In Case You’re Wondering About The Future Of I Love Money


There’s an AP article on the changing face of VH1 titled, “VH1′s New Black Image: ‘Trading Trampiness For Fabulousness’” that focuses on What Chilli Wants specfically and VH1′s new crop of shows generally. The article attributes a statement from VH1 Executive Vice President Jeff Olde on the much-asked-about the filmed-but-as-yet-unaired third and fourth seasons of I Love Money. Here’s the full quote:

“Olde confirms that I Love Money 3, featuring murder suspect and suicide victim Ryan Jenkins, as well as the Jenkins-free I Love Money 4 won’t air.”

For the many who’ve commented on this blog asking about that show, there’s your answer. [AP/Huffington Post]

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  1. INEED$ says:


  2. Riff says:

    That’s too bad about I Love Money 4. Will the cast member who won I Love Money 4 still get the money? (I’m presuming it was true that Jenkins won I Love Money 3, although maybe it would be fair for the runner-up on ILM3 to get that money, too.)

  3. Brian says:

    RIP Jasmine Fiore

    I really, really liked the I Love Money series, but this is for the best. When a young woman is murdered, suddenly a television show popular for how trivial it is seems even more trivial.

    Also, I hope none of the vh1 personalities lost their jobs for taking time off for a show that won’t air.

  4. Rach says:

    I sure hope the winners still got their cash. I know usually you don’t get any until the finale aires.

  5. Pat says:

    Vh1 is digging their own grave. The head of this channel should be fired.

  6. Shayla says:

    That’s completely understandable that both ILMs won’t be airing. RIP Jasmine.

    Still, I read somewhere that Bubbles and Fox were on a season of ILM together. Could you please bring them all back along with It so that they can form an alliance of supergeniuses?

    I hope ILM comes back soon. The newer Vh1 that focuses on redemption shows aren’t as interesting in my opinion. The ratings have also been plummeting for a while now and something needs to be done.

  7. Judith says:

    I can understand about ILM3, but why ILM4? I’d watch it.

  8. Elle says:

    Well, I guess i’ll be watching Fox on Sundays now! I used to LOVE LOVE LOVE VH1…In fact, I preferred to watch VH1 over Family Guy on Sundays. Guess that’s not happening anymore! I understand not airing I love Money 3 but I Love Money 4 didn’t have to suffer. And if you weren’t planning on showing it, why even film it??? Seems like a lot of money wasted on a show that EVERYONE would be salivating to see, but then take it away from the viewers like WE did something wrong! Give me a break…Well, VH1, you’ve lose a lot more fans than you even realize with this horrible decision.

  9. Former VH1 Fan says:

    Well, the show that made me start watching VH1 reality shows is now DOA. I hope another network, or 51 minds releases this as PPV or DVD as I’d support it. The new wave of VH1 shows has been pretty bad, all the crazy personalities have been toned down. Maybe they’re casting this way on purpose, but it’s slowly starting to get boring, not unlike how Real World has become on MTV. Oh well, here’s hoping another station will pick up where VH1 has left off and capitalize.

  10. GImini! says:

    SCREW Vh1 Now no hope for ILM3 or 4 better get a new concept by this summer or See ya youre ratings just lost another viewer! Have fun being cancelled!

  11. sergio says:

    vh1 it’s loosing a lot of viewers with the new lame shows its stupid the ILM4 got Cancelled, ok ILM3 but ILM4?? no reason! vh1 its going down with that lame shows… vh1 “WAS” the best channel ever but not now =S..bye vh1

  12. WTF says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. I can understand not airing ILM3, but not airing ILM4?! REALLY?!

    By the way, is Scream Queens 2 ever going to air?

  13. M says:

    Well VH1 has officially lost me as a viewer. Who gives a +%(##$$^&!*)#_~! about the “new direction” they want to go? This is the worst idea ever, and I hope their rating plummet as a result. I Love Money 4 should be a top priority, not any of this new garbage that NO ONE has any interest in. It’s not good TV, period. Read your comments Jeff Olde!! NO ONE wants this new +%(##$$^&!*)#_~! to air!!!

