Ray J’s Mom Talks His Sex Tape


Leave it to Wendy Williams to go there and ask Sonja Norwood what she thought of her son’s sex tape scandal with Kim Kardasian. Feisty as ever, Sonja offers this take on the aftermath: “With all the hoopla about it being Ray J and people trying to blame him, did you see him on the cover of Playgirl? Did you see him in the centerfold of Playgirl? I think the question should be directed elsewhere. What about that?”

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  1. loli says:

    No, I just see him acting like a ho on two reality shows. And treating women like ho’s.

  2. jweez says:

    i never watch ur shows but all it took was one! ray, dude, u gotta listen to ur mom and quit being so full of S%IT! ur mother aparently speaks from experience and knowledge. i dont even wanna talk about ur sex tape crap who cares. but being a man is about honesty and confidence. just note, u have potential but right now u r very limited to those 2 things.

  3. evett726 says:

    Mom Norwood,

    I’m so glad you coin “no, no, no” where can I purchase one of those shirts for my mom.



  4. Kay says:

    Love Sonja!! As a mother I love the fact that she is not puttin up with anything from the industry no matter who you are. She said it, they don’t care about them-just what they can get out of them at the time and if more Momagers realized that we wouldn’t have so many hot messes running around here! That’s not to say her kids don’t make mistakes, we all do but she seems to do a really good job of teaching them right from wrong and helping them grow and be respectable adults!

  5. wendi says:

    I’m just wondering if there is anyone shorter than Ray-J, on earth. I have never, ever, not even one time seen him in a picture with another person whom of which (love that)he is taller than. I think they should bring Brandy’s daughter on their desperate show, at least he’s taller than her..or is he.. just sayin..

  6. wendi says:

    I’m just wondering if there is anyone shorter than Ray-J, on earth. I have never, ever, not even one time seen him in a picture with another person whom of which (love that)he is not taller than. I think they should bring Brandy’s daughter on their desperate show, at least he’s taller than her..or is he.. just sayin..

  7. Q. Milton says:

    I thought that when I finally decided to watch this new show I would be exited. and I was until Ray j came out. I have been a true fan of the Norwoods forever but as an adult ray J has started to stick out. As a Black women I see a young man who is having a great time and enjoying life and that’s what life is truly about to be Enjoyed! However being loyal to your friends is one thing but when people of true importance are in your presence will you really be proud of them then? it’s important for your friends and (&!!*@*#%@%&^^^ ociates to know how to act in all situations, whether your in the neighborhood just chillin or at a formal affair. There is a proverb that says “If you want to know the character of a man, simply look at the company he keeps”. With much love for the Norwoods in general. Q. Milton

  8. erica hunter says:

    Momma Sonia is never shy about callin the game just like she sees it. So is anyone surprised! Fabulous! She is the surprise breakout star of the show. Cuz while were all thinkin it she says it. Now that’s “Family Business”

  9. Justice says:

    Sonja, I love you and Willie. Good parent! Brandi and Ray J. are blessed to have the both of you as parents. Mrs. Norwood, please do not let Ray J. do anymore dating shows. I was with you on Ray J. not building a relationship with Mizz Berry. First of all, She was recently divorced with two kids to Ray J, never married, and no kids. Shaking my head. If Mizz Berry geniunely cared about Ray J., as a matured woman, who has lived, she would never had gone there, especially talking about she love Ray J. Please! Mother Hen (snickering) Sonja, you are showing America what it means to be a great black mother, with a family. Thank you!

  10. muah says:

    I love this show,i really think that their parents are looking out for them 100%.However the mom seems to be a little over protective of her grown kids,Ray J does not ready for a serious relationship he’s a mama’s boy.trust me I know one when I see one.

  11. MamaMia says:

    Please join my new facebook group, Help Re-Market Brandy’s ‘HUMAN’ Album! Invite all your friends and spread the word!

