Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business Recap – Episode 2 – The Dating Show Guy That Wasn’t



Things are getting really confusing!

This episode (in my mind, at least), was supposed to answer the questions that the For the Love of Ray J 2 Reunion left in the air, and yet it only presented more. Like, if is Ray J so tired of being the “dating-show guy,” why is he doing a new show on the network that gave him that reputation? And why is this new show (this episode) so mired in his past as the dating show guy? And if Sonja and Brandy knew that he was never ready to settle down in the first place, why didn’t they intervene before For the Love of Ray J started and feelings across the board got involved?


Thank god for Brandy, though, who isn’t afraid to challenge her little brother’s about-face regarding the dating-show phase of his career. “He can’t avoid them like they never happened,” she said on the two seasons of For the Love of Ray J. And seriously, there’s moving on and there’s willful ignorance. Big ups to Brandy for drawing the distinction.

Still he told her, “Don’t talk about my love life.” I hope this was said somewhat in jest, since this episode was devoted to talking about Ray’s love life. Interestingly, VH1 itself has taken a very active stance at distancing itself from the dating shows that practically defined its programming for the past several years. Does that make Ray J the personification of this changing face? When he says, “I’m good right now, I’m doin’ a whole new thing,” is he not reflecting the redemptive initiative this network has embraced in the past six months?

Regardless, it’s obvious that Ray isn’t the only one eager to put For the Love of Ray J to bed. It was interesting to see the behind-the-scenes workings of the reunion show…



…and the contrast presented when broaching Ray’s feelings: he talked about how he’d break it off with Mz Berry “in real life” versus “in a more dramatic setting,” such as this. The line between reality and “reality” thickens.

And he wasn’t kidding when he said “dramatic setting”:



“Why does this have to be so complicated? I don’t want to hurt Mz Berry, so why am I put in this position like this? I signed up for the dating show, but never once did I think it would have to get to this emotional stage,” he wondered. The lack of foresight is particularly fascinating given the word “love” was in his show’s very title.

Anyway, besides being reminded of Exotica’s eyebrows…


…there was some closure there for what we saw on the reunion regarding Cocktail, who like Brandy, Sonja and practically everyone who’s met Ray J ever, believes that he’s not ready to settle down.


The closure went something like: “I apologize for making you feel any kinda way you feel” (Ray to Cocktail). It’s not much, but it’s something.

And with all the walking egg shells around Mz Berry and her highly breakable heart, it was nice to see she, too, embraced the truth and wasn’t holding onto something that apparently didn’t want to be held in the first place:



Her tempered reaction was a nice contrast to her reputation as an out-of-control emotional mess. Once again, Berry gets the winner’s edit.

In the end, Ray realized that he hasn’t gotten hit with love yet, and that he’s “burnt, done” when it comes to women and settling down. In other words, the player plays on.

(Also in this episode: Flo Rida stomped on Brandy’s heart by uninviting her to the Grammy’s but like most people on VH1, I have a feeling that Brandy will bounce back in no time.)


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  1. raven says:

    i dont think ray is ready for a relationship at all

  2. kim says:

    no one wants to be used. that is what Brandy is doing to Flo Rida, using him for ratings. That part of your life should remain private.

  3. Jack says:

    I hope that there is still love shows on this channel i am obsessed with vh1′s love shows they are like my drug!

  4. MsTee says:

    Just so happen I caught the show when Ray J was at his reunion show, he kept talking about how he don’t want to hurt MsBerry or #)*!~`*`~&&#&&+^ tail he lying. He needs to stick to having an acting career cause he is a good liar. He cant sing. Also the fact his mama talking about he need to put #)*!~`*`~&&#&&+^ tail in her place when a few minutes ago his mother was saying the same thing that he not ready to settle down.Everybody was getting upset with #)*!~`*`~&&#&&+^ tail because she was letting whole world know that Ray J is nothing but a `~@!%!`~$)(+$^)_& and everything out his mouth is a lie. MsBerry( Connie) was and is to good for Ray J classy and everthing else.

  5. LadyAries says:

    It disturbed me to see Ray J and Mrs. Norwood’s reaction to +&`^+&~!*$$^(%^_ tail truth spilling speech. +&`^+&~!*$$^(%^_ tail has bigger balls than Ray J because she went out there and told Mz. Berry like it was and how it would be. (NO SUGAR COATING- Like Ray J was finna do) What was the big deal if that’s what Ray J was gonna tell MZ. Berry in the 1st place, and prior to that “Mrs. Norwood” gave a whole “Confessional” about how my son isn’t ready this and that. As I recall, that was the SAME thing that +&`^+&~!*$$^(%^_ tail saying. +&`^+&~!*$$^(%^_ tail should have beat Ray J’s … for putting her on blast (about her sexuality) all because he felt played about being EXPOSED. Its is too late to apologize, it aired on national tv. By the way I kept this as clean as possible.