  14. DDR says:

    I’m done with VH1 now!

  15. diatribe says:

    It’s understandable to not air ILM3, but the way they’ve changed the whole direction of the network is awful. I won’t be watching any of this boring crap. Vh1 takes itself WAY too seriously now, and there is zero fun anymore on any of these boring as hell shows. I used to watch 4 or 5 days of the week and now that Tool Academy is done for now, I won’t be watching AT ALL. FIRE VH1 PRESIDENT TOM CALDERONE.

  16. JoAnna says:

    WHAT!? Bad decision, VH1. I may watch the “of Love” shows and TRANSform Me, but other than that you’ve lost a viewer now.

  17. JoAnna says:

    To elaborate further on my comment since I’m not at my best mindset today (stupid sinus infection LOL):

    I can completely understand not airing ILM3. but ILM4? Really?

  18. Lex says:

    Just adding to the chorus: I understand not showing ILM3, but not showing Season 4 doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me.

    ILM4 would have been a welcome breath of fresh air – Vh1 is BORING these days. All of the rehab and weight loss shows are just depressing. It’s a pathetic shell of what it once was. I miss you, Flav!

  19. Tiffany says:

    Well that sucks! I Love Money was a good show.

  20. biebersgirl says:

    im sorry but i understand what ryan did was terrible but i still think another season of i love money should air! thats one of my favorite shows so im sorry but if ryan were still here im sure he would regret everything!!!! please put another season of i love money on tv! its a great show. it always makes me laugh! i watch all these reality tv shows and its fun to see them all unite together! what happened to all the reunions too? VH1 seems like its falling apart! i love u guys but please make it more enjoyable soon! if anyone is reading this that knows justin bieber or is a fan, im truly his biggest fan and id do anything for him! please try to make my dream of meeting him or for him to talk to me a REALITY! i truly love u guys and im just a small town girl thats desperately in love with a super star! thank u!<3 :)

  21. Victoria says:

    I was totally addicted to all of the OF LOVE shows….ilm, rol,ilny, etc!! Now i NEVER watch vh1…i was looking forward to ilm coming back ,but now this…DOWN W JEFF OLDE….

  22. maureen says:

    very uncool. the “trampiness” variety was way better than what is being offered up now. they are losing a huge fan and ally.

  23. jb says:

    MTV said that we have VH1 and they created VH1 1) for ppl over 25 and 2) for those wanting music videos n music programing. This is TOTAL crap! They lie! VH1 is just as full of reality shows of which mostly have nothing to do with music as MTV n MTV2. I am happy that I Love Money 3 is not gonna air. I hope they never bring that show back or the Of Love series or RayJ love show etc. I dont mind Soberhouse cuz least there is a musician on the show and show supports up n coming bands. Please get back to playing more hours of music videos n more than same 20 vids. And have more music shows and music reality shows.

  24. BonishkaRai says:

    well it’s no wonder vh1 sucks now. they would rather air shows featuring white trash skanks like the wolf pack, dana, megan, laura, and blonde baller instead. it is very disheartening b/c i love money is one of the best shows in this channel, but now we won’t watch it, and maybe we should all boycott watching vh1 from now on. they can give dana her own show for all i care, i won’t be watching it anyways. like whatever vh1 sealed its own fate i guess. i don’t care anymore.

  25. Wanda says:

    Okay, I like how Vh1 claims that they’re not trying to BET now in the article. Then what ARE they trying to be if they’re restructuring all of their shows around having African-American audiences?

    I’m a PROUD black woman, and I liked Flavor Flav and New York way more than I liked Terrell Owens and Pepa. It is nice to see some different representations that aren’t stereotypes, but there is a limit with choosing boring people and being “respectable” and being true to original audience bases and choosing trainwrecks.

