Brandy vs. Ray J re: Darkchild


You gotta give it up for Brandy for her honesty. Not only did she acknowledge the poor sales of her last album, Human, (the PC thing to do would probably be to grin and pretend its artistry was more important than its sales), but she also made her beef with longtime collaborator Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins clear on this week’s episode of Ray J & Brandy: A Family Business. She also isn’t shy about calling out her brother for “acting,” as she does above in the extended clip of their argument regarding Ray pursuing a project with Darkchild. Brandy’s reality is convincingly real. Fascinating.

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  1. KELLY says:

    I dont like how brandys friend just invited herself to work for the family. she came off a s a user. She shouldnt be picking on the guy in the office if she wants a professional job she should learn to be. I can see why brandy calls the other girl her true friend. She makes a lot of superficial comments I can tell by brandys expression she doesnt fully accept her. She’ll take it as a joke, dont let her work there

  2. Ms.ToyaG says:

    I don’t think that Brandy was telling the whole truth about Rodney Jerkins not putting his all into her last album. She should just accept it for what it is: a failure! She is a good songstress and I like most of her music including that of “Human.” I think she got tied up with being a mother and as a result she did not promote her album effectively.

  3. mella says:

    I feel Ray J has not grown up. He is a momma’s boy.He acts like he is a teen. How can you have a lap dance in the office next to your mother, this is disrespectful, and tacky. He is so protected by Brandy and his mom. He will never become a man mentally if he is not made to be more responsible.

  4. Dwayne says:

    Very astute analysis MsToyaG.

  5. Tiff says:

    If you are going in different areas as Rodney say what do u expect the album to be like. Rodney may be right to that aspect of the situation but Bran should have been more careful about who she thought was a good choice to work with for that album.

  6. Shame says:

    From various interviews over the years, Brandy comes off as someone who does not take responsibility for her own shortcomings. If you thought the album was garbage, could you have not put it on hold and waited to come out with something you were comfortable putting your name on?

  7. romita1984 says:

    I dont like the fact Brandy’s daughter isn’t apart of the show. Correct me if I’m wrong but she is apart of the family right.

  8. T84 says:

    Umm … I just caught the whole episode and I just wanna know … Did Rodney and Brandy used to have something more? Because their hurt is a little deeper than professional and more than platonic.

  9. nicole w says:

    wanted to comment on why all the extra hurt feelings between Brandy & rodney J If iam not mistaken Rodney& Brandy’s Baby daddy are cousins & Rodney was trying to warn her that he was know good.But she did not listen & got mad that all that went down with him having a grildfreind etc… Any whoo i belive that MOmmy norwood shelter these kids um i mean adults & still do. & I can’t stand the when a mother treats her GROWN A$$ MAN Like he still a child & she does.

  10. TaQuisha says:

    ok y is their mother treat them like little kids dnt get me wrong i love some ray jbut he acts like he is 16 thats not cute brandy i hope win ur nex album drops its a success i miss hearing ur music but y isnt ur child n any of the episodes

  11. B. says:

    I agree, in order for Brandy’s friend to work in the business, she will need to tame her wild side and be more professional. Also, because she is a friend of Brandy does not mean she should be automatically groomed for the a manager’s position. However, I have to give it to her for the shades she rocked when her and Brandy hiked up the mountain. Does anyone know the name of those shades???

  12. robin says:

    While have never disliked either of them, I have never been a fan, either. I agree that Ray J has not grown up but neither has Brandy, not after her sham marriage, motherhood (where is the kid, anyway) and her hit and run. Ray J has an annoying voice, made worse by the fact that he is trying so hard to sound ghetto. Don’t get me wrong, he is talented, more so than his sister, but he is not all that he thinks he is.

  13. smokiewight says:

    wow.@whoever wrote this,if brandy had a +)@(+&$#(@@%_(&( you’d be all up on it.great job.

  14. Tamika says:

    Does anyone know that Brandy and Ray J have a stepbrother and sister that Mr Norwood doesn’t acknowledge, or are people forgetting, his name is C-Dove he’s a rapper, and the sister’s name is Monica. Brandy with her lying catface looking azz, denies him, but Ray J doesn’t. Mr Norwood won’t have anything to do with him. Now i know why the lord is not blessing this family with wealth, and i hope Brandy remembers taking someones life…..I now hate this family.

