Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business Recap – Episode 1 – 10 Things We Loved About This Episode



Whoever thought that these two would end up where they are today?

And piggy-backing off that, the first thing that we loved about this show is something that comes naturally with any televised family examination:

- Family pictures!

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These are all funny, candid and rare glimpses into the private lives of public figures. A picture may say 1,000 words, but these have more function than that: they’re reality show prototypes.

- Ray’s introduction.

The man that needs no introduction, as we’ve watched him for six months of the past year on VH1, got a great one:


In bed, not knowing where he was. (“I’m by the airport,” he later told Brandy.) His room is strewn with odd remnants of the woman who apparently left him by the airport…



…and Ray, throughout the show is portrayed as a ne’er do well goofball — a sharp contrast to the smooth ladies man he came off as on For the Love of Ray J (witness the episode-long storyline about him having to get the Norwood family van out of impounding and returning it to Sonja). I guess everything really is relative, especially when it comes to family matters, har har!

One thing consistent with what we’ve seen from him previously is that he seems entirely committed to a life of leisure: he explains that he parties multiple times a week — sometimes six if he’s just “chilling” and that he’s spent over a million dollars going out a year. That’s a lot of champagne glasses. “How can you win the game? You gotta score,” Ray tells us. Indeed, I think I heard something similar from a few For the Love of Ray J girls.

Speaking of family, Ray is, of course, joined by his sister…


…his mother…


…and his father…


They are all, in their own way, perfect foils to Ray’s antics. The set-up of the show is that Sonja has been managing her children’s careers for the past 15 years, and she’s ready to reclaim her life. She wants her children to run the family music business. She tells them this over a dinner that she cooked, which is apparently a rare treat. To illustrate this, Ray and Brandy explain their frequenting of fast food joints:

Ray: That’s why they know my name at Jack in the Box. First and last.
Brandy: And they know mine at McDonalds. And Fatburger.


Uh guys? They know your names because you’re freaking famous and everyone knows your names. The world is your Cheers. And now that you’re both on VH1 again, expect even more fast-food employees to know who you are!

- Sonja’s tough-cookie-ness.


From the offset, watching her slam down the phone and snort something about doing business her way or no way, it’s clear that Sonja is not the one to cross. This is best summed up in the unsurpassed quote of the episode: “Nobody is my cousin when it comes down to freakin’ business.”

(Sonja’s brass tacks made Brandy’s later dubbing of her as “Sony-Sone” even more hilarious. Sony-Sone would not be having any of that Sony-Sone crap!)

- Ray’s face at the prospect of his sister dating Flo Rida.


He looks disgusted, right? Who wouldn’t be protective over a sibling who was maybe about to kinda sorta start seeing a man who performed a No. 1 hit about oral sex with Ke$ha? According to Brandy’s friend Shay, though, she’s only known Flo Rida for a “cool Flo minute” and the proposed date is to the Grammys — not some lookout for backseat heavy petting. Both Ray and Willie thought that it was wrong of Flo to not have offered to pay for Brandy’s styling for the date, but neither of them stepped up to do so either, so in a way, they aren’t so so different.

- Shortie Mac.

We’ve seen him before, but never like this:


Also, I believe he’s responsible for this bit of linguistic brilliance:


It just goes to show that lechery is a lot easier to swallow when it’s done bizarrely.

- Ray’s declaration of independence.


When a woman at the club took him aside and asked about his televised search for love, Ray interviewed, “I’m done bein’ the dating show guy.” O RLY? He got over being the dating show guy quicker than he got over Cocktail/Mz Berry — and neither of them stayed around very long, you’ll remember. He also stated that love will “happen naturally.” You gotta give it up to him for only taking two seasons to realize this. For most, it takes at least three.

- Brandy’s declaration of rap-endence.


