What Chilli Wants: Watch The Premiere


What Chilli Wants hits VH1 Sunday, April 11 at 10:30/9:30c, but you can catch the first episode online now. The show documents Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas of TLC’s search for love vis--vis standards that some might deem impossibly high (intelligence, religiousness, washboard abs and a big piece?). The very charming Gawkerlebrity Tionna Smalls aids Chilli’s quest.

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  1. P.J. says:

    i cant wait……add p.J. Stackxz Prada’s on facebook

  2. Washed Up says:

    lmfao… Chilli you Z list star…. Even when TLC was #1 nobody knew you. You were always “the other girl” in TLC. Everyone wanted to bang Left Eye, you know it, we all do. Whoever your manager is, give them a huge raise. Obviously someone did something right to convince VH1 this was a good idea

  3. A true Fan says:

    Washed up u r so dead wrong! True TLC fan know all its members. Chili is very desireable and gorgeous with just that exotic look alone. Chili, hold onto your must have list and don’t sway from it. You will find Mr. Right for you. I’ll be watching your show just because you exemplify a quality lady. A lady any man alive would be honored to take home to meet Mom. Stay strong, best of success with ur search. A life long fan!

  4. tylee says:

    OMG!! iAM in *))`^!*#$&#@@$`# in luv w/ chilli!! (no homo/raynebowz) lOl iluv all her videos && songs with TLC. ithink she is soo pretty ijus hate that the time && yrs is going by soo *))`^!*#$&#@@$`# in fast!! ihate that chilli && usher broke up! ikno this is all bout her nd her time 2 shine but ithought they made a georgous couple and icould not see them with no one else but them too!!

  5. Clarence - 750 LI says:

    Chilli, I am so glad that you asked that DL question. Funny!

  6. Ronnie Jones says:

    I’m So Proud of chilly for being so strong and trusting her gut feelings about men.Her Career is headed in one direction Only UP!.My Daughter and i is Looking at Her Show right Now.Can’t wait to See The Rest Of The Shows.

  7. DJ says:

    I sure hope Chilli was acting for this show… I used to think she was a beautiful woman til this show. She was up there with Kelly Rowland til now…If she is really like that in real life then best of luck to the man she picks!!!

  8. D.A.F says:

    I have to agree with DJ!! Chilli is a very VERY beautiful woman and I really hope she is putting on an act for the camera.Her standards is way over the top for someone whose pushing 40….For a woman who pass her prime she shouldn’t be looking for men with swagger but a man who is stable and treat her like a queen (I’m sure there are A LOT of men who are financially stable/faithful that would wife chilli in minute)… I *_`_$@_%$*$_#*@ ure you if chilli do not compromise she’s going to end up ALONE…

  9. TK says:

    I watched the show last night. There was a song playing during Chilli’s date with Floyd Mayweather, Jr, right before they went to commercial break. These are the lyrics that I heard, ‘I’m tempted to tell you, that you might be the one girl, you might be the one girl, you might be.’ Does anyone know who the artist is and song #&^+*)%+%@*!(^% le please? I’ve searched the internet with no luck.

  10. Knighthawk5193 says:

    I cannot understand why these Hollywood Playboys treat these gorgeous women like floor mats! I would be honored, blessed, and truly happy to bring home someone like Chili I can only regret not being in the Hollywood limelight and being given a chance to meet her and (possibly?) sweep her off her feet! She deserves more than just money, and more than just lip-service, she deserves someone who’s going to walk with her, not in front or behind, and support her in everything she does, in short a REAL MAN!

  11. Drama says:

    Chili has found her man and I think it is Floyd!!!! The sparkle in both their eyes is pure blinding. This guy told her that he wants to make her his wife. Am I the only person that heard that? If you don’t take the chance then you might miss out on the best man girl. Did you all see the magic connection between the two of them? Anyway I like the matchmaker/helper girl. She is heck of funny to me. I don’t know for a 40 year old woman to ask so person younger then her for love advice then, maybe you aren’t ready for love. WHATEVER!!!!!!!! LMAO I’ll still watch the show.


    Chili need to date floyd and stop wasting our time. If the two of you are such good friends you should be able to get involved with each other and make a decision to end it if you two are close as you say you are. and if that don’t work out darn it sit down and converse with Usher and maybe the two of you can work things out. Maybe at the time you two were together it wasn’t your time. you’ve both have been through some things and should have an idea on what each other want. give the man another chance. WE ALL HUMAN AND MAKE MISTAKES.

  13. petty says:

    you need to get with usher aand let that show go that not you baby girl

  14. Wanda says:

    I think Chilli shouldn’t compromise on her what she wants in a man. I think Tionne should listen to what she is saying. She is clearly head over heels for Floyd and i think the make an exceptional couple. Tionne should focus on making it happen between Floyd and Chilli. I agree she is going to have to relax a bit but Floyd already has all the quailites that she is looking for. Tionne, forget all the other men and work on getting Floyd and Chilli together.

