Ray J And Cocktail: The Saga Continues


“I’m tired of being looked at in the dating show guy,” says Ray J in the above extra from this week’s Ray J & Brandy: A Family Business. He expressed similar sentiment during the show, and yet, virtually the entire episode was about him…as the dating show guy. (That makes this is the third series/season chronicling his Season 1 choice, Cocktail.) While the episode did little beyond shading in what happened during the For the Love of Ray J 2 Reunion, the extras in this post help with even more shading, showing the arguments with Cocktail that went down offstage.

Even more telling is Ray’s assessment of his second season: “I felt like not a lot of people watched it like they did the first time, so I didn’t think I was actually gonna get a reunion.” How’s that for honesty? He’s talked about keeping it “one hunnid” in the past, but has he ever done so to this extent?

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  1. Shelley says:

    I am completely disappointed with VH1 for offering Ray J. another show after the For the Love of Ray J. series. It is clear from his behavior during both episodes that he was not interested in anything other than “booty calls” with as many of the contestants as possible. His treatment of the Season 2 winner Ms. Berry was heart-wrenching as he never even phoned her after the winning episode, yet continued to sleep with several other girls and their friends. It is clear that he is arrogant, not truthful in either his intentions or his words (no matter how soft-spoken) and his values do not extend other than seeking to celebrate and gather more attention to his already inflated ego. I am sad that Ray J. and other jerks like Brett Micheals are the types of males that VH1 has chosen to celebrate and to enhance their celebrity. Why do they not feel any obligation to offer something of integrity and real moral character in terms of reality TV to their viewers. VH1 is doing no real service to the younger viewers of America by choosing such losers as role models. Certainly, from across America they could find a few males with class, charisma, integrity and good looks that could attract good ratings. Thumbs down to you VH1. I wish I could vote you out just like the Bush administration.

  2. HF says:

    Ray is fony in Brandy and Ray J. He needs to grow up! He is not ready to settle down and he is playing with people’s hearts. How can you know that %`_*~!*@+)@+*+)~ tail still loved you? It is a no brainer Dummie! Please VH1 if you come if a third for the love of Ray J, I will not watch vh1 ever again ! jeez. This is a joke. Ray grow up! yiu are immature!

  3. HF says:

    Ray wants to break up with mz. Berry but why is he upset that she “bit into it” Listen to yourself man! I really hope someone breaks his heart.

  4. Stacie says:

    I totally agree RayJ is hott but very immature and in
    Other words Mz.Berry dumps him to a degree I wish all
    Players that treat women like RayJ did to these ladies
    Should get everything comeing back too them
    Karma does come back and I hope it does for Ray
    All because he’s in Hollywood don’t give him the right too
    Treat women with or without fame and money disrespectful I hope
    One of these days you feel the same way as these ladies
    Do good luck and God bless you

  5. CATSREDD says:


  6. Jamie says:

    It’s a shame that Sonja doesn’t teach Ray J to be more responsible, and allows him to break women’s hearts without respect for their feelings. Wait until 35 or 40 for marriage..? Teach him how to be a decent man now, so he’ll be ready for marriage. A real shame black people allow their sons to turn out so terribly. That’s why there are so many baby’s mamas in the world.

  7. Dwayne says:

    Ray J, you need to grow up and start taking responsibility for your actions dawg.

  8. Nat says:

    Ray J is a joke!!! I would be more apt to continue to watch the show if Brandy was just in it. To have two dating shows with no intension of settling down shows what a frickin hippocrat Ray J is. Guess he must have needed some income….music biz must not be on his side.

    Even more embarassing for this idiot is Ray J waivers back and forth…lying on his show. His mother Ms. Norman even says he’s not ready to settle down yet when ~^(+)_&)$(%!@#)( tail calls him out Ms. Norman defends her pathetic son’s _%!^$`*$#!)_$)! VH1 should have a ~^(+)_&)$(%!@#)( tail show because it seems to us that ~^(+)_&)$(%!@#)( tail is the only one with the balls to tell the truth and call spineless Ray J out!!! GOOD JOB ~^(+)_&)$(%!@#)( TAIL…WE LOVE YOU…..YOU DESERVE BETTER THAN A HAS BEEN!!!

  9. Michael says:

    This show is a joke!!! Ray J. makes all of us men look like ~*%*$*^_%()*#@!)#)% s!!! I can’t believe that VH1 offered this low life yet another show! Music business can’t be fairing too well for Ray J. I am so disappointed in VH! for offering this pond scum another show. Hey VH1 how about picking someone who has good moral conduct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. sara says:

    This show is pathetic and listening to Brandy and Ray J kills brain cells, PERIOD. It’s funny how they see themselves as famous celebrities, so sad. Brandy is known for a couple of mid-90′s songs and that fatal car crash she caused and Ray J for a sex tape. Seriously? So pathetic. I defiantly won’t be watching this show on VH1.

  11. selahmoore says:

    ray j he’s a punk _~`_@+(!`)^&#@^ brandy she need to just chill cause she’s corny

  12. someone says:

    this is some crazii `*__`*)(&_%_~)(# like who does this sit on national tv ~!&(##^$!_`(*$)( tail didnt have a right to do that that was disrespectful

  13. treasure says:

    i feel that the reunion show wit *(&($@&%*!!(!`$$ tail was all an act. it was staged. how is ray not going to know that *(&($@&%*!!(!`$$ tail was not going to be there. first of all vh1 would’nt allow that to happen without ray’s promissision. i thought ray you were gonna keep it one hunnit.stop the bs.

