What Chilli Wants Recap – Episode 2 – Dolvett, Vetted



It’s exhausting looking for a fantasy, isn’t it?

At the start of this episode of What Chilli Wants, Chilli and Tionna go over her list while gazing wistfully into an aquarium.


I see a metaphor here: There are lots of fish in the sea, but they all stink to Chilli. We also learn that her list has expanded. The future Mr. Chilli must be:

– Funny
– Gorgeous
– Superfine with a six-pack (really, two things, but you can’t say they’re not related)
– Has to have nice lips
– He can’t drink
– Or smoke
– Or eat pork
– He can’t be hard-headed

As a teetotaler herself, she probably doesn’t realize that men who never drink or smoke are usually also uptight and hardheaded. But whatever, that could make a good match.

Notice that the job and penis requirements have been removed from the list, for now. Last week’s premiere had enough penis talk for the season.

Tionna will respect the list, but interviews that “sometimes you’ve got to do things you never did to get things you never had.” She’s not talking about para-sailing or pork-eating, she’s talking about compromise.


The first man of significance is Braves pitcher Mike Gonzales.


This is Chilli’s reaction to meeting him:


Professional athletes are TLC’s catnip — and Kryptonite. But it takes a hot man to unfurrow or raise Chilli’s brows. She is at a Braves game to throw out the first pitch. And to find a date:


Too far. Too, too far. This looks like those ads in the back of the Village Voice, or the fliers you get on the street in Vegas. Chilli on a platter, basically.

Chilli retreats to a private box with her friends while Tionna interviews the men brave enough to answer a personal ad on a JumboTron. She asks one guy if he’s well-endowed, and another if he’s in the country illegally. Kinda makes you want your own dating coach, so you wouldn’t have to bring up the uncomfortable stuff on your own. There are so many unanswered questions about this guy, and you only need to see this photo to have about 15 of your own:


So Dolvett is the only winner out of the bunch. He has a six-pack, and this smile…


…which isn’t on the list, but is a very good sign if you’re looking for a non-smoker.

Now Dolvett’s the meat on the platter, which Tionna serves up to Chilli. It is awkward for everyone. In fact, it’s hard to tell who it’s more embarrassing for: Dolvett or Chilli. Certainly not Tionna though.


“Don’t get me wrong, Dovett is not bad-looking…” Chilli says. Tionna gets immediately defensive and leave the room. “Try to come at me? But I’m from Brooklyn, I don’t play that,” Tionna says, to no one in particular. It’s true, no one in Brooklyn takes constructive criticism well. It’s part of our borough identity.


Tionna tries once again to get Chilli to go out with Dolvett, who happens to be one of Atlanta’s most eligible bachelors, according to what I’m sure is a very respected local website.


One of his accomplishments listed in the article is that he has a recurring role on Tyler Perry’s House Of Payne, what I’m sure is a very respected TV show. So he’s an actor too. A wannabe actor on a reality show? Check and check. Chilli seems really open and responsive to the idea of leaving her comfort zone:


But first Chilli goes skating with Floyd, her “friend.”


Floyd brings his own skates to the rink, as Chilli notices. But I noticed that he brings his own stuff everywhere, whether that’s silverware or skates. But they’re Prada light up skates, which just need to be worn. You’re really depriving people if you don’t let them see these things in action:


Will this be one of those shows where the main character goes searching for love all over, just to discover it was under her nose the whole time? Based on this alone:


I will say yes.

Back to Dolvett. Chilli says maybe Tionna saw something in Dolvett that she didn’t. Tionna saw this:


But it’s not enough to keep Chilli interested. First turnoff: Dolvette has a 13-year-old son in Virginia, but he doesn’t talk to him every day. Unacceptable for Chilli. Really though, what teenager wants to talk to their parents every day? There are 13-year-olds around the country not talking to their parents in their house, never mind in another state. On further inspection…


…he’s also too smooth. “You got the 1-900 voice,” Chilli says. She’s learning that a gorgeous guy with a job, a six-pack, and (possibly?) a big penis might also have an ego problem.


Dolvett takes her to a 50-foot-high rope course, and she’s afraid to walk across, but he encourages her to look at him. This is actually very clever, since it puts her in a position of vulnerability and trust on their first date. I think we have a Gamer on our hands. And Chilli sees right through it.


