all nice and classy, just like we like it!

(For more info on Basketball Wives, check out its press release.)

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  1. Krystal says:

    OMG! Dis is wats up! CAnt wait yall!

  2. Kim says:

    It looks like it going to be a good reality show. Can’t wait!

  3. Lovely says:

    I’m sorry, but this show looks terrible! Waste of TV space. Lets be honest, do we really need another reality show showing women fighting, throwing drinks in each others face, etc.?

  4. YoYo says:

    Yes! More women fighting!!

  5. Dorothy says:

    How is this show called Basketball Wivies and none of them are married? Including Shawnie O’Neal. Well 1 is married.. How stupid..

  6. Max in Missouri says:

    The executive producer of the show is the Queen of all Moneygrubbers, Shaq’s ex. As soon as she decided to take the money and run, she ran to California so that she could steal even more of his money.

    Why don’t you ladies see these moneygrubbing hanger-ons for what they actually are? These are not classy ladies!

  7. NurseKim2theRescue says:

    I love reality! DVR on deck…I’m ready for the exciting drama:)

  8. mony says:

    looks like it’s going to be a good show luv the cats fights

  9. Shane says:

    This is a joke. haha This would be a good concept if they had a better crew. This is terrible. I was interested at first but then I saw who it was and I was like…. Hell no! Keep the Matt Barnes couple but replace the others.

  10. tylee says:

    why is evelynn even on the show if she’s only quote on quote “ex fiance” of a. walker?? .. in a matter of fact ithink the show should actually be only about basketball wives ,not basketball girlfriends or fiances or x fiance or x girlfriends it doesnt matter if they’ve known the b-ball players for 1 yrs or since birth!! and NO im NOT jealous itz my truth and opion.

  11. Harry says:

    it seems like it’s going too be another housewives of ATL unless the ladies take it too another level.

  12. David says:

    This is such a waste. I started out being interested in the show because I thought the women had depth, but now watching the show it’s messy. Would we really know any of them if it wasn’t for their men? Their complaining about what they actually knew before they got in the relationship. Come on all of them saw their guy with other women or their men was on the road a lot but they looked away because of the perks. The dancer is just that a freak.. stop being freaky if you don’t wanna be seen as that.

  13. Harlem says:

    I was really excited about this show but after watching it tonight I am very disappointed. I agree that if you are an ex especially ex-girlfriend you should not included in the cast of a show called ” Basketball Wives”.

    I guess the real wives of the NBA did not want to be `#(&$)+%@*+&!#$ ociated with this show so they had to settle for these women.

  14. Lola says:

    First off… why are any of them on the show when all but one isn’t married??? Evelyn seems like she’s more upset that she ended up with nothing. Shaunie is there playing mommy, when her EX-HUSBAND was the worst of them all. Now that I see the attitudes of these woman I see why their ex-boyfriends/ex-husbands cheated over and over and over again. You all are the biggest groupies of all.. that’s why you put up with it for so long.. because of the money. Sandra was right they really didn’t give 2 hoots about ya’ll. Shaunie…. don’t be upset at the girl because her sister slept with Shaq…because it’s not right… if you want to be mad, be mad at half of Miami and L.A. or better yet be mad at him!!!! I guess everyone needs their 15mins of fame…. those men never really had you guys in the forefront before so now you all are taking your chances. HAHA…. As for Royce… you should tone it down just a bit, but you’re young.. have fun.. you really don’t need to be around those other biaches…. they don’t like you, and you don’t need them…. they are actually worse than you.. they just do their dirtiness in the dark!!! As for Eric’s wife..where did she even come from??? I’ve never ever seen them together… I though his wife was a white girl…..I think that these woman lost their men because of their ugly attitudes!!!In my opinion they are all making themselves look like %%)@((*$%#+%@#~ es. All this is doing is making females want the guys more. You guys should pull the show because all of Miami is laughing at you all, even the so called people that you think are your friends!!!!

  15. Cleveland says:

    Well, there’s nothing like watching beautiful black women act like b!$@&es on national tv. I’m looking forward to this.

  16. marlowe rae says:

    This show is pretty good. Ms Evelyn seems to be a bitter, mean woman. I wonder if this why she never made it to the alter.

  17. marlowe rae says:

    This show is pretty good. Ms Evelyn seems to be a bitter, mean woman. I wonder if this is why she never made it to the alter.

  18. cool says:

    come on ladies I expected more from all of u. this show is a bunch off bullllll. It apprears 2 b the fell sorry 4 me show because my man dont want me no more…. and none of yall r friends. If u were u would have grabbed your girl b 4 she went 2 low. but u didnt u stood around hatin cause u cant go that low and talked about royce, but check this. thats how she got old dude n the first place and he probably wants 2 hit it again after that. so dang what??? yall aint got )*^**~*@!%~!$&_@ else 2 do but hate. Im so glade the real wives kept their lives private. and maybe if u had 1 productive day then maybe u would still have a husband r whatever. and aint but 3 of u r cute. and your attitude is making u look a little uglier everyday.