  6. Grant says:

    Man let ya boy take care of that Ms Berry for you, and we will see if she is really about relationships and not doe. Im successful in my own right, Im a single parent of a 17yr old daughter, whos going to college soon, good job, 2 cribs, one i live in and one i rent, and Ms Berry wil fit in just right, that is if she is about relationships, holla back

  7. MsTee says:

    Florida did not stump on Brandy’s heart she didn’t even know whether she wanted to go. She just feeling a little cruncy because he was the the one to call off the date or whatever it is or was suppose to be. I think she was being to dramatic about the whole situation, if they are famous or somebody she met on the street,you get photographed automatically it’s `&~+@`+)~`$+$#_ umed he is your man. Thats the up and down life of a celebrity. Get over it

  8. Ms. Blue says:

    Lls this family is fake fake fake fake. Brandy is a has been oh sorry a never been. Ray J does nothing but party other than that how is he going to sustain his money. You hang around idiots you are an idiot and that’s what his crew is. The mom needs to step down as their managr they are to dependant on you and she is fake also. The father is the real one in the family even though he doesn’t wear the pants in the relaonship he’s realer than all of them

  9. Blast says:

    Ray brought all these troubles on himself. When I saw the first episode, I thought he was really trying to find love. Then the second show came on. And till now, we have not been told exactly what happened b/t Ray and `#@@^((!#_~@)_)$ tail.

    If you weren’t ready to settle down, why go through that charade? You must have realized that you are playing with the hearts and emotions of these young ladies. You not only broke `#@@^((!#_~@)_)$ tail’s heart, you broke Mz Berry’s heart along with all the dozens of girls that came on the shows. Not all, but most of those girls really wanted to be with you. And you are telling me you could not find love with ONE of them?

    Dude! Wish I was in your shoes. I would be engaged or married right now.

    Ray, I like you a lot and I think you represent the black male well, (apart from the sagging pants, of course) but you need to stop playing with young girls hearts. Me thinks you screwed up with Jaguar, and maybe even Luscious. Those were some seriously hot chicks, dude! Even if she smashed the hommie.

  10. Jess says:

    `_#_+)*@%^)%#~^@ tail and Mz. Berry saying they were in love??? Ya right. Everyone knows these “Love” shows are pure entertainment. The girls go on for exposure. Ray J does it for the money.

  11. Kim says:

    Ray J is young and just not ready to settle down with a real woman yet. When he finishes sowing his wild oats, he will settle down but right now NO because he is not ready. He should not do any more of these shows, because he is just leading these ladies on. And Ms. Berry was just mature for him and she had teenage children, that was not going to work out at all! But the good thing he not bring babies into the picture.

    I hope Brandy finds her someone to be with. No woman wants to be alone in life. Brandy take your time, you will meet the right someone one day.

  12. Caramel2l says:

    Hello, I love ray j and brandy both… U guys have made great music. In my opinion, I feel like the show caused more problems in ray j’s life. As a women here u have a man thats taking u out on dates,have career going for himself, nice things, nice house, can give u almost anything u need,he got a cool personality,fine as hell and romantic.. its kind of hard not to fall in love. This was jus one of life lessons that all money is not good money;not saying ray j is a bad person, but somewhere down the line somebody has to pay the price. It was sad see that it was two women thats been hurt by the situation. I kind of feel that ray j was torn about it cause I really do believe that wasnt trying to hurt either one of the women..

  13. Ugh says:

    Ray J is a such a douche! He is sooooooo fake and incredibly stupid. My word, some ppl’s children! Lol.

  14. Sharhonda says:

    Ray J u r so sexy baby (BABY ALL I WANT TO NO IS SEXY CAN I)

  15. Andy S. aka 'O' says:

    LMAO at no mention at all of Kelly Rowland and her time with Brandy.

  16. Mrs. Williams says:

    Mrstee is CORRECT!! Ray J is a joke! I DON’T KNOW WHO TOLD HIM THAT HE IS ALL OF THAT! Mz. Berry was WAY TOO GOOD FOR HIM!!! His punk a&& could not even tell Mz. Berry he wanted to be friends face to face, his scary a&& told her on the phone. He wants hoes anyways not a real woman. He is NOT a talented singer, so he needs to keep on doing reality shows to bring in the money. I looked at the show ONLY because Brandy was on there. Evidentally the producers felt that the reunion needed to be addressed because of all the heat Ray J received. Seeing the behind scenes made me NOT want to watch the show anymore!

  17. Whitney says:

    Well….now we know why we didn’t hear much of Ray and Mz. Berry’s relationship after the reunion show. They were saving it for this minor train wreck of an episode. I can hardly say that I’m surprised that Ray wasn’t ready to keep the relationship going.The whole world knows that he is soooo not ready for a relationship right now. Thanks for wasting two seasons of our time! LOL

  18. Rach says:

    Rich, I beg you, when you do the Celebreality interview with Brandy, ask her what the hell is up with those eyebrows! They are way scarier than Exotica’s– they look like they’re caterpillars trying to inch their way closer to her scalp.