“I discovered this new side to myself, which I call Bran’Nu. In the car I just started mouthing lyrics, and I’m like, ‘Oh snap. Am I rapping?’” explained Brandy on her hip-hop persona. First of all, I think we can all agree that hip-hop is best when it’s accidental. Who doesn’t love a poet who doesn’t know it? Secondly, that it riles both Sonja and Brandy’s cousin/adviser Ryan…


…means she’s probably doing something right. Hip-hop is supposed to be unsettling. Gives her an edge. This whole exploration and explanation of Brand’Nu was worth Brandy’s reaction when Ryan told her to “be careful” with this new side of her:


She’s more animated than Fred Flinstone breakdancing over Fruity Pebbles.

And speaking of Brandy’s expressions…

- Dramatic Brandy.


That is how she reacts to a vest she likes while shopping with her homies. More vests to impress Brandy, please!

- The overt benefits of standom.


Domo started out as a fan of Brandy, but as she explained: “I invited him to a studio session that I had and from there, we connected.” Now he is a member of her entourage and (perhaps even more importantly), a character on her show. So, kids at home who are literally piddling your pants over your favorite celebrity, there is hope. You too could be a Domo.

- Sonja and Willie’s bond.


It’s straight-up adorable how close they are. Sonja says Willie is “that person that I can be mad with and love at the same time.” I love that being mad is part of their bonding. Totally relate. Also, look at how he brings out her softer side:


For all you yougins, this is hope for the future. Who says getting older is a bad thing? The Norwoods make it look like a grand old time:


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  1. bettyboo says:

    i watched the show tonight i didnt even finish looking at the last 10 minutes because i had to come and put my 2 cents in well frist brandy you shouldnt worry about what other people think of you because theres always gonna be some people out there rather ther’er in the business or not thats gonna speak negative of you if you like flo rider than go for it you deserve to be happy and ther’er already saying that ya’ll are a couple anyway. now as for that knuckle head brother of yours ray j. you really need to grow up i love you ray but it’s time to grow up the thing with the van you still havent learn #*^@@~#*$$$_+^&^ but you will if your mother has any say so and i know she does. lol to brandy and ray j.

  2. Thea1 says:

    Why didn’t Brandy mention her kid? She was married once right? Does she have one? Does Ray J?

  3. Diva_eve says:

    I thought the show was good, because it allowed me as a fan of both Brandy and Ray-J to see how their careers are managed by their mother Mrs.Norwood.I think that this show also captures the true meaning of family and how they experience different problems and still remain close to one another. Mr.and Mrs. Norwood are doing good being very laid back,relaxing,keeping the peace and learning to enjoy life. I know that the industry is tough, but there is no doubt in my mind that Brandy and Ray-J will definitely be able to handle their careers, 15 years they should be like veterans at this by now. You have my support no matter what!!! I want to see more shows like this so I can learn the business. Brandy will be fine because she is very poised and graceful. Ray-J has a lot of strong ambition and determination. Together you can learn from each other. The brother and sister bond is eternal can’t no man separate that, so continue to protect each other and before you know it, It will be like Aha!!!!!!

  4. Benjamin Kahn says:

    That show is one f the best I seen on VH1 in a long time, My girl and I watched it and she thinks the same thing too about it. its good bcs it shows this is a real family like any others Brandy real girl haves real conserns about how she looks what to ware why and how she shoud decide do this or that socialy. Ray J is a real type guy, except he’s hot and fameus and the live of the club when he partys. there mom need to back of a bit and that dad needs to asert him self more I think. I want to see what happens in the next week.

  5. Italya Jones says:

    I think you should bring out Brand New like Mary J brought out Brook Lynn. I think you should stay tru to singing but by doing what she did with Brook Lynn she was able to express the rap side of her. I think that could work for you as well. I love you and wish you all the best.

  6. jbdadon2010 says:

    I like Brandy and Ray J… No matter what they do they still human just like us. They just got money and fame but I can still see who they really are.