  19. niki catalan says:

    Make this go away! This is exactly what WOMEN do NOT NEED! These are a bunch of ghetto catty old women. Shaunie is gross. She is the leading gold digger, now she is trying to do the lowest of low, but calling herself a victim. I am sorry, but who bought those fancy clothes and shoes you can now afford. Did VH1 do their research is right. She actually left a husband and kid to marry a rich guy. RIDICULOUS…

    All of these women look `@#&+(()#$#`&@$(!& ed. Is this trying to compete with BRAVO…. if you want to really watch WIVES. Watch BRAVO . They are at lease married still. These are a bunch of washed up gold diggers. The real $+^&$_)#@!+(__) le is “How to get married and strike it rich, but it will not last long”

    Make it end.

  20. T says:

    Boo Boo Boo please don’t ladies…you are looking a hot mess…and royce should just walk a way because those `()@&&*((“*^~&`# es don’t like you with they stuck on stupid `(!+(%++@@*)%$~ es.who wants to take advice from shaq ex wife. please, he just file a court order to tell her trick butt not to even say his name no move on please just move on, its over honies go back and get your gold digging game back together and find the next baller party and flaunt your stuff if you even can get invited to one….

  21. T.C. says:

    Lola you hit the nail on the head. When I saw who was on.. i was like this should be called Basketball EX’s or something. There is only one really committed to her man and not making her engagement an embarassement (GLORIA) good for you girl. Jennifer puts up with crap i would NEVER EVER put up with. I dont care how much money you have. NO man will ever talk to me like that. “I got things to do!” Ninja PLEASE! Pathetic… I have a hard time sitting there listening to the wooos me of Basketball ex’s… realy though, you know what you were getting yourself into.. so either deal with it and make a life of your own in it or dont get involved with celeb types. Are you really shocked that they cheat? Really? ALLLLL men cheat.. and a ball player has far easier access so why would you think any different. GO shopping, start a clothing line, open your own spot, do something.. but dont cry about living lavishly. You gets no pitty party from me. My husband is entertained by the catiness of these rediculous shows and drags me into them..Pull it together ladies… be about you and do what you do…And you look rediculous baggin on Royce or having even go off on her. She is a DANCER! That’s all she knows. Just cause JLO went from Fly Girl to Hollywood doesnt mean all dancers can. Royce is expressing who she is the only way she knows how. Either your on board with it or your not. Either your her friend or your not, but you can’t turn her into your lil project and have her be who you want her to be…You do you…and let her do her… P.S. Shawnie you’re rediculous to think Gloria is your enemie. Her sister may have done whatever but that’s not on her. It’s not like she hooked them up.. Really? Get over yourself. I’m sure Shaq has no problem pullin whoever he wants to pull all by himself and doubt Gloria had anything to do with it….Stop being mad at the woman who cheat with your men and do something about your MEN!

  22. Valeria says:

    Shaunie I think is the nicer one of the crew the other women need to grow up and act their ages and not there shoe size. Royce sweetie do you never let anyone steal your light at all let em hate. If it was me I would irritate the mess out of evelyn seriously ms I am wholier than though right!!!! Women please can we all just get along seriously wow you act like children so what someone is sleeping with your ex husbands. See this is how it should have been done give me the black card and you can go and do who you want just know when you come home I will be doing the same……

  23. Tee says:

    Jen looks like Zoe on the movie Alvatar!…

  24. trissy414 says:

    omg!these bs are off the chain especilly everlyn,
    1st of all shes 34 has a daughter whos on her way to
    colledge,so that would of made her a hot 15 or 16 yrs old pregnant!! and it couldnt been her xs due to the time frame now shes all grown up,so everlyn who was the fast as* groupie?at least royce is single & a dancer HELLO,oh & i promise jen wont be married long can tell
    also we all know u have a designer bag, no need to brag
    and shanie, moveonsister none of yr buiss who shaqs seeing collect yr check & move on!!!

  25. Yvonne says:

    To all you hater’s out there, you can say what the hell you want to say, Shaunie came up, she did what she had to do and is set for life, don’t hate on her becuase she played her game right. And by the way LA is where she started so don’t get it twisted by saying she ran back to LA, she went back home.So what she put up with his $&_)&_(`&*`(+~#^ we have all put up with some mans $&_)&_(`&*`(+~#^ and some point in our live’s so don’t even lie and say you haven’t. You just didn’t come out looking as good as Shaunie. Baby girl do your thing, forget about the haters both young and old. Max mention the fact of Shaunie buying a trainer a car with her ex’s money, (SO WHAT) He’s spent THERE money on plenty of hoe’s, even exchange is no robbery.PUT THAT IN YOU PIPE AND SMOKE IT. Don’t forget super head…

