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As reported last week, Megan Hauserman was arrested last week on DUI charges. While Megan can’t talk about the events leading to her arrest, she spoke to us in detail regarding what went down in jail (“They were saying, ‘Where’s your millionaire now Megan?'”), her response to a report suggesting her job as spokesmodel for New York Strip is in jeopardy, her new scripted show and what she thought of her mugshot.

How long were you in jail?

I was in jail for 24 hours.

How was that?

It was disgusting and horrible and traumatizing. The worst part of it was that nobody knew I was there and I had no way of telling anybody where I was so that they could bail me out.

Explain that.

I was allowed to get one number out of my cell phone, so I called my friend and neighbor, and it was a Palm Beach County number, but the jail phone only dialed local calls and they didn’t tell me that. Miami is two counties away from Palm Beach. I didn’t know any other numbers, and I had no way of calling anybody else.

Tell me exactly what was disgusting and horrible and traumatizing about jail.

There were cockroaches on the floor. There were about 30 people packed in a small cell standing, throwing up, having seizures on drugs.

Were they heckling you?

No. The people that were heckling me were the guards. When I was getting fingerprinted they were saying, “Where’s your millionaire now, Megan?”

But the people you were sharing a cell with…

The other inmates. I hid my face in the corner for as long as I could for about 12 hours then I finally stood up and everybody recognized me. They were all excited. They were my fans. They said they wished they had a camera with them they said. They wanted a picture.

Was that embarrassing or funny?

At least everybody was nice to me. They were all excited. It gave me something to talk about. They asked me questions about all the shows. I gave them all the details about Bret’s hair and stuff.

Did you get out soon after?

Well, they told me that they were going to release me after eight hours because I have never been arrested for anything else. At 11:00, they didn’t let me out and at 12:30 they took me to court, where they gave me a $1,000 bail and told me I could make my next phone call after they transferred me to the country jail and process me there. So then we went back to our cell and I guess the other girls had been there before because they knew that at 3:00, they’re supposed to bring you over to the county jail. They felt the guards were keeping us in their longer because of me. They wanted to punish me and keep me in the cell longer than they were supposed to, so they delayed the transfer till 8:00 pm, so then everybody started getting mad at me. They were like, “We know we would be outta here and in our cots by now in our blankets if it wasn’t for her.”

So they turned on you…

Yeah. The guards were being really rude to me: “Who do you think you are, Paris Hilton? You think you can make a call whenever you want?” I finally got to county, and they strip-searched me and put me in bright orange jump suit. They let me make one more phone call before I was thrown into the cell. By that time, my club was open. I called the club and they were extremely worried about me. I was supposed to be hosting a contest and they immediately sent somebody down to the jail to bail me out.

What did you think of your mug shot?

I mean, I don’t think it’s the picture of me. It could be worse. I’ve seen worse mug shots. You can tell I was pissed.

The TMZ article said you were filming a TV show.

I was in South Beach filming a TV show for 12 hours that day and after me and…I was filming a new scripted television series for Showtime called Ocean Heat Miami, on which I have a recurring role. It’s my first experience acting. I was on set for 12 hours that day working. The show is set to air in July.

So the club bailed you out, but then there was a follow-up article suggesting that your job there is in jeopardy.

Well this writerJose Lambiet obviously doesn’t check any of his sources because his first article said I was on my way to a strip club. The truth is the event was the next day. He said it was a nude beauty pageant, which it was not. It’s a bikini pageant for spokesmodels for the club. There are reports saying that I am stripper there, which is 100 percent incorrect, because I am an investor for the club and a spokesmodel for the club. I do not strip there whatsoever. This Jose Lambiet is saying that my spokesmodel position is in jeopardy and I’m begging for it back, which I am not. The owners and I are very close. They were very worried about me and are very legitimate and honorable people. Girls have spent several weeks and several months on this spokesmodel challenge and they would never go back on their word and are behind me 100 percent. I will continue to be a spokesmodel for New York Strip and 10 more spokesmodels will be selected on June 24th and some will be receiving a $50,000 contract.

His follow-up story does have quotes from New York Strip co-owner Ken DeGori, though. How do you explain that?

Just like his other facts are incorrect, Jose Lambiet has twisted words of the co-owner to make this story seem more elaborate and entertaining than it really is.

But Ken actually did say, per this article, “Her arrest is putting us back…she represents the club in the outside world.”

I do represent the club, and obviously it is a setback but it’s not the end. The contest has been postponed a week, but that’s the only change.

DeGori also surmised that you had an attitude in jail, which is why you were there so long.

For an unknown person like Ken, it is true that you get out earlier if you don’t give the cops a hard time. However, the cops gave me a harder time because of who I am.

It is a little suspect that the article claims that New York Strip is thinking of firing you, yet there isn’t a direct quote from Ken on that particular matter.

Because it is 100 percent incorrect. I am an investor in the club and they are fully behind me. We are a very close family there. They immediately sent somebody to bail me out and take care of me. They were very worried about me and I will continue. They are very happy to have me as a part of their club and representing their club. Our club.

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