Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty Recap – Episode 6 – Priceless Quotes


Beauty: the universal language.


(That means “beautiful” in Japanese.)

Japan is this week’s stop on Jessica Simpson’s Price of Beauty tour. As Jessica and her crew soak in the city, CaCee takes in the crowded streets and wonders…


…”Where are all these people going? They’re all shopping?” Nah. If they’re anything like you guys, they’re headed to the spa…which is, actually, exactly where Ken, CaCee and Jessica are headed, but not before Ken makes a joke about Jessica having lived in Japan for four years and soaking in the language during that time. CaCee buys it and then unveils the second of this week’s priceless quotes:


Really, “dumb butts” the epithet to end all epithets. Nothing quite says, “Don’t f*** with me, I’m 8,” in quite the same way.

They meet their beauty ambassador Riyo Mori. Of the experience, CaCee explains…


…”Memoirs of a Geisha is one of my favorite movies, so it was exactly what I envisioned.” Nice to know that Japan lives up to Hollywood!

After a brief Japanese lesson (we watch the crew learn a total of two words and about the secrets of Japanese plastic surgery), they emerge ready for the spa. “I think we came out of it very Zen. We were very Japanese.” Yes, obviously that:


After some hijinks in a rock pond, Ken, CaCee and Jessica go get their feet chomped on by fish as part of their Japanese spa treatment.


This pedicure scared me to where I almost peed in my kimono,” explains Jessica. And then, another bodily function near-miss:


Ken, CaCee and Jessica then soak up a lesson in geisha school. Here they learn that geishas are not allowed to marry or fall in love (lest they loose their geisha credentials). “It’s shocking. That is definitely a price to pay for beauty,” explains Jessica. The title of this show is truly the gift that keeps on giving.


It wouldn’t be a Price of Beauty episode without a complete fish-out-of-water scenario. This week’s finds CaCee and Jessica dressing up as geishas and serving some men tea. During the process, they are overtaken with a case of geisha giggles.


The eyebrows on one of the men they’re serving really say everything:


The men agree that they would not patronize these geishas again. And back to America they go!

But not before visiting a woman who’s considering the Japanese practice of eye-widening surgery…


Somebody told me I’m sleepy when I’m still awake, ’cause my eyes are so…” says the woman. She really needs to watch this show to learn all about not listening to what others say about the way you look. Hopefully by the time this airs in Japan, it won’t be too late.

Their last cultural stop is at a Harajuku fashion show. “We’re gonna try and fit in,” says Jessica.




I think “try” is the operative word in that sentence. A for effort, though.

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  1. christina says:

    I appericate what you have done. Us as women need to know how other women view beauty. At the same time it let’s us know as women of the world. What we would do for beauty. In a way sad and beautiful. Yet a learning lesson for women around the world. That beauty is not what they tell you, but what you feel. I’m beautiful with all inside and out regardless what people think. I hope other young lady’s and women around the world feel the same. My pledge is beauty is skin deep. It’s you. Not what people want.

  2. Cherese says:

    I think that the concept of this program is excellent,having Jessica Simpson and her crew represent the U.S. is an embarassment.To me,their behavior appears degrading and ignorant. They don’t respect the customs of the naitive land and,totally misrepresent what American women stand for. I think she should realize that as much as she intends to “learn” from other cultures,they too are learning from her.I sat cringing in my seat as they giggled and talked while attempting to be geishas,how disrespectful.In the military before even getting orders to a foreign land we are briefed and encouraged to learn local customs as not to embarass our country and offend anyone else’s, she may want to do the same if this continues another season..she couldn’t possibly respect anything she doesn’t understand.

  3. Emily says:

    I love the concept of this show; it’s original, inspiring, and eye-opening. However, I was extremely offended when I watched the Tokyo episode. I myself am half `&%@$^^^~!*($*~ anese and adore my heritage and culture. Tea ceremonies are an ancient tradition that are centered around respect, purity, and tranquility. I was appalled to see Jessica and CaCee half-assing the ceremony and giggling the whole time. I know it’s difficult, but don’t be so disrespectful. I was ashamed for the both of them.

  4. Cricket says:

    I agree with all the others. This shows concept is fabulous! However, I am so embarrassed as to how Jessica and her crew are representing America. They make us live up to the name “Ugly Americans” that other countries call us. Jessica, please please change how you are behaving. You are representing all Americans and doing a really bad job of it. It’s so upsetting to watch. This show needs to change, or replace Jessica with a more respectful person (Reese Whiterspoon, Jennifer Aniston), or just cancel the show. VH1 and the cast should all be ashamed of themselves if they think this is going well.

  5. evfan says:

    this is why ppl should shut their mouths about their eyes.their eyes r beautiful and unique, the industry gets a kick out of tht and it’s not right.

  6. Mally says:

    I like it soooooo much the price of beauty, I´m from Mexico but I can´t see the show on TV, but I try to see all the eposides on internet!!!!, when I can see the price of beauty on TV of México!!!!!, please!!! Jessica SImpson is amazing woman!!!!!

  7. 493933 says:

    What a lovely day for a 493933! SCK was here

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