  26. shamikaakablackbeauty says:

    that like skined !^)*!(+$)`&*(!_~` need to stop haten on everyone else with her but _+@)^++_*_(!&~` teethm, she just maqd her ex boyfriend cheated on her ugly _+@)^++_*_(!&~` and fyi you taking about everyone else and you all on the enternet with your ugly +^+(!+`*$#`_##_ s out…omg if you ask be all yall !^)*!(+$)`&*(!_~` es fake on this stupid _+@)^++_*_(!&~` show. Trying to ack like you dont do nothing you guys husbands be gone over half the year, and all of you guys are sluts so stop frunting ….Get your +@+&*^##`#`!~&*% in teeth fixed and quit hateing

  27. Magicman101 says:

    What a waste of TV time. These so-called women are nothing but golddiging hoochies that don’t have any fame besides they used to be married to a basketball player and it didn’t work out so now they have to run around and corrupt all the successful marriages out there. They are all bitter women who just don’t trust anything but $$$. I say can this show or get some “REAL” wives on there that don’t cause all drama and actually do some good with what they have been given. Like the wives who donate time to those less fortunate not that spend money on dress that cost thousands of dollars. These tricks are just adding to all the scandalous reality shows that show you how to not be a decent person.

  28. blackbeauty says:

    you dumb #$$% what is wrong with you confronting a groupie and your husband clarly cheats on you so Im sure she is not the only white #%5## sleeping with your man. Confronting her only makes you look stupid not her because she dont give a @##$%5 about you nore your man she just want to sleep around so please quit making us black women look bad.

  29. Mia from Miami Beach, FL says:

    I think the show is silly, but so are all realty TV shows. It amazes me that none of the women are college educated. Since they choose to date and/or marry wealthy professional athlete with an appetite for infidelity, the wives should focus on self development via college or starting a business. Also, FYI…you don’t date professional athletes…you marry them, so that if and when the relationship ends you’re able to sustain your life style, via alimony.
    Shawnie is a smart cookie…the show is a great way for the wives to market themselves; and it was very clever of her to file for divorce in California.
    Jennifer is the best looking. She is very pretty, and she carries herself relatively well. I hope that she and her husband are able to hold their marriage together. It was a little disappointing to see her approach the groupie, because she should ignore women like that, and concentrate on her marriage and starting a family.
    Royce is cute as a button, but she needs to grow-up, and tone down her erotic dancing. It’s inappropriate.
    Suzie is hideous. I’m not familiar with her ex-fiancé, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he is a black man, because the only types of men that date such unattractive women are black men, because I don’t think that white men would not find her attractive. Also, while she was having babies with Michael she should have seen a dentist. She needs to fix her teeth.
    Evelyn is an attractive lady, and it was very smart of her to start her own business. Her biggest mistake was not marrying Antoine. Had she married Antoine, she would have been eligible to receive alimony and child support (especially if she filed for divorce in California).

    Gloria is young, naïve, and extreme boring. She should listen to the other wives…maybe she could learn a thing or two. I don’t think the wives are jealous of her relationship with her finance, because she is so boring. Also, I advise her to get married ASAP.

  30. edcoPR says:

    dumbest show ever !!!!!!!! Why !!!! this shouldn’t be on TV no body cares basketball players cheat, I’m glad they cheated on u guys…..u guys are all annoying. Get your heads out of other peoples @^$*$&*`@&!#!%# es !!!!

  31. Tomy says:

    This show does nothing for women who are married or involved with professional athletes or women who want to be involved. The women are so fake. Evelyn and Jennifer are phony as hell. They are the perfect example of two unhappy women who have nothing but time on their hands to try to make people feel bad about themselves and it is a shame. Evelyn is no longer with her fiancee and Jennifer, let’s just say she may as well be on the way out, because her husband does not want to be with her either.

    Men are men and some will cheat and some will not, but a secure woman does not need to put others down to make herself feel bad.

    Shaunie- I think it is good that you are dating and go for the younger man, but you should be embarrassed to have these women claiming they are acting on your behalf to “reach out and help” other women. It makes you look bad. I think you could have taken this project in another direction. It is early. Start over or pick a different path. Heck, Basketball wives that move on to bigger and better lives could be the story.

  32. Lil Mizz Meme says:

    I really do dislike Evelyn and Jennifer when im watching the show I notice how bitter they are o and let’s not forget how jealous they are of Gloria and I think that is very pitiful of them don’t hate her because you didn’t know what to do to make your marriage last.Gloria rocks she is an awesome person to me.Whoever the bad talking one was that threw the drink how rude could you get really and truly I understand that ugly Jen is your girl but you didn’t have anything to do with what was going on you all do not set good examples for young ladies more like young animals.You all call yourself women but the women I know don’t act like that.

  33. Vinita says:

    These women have too much time on their hands. They need to own up to what they said about Royce. I think they are jealous of Royce and Gloria. And they need to stop drinking.

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