The Celebreality Interview – Chilli


If you told me 18, 16 or 11 years ago, at various peaks in my TLC fanaticism, that one day Chilli would compliment my arms and request peek at my torso, I probably would have died then and there and never would have made it to this point. So thanks for not telling me that, people of the future! Anyway, that’s exactly what happens in the clip above, when Chilli and I go over her laundry list of requirements in men that she dictates on her new VH1 hit, What Chilli Wants. Another of that list’s items, penis size, is thoroughly discussed in the clip below, in which Chilli informs us, “It’s not the motion of the ocean, it’s the size!” This woman is a riot!

And, since I couldn’t possibly talk to a member of one of my favorite music groups of all time, period, here’s a clip where we talk about TLC’s contribution to music and whether Chilli considers TLC to be feminist.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. We also talk reality TV, Left Eye’s passing and Chilli’s romantic adviser Tionna Smalls and so much more — you can watch the entire, very long Chilli interview at its video page. This might be my favorite interview I’ve ever done. They say that you shouldn’t meet your heroes, because you’ll only end up disappointed. I’m happy to report, this was so not the case with Chilli.

Watch the entire interview here.

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  1. Heather says:

    Awesome. Word up.

  2. Big jay says:

    i just want to let u chilli u should pick me i also have to babys momas i’m 25 yrs old i believe in God at 19 i was facein 25 yr in prison i have ghange my life i been through alot in life so if u guys are havein a seond two pick if u like latinos and ave huge down stairs give me one to show how i get down but only if we get married i would make u feel like u were on cloud 9

  3. Big jay says:

    i just want to let u chilli u should pick me i also have to babys momas i’m 25 yrs old i believe in God at 19 i was facein 25 yr in prison i have ghange my life i been through alot in life so if u guys are havein a seond two pick if u like latinos and ave hung down stairs give me one night to show how i get down but only if we get married, i would make u feel like u were on cloud 9 i where mangums u should pick me

  4. jonathan castaneda says:

    a little about i’m 25 yrs of age oi have two babys momas, i am latino i have green eyes an brown hair,i have tattos on my arms at 19 i facein 25 yrs in prison i have change my life i believe in God i lov to work out also hung i where mangums i am a great father to but u should pick me i would have speakin in a another tongue pick me now or season two keep it 110 percent lates.

  5. greatness says:

    what are u waiting for greatness is here

  6. jay says:

    i dont care about tv shows the media i just want to get to know you as a friend a lady a true queen that likes to have fun i dont drink are smoke dont eat pork never did any drugs my whole life ive been a athletic my entire life im 6/3 dark brown jetblack wavey hair im bless like to write poetry im a pro boxer like to dance go to shows im a taurus love a challeng im a PEOPLES PERSON have a 6pack and dont like fack people around me right now im training to be the best middle wieght boxing champion that ever live so that i can open up my youth centers to help kids and give them a chance to become what ever they push for in life.what ever u do sput god first be patient and let destiny take its place. ps champ aka GREATNESS

  7. RYAN says:


  8. Loria says:

    Chilli you should not compremise on anything, hold on to your standards and do not fold”””” If I were you I would not get up set with what Tionna says or Missie because, after all that is just their opionions. And I just wanted to say that you can’t trust everybody even if they are considered your so called friend. Because, if they were really for you they would understand and not go pass what you are looking for. A friend really would not compremise. Trust and believe in God as you say you do and wait on him. Because, in this day and time he is reallyyyyyy all you can trust. Loria

  9. Rated PG says:

    I just want to say, there is nothing wrong with having high expectations for someone. No one is perfect Chilli. Chilli, you’re pretty-but not perfect. Im just keeping it real..Lets say you get what you want, are you gonna meet his expectations? Only you can get your man.. If you get him, who says he’s gonna treat you like you want to be treated.. I hope you find him and stop acting like that.. Be open-minded..Nothing wrong with wanting what you want, but chill out a little bit..Let him come to you..When you do get him, dont be a drama queen, bossy, or selfish.. Be a woman,& a teammate thats all he needs. Who me, I got mine!! He came to me and I know he’s heaven sent.. He’s my prince charming and Im proud prouhis wife..Dirty South/AL

  10. jim says:

    You are setting yourself up for absolute failure the way you’re looking for love where are your friends at and where is your head at you can’t fine gold in the gutter
    You need to get to know Jesus you know of Him but you don’t really know Him

  11. F Smith says:

    I feel u Chilli and it’s not about sex it’s about being able to be pleased in the bedroom, but listen to this say if you meet someone, date them for a good while and he is everything u want, but then when u go to bed with them and see no pleasure then that would damage your mind. I got stuck like this myself and I am African American, 5-2, 130 lbs., sexy, and just as beauitful as u are. Let go of the luv doctor and find him on your own. If Floyd is your friend don’t mess that up because if u try and it don’t work then u loose a friend & a sole mate. I like the friendship you and him have it’s a beauitful one

    P.S Do what would make Chilli Happy!