  26. Siobhan says:

    That’s just ridiculous. Really, you’re trying to “class it up” with Chili and Basketball wifes? At least make it interesting! We want our beloved stars back. Suck up what happened and move on. Transform Me is the most boring show ever, and TLC already has this show, it’s called What Not to Weat. Tool Academy is Lame. Frank was super boring, and had the ugliest cast ever, Fit Club, no one wants to see washed up fatties. If you want your fan base back, then bring back the good stuff. Why no ILM$? Where’s Daisy of Love 2? This is outrageous.

  27. Bye Vh1 says:

    I understand why ILM3 will not be aired, but why not ILM4? To be honest, Vh1 is boring now. There is not one show left that I plan on watching, so I guess I’ll have to expand my horizons and find other shows to watch. Unless Vh1 plans on showing interesting–or at least entertaining–programs, I’m done with the network. But in all seriousness, I started watching Vh1 less and less after the garage sale challenge on Frank the Entertainer. Did anyone notice that the ground where Renee fell had an x? Why ELSE would that be there besides as a marker of where she should trip.


  28. TATI says:


  29. Jamesbuc says:

    Ridiculous. The newer shows really REALLY suck badly. While the dating ‘Of Love’ shows, admittedly were losing steam big time I Love Money was picking up after S2 and judging from the rumours given, they were looking quite well too.

    I mean Vh1 already PAID the crew to film these two shows and they already PAID to get the locations/challenges/houses setup. Why not move even just ONE repeat of the shows that seem to air about seven or so times per day to show something the viewers ACTUALLY WANT!

  30. Jack says:

    I agree with everyone on here I miss the old vh1 bt i still will be watching the new vh1 cause i will always be a fan. And Tough Love Couples looks good!

  31. Logan says:

    You lost another fan!!! theres no point to not air I love money 4…. vh1 already lost money either way by not airing it on tv, so why not release them on DVD or Itunes???????? atleast you’ll get some fans back and you can make SOME profit. otherwise, bye bye vh1.

  32. vincent says:

    vh1 is starting to become lame and boring!!! ppl dont wanna see these new boring shows that r gonna air! ur losing fans because vh1 is not airing ILM3 and ILM4! if vh1 can at least release the seasons on dvd or itunes or online somehow vh1 will get all of its good publicity back! so plez vh1 i wanna see the 3rd and 4th seasons of ILM so make it watchable somehow if not ur losing me as a viewier! goodbye for now…

  33. Booby Jones says:

    So you cancel your best show, but you put on that crappy Jessica Simpson snooze fest and some show that you expect everyone to watch because it’s produced by Shaquile O’Neal’s ex-wife? Smart move. Just because VH1 is owned by MTV does not mean it has to be as bad as MTV.

  34. xBenji65 says:

    I understand canceling part 3 (althought no happy about it)

    but why leave out part 4?? what’s the reason for that?

  35. Murilo says:

    This is so dumb. They’re not even going to be on DVD or something? Where are all of the old cast members? Boring…haven’t watched VH1 in awhile now and I come back to see they won’t air their best show. Whatever. I’m done.

  36. David says:

    This sucks. VH1 sucks. I’m not going to watch them anymore until they go back to how it used to be. NEW YORK! DAISY! CHARDONNAY! I LOVE MONEY 3!!!

  37. Sad Day says:

    Chilli wasn’t even famous when TLC was on top of Billboard, nobody checked for her. Years later VH1 creates a show around her. I’m not sure why to be honest. When people watch Rock of Love, they’re not watching it to see what Brett does. Hell, I’m sure someone is, but I’ve yet to talk to anyone who watches Ray J of love to see Ray, it’s all about the supporting cast trying to find love. Maybe they used focus groups to test this, but for the most part the celebrity in these love shows isn’t the draw. That’s why this Monica / Ray J show is a joke, who wants to watch Ray’s weak as hell singing talent +!*~^#(_+_@*+*# try to make it, when he already did and fell off? It’s a shame, I used to skip major network TV to watch VH1 reality, but I have no reason to any longer. I’m now forced to watch Drag Race, as the rest of VH1′s offerings are boring. Hopefully the ratings tank and VH1 will bring back their best franchise, “I Love Money”

  38. Bjoern says:

    So management chose to discontinue the ONE product that their loyal costumers actually wanted??? I mean… really VH1 execs?!? This was the last straw. Thank you VH1 and goodbye.