  14. whatsupinthe808 says:

    Seems like RayJ is suffering from the ‘love show curse’…like New York/Tiffany Pollard…nobody watching VH1 really cares about any other aspect about these people EXCEPT TRAIN WRECK DATING SHOWS. Is anyone at VH1 listening? We didn’t care about New York getting ajob, New York making it in Hollywood (btw, you SHOULD run a ‘where are they now’ show), and we CERTAINLY don’t care about Ray J from a ‘business’ standpoint. The only reason why anyone watched this LAST episode is because you allowed some unfinished dating show drama to creep in there, otherwise you would have had another low rating show like the NY shows. I think its time for +!$@)()^^$*`~)($ tail to have a show. Yes the ‘winner’ never manages to stay in the relationship beyond the time of the show itself, but somehow we all still watch the shows and hope they do. It’s a formula that WORKS, so stop screwing with it by giving people on dating shows MORE SHOWS. They aren’t the ones who make the show (obviously, as you can see by the track record of the who you have picked to get a spinoff show). Big personalities are great stars to feature, but if its not a dating show, nobody seems to care to watch it for very long.

  15. a new show idea says:

    We should do an I LOVE MONEY show with all the people who won on the VH1 dating shows, coming together to compete against eachother. . . VH1, how about that?

  16. Felicia says:

    Ray J, is “Ray J,” and noone put a gun to any of these women heads to sign up to fall in love on a reality tv show, and hell if his family don’t have his back, then who will, not the viewers. Instead of blaming his mother for not teaching him how to treat women, where are the mothers of these young ladies to teach them that a reality show is not for finding true love, all these ladies signed up for this show for fame and fortune as well, and `@%%@~+$^&_**#$_ tail was a wh—, and sleeping with men and women before the I Love Ray J show. Ms Berry is a grown *%%_+$~&+()%_&# woman with kids, she should have never been on this damn show, she should have had her *%%_+$~&+()%_&# at home with her kids, trying to teach them something, so she is not a victim. I’m a 45 year old woman with a 19 year old daughter, I teach her how to teach a man how to treat her, I don’t leave it to tv shows, and if his mom goes to bat for her kids, then it is her god giving right as a mother, while `@%%@~+$^&_**#$_ tail is on a damn second season reality reunion show, where was her mother,,,,who in the hell knows, but we all saw where Ray J’s mother and father was. So take time out to teach your damn daughters how to say no to poles and sex tapes, and getting drunk (cocktail) and dropping like it’s hot or stank on national tv. Ray just happen to be the wild card in the family, hey we all have them, their lives just don’t play out on tv, and another thing Kim’s ho *%%_+$~&+()%_&# probably released that tape, how can she play victim and had her face all in the camera like she was talking to an audience, who in the pluck was she talking to, now she’s dating a guy that like group sex orgies and strippers, give me a break, a wh— in the making, with two little sisters headed down the wrong track too. I don’t know Ray J and nobody else in his family, but it’s time that people start making these fame munger, money hungry wanting ladies take responsibility for their actions, so they won’t be barking at cars and sh– like somebody crazy we know, so Ray J hold your head up and work on you and let others work on them. and say the hell with them, and Ray J’s mom keep on protecting yours.

  17. emerald says:

    i don’t put no blame on ray or any one else. ray is a man and every man needs their special needs. the show was a perfect set up for ladies to be somewhat famous. ray just can’t find that special some one that keeps hold of his eyes, mind, heart, soul, and of course physical affection. There was no need for ray to even see other women and not his own woman. any woman who would be willing to stay with a man who is out with other women and not her and not say a word, there definitely is something going on on her side. but to make a long story short any man surrounded by women every time he goes out and who can have anything he wants, is going to take him years to even think about settleing down. ray is still young and having fun. the show is just making his look like an a$$h0l3. he just wants what he wants gets what he wants and is stubborn from time to time. i love ray for all his hard work but when it comes to relationships ray just shouldnt be in that catigory, thats all.

  18. Leroy says:

    Dude you a straight busta wack )#*_`%~%!+#^#*_ #%`*^@!&^(~_#($&*&

  19. chamlon says:

    I am completely disappointed about the 2nd show 4 the love of ray j 2. don’t get me wrong ladies dorian aka ray j is very immature and defiitly don’t have any respect 4 women so when mz.berry broke it off with him i was very happy about the brake up because he already knew that he wasn’t a woman’s man so that’s what he get lol.

  20. Ace says:

    Please take this show of totally talentless dysfunctional family,( starting with Mom and ending with Dad), off VH1. We all refuse to watch it, and cannot understand the appeal. These people should be paying VH1 for any truly BORING airtime that they receive. We cringe when it is on… just based on the fact that Ray J has a total misunderstanding of what” keeping it 100 “means makes us nauseated. Dude you are not all that!!!!

  21. Margie says:

    Ray J you are a low down dirty dog!!, but remember “Karma”, you treat women like objects, you didn’t respect none of these ladies i would never wanna be with a man like you! You think just because you have money you can play with ppl’s feelings. In the end it will catch up to you. Your mom acts so smart on the show, but she is stupid for not teaching you how to respect women. You are all Hollywood it’s all about you nobody else but you!!