  19. Anthony Norwood says:

    To all you loyal Brandyand Ray J fans I am their first cousin and I will tell you when it comes to family if you are not on their moms side of the family you are nothing to them.They are in my eyes liars they are not cool, family oriented, and I would not consider having them as role models they let our grandfather die in pain in a rat and roach infested house while they lived it up in their mansions.they are posers putting on a show for t.v. Isn’t that crazy that you would give your friend a 100,000 dollar car and your own flesh and blood is suffering(ray j) they didnt even attend the funeral then they have the nerve to have a norwoods kids foundation and wont even give the real norwoods kids a call i think it should be the bates kids foundation because if you feel like you too much for the real norwoods from whom you got your vocals from we wont bother you but i will not sit around any longer and let you fool the public to the readers brandy and ray j dont know the first thing about family unless your last name is bates

  20. Essence Copeland says:

    For real Im just now seeing this reunion episode. Lets all be honest with ourselves anytime someione does a show like this you cant really think they are looking for their wife or husband. I love Ray J always have and the bottom line is this when season one came out it was a damn SHOW then you have all these so called classy ladies trying to be on season 2 for real they all knew what they were getting into in the first place. Ms. Berry need to stick to trying to find a man her age instead of trying to date someone her junior. All the Ray J bashing is pathetic for REAL I feel where Ray is coming from completely you either get with it or get left.

  21. Dominique says:

    I am very happy to see that you have realized that you are not ready to settle down. I was a little confusing seeing that you seem like a really nice guy but you have all these women on a show acting like you are ready to settle down when really you weren’t. It almost seem like you were playin’ these women, in some different kind of way. Thank you for realizing. ;)

  22. sergio says:

    if vh1 make a CELEBREALITY PARANORMAL PROJECT (with the “of love” shows cast memebers) would see it!

  23. Dwayne says:

    Obviously Ray J’s lack of maturity and intelligence proves that he’s not ready to be in a real relationship.

  24. shaknbak480 says:

    Wooow how can Ray say he didn’t know !@&+&!#`_($$$&*_ tail liked him more than friends? She was on a show called The For Love of Ray J not For Friendship of Ray J

  25. CS3 Fan says:

    Wow, I wonder if this guy Anthony Norwood is legit. If anything he is saying is true then that is just terrible. Everyone in that family clearly does whatever Sonja tells them to so his story doesn’t sound entirely unbelievable.

    To the person that called Brandy a murderer I really don’t think that’s fair. She was not drunk and she was going the speed limit. It’s true that the accident was her fault because she wasn’t paying attention but it was an accident. That’s not murder.

  26. krayzieprincess says:

    OK someone has got to speak the truth. Oh come on people really, why are there so many haters? I’m not understanding. Yes Ray jay is not ready to settle down SO WHAT? how man men out there is?? and yes Brandy had a car ACCIDENT and GOD forgave her now move on. And for the ‘First’ cousin So what they are not obligated to give you money especially if you weren’t going to do right by it. I’m tired of money hungry families trying to get everything I know too well about that. Just live your life and if your not happy with it CHANGE it. take a look in the mirror

  27. Tess says:

    Ray J is a p— he just had to try and make himself look better because everyone liked Mz Berry, so he had to finish what he didn’t and put a spin on the foul end of his fake dating show! Please no more RJ!!!!A blind man could see through that!!

  28. CJ says:

    Ray J is 29. When is he ever going to grow up? Some of you all act like Mz. Berry so much older than him, it’s just a three year difference. To be honest, I believe Ray J is on the down low. Some of his homeboys act gay and Ray is extremely soft, spoiled, and petted by his mom.

  29. KELLY says:


  30. DiamondDiva says:

    Ray need his 29-30 yr old behind whipped. How u confused tht this womans feelings cld get hurt? The show is called For the LOVE of Ray J… the winner is expecting u as the prize u ^`^!!$)&`!($!@_(#$ U tld Mrs Berry and the other women several times u was ready to settle dwn and he knew all abt Mrs Berry kids so thats NO excuse. For his mother to tell him to put #_(%$*!#@)~@&_^@ tail in her place… excuse me?? What place is that?? #_(%$*!#@)~@&_^@ tail kept it Real and told it like it was, so what if Ray childishly brought up her sexual preferences etc, this had nothing to do w/ anything, esp if she was doing it for u, believe it or not but alot of women esp those w/ celebrity boyfriends will do freaky things to try to keep them…entertained and Ray is a Super Freak. Even if #_(%$*!#@)~@&_^@ tail didnt show up, hellloooo why is everyone ignoring the fact that he was Trying soooo hard to get with Jaguar in front of everybody, admitted he may have made a mistake and making plans to see Jaguar!Thts sooo disrespectful yo… Did anyone else besides myself notice that???

  31. shacoya says:

    My name is shacoya and i think ray needs to keep it real with every female he meets.I’m not judging him because i don’t personally know him but,for him not to keep it real at times then it’s going to make it look like he’s fake but i’m sure he doesn’t care about what people think of him but i mean doesn’t he care about the fans?.But anyway i love the show i love brandy she’s so real and hood and the TRUTH.
    -shacoya pettigrew