  39. Jennie says:

    I chose to read the attached article, and after being a proud fan of VH1 for years upon years, I have to say that the network is taking a leap in the wrong direction.

    First, Saying that the network is going from “trashiness” to “fabulousness” is not only a slap in the face to the contestants who’ve made VH1the widely known network it is today, it’s also a HUGE slap in the face to the loyal fans who have watched these shows week after week. That headline can only create tension for the people who have stuck by VH1′s side in the past, but if they don’t realize that, there’s a bigger problem at hand.

    Another very interesting topic I need to bring up. After reading the article, I think it’s a very ballsy move that VH1 is deciding to only choose rich, black families to headline their upcoming shows. Listen, if you want to bring back every black female singer that was popular in the 90′s and give them their own show, (Let’s Talk about Pep, What Chili Wants, Brandy and Ray J) that’s fine with me, but realize that One, you will eventually run out of ideas and the prospect will become very old, very quick, and Two, without the “trashiness”, these former celebrities, whose fame has done nothing but dwindle since the peak of their celebrity, will be very boring and I am very doubtful that the viewers will stay as loyal to those shows and to VH1 like they have in the past.

    So to all the VH1 fan’s who were offended by that article, I don’t blame you. I can tell you, the only show I’ll be watching from this ridiculous lineup is Brandy and Ray J. And you better believe it doesn’t touch I Love Money and their “trashy” ways of winning America’s heart.

  40. Jennie says:

    When I said trashy, I meant trampy of course. Not like it doesn’t mean the exact same thing.
    After reading all of these comments, I’m surprised anyone watches VH1 anymore.

  41. natalie says:

    You know what I think about what chilli wants. I think it is a waste of time to be showing this nonsense on tv. Now the only think that i think is positive is chilli is really pretty but other than that i could care less

  42. Nicholas says:

    Wow. I love Money 3 AND 4 won’t air? Then I guess I won’t be watching these other lame @ss shows that they’ve been airing lately. Of course the man is going to say the viewer count is high. People are curious to see what’s been up with those has-been celebrities. They aren’t what make the show. It’s the contestants that make things interesting. I’m skipping past VH1 when I’m flipping through the channels from now on

  43. SAM says:


  44. kelli lee says:

    i agree these shows suck and are trashy please bring the people we like back meghan marcia frank

  45. anna says:

    Hey, you know what VH1 should have? MUSIC VIDEOS. Remember those guys?

  46. Booby Jones says:

    Does this also mean there is no chance of Frank and his Razzy worthy monther coming back for another season? Was A Basement Affair the last show that VH1 will have worth watching?

  47. Merico says:

    Hello, Vh1. I just read the article and I think it’s all bullsh!t. Release the shows on DVD or something. We’re all familiar with these people and miss seeing them. I guess there’s no more reason to watch this station anymore. See ya when you get cancelled.

  48. Marko says:

    I can definitely agree, as I myself, amd very shocked and surprised of VH1′s poor decision to dump their biggest money-making shows, like I love Money 4, Charmed School, Rock of Love, I love New York, etc. Who REALLY cares about that Ray J, who comes from the land of “trying to hard” and he’s still absolutely non-talented and boring! Why care about why Jessica Simpson is in the dumps, because she was dumped for gaining some weight. Basketvall Wives?!? Are you freaking serious?!? Chili? Pep? These are soap operas of have-beens that no one cares about anymore? The new stars are what sells, ie: Ashley, Farah, Natasha (from Rock of Love Bus 3), New York, Pumkin, Megan, Brandy C., or even veterans with great comebacks, such as Flavor Flav, Brett Michaels, Sharon Osbourne! Man, some of these executives need to be VERY FIRED, because they lost me as a Fan, as well. They want results?!? Bring back I Love Money 4! If not, my last show was Tool Academy 3. Peace Out!

