What Chilli Wants Recap – Episode 3 – Sucker Punched



See now, this is how you find a man.

But at the start of this episode of What Chilli Wants, it seems like she won’t need it, since she has options, now. First, there’s Floyd. And Chilli gets her second date with Christian, this guy:


He survived their first date during the premiere episode. How do you make a second date more intimidating than a first date surrounded by cameras with your date’s dating coach sitting behind you, and being bombarded with questions about your sexuality and pork habits (not a euphemism)? Just throw this woman into the mix:


Christian says Chilli’s expectations are “space-age.” I don’t know what that means, and neither do the girls. Did he mean next level? High-tech? Or that they don’t eat pork in space? Who knows. Well, I know. Good thing “strong vocabulary” wasn’t on Chilli’s list.

Missy grills him, but he holds his own. Still, Chilli says something is missing. “Jesus is taken, Obama is taken, and Michelle won’t play that,” Missy argues. Won’t play what is uncertain, but Chilli is once again not up for modifying her list.


I do like that Obama and Jesus are basically the only two people Missy can think of, and that, according to Chilli’s list, they actually both don’t make the cut. But anyway: Why is Missy Elliott here while Tionna Smalls is not? Is Tionna Smalls out making hit R&B singles? Oh, no? That’s Missy’s job, you say? Can someone tell her?

Christian doesn’t stand a chance anyway, because Chilli has her mind on this:


Luckily TLC is getting ready for a show in Vegas, where Floyd lives. And that means Chilli has to rehearse both her routines and what she’ll say to him.


Let us just enjoy watching Chilli rehearse for a second, because we get to see some of TLC’s classic moves.


The “Creep” dance! Tron is as happy as I am. This is part of why you become a superstar, right? Your kids just don’t look at you the same when you take them to work with you at the insurance company.


Chilli says it’s been seven years since TLC performed Stateside. They “shut it down” after the death of Left Eye. “Deep down I know she would want this for us,” Chilli says. I wish we knew what she wanted for Chilli’s love life. Missy Elliott is pretty great, but no one spoke her mind like Left Eye. Sigh:


This is what Floyd needs to see:


Great arms. Call her picky, but Chilli’s not asking for anything that she doesn’t have herself. That’s important right?

After rehearsals, Tionna has a talk with Chilli. “Is it possible that Floyd Mayweather is the one?” she asks. I mean, duh. Chilli thinks about the possibility and gets this look in her eyes.


If you look closely, I think you can see pink hearts coming out of her ears. Tionna is, once again surprised at Chilli’s enthusiasm, probably because she’s given the gas face to every other man she’s picked out. Note: This un-Chilli-like sense of optimism will not last. So let’s enjoy its brief cameo appearance this episode.


Chilli takes Tron out for go-karts and burritos. And I am still shocked at the ability of celebrities to turn out tiny adults. He says, “Bravo” and applauds her recent rehearsals. Look at his tiny adult face:


When they get to Vegas Tionna meets with a bookie to get Chilli’s odds of finding “the one” in Atlanta. I thought this was going to be stupid, but he actually made a lot of sense. Eliminating all the women, old men, kids, guys who smoke, guys who eat pork, guys without jobs (and in this economy!), and with bad credit, he says her chances are 2.8 million to 1. But, hey, she’s in Vegas, her search has already crossed state boarders. Odds are good she could find the one in another part of the country.


Backstage at the charity show, Taylor Swift tells Chilli that she was ten years old when she saw the video for “Unpretty” and fell in love with TLC. You know she’s young if “Unpretty” is her favorite TLC single.


Lisa’s family comes to say hello to Chilli and T-Boz. And…wow, Lisa’s sister Reigndrop Lopes looks EXACTLY like her. The face, hair, everything. Also, her name is not Raindrop, but REIGNdrop. Is it possible that Lisa named her sister?


We get a taste of “What About Your Friends” (the track that, in my mind, has the craziest of Left-Eye raps), “Waterfalls,” and “No Scrubs.”


An inspiring moment for all:


Okay, dry your eyes. Time to get back to Floyd.

Well first, back to Tionna, who interviews that her job is done if this works…but we’re only three episodes in. Logically, this doesn’t exactly bode well for what’s coming next, does it?


Nor does the fact that Floyd is very, very late for his date with Chilli. Tionna stays to keep her company, but turns out she’s really there to cheer her up.


Then he calls, and because we can’t hear his end of the call, these photos kind of tell you as much as the video does:




Chilli’s reaction: “Wow.” Tionna tries to cheer her up with the promise of more men and better dates. But no one can save Chilli from the solo walk of shame back to her limo, carrying the gift for Lloyd that she probably should have thrown over the balcony.


Floyd stands her up, and now you can see why Chilli is a) so guarded b) so against trying to date him. That’s the bad news. The good news: More episodes, right?

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  1. darlene says:

    My heart sank when Floyd did not show up.
    If he really wanted to be more than a friend he would have been there. What a shame.
    When he gets his %(&_**%$_*^&)(% handed to him in this next fight go out with the other guy.