  15. MamaMia says:

    I’m really enjoying the show so far. As long as they keep it real, and don’t let it get contrived the way some other reality shows have done, they’ve got something there. But I do want to say, in regard to the conversation Brandy had with rodney about not bringing his best to her last album recording, I sure would like to hear his best if that wasn’t it, cuz I love every single track on that album. I heard the first song when it first aired on radio after an interview with Brandy, and had to go out and buy it right then. LOVE IT!

  16. MamaMia says:

    I’m really enjoying the show so far. As long as they keep it real, and don’t let it get contrived the way some other reality shows have done, they’ve got something there. But I do want to say, in regard to the conversation Brandy had with Rodney about not bringing his best to her last album recording, I sure would like to hear his best if that wasn’t it, cuz I love every single track on that album. I heard the first song when it first aired, on radio after an interview with Brandy, and had to go out and buy it right then. LOVE IT!

  17. MamaMia says:

    I had no idea until I read this blog that album sales for ‘Human’ weren’t all that great. I don’t understand that, because those cuts were fresh and well written, every single one. It HAD to be a matter of poor marketing, because no Brandy fan could have heard it and not loved it!

  18. Michael says:

    Here’s the problem with Rodney Jerkins: HE’S NOT THAT GOOD!!!! Name the last hit he made. I’ll wait…

  19. Nikki Carter says:

    First and formost what the hell is Brandy doing rapping. She is terrible. who let her make this buisness move. This is a castrophe.

  20. Bushirah says:

    Looked at reruns today – completely annoyed!
    Brandy as a teenager – acted, then sang her “tail” off… then as a “good” sister – introduced her brother. I don’t why has everyone “rode” on her coat-tail & now RJay’s the “star”… of what?? With “no due” respect to him… its crazy BS!

    I was curious about Brandy’s progress… but everyone acts as if “SHE” was not the vehicle they “ALL” rode in on!! Maybe she’s not as popular… but BRANDY’s the star of this piece & no one’s concentrated on HER brand – its sad! Follow Usher’s lead… fire them! ugh

  21. Hi-C says:

    The show has its moments. Haven’t we seen enough of this “man-child” by the name of Ray-Jay who has gotten his success off the money of his sister? The fake falsetto, mundane and un-eventful pitch he offers to a bunch of bubble gum flavored little girls? His arrogance is amazing. Ray-Jay, Mrs. Norwood remember…. without Brandy, Brand-Nu, and Moesha, this show WOULD NOT exist. Selfish! Ray Jay should be honored to carry his sister’s bags. She is the business and she gave ALL OF YOU YOUR START!

  22. Diane says:

    Ray J is THE business? Please! Ray J is so immature, arrogant, and quite frankly, an a-hole. Apparently money can’t buy you intelligence or class. I actually used to be a fan, but the more I see of Ray J, the more I dislike him. Brandy has all the talent in this family. Her rapping was not bad but I like her singing much more. Ray J enjoy your 5 minutes because it’s almost over.

  23. Thickgurl32 says:

    Im tired of Sonya acting like a matter if she is mad at Brandy aka Bran Nu or not she should have been a mother and supported her daughter because at the end of the day family is family..My mother would have never dumped me like that especially on an important day for me..GET IT TOGETHER SONYA

  24. NeNe says:

    Well, Ray J is a piece of work talking about his bank account – how juvenile is that? Brandy’s friend and office manager should be fired for stepping out of line. Sonja is playing favoritism with her children and Ray is spoiled to the hilt so he does not need any babying from mama. Ray should have dismissed the stripper and send her on her way. The office is your place of business and the two should not meet especially that he shares space with the rest of the family. Grown boy has a lot of growing up to do.

  25. Shellz says:

    Ray J…..Ray J….Ray J are you serious about being “THE BUSINESS”? Your only famous and relevant because your sister Brandy paved the way for your success. If it had not been for her, no one would have watched “Brandy’s little brother” look for love on your reality show. Pay homage to her…by not saying off the wall garbage on tv. And that manager of theirs DID Not disrespect King Ray J! She was simply telling the truth, he does need to get his business conduct up to par. Sidenote: And if Ray J has soooo much money in his bank account why the hell does he keep scrambling for a damn reality show. You don’t see Jay Z popping up on reality tv every 5 seconds. Grow up little man! Brandy stay keeping it real!!!