  7. BB inTexas says:

    I watched the first 5 minutes of Brandy and Ray J and i changed the channel. I thought of the last show, for the love of ray j, i watched both episodes, however when i saw the second reunion i was livid to see ray disrespect `@&*)~_!~^_+@^`_ tail and call her a B word. I was done, he is so disrespectful towards women. He needs to remember he has a sister. KARMA. Mom teach your son to respect women! I will never watch anything having to do with him again

  8. darlene peoples says:

    I think that the show would have been better if Brandy did the show alone. After watching Ray on his own reality show. I really can’t take him seriously. To me he is just a boy.

  9. armywife says:

    I thought the show was pretty good! I’ve always enjoyed watching Brandy on Moesha, and Double Platnium!! I love Brandys vouice, when she is doing R&B, the rappin wasn’t bad, but i prefer her true voice… Now for Ray J… I love Ray J. I never really knew he was that Crazy! The show last night taught me a lot about who is is. At what point do you get tired of the partying life style? Spending all that money… At some point the money is gonna run out! Overall I loved the show, and cant wait till next week!!!

  10. player says:

    keep it pimping Shorty Mack spiting out new words gi saurous booty do your thing man ill be tuning in for the next lesson

  11. KimKim says:

    I like this show so far, but Im totally going to miss all of the trashy shows.

    Also, just wanted to point out, RayJ didnt say he SPENDS over a million a year partying, he said he gets paid to make appearances at others parties, and can MAKE about a million a year from it.

  12. Lori Gibson says:

    I enjoyed watching the show. Finally a black family reality show that seems real and not so scripted and full of “bafoonery”.. I think the Mom and Dad have done a great job keeping their business going and they genuinely love their children and not just the money they produce. I dont think Brandy needs to be a rap artist now because some things are done when you’re younger and you get it out of your system and go on, not the other way around. Brandy has a certain sophisticated/classy personality that makes the rapping sound bad. We all know how great her singing voice is and would rather hear that any day. Ray has too much of a “im Gods gift”chip on his shoulders and it seems like if he can’t degrade a woman he wants nothing to do with her unless she’s degrading herself. We watched 2 seasons of that and it was certainly enough.Even if we didn’t, the finale from last season said it all. Kinda looked like the real Ray when truths were revealed so he should have just bowed out of doing this show.

  13. stillSmilin says:

    I agree with those who say we’ve had enough of Ray J. The whole “i’m the biggest player” routine is old and really just magnifies his immaturity. I like him ok, but he doesn’t have the most respect for women, they’re toys for him. I also agree that Sonja should address him on how he treats and flaunts women. She seems so hard, does she not have a problem with that? Maybe because it’s all an act and she knows the real Ray, but still.

  14. paula says:

    I just want to say I applause the mom for wanting to live further as a wife, business women, mother, friend, and comfident to her kids and husband, big ups!FAMILY – as to Ray and Brandy you guys are blessed and I personally believe you all are ready, just listen more to the mom who knows and you all are grown enough to have established your lifestyle as we know on the outside but in all reality life moves accordingly as we know the more diversity thats involved the more drama but hey thats what happen when you are all that, quiet as kept if you two werent then now we got a problem, keep your heads up and be that example, Brandy for your child this is big girl, but you know that and Ray I know you want kids, please daddy lets have them with the one you click with in many ways, a must but dont hurt momma Sonia with the fear factor or scare tactics, you might hurt her, so be nice – love you all and do you.Pass it Forward(movie) must see.

  15. shawney says:

    Just want to say LOVE Brandy big fan show was cool my question when is Moesha going to be released on dvd and if it is already where can i get it because that was my show!!!!!

  16. monet jones says:

    Dear vh1,I liked tha first episode of Brandy&RayJ.But why didn’t someone give Brandy a napkin to clean nose after the scene at Chicks.When she was talking one on one with tha camera.



  18. Lovely says:

    Ray J is and &~+~!~(%_`%++!+ if Brandy did the show alone, I would’ve watched it, but I can’t support Ray J on another show. He’s so disrespectul to women, calling a woman the b word on national tv is just low. I refuse to watch anything he does., I’m through with him and his whole so call career.