Tionna sits down with Dolvett the next day to get his perspective on the date. His perspective on the date:


According to Dolvett, Chilli was guarded and defensive. “Judgmental,” Tionna adds. Chilli now has her own checklist to work on.

Chilli invites her girlfriends and Tionna over. And, yes! One of those friend is this woman:


…who I have seen far too little of these past long years. So thank you, Chilli.

It’s a girl’s night in, and Chilli has a stripper over for their entertainment. TLC must have bounced back after declaring bankruptcy all those years ago, because Chilli has the money to hire the world’s only robot stripper. Very realistic:


A stripper of any kind is unexpected, since Chilli seems a little too conservative for home delivery strippers, no? Missy Elliott runs out of the room, but Tionna enjoys it:


Missy keeps trying to get Chilli to admit that she likes Floyd as more than a friend. She finally does, but she doesn’t look happy about it.


And neither does Tionna…


…since it’ll mean she’s out of a job. Brooklyn: We Go Home.

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  1. Jaime says:

    Since Chili doesnt want Dolvett, ill take him…

  2. Gunna says:

    Chilli girl!!!!
    I agree with you on Dolvette, but you really need to boxer “friend” of yours.
    Maybe you need to rewind the tape and watch and listen to yourself when you describe what its like when your with him.
    If your girl needs help finding you a man, Im here for ya!

  3. minutemaid says:

    I think Chilli is very stuck on herself…I was very disappointed in how she acted with Dolvett. If you want a man stop being so shallow and grow up!!

  4. Gunna says:

    Oh yeah

  5. Leslie from ATL says:

    Chilli thanks for the Luscious show! GOOD LAWD!!! You and Floyd have much chemistry. He is quite charming. What’s up with the bedroom eyes Floyd? Chilli I think he is making you melt…you blush around him. Tionna is hilarious. Her personality fits right in with Reality TV. I am really enjoying the show Chilli. I hate you and Usher didn’t make it. I was rooting for you two. I don’t know what the hell make him go with that dude T.F. Voodoo must be real! Eeww! She had nothing on you! Thank God he’s free!

  6. nicknack1979 says:

    i use to think chilli was a cool girl but seriously. first of all whats with the damn list, secondly she hires this girl to find her someone, gives her a list then she’s shuttin down evryone she recruits. then why would she even hire her to find her someone. now this guy dovet, she (chilli) starts talkin bout how he’s not her type she likes pretty boys. its one thing if u dont like his swag or whatever but pleeeeeaaaasssseee!!! he is much better lookin than dallas and usher and floyd and that stripper. she went into that date lookin to sabotage it then she has the nerve to say he is egotistical. i think ur the one with the ego problem chilli. u need to stop wastin these brothers time. and go find u a boy toy or somthn. its obvious ur looking for another son. thats why u dnt have a man!

  7. Tria says:

    I am young, but I am blessed with wisdom.
    I feel where Chili is coming from. You have your standards,chemistry,and attraction. Yet, you must come to a realization that what you desire in your potential mate, has to reflect what that potential mate desire in you. There must be an equilibrium between the two.
    Some of the things that she does not like can lead to what her potential mate may not like within her. We all have any idea of what Chili wants, but let’s flip the script. I have always been a fan, but in all honesty she has characteristic of: control, intimidation, and too rational. There is no real man in the world that wants to be with a woman who can seems to take the back seat somwtimes or feel that he can’t lead or be needed. As a young lady and single mother, I can understand where Chili. On the other hand, love is universal and can never be controled. When CHili realizes this she would began her journey meeting that very special one. I have to say from my perspective….Floyd is the one. I would rather have a lover and friend… than just a lover.

  8. nicknack1979 says:

    I’m jus sayin though dovet is a really attractive guy he might not be ur type, but u had a list, he had what was on your list and u still had to complain. when it was clear u were the one that was the problem on that date. it’s funny how women in society wanna be accepted for what they are and here is a woman who is gonna beat up on someone for being himself.

  9. Dorrell says:

    Chilli is in denial about wanting a relationship. Her criteria for a man is too extreme for the purpose of not finding one because she already knows who she wants…” Floyd Mayweather” who actually meets her parameters for what a man has to be for her. And that is probably where she aquired that check list of hers… looking at Floyd mm hmm. She wants Floyd, believe it.