  26. Luv Storey says:

    OMG, I was so annoyed on sooooooooo many levels with yesterdays show. Why the heck is Sony-Son trippin on everybody but RAY J? And she is mad at Brandy for telling how incredible wrong she was for saying what she said about Shorty Mack. Sonja knows that she would have a fit if someone yelled that out about her son so who gave her the authority to belittle someone elses child. Even though the “KO” crew was out of line. Her son accepted it and was not telling the girls to leave. But BRANDY was and the friend…….And although, I am not a hugh fan of Shay (I think thats her name)she was telling Ray the right thing and he just started going hard on her and nobody said anything to him. He didn’t even come off like that on his freinds which are who he should have been going off on……….And Sonja not going to the House of Blues because she was mad! Come on now Sonja! You always support your kids especially when this was the debut of “Bran NU” even if you don’t agree with it you should have at the very least came to support her. And Bran Nu I must say you surprised me and did pretty good. I don’t know about a complete rap ablum but throwing some of that in on a song or two would be ok by me. I am a fan of your and I enjoyed the HUMAN album.

  27. nicki says:

    Ray J needs to keep it real!!!! We all know that every bit of the Norwood’s family money came from Brandy’s fame. Who is Ray J? To me he is a big and flat nose, big lip, and not talent wantabe. We didn’t know who he was until we saw the Kim and Ray J prono.

  28. Alissa says:

    Well this was an interesting episode. I love Brandy to death and I have watched her since I was little but her brother is another thing. Humility can go along way. Just because you have money, looks, and singing doesn’t mean that you are all that. I know a lot of men that are more cute, can sing better and probably can match his bank account. Ray needs to come from under his mothers skirt and be a man. I really don’t think Ray knows how to be a man. He might think he does but men dont act as he do. I am sorry if this hurts anyone’s feeling but I stay real.

  29. Sharon says:

    I know if they remove Ray J from “Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business”. The show would be better off in making it big. It doesn’t make no sense for him to be in show business.

  30. Tutonline says:

    Watched the show Sun for the last time. Can’t stand the sight of Ray J. Current show is all about his trashy ways & bragging about his “bank account”. When will black people learn $$ does not buy character, class or impress anyone other than people who are as shallow & ghetto as they are. This show is an embarrasment & I’m so sick of the same black sterotypes polluting the airways.

    Once bought Brandy’s music but will not spend another dime on this “family” because I’m so sick of the “children” (30 & 27) swaggering, bragging and focused on nothing but fame & money. Tired of it, tired of it, tired. Maybe the show would be relevant if the “family” actually did something worth televising(don’t mention that “charity” because this show is not about that). So sick of black entertainers who never seem to grow up or understand the real meaning of life is not money, houses, cars or bragging about what you have – but about what redeems the human race.

    As for Ray J – shallow, foul little boy who will never, ever understand what it means to be a man.

    The father is far too good for this “family”.

  31. YaLonda MilesJones says:

    2nites episode of Brandy & Ray J wuz such a messy show!! Sonja Norwood is really trippin and how does it look with her acting like an immature child……..When is Ray gonna grow up and when is his momma gonna hold him accountable 4 his actions??? The husband WILLIE is just there 4 show…he has no bk bone and turns his head most of the time. The stripper wusn’t directly RAYs fault but he encouraged her and Brandy and That gurl were tellin him 2 get her out. Sonja Norwood needs a sedative then she needs a reality check…….RAY IS AN IMMATURE BOY WHO NEEDS 2 GROW UP BUT WON’T AS LONG AS HIS MOMMA BABYS HIM!!!!!!!!!! Brandy I am sorry the show wit TIMBERLIND….wus booty!!! Im sure they won’t ask u again 2 rap, cause u can’t! U tried it didn’t sound good keep singing. I will agree with Sonja singing is wut made u famous stick 2 that. If u stick with BRAND NU u need 2 work hair n 2 budget cuz ur hair wuz whack!! i don’t understand…u make sure u r right…waitin on sumone else and they make u look like lol AVITAR not cute. Ur dad is rigt wut is this thang gonna come 2- Ray is so disrespectful and for Sonja 2 always act like she runs thangs she is a weak person wen it comes 2 Ray. Ray should have been sent home wen he wus DRUNK n the meeting and his momma sat there and ignored his actions. Sonja Norwood u r helpin RAY J 2 b the opposite of a good man. Thankx

  32. YaLonda MilesJones says:

    Can Shay wear sumthin other than BLACK?? ur not funny either, but wut I will say u got on RAYs (*)%^*#%#^^__&` Good gurl!

  33. here's what really went on says:

    First, Im proud of Brandy for telling Ray J to stop fronting. He’s acting because he’s used to reality tv, and he doesn’t want to tick off Rodney. Although she comes off high strung, and probably overexaggerative, Brandy is keeping everything very real.