  49. olivv says:

    Why are they (because i don’t know who to direct this to) trying to change the vh1 we all knew and loved? Yes the other shows were “trashy,” if that’s what you want to call them, but that’s what all realty tv is, and that’s what people expect when they watch reality tv. That’s also the reason why we fell in love with them, and the “characters” on the shows. We want to have a good time, we want to laugh, and most importantly, we want to be entertained by reality shows. shows like favor of Love, Rock of Love, I love New york, I Love Money, Charm School, and pretty much anything that was produced by 51 minds made vh1, and i don’t understand why they would change that. These new shows are boring. I haven’t been able to watch a whole episode of any show besides sober house in a long time. All i have to say is RIP VH1, and im really going to miss all the celebreality stars that i used to tune in all the time to watch. Please Please Please bring back I Love Money, Charm school, and any other 51 minds shows you can think of. And i wouldn’t mind seeing megan, or New York, or a lot of the other celebreality stars. PLEASE!
    This post didn’t answer whether there will be or will not be an I Love Money 5.
    And the reason that a Basement Afair failed was because of the people who were cast, and the lack of “flavor-of-love-esque” confrontations. WE MISS THOSE KINDS OF ALTERCATIONS. And also because nobody really likes frank.
    Another thing, just please remember that the reason vh1 will go down in history isn’t because of these new boring shows, it’s because of shows like Flavor of Love, rock of Love, and I Love New York. and the people who were cast on those shows. Remember when the Premiere of flavor of Love Charm School got something like 5 million viewers? There was a reason why so many people watched it. Moments like the spitting incident on Flavor of love 1 are what people really remember. Please pay attention to the people who commented here, they’re all saying basically the same thing, and i think our opinions matter. Regardless of if this comment does anything, i just want to thank 51 minds and the people who work at vh1 who provided me with countless years of entertainment, and i will be truly sad, if vh1 doesn’t make a change soon. PLEASE listen to the viewers, and the people who are commenting.

  50. Tomie S says:

    VH1 i am so upset with your choice not to air ILM3 and 4. i understand why but it’s not fair for all the fans who have devoted time and money on this and your other shows. if this article is true that would mean no more Of Love shows and if thats the case i know for a fact I’m by far not the only fan you will lose. it’s sad to say but i feel betrayed and i want more than anything to see ILM3 and 4. I really do hope this new transition will work out for you, but you lost thousands of fans along the way. including me

  51. JJA says:


  52. Alex says:

    Chilli, Ray-J, Salt-N-Pepa…. Sounds like BET to me.

    Sorry VH1, but the reason why most people watch reality shows like the “of Love” series was for the outlandish and crazy personalities. That was entertaining! People love to feel good about themselves and laugh, what better way to both feel good about yourself and laugh then by watching all the crazy “of Love” and “I Love Money” shows.

    I have no interest in any of those diary type shows (i.e. Real World, Ray J shows… etc.)

    Come on now… Chilli!??? and Salt-N-Pepa whatever the hell her name is…. Who cares about them????!!!!

    You’ve lost a loyal viewer and i wont be back until you put something entertaining on again. Bring back TRASHY!!!

  53. Sam says:

    I’m very upset that they are not giving us ILM4, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Ryan Jenkins was not on it, and none of the other guys from Megan’s show did anything wrong. The only reason I watched Vh1 for the last three years was for the trashy love shows because they were a great source of comedy and entertainment. And watching them was a great way to escape the harsh world we live in and just have a good laugh for an hour. And now Vh1 is taking that away? Well, another loyal viewer lost. I hope Vh1 enjoys low ratings.

  54. unknown says:

    This is some BS the best reality show vh1 has and we will never get to see season 3 and 4 and they are probably not going to be on dvd what a waste of money filming it come on now ILM4 has no ryan why couldn’t they show it on tv you are screwing your audience don’t you know without I love Money the ratings from other vh1 shows will be very very low ratings BS!

  55. Dave Navarro says:

    I hate Vh1′s new image. All these new shows SUCK. and I love Money was genius and you all can suffer in the ratings.