  19. Queen Bee says:

    Am a Brandy fan but will not support anything with Rayj (@_&+~$#+(_*%)` in it. He is so disrespectful towards women. He thinks he is the biggest playa out there but he only makes himself look foolish because you can’t play viewers when you still need to put your (@_&+~$#+(_*%)` back on tv

  20. Mz. Tweets says:

    Hey, Brandy ive been a fan of yours since the Moesha show, which ws one of my favorite tv shows, so wen i heard that it wud be a reality show about ur brother and u, i ws very excited……i love u and ur brother, and i knw u hear dis all the x, bt i am ur #1 FAN!!!!! P.S. i really love ur hair!!!!

  21. Vanessa says:

    I would of liked to see this show if it was more about Brandy!…I cant stand Ray J….I use to like him but after watching his reunion show and for the love of Ray J2..he is fake! he wasnt even looking for love! and now on this show he acts like he never did those shows!

  22. Sweetie says:

    The show is interesting but how come there is no mention of her little girl and how she is doing or is show just about the music business and partying?

  23. Shea says:

    The show is actually nicer than I had thought it would be because of of Ray J’s date show 2 I had a feeling he wouldn’t be able to recover and that Brandy was just lost in the past. The show for Brandy is refreshing and introduces the world to a different side of Brandy, but I am concerned that she hasn’t mentioned her daughter or that you haven’t even seen her around on the show. Brandy needs to remember and keep in mind that she is a role-model and that be a good mother on TV could go a long way for young women over the world who are unfortunate enough to get their guidance from celebrities and TV shows, so in Brandy’s own way she could leave an imprint on the world by being a mother. For instance even though I don’t agree with all of Mrs. Norwood’s methods and teaching I admire her as a mother and I feel that she is an excellent example of mothering her children! Now for Ray J, well I actually had started to like the little dude and listen to his music, but after Ray 2 I was seriously turned off and this show does nothing for him in a good light. He’s immature, selfish, self-centered, dumb-acting, in face if not for seeing his mother on TV I would think that he grew up with no women around him. He treats women as sexual objects who don’t need or deserve respect. His money has desensitized him and any woman that truly wants to be with him will have to deal with a lot and show him that women are more than bed partners and hoes.

  24. ENIGMA says:

    I like the show, it somewhat reminds me of the Cosby show with a different dynamic. I never really paid that much attention to Ray J until his reality show, but I was disappointed to see how he treated women.However, I during one episode I did see how he does not have a desire to hurt women hearts, although he tends to do exactly that. I hope that Ray J begin to put more energy and focus into what’s important…love will come when love is ready, as of now it doesn’t appear that Ray J is ready. What attracts me to Ray J, is his big heart, loyalty, and kindness. I believe Ray J is on the verge of becoming a true man with real values and real goals, which is what Ms. Berry probably saw in him as well. I have faith in Ray J, despite some of his immature actions. I feel he is going through his growing pains, but will soon realize the man he wants to become.

  25. ceejease says:

    I just peeped out the episode where Ray J faced Mz.Berry at the reunion show and he wanted to break up with her after 3 months of not seeing her. Ray J is so misleading that its not even cool. He did the show wanting to find love but it wasnt about love it was about money. To play on someone’s emotions because of a paycheck isnt even cool. I am glad that Mz Berry is hip enuff to know what the real deal is. I have lost so much respect for Ray. Ray is mos def not the role model type and probably never will be. I am so dissapointed in you Ray…

  26. Sheener says:

    After the last “for the love of RayJ” and especially after the reunion show, I just can’t watch him anymore. VH1 should just stop with him…please. He’s a fake celebrity and no one cares.

  27. Teeny says:

    VH1 should of bring us I Love money than bring fake #$()@@%@~%!*`*~ Ray over again. Seriously Ray need to get his #$()@@%@~%!*`*~ a real job and stop being a permanent fixture on VH1. After what he did on FTLORJ 2 i can never take him seriously again and turn off the channel when his #$()@@%@~%!*`*~ shows on vh1

  28. BDR says:

    Looking at the reunion,When I look at the young and immature Ray J with the “Pants on the ground” he’s just a “KID” and Mz Berry has such CLASS about her, I wonder why she would even want such a kid that’s still walking around with his pants hanging below his ^!#%$))^!%@`^%* Mz Berry needs to be with a REAL man. A man that is classey, that dresses like a man and acts like a man. Ray J “Grow UP!