  10. Justice says:

    Chilli, grow up and stop acting like you are from the ghetto. The comments that you are making are inappropriate and ignorant. The “LIST” does not include an educated man with intact morals, and his past proves it. You are too attractive to be behaving as if you have no home training or class. I do not think you are relationship ready because your behavior is somewhat too childish for your “list”. You are only as smart as the people that you socialize with. Floyd is not the one. He may be )!~^(%(*))@(!!@## ng…cause ya’ll been sexing one another as friends with bnefits. First of all, he has too many baby mommas. Money cannot buy morals. Everyone’s past follows them. Think about it!

  11. TruthHurtzNHealz says:

    You guys…You guys….its actually quite simple…my belief is that Chilli and Floyd are actually already engaged(pay attention to the ring episode 1)ok and i think that she’s unsure whether he’s the one..so i think she has taken this opportunity to date and see if there’s a guy out there who can meet or beat her expectaions which are clearly based on those of Floyd’s….I could be wrong..but when u watch it listen to the ques…”pretty boy Floyd”…”I’m trying to put a ring on your finger like that one” etc…can’t wait to see if i’m right…

  12. TruthHurtznHealz says:

    Awww..you guys need to stop giving Chilli a hard time…who said she should have to settle,i damn sure wouldn’t.Its normal for us to look on the outside because we are creatures of habit and visual stimulation. That’s why y’all think he was fine.On another note,I thought Dolvett was a bit egotistical as well,but even if you are THAT hot deal,let somebody else point that out,don’t work so hard for them to see it,that’s not an attractive quality.

  13. Mechelle Mc says:

    In my opinion, Chilli is a beautiful, but confused sistah with gold digger DNA. Although the standards that she has set for her future beau are admirable, they are really just a conversation piece. How can she want a perfect man, but then have a child with Dalla Austin, a genuis, but a man full of self-hate to the point that he has tatooed his body and looks like an animal. Then there was Usher, the ^~(+_#()~%(*^&__@ And while yes, she did break up with him, it was only after she found out that he had been unfaithful. Now there’s Floyd Mayweather, the heavy weight champ none-the-less, but a brotha who looks like he came straight up out of a special education slash emotionally disturbed junior high classroom. Floyd Mayweather’s unfocused eyes say it all. He is an unfocused animal, just like one of his predecessor’ Mike Tyson. So what do all of these guys have in common, they are in shape and rich (and probably all have big #!)+!`~^*&^(&%++^ es0. Don’t get me wrong, Chilli has the right to have an in shape rich brother, but cut the bull. Take the other crap off of your list, like “He can’t eat pork!” Helfa please! Spare me! Yes, Chilli, the way God made you, you were meant to be somebody’s wife. But let the man find you and stop making a spectacle of yourself by looking for the man. The Bible says, “He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing.” Not “She that findeth a husband.” Finally, leave Floyd alone. If he really wanted you, you he would have proposed by now. Floyd is abusive and crazy as hell and if you marry him, you’ll end up heart broken! Check out my book Computer Love by xlibris.com.

  14. misz. quala says:


  15. Mrs. L says:

    Chili is ridiculous!!! You can not find love from a list. Once you find that someone a list will not matter. Not one thing on the list is in regards to his character. What does anything on her list have to do with everyday happiness. On top of all this craziness she is so uptight and judgemental. She needs to look within herself and see all her faults and realize everyone has their faults (especially herself). I hope she finds that man on her list and she finds that he cheats on her and don’t value her as she is. Love is unconditional and unjudgemental and is not based on looks, opinion or personal preference. Get to know someone on a deeper level other than physical.

  16. Andrea says:

    I love Tionna, she is on the money and I would let her help me find love(hint). Chilli goals for a mate is not realistic and she will fail by her list. Proverbs said ” a MAN finds a wife HE finds a good thing”. Not saying she should be attracted to him allow some opportunities to happen. Chilli and Mayweather…HMMMM…stop playing Chilli!!

  17. Classly Thug says:

    I liked you better before the show. It sucks.

