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  1. Brad says:

    I have loved Jessica since I first saw her sing years ago. I am so glad she is back on TV. She is so much fun to watch and is so beautiful. I am glad we are past endless articles on how much she weighs, especially since she looks great no matter what, even without make-up.

    She has a fresh, natural look and wears her heart on her sleeve. It is sad to see so many men who don’t appreciate her.

    The real bottom line is that Jess is funny. She has such a great sense of humor and you can see what she is thinking right on her face. I will be watching all the episodes and I hope others do too. You go get em gyrl. I love you and so do lots of other people.


  2. Elena says:

    I’m so disapointed with Jessica and friends. I just watched the episode in Morocco and I think it was a total disrespect dressing on shorts. And specially to debate in an unfriendly way with Leila. Jessica should learn some basic etiquette before visiting each county so she can embrace the culture even more. Her and her friends were too loud for the moroccan culture. We always have to keep in mind that just because we can do it in America, it does not translate that is also done in other parts of the world.

  3. Ms FilAm says:

    i love this show. They should have an episode feat. Phil. and show how everybody wants to be light skin to be beautiful which opposite here in the US.

  4. 19jrs7000 says:

    I love Jess, but this show just isn’t interesting. Sad to say it, but it’s probably the worst show on vh1 and reality TV! Sorry Jessica I still think your the prettiest women around, and those sweater pups are world class! It ranks as the worst vh1 or mtv show ever, and it’s not her fault, just a bad show.

  5. ashlee says:

    jessica is very pretty 2 me and of course she can pull off dat hair style and i say that because of her beauitful face.