  56. Carlosss H. says:

    ok this reallly sucks cuz i was looking forward to seeing i love money 3 and 4. ive been a new fan to vh1 since june of 09 and it sucks for vh1 to have to go downhill once it was starting to get good on the right track.maybe vh1 and 51 minds should release i love money 3 and 4 along with megan wants a millionaire on dvd or online or sumthin, ppl wanna see these shows vh1 dont let us suffer! now u guys can suffer with the low ratings -_-

  57. Chuck says:

    i think this will wake up VH1 due to the amount of comments being left on this blog post.. Every other blog post either has none or not many.

    I think they should just re-shoot 3 and 4. But it’s all good though, once those poor ratings come in they’ll realize getting rid of the “Of Love” franchise would be the biggest mistake..

    I used to be a VH1 Fan, there was ALWAYS something to watch but now these junk shows bore me and force me to change the channel

  58. VH1 says:


  59. Unknown says:

    Vh1 has BETRAYED it’s loyal viewers, this is bullsh*t.

  60. vh1=flop says:

    This is the most popular blog post on VH1. Hell, these comments are more entertaining then VH1′s new lineup. lmfao

  61. Chuck says:

    Hopefully if people keep commenting and support the show maybe they’ll decide to do a re-shoot or just go on to I Love Money 5.

    C’MON LET’S SAVE I LOVE MONEY! One of the BEST and most ENTERTAINING shows ever on VH1!

  62. Elliot says:

    I can imagine the logistics of “I Love Money” are completely haywire right now – ILM3 couldn’t air for the obvious reasons, but as has been discovered many people from the third season returned in ILM4 as “veterans.” Thus the fourth season wouldn’t make sense as there are references to fights that took place during the third season…

    And if “I Love Money 5″ were to be produced, no one from the past two seasons could participate as we don’t know the outcome or debates that took place over the shows. I understand the issue, but VH1 has still lost a once loyal viewer.

  63. formervh1fan says:

    vh1 should notcie all of the comments this post is getting and they should maybe realize the mistake they made and will release the shows on dvd or online somehow. these friggen comments about vh1 are more entertaining than the actual shows that are on air these days which now suck! in the mean time vh1, rerun some of the old favorites like i love new york ,rock of love, and flovor of love, heck even charm school! while the fans can wait for 51 minds or endemol to reshoot or dedcide to air i love money 4 or its reshoots.

  64. tvsuxnow says:

    vh1 should notcie all of the comments this post is getting and they should maybe realize the mistake they made and will release the shows on dvd or online somehow. these friggen comments about vh1 are more entertaining than the actual shows that are on air these days which now suck! in the mean time vh1, rerun some of the old favorites like i love new york ,rock of love, and flovor of love, heck even charm school! while the fans can wait for 51 minds or endemol to reshoot or dedcide to air i love money 4 or its reshoots.

  65. billybob says:

    aw man this sucks i was really looking forward to see i love money 3 or 4. hope they release it on dvd or sumthin cause this sucks i really wanted to see it!well vh1 since ur not gonna air those shows at least start filming others like charm school 4 or i love money 5 or i love new york 3 or sumthin!

  66. Jessicannot92 says:

    Please vh1 i would have enjoyed seeing i love money on this channel its a shame we all have to suffer over the business of one man. its a waste of money to film both seasons and the people who helped make it so put it to good use and make your money back by airing the seasons or release them another way like dvd or online or something. (as frank the entertainer says…)I loooooooooooove money!

  67. Xavier says:

    I havent been watching Vh1 for a while now because of all the new boring shows. The only reason I ever even watched Vh1 was because of the “Of Love” shows now Vh1 is dumping them? Doesnt make sense? Oh well, guess Vh1 doesnt care about having really bad ratings because that’s all the new shows are bringing in. I just dont understand why Vh1 is not giving it’s loyal viewers what they want. Ok so ILM3 and 4 will never air for reasons most of know but why not just re-shoot I Love Money 3 with an all new cast and air it ASAP? It would easily be Vh1′s highest rated show for sure.