    Also, the situation with Rodney has a backstory Im SURE they wont get into on the tv show, and part of that is probably what she was alluding to, and what Ray was playing dumb about. Rodney is the cousin of the man who fathered Brandy’s child, and he had some very harsh things to say about her in the media when that whole fake marriage situation popped off. He was never supportive of the union. When his brother started telling stuff, Brandy took offense to what he was saying, bec. at that time their child was already in the world. It was drama, and ROdney and brandy situation has never been the same, I dont think.

    Ray J is slimy, I feel like he would hang everyone out to dry just to preserve his what little image. He acts like a child because his mother and sister dote on him so much, that they rarely demand he be a man. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE THOSE WOMEN WHO WENT ON HIS DATING SHOW should feel like they wasted time.

  34. creamyellow1 says:

    I don’t care what Ray J does but he is definetly the definition of B**ch@$$ness. Arguing with )`%%`~+_+$%@^#@) tail and his sisters friend.

    He don’t get it, he’s wack and if he were taller he probably be an abuser. I think he’s definetly BI, his friends are weirdos, he’s weird and he needs to learn how to turn into a man. I see why Snoop does not claim him.

  35. barbieb says:

    I’m sorry I don’t like this family at all. They only care about the 4 of them and no one else and they will do whatever to protect each other. Brandy acts like she’s scared to speak up to Ray J, the Mother Baby’s him way too much and the Dad needs to speak up.

    Ray J is beyond WACK, beyond. Brandy is wack and always has been, that’s why her album did not do well.

    Beyonce, Keysha Cole, Janet Jackson or RHiana could have song those same songs and their album would have went triple platinum. I think Brandy and Ray J think people like them more than they really do. Brandy was so $%~)*%_~!`_@_+`# y her whole career and now she’s trying to humble up but it’s not working and Ray J is PATHETIC. This show was a bad idea, hope it paid them good for the rest of their life.

  36. Rozybee says:

    I agree with you Kelly I don’t like the way Brandy’s friend invited herself to work in the family biz. I am not saying that Brandy should not help a friend out but be wise when making a choice. Her friedn seems a little ghetto to me and does not act professional at all.Dancing and screen does show maturity nor professionalizm in the office.I hope Brandy does not regret that decision. Now to Brandy and Ray J let me tell you why your Mom was so upset is because she has big dreams for you guys and you are not showing her that you can walk in your destiny without her being there.Please show her that you can do this your fans have faith in you both.Make your Mama proud and be wise when you select your friends.And learn how to keep it 100 when it comes to business and 100 when it’s time to play.Brandy if your friend is going to work with the family tell her she must act prodessional while in the office.

  37. Levar says:

    I’ve been a fan of Brandy for years. And I would like to say that i’ve bought every last one of her albums except Human. I wasn’t feeling it. There was only one song I liked on Human. With that being said. I think she should bring out Bran Nu. And rock it out. But I’m with her Mom on this one because being a fan I really enjoy the singing that Brandy does. Something that mellows you out after a long day at work or relaxing with someone you love. I’m ready for the new album. I believe if she focus on making great songs and getting the fans to feel what she’s feeling then she would have a good album. As for Ray J. I only bought one of his albums and there was only one song on there that I like. And on the last album the one I really like was Sexy Can I. I didn’t like the fact when He told Shay that she needed to check his bank account. He was wrong for that statement and that he needs to remember money and fame could be here today and gone tomorrow. Well anyway I love Brandy and can’t wait for the next album. Support Support Support my girl Brandy.

  38. Mark says:

    Brandy 15 years old needs to be revisited between mom and her its important

  39. Taneeka says:

    All the people out there who are negative will never get anywhere in life.

    This show has made me look at the family in a whole new way. It’s not always easy living the life of a celebrity. Yes, they may have money but like any family there are issues within.
    I think Ray J is living his life right now… who are we to say he is wrong. Brandy just wants to be treated equally and hear that her mom is proud if her. From the outside looking in, we would ~%_%^&+&*%#`_~) ume Brandy as being her favorite but this is not true.
    I love the family their showing reality to what their family is about.

  40. cindy says:

    MRS SONYA always mention how she is a MOTHER too her kids but never mentions being a GRANDMOTHER TO HER ONLY GRANDDAUGHTER I find that strange

  41. carmel says:

    It seem to me that Ray J is the parent in his mother is the child Just pay attention to the show. and you will see what am talking about. I really hate his Dam show………………………………………………

  42. carmel says:

    It seem to me that Ray J is the parent in his mother is the child Just pay attention to the show. and you will see what am talking about. I really hate his Dam show

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