  29. BDR says:

    Looking at the reunion,When I look at the young and immature Ray J with the “Pants on the ground” he’s just a “KID” and Mz Berry has such CLASS about her, I wonder why she would even want such a kid that’s still walking around with his pants hanging below his )`(!$%)$*!!$(&@ Mz Berry needs to be with a REAL man. A man that is classey, that dresses like a man and acts like a man. Ray J “Grow UP! The comment Ray J made to his sister about her date for the Grammys that “he has to pay ” She’s not a Prostitute Ray J!

  30. sara says:

    This show is amusing, being that these two actally think they are famous and big time celebrities. Brandy is remembered only for a couple songs in the mid-90′s and the fatal car crash she caused. Ray J? Oh ya, that sex tape. BIG WOOP! Let’s find some better shows VH1!!!!!!!

  31. Telee_02 says:

    These show has changed my whole prospective on the Norwood family. I started watching this show, being a extreme Ray J fan and tolerating his older Sister. Since watching “The Show” I can honestly say I adore Brandy and I understand where she is coming from and I now find Ray J as a imature, lazy bum. Ps. Mama Norwood is just an enabler to her sons lack of motivation. Kudos to VH1, finally a show featuring African Americans worth watching.

  32. Disappointed says:

    I am seriously disappointed with Ray J. He’s a spoiled little boy that needs to grow up and stop playing with grown women’s emotions. He’s rediculuos when it comes to making money on the dating show its all good. Now its over, he “done” with that, and the women he picked. I don’t understand the attraction except him being rich. He has no game, he’s corney as hell, and very irresponsible. their mom is right to make them grow up and do their own business. I think he shouldn’t be giving his sister dating advice either. Wrong category for him.

  33. Elgin says:

    How do i find your best friend domo cuz he very handsum

  34. familybusiness#3 says:

    Sy’rai, Brandy’s daughter will be on episodes later in the season. This show is not about Brandy raising her daughter. It’s about Ray J and Brandy learning to operate their own business for themselves so their mother can retire soon. Brandy was never married.

  35. Tamika says:

    I wonder where are the pics, of Mr Norwood other children, Oh i forgot, he doesn’t claim them, neither does Brandy or Mrs Norwood.

  36. PSolver says:

    Unfortunately for the Norwoods’ Ray J is going to bring the whole family down, including the show. Everyone is sick of his selfish silly little boy ways and it’s a waste of time for anyone with a brain to watch. We thought we were going to see a family maturing and getting their business on. Instead we see Mom wannabe Powertripping, Dad letting it all happen (must have other things to do), Brandy and Ray J trying to get laid, handing out and collecting numbers wayy too soon… Please, this is as bad as Whitney and Bobby Brown. Can you not see yourself portraying successful Blacks with opportunities as whoring monkeys? Geez, watch your own episode … and get a life coach.

  37. sahara mitchell says:

    where is brandy’s daughter y doesnt she ever have her i dont understand.

  38. K'eaj says:

    This show I find to be dumb. What’s the point? Family Business Okay why do you need to solicit it on TV? I dont see why ppl do these shows exploiting they business? Yeah, okay you get money, but! I feel Ray J is immature, annoying, he whines all too often, & who takes time to argue with a female? (cocktail, brandy’s friend etc.), secondly the Ms.Norwood I do respect her as a mom, her business skills, her spunk and how she keeps it straight foward but!! Their is some favortisim I do see in the family between ray j & brandy which is awful and I see it all too often. Especially between SONS and DAUGHTERS.Brandy said it.Children will despise eachother and/or their parents for this & needs to be corrected immediately, also I feel she buds into her kids personal business too much she needs to learn to sit herself down sometimes. The family is all a little immature to me. Brandy seems a little desperate towards men. The father doesn’t act like the man of the house to me. However, I do and will support Brandy she hasn’t got props in a while & I’m diggin’ the rapping. Go girl!!! :-) keep the right people promoting you!