  68. E says:

    WTF!!! One of the best shows!!!

  69. Buddha says:

    Rock of Love, I love Money, I love New York, Charm School, _____ of Love, Frank’s Basement Affair… Those shows were amazing!

    Now we have T.O.Show, Tool Academy, Brandy & Ray J, Chilli, Sober House, Basketball wives, Rupaul’s drag race… They all blow! VH1 is going down, i won’t tune in to anything airing now.

  70. vh1access says:

    Join the I Love Money Campaign!/pages/We-want-I-Love-Money-5-6-Campaign/103994442974933

    P.S just because those seasons won’t air don’t mean that the show is over so keep your fingers crossed.

  71. vh1access says:

    Someone told me that what the President said about I Love Money 4 won’t air was misquoted.

    I don’t know if that is true or not.

  72. shizzbizz says:

    all the new vh1 shows suck i thought vh1 woulld have figured by now that nobody likes the new shows so they shudl think airing or releasing ILM 3 and 4!

  73. MOMA says:

    you guys need to put I love money back up that was my show

  74. Mar says:

    RIDICULOUS!! I think that everyone will agree with me that we want I Love Money 4!!! This show and so many of the “Of Love” shows are amazing!!! They are the reason you have viewers! THEY WANT TRASHY, ITS FUNNY!! That’s what people want to look forward to! Getting home and being excited to watch the ridiculous people, we look forward to laughing and it calms us down for our school and work days! YOU GUYS ARE MAKING A BIG MISTAKE!!

    You have just lost a viewer becasue i dont want to come home and see What Chili Wants on television! WE DONT CARE WHAT CHILI WANTS! WE WANT THE FUNNY AND THE TRASHY!!!

  75. marissa says:

    ive been waiting for this show to be released in a long time, myself and the rest of all the vh1 fans want something to look foreward too like all the drama that i love money brings. it relieves peoples stress from reality thats why we watch reality television for its enjoyment from the real world and I love money and all the of loves shows provide us with that. theres nothing to live for anymore if theres nothing good on tv because this is the only kind of shows i watched. goodbye vh1 until you bring back good shows from the “of love” shows and all of its spin offs.

    PS. since 51 minds has ran out of ideas there should be a fourth charm school with the For the love of ray J girls, charm school with real chance of love girls from the first season who didnt get to be on charm school 3 and girls from RCOL 2.Frenchie of love,Daisy of love 2, i love new york 3, charm school with the men of Ilove new york, so many good ideas from loyal viewers should be considered. Youre actually losing money not showing ILM 3 with the money is costed to film it and pay the crew members.

  76. foundthelove94 says:

    wtf when is this show gonna come out its been almost a year since it was filmed and should have aired in january! i want to see this show so bad like people dont even know. can we at least know what happend on the show or release some pictures from the cast or sumthing? please vh1/51 minds im dying to see this show and it sucks that the fans arnet able to watch it because of the incedent. This show would get so many viewers because of the contreversy and it would take vh1 back to the top and its making u guys lose money not showing it. When the shows air u can give ur apologies to the vicitm and her family. Or it would just be easiest to put the shows on dvd for the loyal viewers who really want to see it! that would make even more money or release online. Please vh1 i dont like the new shows they are not as good as these celebreality shows. I hope you are listening Cris abrego and mark cronin! (I Love Money producers)

  77. Anjelica W. says:

    wow i just seen the first two seasons of i love money and they were incredibly entertaining! and i just found out some of the cast for the 3rd and 4rth season and they seem epic! i can wait to see this season. when can we see it?

  78. Kevin wtf says:

    so vh1 since it looks like this is the end of the “of love” spin off series, then at least end it off with a bang by showing I love money season 3. We want you to show it because if thats the end of the good shows at least show us the best of the best which is I love money 3. We all know vh1 is going through a crisis with these new lame shows but bring back this show along with megan wants a millionare and I love money 4. the newer shows are all sad and depressing we want entertaining and controversial which is what the of love series provided. just giving thoughts cause i want to see this show so bad.