  12. darlene peoples says:

    It amazes me how Sonja always comes do the defense of Ray J. And because she is always defending him only allows him to treat women bad. Sonja you are doing your son more harm than good. You need to start calling him out on his stuff. I don’t know where Ray J’s behaviors with women come from. His father appears to be quiet. But you know what they say, the apple don’t fall to far from the tree. You need to be a real parent before Ray J catch something that his _(!@&~%*%!+@`#! can’t cash. and that’s real.

  13. Leslie says:

    I agree w/Darlene. RayJ is an immature Mama’s boy. He’s disrespectful to women and thinks way more about himself than he should. His mother really needs to stop defending his sorry a$$ and teach him some manners. Brandy was right, Sonja favors her son and it shows. Ray u r becoming so unlikeable. All you care about is “smashing” and “money”. Both can and will end up getting you in trouble if you aren’t careful.

  14. David Jay says:

    Brandy OR Ray j or whoever…The MOM is way out of line. She needs to get real. The whole thing with the stripper was just a thing…no big deal…i mean, the guys were playin and Mom pitched a fit over nothin…man nothing..
    Mom is a &@&`))!#^&@#_`(!~ who is power crazy…she is like ol lady kardashian with that”I’m the manager routine.
    I thought that Joe Jackson’s style of control was played out. Fire the &@&`))!#^&@#_`(!~ She got no talent and you kids are hurtin yourselves by puttin up with her `_^#&$)$$~(_^&!& Pay her to stay in her office.
    Ray J…Don’t be put upon by ypur Momma..The boys did no wrong….

  15. Anita says:

    I cannot believe Sonja EXCUSED her son’s behavior on that sex tape issue!!!! Kim and RayJ are the same – they make their money by selling “sex.” Her son was not on the cover of “Playboy” nor was he in the centerfold. However, he has had a sex show “for the love of Ray,” which was far more revealing than Kim’s cover exposure. Sonja needs to face up to what she has for a son: he is a “lil man” with a lil man mentality. During one of the episodes on Brandy and RayJ’s Family Business — all he talked about was he had the money, he is the business. Those outbursts were reflections of what a lil man does — TRY TO LOOK BIGGER THAN HE REALLLY IS.

  16. Vonnie says:

    Sonja, I love yourself and family; I’m proud the way you took on Hollywoood and did not let them take advantage of your daughter. I’m with you on if they don’t want to work with you there must be a hidden agenda. Mrs. Norwood, you do make a difference between Brandy and Ray, as mothers we are closing to our son’s and usually expect more from our daughters,probably because the girls are more responsible we expect more, the usually do what need to be done. Maybe if you watch the show it will help you see

  17. Vonnie says:

    Mrs.Norwood, you were 100 percent right when it came to that office scene; totally, I know shorty mack made you so angry and him laughing made you even hottier. Brandy was right about what she said as well; at the same time I understand why you said it; but you are wrong for being made with Brandy and loving and kissing Ray J. If it wasn’t for Ray it would have never happen. You make a difference; If Brandy came to the office acting like the 12 yr old Ray act like you would have been livid, your baby can do no wrong.ps. You should have showed up at Brandy’s performance. Love You Sonja..You go girl

  18. miss t says:

    i truly enjoyed his mom blasting that skank kim. ewww she gets mega mom points from me!!

  19. Lmar says:

    Sonja ain’t tough…she talk trash because she think that everybody is afraid of her.Saying if they want to play hard ball she will play hard ball…if the industry people is so cut throat shouldn’t you watch what you say about them? Brandy was right,Sonja should not have said to the young man that he was nothing.A lot of places that will get you hurt.Then go off on Bran because she just said that her mom shouldn’t have said that to them.What Sonja need to do is come down on Ray just like she does Bran. Ray just totally disrespect her and she just lick that mess up.Example the board meeting…texting and ignoring what was going on.I’ll bet she would have went off on Bran in the middle of the meeting had she done that.Ray is childish,a momma boy,a runt.. just plain stupid to sum it up.