  39. GMA says:

    If it wasn’t for Brandy, we wouldn’t even know Ray J. He’s still just Brandy’s little brother…trying to prove himself.

  40. me2010 says:

    no offense but what did Ray j accomplish except being the world’s most famous DOG???? Brandy keep doing what you do….Ray j…where are your GRAMMYS???? Your singing career is like you..lame. Ray j is so arrogant and spoiled!Sonia Norwood needs to go RETIRE!! The show is wack. Brandy keep ya head up!!

  41. donna cobbs says: people are saying brandy get bran-nu…incorporate the rap with the music keep your ballads they are the nu-bran, staple of bran-nu incorporate the rap and sensual in spanish sensuale’. ray j please read may 23,2010 blog in the danger episode 8 blog its just for you, i had to write it when it struck me. DARRIN MAKE SURE! MUY IMPORTANTE’ Im a writer so i see little things in your reality that you see and i hope i am just reiterating your own thoughts to let you know that your on the right trak. I want to ask brandy why doesnt she have the platinum award for the cd the one before you and monica the one b4 that, you had 2 ponytails and white overalls in the late 90s I played that everyday and those boys that made wifey. everyday and watched mtv summer splash. im so proud of your family ray and bran because you are a hip hop royalty family. brandy your free of rodney noww!!! start being that free spirit again, call your girls and do your charity work, my daughter says your involved with DIVAs then you better call witney and aretha. You are onto something with the music you have displayed lately dont listen to anyone who isnt positive keep your sprit up ray is telling you right!!!! I am reallly watching the show and it is a REFRESHING BLACK SHOW WITH LOVE, YOUR PARENTS ARE REALLY IN LOVE – THAT S RARE – ray rodney is not jesus he’s okay but im older and im tellin you…get new blood, call teddy riley and usher dont be scared usher is a business man call underground artist too buy their beats, My son is a great underground artist he does hip hop rap and christian rap that is so bomb and over the top!! last summer my son and nephew had a jam called “LAVISH LIFE” if you contact me on my email i will get you a copy and im not kidding about the advice. now in all seriousness you seriously need sony-sonya to NEGOTIATE and seriously learn from her when you get stuck dont be too proud to get moms help because you know the saying in this business “your only as good as your next song or album” and “dont nobody care” ok im done preaching gotta go eat and get my stuff done by tonite so i can see your show OH YEA! love you guys

  42. donna cobbs says:

    brandy i am so glad the makeup artist is being good to you tell her to watch that powder on your skin. try bare essentials stop wearing such dark clothing your now back on the groove your done with that rodney era and you seem so recovered. people are going to look for what they can get, your girl is working with you
    mom and her focus better stay on backing u up and both of you girls need to clear your relationship concerns with Mr. Norwood because he knows and if a guy tries to go around your parents he doesnt mean well and im telling you brandy your a princess in real time so make a guy WALK AND TALK to get to know you and your child, this is the same advice i tell my grown daughter. My daughter thank you jesus is studying for a Masters and thats big. Her brother protects her too…like ray protects you. All the money in the world cant fix the heart and i know you know this now. Flo-Rida what!!! get a executive producer, a writer, a blair underwood type, hes rurrrrrrrffff and cool and gentle and hard and he is a down right dramatic actor, find something in your class with all the stuff you want in him. Find a guy with talent like you did with rodney, but he still aint jesus(smile) but he gave you a baby with the talent genes. run with that!!! you have lots of examples around you ray, your dad, rodney, and what ever you saw in flo-rida…build a man amen. you were very cute and yourself in the studio and the little angry face to darrin was g r ea t !! and then to respond positive was something for little black girls to learn and see thank you for being positive. Ray 2009 you put cali up on the top of the map. your music played throughout the streets all year day and night out loud at the park, in peoples houses and cars, the clubs and everywhere…an uptemple hype beat love song like a celebration would serve you well…and i agree with bran-nu because she aint playin. Rodney better give you a good beat- – because if he could write for mike he can write for Ray!! or shut his fat butt up. if you need sonja to bite him get it done. Hes afraid of her so he’s trying to put up a block. Though it is time for you to take over the company, keep sony-sonja in their heart of heart because she tell the truth but pressure her because she needs to retire and strengthen up and she better fix that love life. yall let me go igot to get done to watch the show tonite.LOL LOVE YOU ALL