  79. Ms Fee says:

    VH1 you have really turned me and my friends off with this crap your showing!!! Bring back New York, and I love money, these show’s kept me wanting more drama…. I don’t even bother to watch your line ups any longer they are so boring!! Seriously Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz city. Who cares what Chilie want’s, seems like she don’t want anything…I hope you don’t get rid of Chance, and Ray J…that would be so unforgiveable….wake up guy’s….

  80. thtsKrazy! says:

    hey vh1 can u guys release some pics of the full cast so we can at least get some closure so u wont have to hear us fans ask anymore? we wanna see this show!

  81. davey says:

    u know what vh1 im starting to become suicidal that i love money 3 is not airing i want to see it so bad and i cant live anymore if i dont see it theres nothin good on tv to look forward too its all just boring crap that people dont wanna see. millions of people want to see i love money 3. just get the show on the road and air it or keep on habving the low ratings u guys are already getting. come bck to ur guys’s roots and do more love shows. the i love moneys are the best shows ever on vh1!

  82. Boneesha says:

    Put this show on tv vh1 u guys have dumb shows now I don’t watch this channel anymore because there’s nothing good on vh1. I think people are over the controversy and it’s time to show it because vh1 is going through a big slump. Also bring back the millionaire show because we never got to finish seeing that funny show.

  83. Mikey says:

    ok so when’s I love money 5 gonna come out??

  84. James O. says:

    release the show somehow i wanna see it real bad i want to know what happens and who wins it looks really entertaining

  85. THELMA says:

    please do another miss york 3

  86. ilovemoneeey says:

    the statement says “it wont air” as in tv but it didnt say it will never be released on dvd? i wanna see this show even more now since there not showing it!

  87. brandyonmylips says:

    i need i love money i already have a cast in my head. that was vh1′s jersey shore and the replace it with lame shows with chilly and ocho. yeah i watch chilly when i realize she was super lame i tuned out. now its t.o and ocho double lame.

  88. natalia says:

    i completely disagree!!! he oviously didnt care anough about his own life and killed himself, therefore we dont care either!!! air the shows PLEASE!!!! there are alot of true fans that would love to see VH1 go back to what it used to be!

  89. ilovemoneyy says:

    think vh1 has made a serious mistake not brining ilove money back, i find myself switching the channel every time its on vh1, i love money was to me the best reality show bacause it combined all the other shows, i feel like all these other shows suck and vh1 has lost me as far as tuning in. hopefully the executive will realize that , and bring back i love money ; and if they DO bring back i love money dont put on tool academy or other shows because truthfully nobody will know who they are because no one watches those shows. so vh1 do youselves a favor, bring hoopz entertainer, it, chance , real, megan and whoever else you can scrambles up and give birth to i love money 5.

  90. lindsay says:

    laaaaaame VH1!!
    you’re making a big mistake not airing the 4th one. your new shows SUCK!

  91. krayzieprincess says:

    Ok well what about ILM5? this is THE best show and i love alot of shows COME ON BRING US ILM SOMETHING!!!!!!!

  92. krayzieprincess says:

    OH and where is NEW YORK? ALL the other VH1 shows are nothing compared to Ilm and new york this truly SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. thanks ALOT

  93. ryan says:

    Interesting how they’re airing I Love Money 4 after the winner murdered his girlfriend….Way to go Vh-1…classy all the way.

  94. krystal says:

    well im so sorry for the lost of those people but cumon there are others who were in the show and we wnt to see it and im sure the others in the show wnt to see it aswell and if so thn make i luv money 4 whts so hard all these new shows on vh1 are wack we miss and luv the old shows . MTV,E, oxgyen are taking over with the shows. i luv vh1 yall started the popular shows ur fallin off.

  95. Amber says:

    I Love Money 4 is actually be aired on VH1, but it’s on at like 1 and 2 in the morning. I think on Monday nite/early Tuesday Morning.

  96. Samantha says:

    What happen to I love money? I have not seen it aired in the past couple weeks? I miss this show…Did Mindy win?

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