  18. Carla says:

    So i watch the show every chance i get, with out the interruptions from my daughter! And this last show that aired on sunday was pretty hot, i personaly think that she should just go all in with that friend she is just o so close with! He’s a handsome man, and from the looks of it he likes chilli, just as much as she may like him! There’s definately chemistry there no doubt! And besides that date with dolvette, didnt look pretty good! And i agree with chilli he does have that type of ego, where he just might think too highly of himself! He definately looks like the type to sit in front of the mirror for a cpl of hrs and tlk to himself, about himself! And chilli is way too beautiful to have a man that think he’s better than her when it comes to looks! But chilli i must say since watching your show, it made me think twice about the men i have been dating, and why i settle for “good enough”, i noticed that i seem to have this pattern with goin for them d’boys, the hustler kind, that degrate women! And listening to her check list she has, i thought to myself “well if she can do it, so can i” why keep settling for “good enough?” i understand that i might make this list and still have to compramise some where! But i think it’ll be best for me! So thank you chilli for doin this show, i may be only 20 and have yrs ahead of me to find the right man for me and my daughter, but from watching you on television, i now feel and think differently about what i should look for in a man! You truely are a great role model for me, flaws and all! And how much does ol girl charge for this type of service she provides? i think i might need her help, my damn self!

  19. cam says:

    I think she needs find a man on her own… She is trying to find someone to out do baby daddy and Usher..and regular Joe want cut it… she wants the same type of money and fame…So sweetheart Jay-z is taken.

  20. Baddbro33 says:

    OMG. Dolvet was with the “T” I caught it! Anyway.. That was pretty messed up to put that picture of her and the announcer at the game didnt help much.. I love Chilli though, she needs to stop playing and get with… U all know who.

  21. Kim says:

    I am a big fan of TLC and Chilli. I understand that you have high standards and all of us women should, but watching last night show made me look at Chilli a totally different way. I remember one interview that Leftey had and said that you were a gold digger, Hey I gues she was right. You have to open yourself and mind up to receieve love if thats what you really want. Please stop looking on the outside to find love and search for an inner connection even if he doesnt have things that’s on your list, you just might find love Chilli.

  22. Mrs. Melvin says:

    Dang–where to begin, where to begin. Chili is hard headed, Stubborn and maybe she has some form of a right to be that since its her heart that’s on the line here but my goodness. I think that its cool to have a little checklist but realistically NO man is gonna be that right this minute. The man she’s looking for is created, molded, refined by Chili. What i am saying is this–No woman can change a man but the influence of her love will make a man become what she needs him to be. The whole “Logical” approach to finding love is a myth because in truth there’s nothing rational nor logical about love. I think she isn’t able to find a man that she likes because she already has her claws in something that she does like–FLOYD. I mean let’s keep it real, the only way that a friendship can exist between a man and a woman is if they are single. Truth be told Chili and Floyd owe it to themselves to find out if there can be something between them–Stop trying to rationalize the whole “we’re friends and I don’t wanna ruin the friendship” because in reality if Chili gets a man then the friendship between her and Floyd WILL be ruined. What I’m saying is that there is no way that she’s gonna be going to dinner and skating with Floyd if she has a man, further more there is no way that a man who has given Chili his heart will stand for her even having more than 1 phone call over a period of time from Floyd–So kill the crap and get with him. She should stop waisting all these mens time because when it comes down to it even if she finds someone other than Floyd once that is done (and it will be done as long as she harbours the feelings that she has for Floyd) then all she’ll do is run back to her comfortable situation with Floyd. And all she has right now with Floyd is a comfortable situation that will not last on the level at which they’re keeping it. I hope she doesn’t give him time to give someone else his heart before exploring what may or may not be.

  23. Mrs. Melvin says:

    I forgot to say in my earlier post that while Chili has composed this ridiculous checklist I hope that she has figured out what it is that she’s bringing to the table. I always say that women walk around like they should automatically be adored and like they don’t have any issues–but most of us do–Chili included. She needs to think about this: If she could find a man that has everything on her checklist would she fulfill everything on his?? Kill the Rational approach-it doesn’t work.

  24. jj says:

    this is a fake dum ^*(`&%)%`(&^*)^ show, its just for money she just now looking for a man, and how could you like some,one talking about sex like she do, with a kid,, thats bull….i wish my mom would go on tv, saying she,s looking for a big %@$()+)#^!$&&~+*

  25. Kim says:

    Ladies, Dolvett is in Essence magazine May 2010 Single Man of the Month. I thought he looked familiar when I saw the show last night. Those interested should e-mail him.