  43. nay says:

    sy i saw a few episodes of the show and it is really great. i love shows that are family orented. but why did your dad deny c dove in in his other daughter all them years and why did Mrs norwood hang up on him. only rayj showed that man love.poor shame it is to many of our black men that are dead beat dads. That man look and sound just like rayj so a dna test would be a waste of time and willie no that thats why he didnt show up in atl.

  44. Chicfmnc says:

    YO, this show is the bomb. Bran, I call her now like we cool like that, Is a very real, wholesome, and sincere (round the way) chic that has every day problems like everyone else. And if VH1 had never produced this show, i would of never known she was not some snobby hollywood chic. She seems to be cool as hell and I and her have a lot in common. Bran if you read this comment, take this advice, no one is perfect, including our mother’s, Love yourself unconditionally and that will show others… (mom, Flo, and audience) how you deserve to be loved. I am 31, in the Navy, and I have two lil girls who love me unconditionally! I am sure your lil one loves you unconditionally as well. Keep doing B.

  45. Annonoyous says:

    I think YOU both should just end it all. Brandy, you CAN NOT SING… NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY!!! RAY J. YOU CAN’T RAP…NO MATTER HOW HARD YOU TRY. You both need to stop. Brandy and
    Ray J, you both are trying to sing the same message, that message is you both need to kill yourself from the public eye. Litterer, nobody wants to see either of you. Seriously ask around the internet. Brandy you will literally get nobody to answer. and Ray J, you’ll get like a few 100 to answer. Please stop coming on TV. BRANDY! NOBODY CARERS ABOUT YOU. YOU STOPPED BEING POPULAR IN 1991 and IT:S A LITTLE TO LONG FOR YOU TO EVEN BE REMEMBERED. RAY J. YOU’RE A @_*^#))(#))(!^@! ING BASTERED. I HAVE BEAUTIFUL WOMEN THAT WANT ME, BUT I WANT NOBODY. @_*^#))(#))(!^@! YOU. LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF and both YOU AND YOUR SISTER get out of the public eye. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOU OR YOUR SISTER!!!!!!

  46. ronique lewis says:


  47. patrice says:

    I like the show,but i have a question…What happenned to Brandi’s daughter. I remember VH-1 had a special on her following her the last weeks of her pregnancy up to the time she had the baby. Everyone acts like she doesn’t exist…. Am I missing something….

  48. lovey says:

    I love this couple, they are still together and make each other happy, stick by the kids and are still happy as FAMILY. I hope Brandy can find in her-self to heal from the tragedy she was involved in, it could happen to anyone. GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY AND THE FAMILY’S THAT WERE INJURIED AND LOST. I wish them all the best that GOD has for them to recieve. (That is for everyone).

  49. lovey says:

    I love this couple, they are still together and make each other happy, stick by the kids and are still happy as FAMILY. I hope Brandy can find in her-self to heal from the tragedy she was involved in, it could happen to anyone. GOD BLESS THIS FAMILY AND THE FAMILY’S THAT WERE INJURIED AND LOST. I wish them all the best that GOD has for them to recieve. (That is for everyone).
    I hope Ray J. don’t mess up. Fame seems to go his head.

  50. MYA says:


  51. Kayla says:

    I will @_*@$(`&(#)&%&*# you any day and month come vist me.