  15. Yvonne says:

    Ok Chilli, everything about you say’s judgmental, when you say no pork,drink,six pack..Come on; your girl is right, you find something wrong with everyone. Thats a sign of maybe you should take a look in the mirror,maybe the problem is with you. I’m not trying to be mean but come on. You want a man,but your son is the man of what man’s house? You need to start there, you son is a kid and not a man he needs to know that he does not run your house. His job is to get good grades and stay out of trouble, do his chores without your asking.

  16. Yvonne says:

    Who ever wrote Floyd is the one for Chilli is under age and don’t understand,Floyd is not marriage material, he is still playing the field, even he knows he is not going to be controlled by a woman, he is a grown ~_^_!%)%!!!`_#% man,Chilli is controlling and to judgemental,it was really ugly the way Chilli came to that table saying anything about what the guy was drinking,she can keep that dumb ~_^_!%)%!!!`_#% list she has and sleep with it for the rest of her life becuase Floyd and no other man is going to deal with it. That’s Bull !)^(!)~%`*)~$%`@ Religion and smoking is the only two things I can agree with. (too big;to little;too young;too old;he eats port;not enough veggie’s; he talk sexy to me;he doesn’t know my son to even give him a nick name;he don’t talk to his son everyday, Chilli don’t know what he has to go through to get to his son, some women are scorn when the man no longer want them;It seems to me that someone has a lot of growning up to do, like the guy said at the table;stay long enough for me to pick your ~_^_!%)%!!!`_#% apart little Ms Jesus Christ. GROW UP CHILLI you should have stayed off camera

  17. Yvonne says:

    Ms.CANNDEEDELIGHT,getting with Usher a guy who goe’s both ways is worse then that whole dumb crazy list Chilli has. How old are you? Aid’s is worse then pork baby girl, are you serious? I agree with D.A.F posted April 12th. Any way whom every she choose has to want her as well.

  18. Adam Malka says:

    The song “Tempted” with lyrics “I’m so tempted to tell you that you might be the one” is by Russell W. Howard Featuring Nate for Signature Entertainment (www.russellwhoward.com). This should be available for purchase on Rhapsody soon. Anyone interested contact me at adam@signaturetracks.com and I will keep you on his fan list with updates.

  19. Shellz1 says:

    I kinda wish she didn’t do this show, b/c she does not seem like the nice sweet person i thought she was. I’m all about having standards, and not compromising on what you want, but some of her comments about these guys, and her nasty, judgemental demeanor towards them when actually on the dates, were very rude and tacky. I understand wanting to put a little pressure on a guy to show him that you’re not about playing games, but she approached it like they needed and were seeking her, and not the other way around. yah we all know who chilli is, the fact or the matter is she is not all that, and there are so many other beautiful women in atlanta. also, her look is outdated….we get it, “you have good hair”, but stop with the damn 4 inches of baby hair, that look is played!

  20. RPM1 says:

    I SPEEK FOR A LOT OF BLACK MEN Girl you used to be FINE, till we got to know YOU thru this show.



  21. Yvonne says:

    ok Chilli, that’s what I’m talking about, you did good. You were open at the mixer,went in with an open mind, you did not judge, had a good time. Your date with Keston was fun, you picked up on his not wanting to commit as you should have, very smart on your part, at your age you should see his kind coming a mile away, however you were not judgemental and went with the flow. I think you made two great choice’s with Bill and the farmer. I was even proud of you when you tried his veggie’s and did not turn up your noise, you drove that tractor girlfriend like a real farmer girl.

  22. Yvonne says:

    Most of all you were open,I’m very proud of you. When you go in with an open mind you don’t lose out on what could have been. Even if you didn’t see any of them again in life, you were open,you didn’t judge, you went with the flow and had a good time doing it. Good girl!!! Don’t let your past relationships get in the way of possible future relationships. Stay open and have fun with it.

  23. Lynn says:

    This show is a joke. She is looking for a paycheck, not a man.

  24. DJ Torch says:

    The last episode left a bad taste in my mouth. Come to think of it, the whole thing did. She treated Black men like sh@@ and then wants to hook up with two docile white dudes. Bad message.

    The best thing that happened to her was her girl suggesting she get therapy. Obviously Chilli still needs more sessions. Chillin needs to take responsibility for her own actions and realize she’s not exactly the most pleasant person to be around.

    Message to Tru Fan:

    Dude…what have you been drinking, smoking or injecting??

    Chilli has average looks and is rude. At least she kept herself in shape. I’ll give her that much.

  25. Jael says:

    WOW! watching the reruns for the first time. I wonder if Chilli is watching these reruns and what she thinks about how she appears to the world. Or what her mother think about how she appears? I would be mortified if that was my daughter. Not only is she as shallow as spit on the sidewalk, she has some deep rooted self-esteem issues. She seemed to only like the guys that worshipped her and told her how beautiful she was. She also made such a big deal about the guy being Christian and I had not seen one Christian trait about her. Every chance she got she talked about wanting someone well endowed, cursed like a sailor but yet wanted to appear virtuous. I was so confused by all of what I saw. But I guess the fact that i’m blogging about it means the show served it purpose which is to be entertaining. I wish her all the best if she really is looking for love, but it doesn’t look good for her. I’m gonna keep watching but its only because Tiana is so damn entertaining and she was about the realest thing I’ve seen on that show, wigs and all!