    Oh yeah, I wish Chilli would be up front and say that he must be a millionaire because in all honesty I dont think a regular dude have a chance with her. Lets face it, her career is going no where and her child support days from Dallas is numbered. I agree with everything Dolvett is saying about her. She did not give him a chance from the moment she saw him because of looks (the part where she asked her girlfriends about the type of man she dates scene). How shallow is that? What about a man that is responsible, caring, god fearing, and etc.? She may be missing out on a good man with great qualities just because she doesn’t look deeper in trying to get to know a person.

  26. damion says:

    I would like to know how can i apply for a date with chili. i think i meet her requirements. I stand up for my city AUGUSTA

  27. MrDeepvoice says:

    Is it just me… or did anyone else notice that Chilli really WAS attracted to Dolvett? If you watch closely, you can see her looking at him when she thought he wasn’t looking. She found the slightest faults in a guy who has everything she SAYS she wants. I think she is intimidated by the type of guy she listed. She likes to hear her friends say that no guy will meet her standards. I love her to death! But, I’m starting to lose a little respect for her.

  28. Lola says:

    I love this show and Ms. Chilli. I think this is a waste of time only because she has already found her soul mate in Mr. Floyd Mayweather and she is in denial. You can just feel the chemistry between them and the way they look at each other. They are already best friends and that will help their relationship to last. Remember never judge a book by it’s cover. The show is very entertaining and I will keep watching just to see the outcome. :-)

  29. Kendrick says:

    chilli needs sum1 dats down 2 earth and will always be there 4 her. she needs a regular guy that work hard 4 his not sum1 thats already well known! she needs a down- south brotha like myself!

  30. natali says:

    let me start by saying i hav never lookd up a show specificlly to write a comment but the GOD in me feels the need…..Chilli…u use to be a icon in my eyes..sooo beautiful…rich in so many ways…i remember i seen u at kings island perform when yall first came out wit the condoms on your clothes…wow chilli is sooo beautiful..all of u guys wher in your on way but u had that special beauty…this show u hav is takn away from your beauty sista girl..u look so ugly inside..so vain..so negative.jus so ugh!!!…god has blessed u wit a gift n u hav takn it to another level..dont u no if u abuse what HE has given u He will take it away…u are so superficial n u shuda kept that part of u secret…im so disappointed….n so are your friends n the peopl around u..i see it in they face on the show when u talk about what u want….they talk about u behind your back n jus shake their head…thats all u can do is jus shake your head..n u no what it means when someone shakes their head at you…im prayn for u girl

  31. angelia from birmingham says:

    i think that chili has the right to be particular about i think chili knows what she wants in a man.because if she wasn”t picky she might up with abipoler brother with five baby mommas living in the projects and without a job. i think that a lot of our problems are as women color is that we settle for less than our worth we think it”s a shortage of men so we have to go for what you know and end up with someone who treats us like trash instead of the treasures that we are and i feel like chili wants to be in love true love not just setteling for Mr. right now no one wants to be hurt and not everyone just wants casual sex so i commend you chili for not excepting anything but i still think you should go back to usher i can see him as your soul mate the lord forgives us for so many things. so truly we can also. you need to be happy.life is to complicated to be unhappy and alone.

  32. Precious says:

    Dolvett, really did look like Chilli type but maybe not the personality – I don’t think she will be into anyone if it’s not Pretty Boy Floyd or Usher:) I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

  33. tinka1021 says:

    chilli i think your a beautfully woman an you desever to be happy,and have the things that you want but i truely beleive that you need to stop lying to your self,and go where your heart and mind is telling you to go,which is money mayweather,cause its clear and obvious thats where you want to be,it shows that your happy with him snd that he makes you happy i beleive thats where you should be

  34. Ms Jaiye says:

    I absolutely agree that Chilli’s so called “LIST” is based off her “friend” Floyd. This show has to be about the $$$ because I simply don’t believe that anyone can be so shallow. She acted like the biggest bi-atch on the date with Dovette. Even if she wasn’t attracted to him she could have been nice to him because he was a complete gentlemen. (He would have creeped me out givin my son a nickname too.) But it just made her look shallow and selfish.