  52. Lee says:

    This is one of my favorite reality shows, I’ve always enjoyed watching Brandy as Moesha now this reality show really introduces her family, I enjoy the whole family especially the parents, in show biz its good to see the family still together, GREAT SHOW : )

  53. Natural3d says:

    I feel like Sonja treats Big Willie like ish if she dont take care of him trust some one will he is a nice looking man you need to love him spend more time with him let those kids do them. Save your marriage. & talk to him better, let him lead sometimes.

  54. mya says:

    mrs. sonja norwood you got alot of mess with u that u need to let go. your husband other children did nothing to you.why on earth would you threghten to ruin cdove career?cdove i love u and your music but trust and beleve that aint your siblings that is your wicked step mother acting like me its her behind the willie norwood to have a stringbean for a spine.

  55. Guess says:

    The show is a JOKE, who cares

  56. dont worry about it says:

    I think everyone on the show is a joke except wille. get out while u can

  57. big sky says:

    i would love to know more about the beautiful wild sexy ass friend of brandy Shay

  58. greg says:

    This shay girl may be the hottest thing ive ever seen.

  59. cs says:

    I am sick and tied of seeing ghetto Ray J. The show shows far too much Ray J and not enough Brandy. Haven’t we seen enough ghetto black men. I thought with this man having a mother and a dad he might have some dignity, he doesn’t. I prefer not to see him at all.

  60. Jim says:

    Ray J is a spoiled, self-indulgent moron.

  61. julia says:

    hello brandy i love that song called hes mine oooooooo thats my jam and ray good luck on ur relationship… god bless u guys u guys are some wonderfull peps love julia…p.s brandy wait 4 love to come too youuu kk :)

  62. WonderBarbie says:


    Like the show but really disturbed by Ray J’s lack of respect for his sister. The blantant disregard shown by the tantrum thrown in the “Green Room” was unreal. She is jealous of you? Really? Come on boy. You can only wish you had her level of talent. Brandy IS the Norwood Brand, even though she existed with the support of her family. Now, I understand you want out of her shadow, which is understandable, but a better way is to actually be a lovable, responsible ADULT to go along with the hyped up sex appeal you have going on. You are still only 5 feet tall. From what I’ve listened to on You Tube, you’re genre is also ballards directed at women. Women will not buy your records if they can only imagine that you are whorish, never available, don’t give a damn about how you treat women (except your mother). Do you really still think it is O.K. with a woman that you bring other women home after the club even though you had not slept with them…yet? Seriously? You will grow into your own AS YOU GROW EMOTIONALLY. Your success in the music industry will be in direct corellation with your visible emotional growth. We will see it and respond in like kind. I believe your Mom’s intent was that you and Brand be support systems to one another. This includes you helping your sister to find that special person in her life. It was very disturbing to see that you really didn’t give a damn whether she had a mate or not. Not your problem. You don’t know how telling it was when you responded that you didn’t want a woman like your sister and didn’t know any men that would qualify to date her. Seriously? It’s about you now. NOT! I hope that somewhere in the future of the show, you will apologize to Brand and show some emotional growth. …and get yourself a new crew. You are over 30 and still hanging like you’re 18. Real women don’t date boys who hang with a crew of boys. Oh…but you aren’t looking for a REAL WOMAN are you? Everything should get old sometime. Take a page out of Denzel’s book: He is still viewed as sexy, a quiet storm (sex appeal) even though he is older, married and have a family. To be viewed as a stable person by your main marketing segment (women-who buy records) is sexy. Get a clue. Grow Up! Finally! I personally can’t wait for Brandy’s new record. Love her smoky voice…and no, I’m not gay. I sing too, so I know talent when I hear it. Brandy, you are right, you have to let your grown (in physical age) brother go, and live your own life. Trust. I have a younger brother who have the same pathology. You can’t fix them. Life will. You only have one life so live yours sweetie. Overall, Mom and Pop Norwood did a great job with you both, just stop spoiling your son. Sometimes the truth hurts but it will help him grow. He does have a lot to offer. Peace!

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