  12. Justice says:

    First, money cannot buy a person class. Chilli needs to chill out. I know she is a Georgia native, but come on, please stop behaving ignorantly. A real lady does not go looking for love. Love finds the “lady” and I am placing emphasis on the word “LADY”. From a woman’s perspective, I think you are too attractive to be portrayed as ignorant. A lot of your conversation is not intelligent. I hope this comment does not offend, but it is taken as a means of constructive criticism. Behave and talk like a classy lady who desires a classy husband!

  13. Ceelo's Lady says:

    Chilli has way too many standards. And she disgust me sometimes with her picky ways. Trust with the path she’s headed down she will never find a man. It’s ridiculous the way she acts sometimes. It’s not that serious. Dovet seems like a good guy. It’s probably a good man right in your face, so close you can smell him. But honey you’ll never know with your fickle ways.

  14. COREY COUNCIL says:


  15. Marilyn says:

    Chilli didn’t give Dovex a chance. She already had her mind made up before she went on the date. It was just a waste of time. Like Dovex said she was guarded and judgemental. She didn’t even try to get to know him. She definitely like Floyd Mayweather. I think she feel a little insecure about having a relationship with Floyd but enjoy being around him. Therefore she rather keep that spark in their friendship alive than be broken hearted by him.

  16. Clara D says:

    I hope the show puts the Dumpster guy in more episodes because he looks to be a funny guy. He’s extremely cute. I want to know why he was dancing and did Chilli go out with him.

  17. Jennifer says:

    The Dumpster guy was too cute Chilli. You should’ve kept him. And I know he had to be a good look to make it that far.

  18. DONNA says:

    I just want to say that some of these men do have problems but Chili is worst than them. The gentelman that she went out on a date with last night seemed to be a nice guy and she never gave him a chance. He said he doesn’t talk to his son everyday…well he does have a baby momma…she didn’t know the situation. Maybe the baby momma won’t allow him to talk to his son everyday. Chili says that she needs her man to be a Christian well she doesn’t seem to Christian like by judging him and talking about how she needs him to have a big ^)#_&~^&)()_$_&_` Remember you have men with big ones that don’t know what to do with it. Be careful what you ask for.I wonder what her pastor would have to say about that. But we all know that she will never find a man with Floyd around. No offense to him but he does have part of her heart. If you continue with this list sometimes people will lie to and pretend to be the person you want until they put a ring on your finger, then the true zebra will show their stripes. Chili my advice would be for you to be careful, go back to your Christian valves and try liking people for who they are, stop picking people apart, be kind and considerate to people and you won’t have to worry about a list, TRUE love will make it’s way to you.

  19. MsTee says:

    You know how they show you whats coming up for the season, I was so glad to see that Tionna Smalls will be going off on Chilli. The kind of list Chilli has is something you have when you are in your early twenties not when you are in your thirties, grow up.

  20. Gee says:

    What was the name of the stripper that you in had on your show we need him for a bridal shower next week Friday…. THNX!

  21. Steady says:

    This show demonstrates why so many “successful” black “women” are alone. The man she is looking for does not walk this earth. No human being could stand up to such microscopic examination. Imagine what kind of an intolerable mess a marriage would be like with her. I’m glad Floyd flipped it on her. Save a brotha a life of heartache and stay to yourself! Chilli obviously wants sunshine perpetually blown up her hindparts. Good luck with that!!

  22. Dietrick Johnson says:

    I want to say that I watch the show ; “What Chilli wants.” I want to say I had came in contact with her at the airport in Detroit. When I walked in the door, she had all eye’s on me, at the time I couldn’t for the life of me put a name to her face. But I’m sure she remember’s me because I stand like 6’7″ and she was so little. We had this eye to eye contact going on for a minute. But I was rushing, late for a flight and once I boarded my flight I realized who she was because I she couldn’t take her eye’s off of me the entire time I walked through that door. However, I regret the fact that I didn’t stop to atleast exchange number’s with her. I recently moved out of the city of Detroit, to Texas and she still crosses my mind to this day. I see all these guy’s she’s going out with, my homeboy Floyd and I know that I would be the perfect man for her. I am currently single and just doing me and placing God first. I have one son whose back in Detroit with his mom, he’s 13, going into high school next year. However, I’m just letting this be known, how deeply sadden I am for not missing that flight and taking the time to properly introduce myself.

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