  35. Mina Valentine says:

    Well it is definitely apparent that What Chilli wants-Chilli JUST wants. Although I understand her wanting what she desires in a man, I would have to disagree with something that I noticed. Dolvett seemed like a nice enough guy and the whole not talking to his child everyday isn’t acceptable however, Chilli said he seemed egotistical. Well, Floyd Mayweather can also appear to be very egotistical as well. Maybe he doesn’t show it when they are together OR maybe she doesn’t pay it any mind because in all actuality she liked Floyd from the beginning a lot. Sometimes your best friend IS the one! But Dolvett didn’t stand a chance because of his voice and his look. Floyd shows up @ dinner with his own set of forks and knives and when skating his very own Prada skates. She recognized this and laughed it off. Something tells if Dolvett had done any of those things she would have made a big stink about it because she already saw him as egotistical.

  36. Tonya says:

    I absolutely did not like the way Chili treated Dolvett. That was so uncalled for…no you may not be attracted to him, but you do not have to be so freaking disrespectful. I lost a lot of respect for her after seeing how she treated him. Just looking for reason not to like him. You have the right to be with who you choose but do not try to degrade him because you choose not to like him. It would have been nice to just say he is not the man for me and leave it like that.

    Dolvett was very handsome…hell Floyd Mayweather is not cute but he has a gorgeous smile. I agree with MrDeepVoice…I believe Chili was attracted to Dolvett and just did not want to be. He was her list and she was not ready for it. He was honest and open and trying to get to know her simple behind and she want to chastise him for having a deep voice…girl please.

  37. Anisha says:

    Chili my sistah,
    I agree w/ you on the whole connection thing, he can’t just fit the checklist, he’s gotta capture YOU all 2gether. BTW hop on Floyd ASAP;)!!

  38. Drama Free says:

    Chillie should really watch the movie….”Shallow Hal”….she can do the remake….”Shalloe….Halley”!

  39. E says:

    I dont know how much of this is just actin..but girl you were dead on with your @%@+#`~~!!%%!~) essment of Dolvett!! Funny, thought the same Exact way when I met him years ago…I thought he was trying to be a part-time actor…I hope so because Chilli putting him on blast was not the way to interest any females who are serious…Unless they are intereseted in a guy..who is only interested in himself! Good call Chili! and Good Luck!

  40. Sherry says:

    Chili is beautiful but she’s not wife material. She’s too immature. She has got to grow up and give the nice guys a chance otherwise she will just continue to be considered jumpoff or baby mama material I hate to say. I mean even her “friend” Floyd Mayweather isn’t taking her seriously :(

  41. tonyjoe says:

    Personally,I think leslie on what chili wants is foxier all around.Chili is not all that.If I was floyd,if he doesn’t have a kid,no way would I even think twice about chili,friends yes,but anything more,absolutely not.Besides,she is way to short.I’m 6’3 and 255,my abs are tighter than those guys on that show.Peace Tony(from detroit)

  42. glamgyrl says:

    Chilli is a beautiful lady, and she’s totally right in being cautious and not ignoring red flags with men. That guy exuded phoniness, and I was glad that Chilli sensed that he’s egotistical. He taunted her when she was fearful on the ropes and steadily made remarks as if he wanted nothing more than to out-perform her on the trek. There was nothing gentlemanly about his behavior. Chilli needs a man who is chivalrous.

  43. Shelle says:

    Chilli, boo, from one control freak to another you have to be open to the process. Its wonderful to have standards don;t ever loose that…the point of the wigs was to see if you were open to any kind of change…if you date different kind of men, you may realize something you like that you never knew before. I was open to a little change and a guy i knew for 12 years and never looked at turned out to be the love of my life, but I was looking for something so specific that i canceled him out. That’s years i missed dealing with knuckle heads when he was in front of me the whole time. He loves God, drinks sparingly (which isn’t a big deal to me b/c i’m a bartender that doesn’t drink), he eats pork, but doesn’t feed our kids pork though, those are things that we compromised on because i love the core of who he is and vice versa. Just be open to the process… I hope the finale shows your growth, if not happy hunting
    xoxo- ShelleBelle

  44. Yvonne says:

    E, you said you dated Dovette years ago, people do change I’m should you don’t do the things you did years ago, come on now. Most people do grow up