  2. Kelli Harris says:

    Chilli keep your options for dating open. Date as many men as you can. The one that pays more attention to your every need is your man. You want to be with the man who wants you and cannot live without you. Give them a chance. You need to let go and God will bring the right man to you. You will not have to look for him and/or have someone else look for you.

  3. debra says:

    for me personally i think she should have try usher again

  4. Antoine Shorter says:

    I like chili should let me take her out on a date and show her how simple love can be. that way u don’t have 2 go looking for sumthing that is not there………

  5. Antoine Shorter says:

    and forget Usher , his lost

  6. what the h*ll says:

    Chili should not listen to her friend Tionna. Keep your checklist Chili, and never settle for anything less. You shouldn’t short change yourself. Yes, it will take longer and be much harder to find that man that fits your list, but if you waste your time with someone that doesn’t fit your list, then you may miss the one that actually does.

  7. emjay2 says:

    FLOYD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What in the HECK is wrong with you???? I mean for real man. Even if you DON’T want things to get SERIOUS with Chilli, you STILL could have at least SHOWN UP and kept it REAL with her.

    I mean really, Floyd, ya’ll didn’t just MEET each other….she’s suppose to be your ‘friend’ and REGARDLESS if you want to take it to the next level with her or NOT, she at least DESERVES the curtosy of you showing your face. I thought you CARED about this woman. That’s messed up. Like another poster said, my heart SUNK TOO, when you did that.

    I would have NEVER thought in a million years, that YOU would do something, like that. Yeah, another dude that doesn’t KNOW her or really CARES about her…YES. But not you.

    I mean YES, Chilli seems TOUGH but she ALSO seems to be a ‘good girl’ and MAYBE she’s so TOUGH because she HERSELF is willing to put forth, everything she wants BACK, from someone. I dunno….but maybe that’s the case.

    It’s not even ABOUT whether or not you want to explore a ‘relationship’ or not. It’s just the principle Floyd and the fact that you CLAIM to Be “like this”, with her (if you know what I mean). Why would you do that to someone that you’re “like this” with?? I’m VERY dissapointed in you and believed in you WAY MORE, than that. Oh well.

    The photo was breathtaking though. If someone were to ask me what LOVE looks like in a photo….O-M-G…..that would be it. Not alleging anything….just saying. That’s just how breathtaking that photo was. Had my stomach all tied up in knots. Real talk. My heart breaks for her.

  8. Babydoll says:

    I understand Chili if you want what you want!Thats fine but never let a man play you on national Tv!Floyd is with someone if not many ,that is totally disresectful for you to be in Las vegas and he staight play you!That means he has a woman in las vegas ,and dont think she aint watchin and making sure he fakes you out!You are a nice looking woman but it seems to me that if you play him off then he will be chasing you ,but its not the case when you keep talking about him,and dropping everything to be with him,try playing hard to get,I know you like him but long as he knows that you will never have him!!!! Trust me!!!He is a great boxer but also a trash talker so dont think he aint laughing about standing you up,hes probably telling his team,like look at this girl think she is all that but im gona stand her up!!You know how it goes!I know your mad babygirl cause Im mad with you national tv,a no show,cmon Chili dnt be stupid you are to cute for that!Im a fan of Floyd but when he played you and then didnt even go to your concert or nothing i say,just another man smelling his `_+())**`_%@)@` Goodluck to you!

  9. Cassi says:

    All I could say when I was watching the end was, “Floyd. You don’t even know how much you messed up.” :[

  10. Kay says:

    First I have to say that I agree with Antione Shorter, Chilli should forget Usher, you not suppose to go backwards but forwards and upgrade. I get what Chilli is saying though. She is atracted to Floyed and can see herself with him except there is still some buts there and he is not stepping up enough for Chilli to keep him on her mind. I myself don’t care what anyone else thinks when I say this; I don’t think that Chilli list is to much to look for because after all men look for the same things in women if not more they want a five star chick that is a dime a freak in the bed but a lady in the streets and she got to know how to cook, but when it comes to a woman having a certain standard for a man it is to much to have a man that actually care and is atractive has money and is responsible and wants a family not on the games a player mentality that can be counted on.

  11. Christine says:

    People come on…this was probably all set up for this tv show. Who knows if Floyd really stood her up in “reality.” It all just seems staged.

  12. Songbird58 says:

    I feel bad for Chili with Mayweather but I ask Chili to understand that Mayweather may have forgotten but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care for you. He is a busy person with the madness also. It broke my heart to see your face and the disappointment you felt. Don’t give up quite so fast on Mayweather until perhaps you see something the next time.

  13. Songbird58 says:

    And remember Chili, Mayweather didn’t know what you had planned or what you was thinking about for this date. Yes, he missed it but I’m sure if he knew he blew a chance with you, he would have dropped everything for you. Usher is free if that is something you two can work out :0)

  14. Shavonn says:

    Chili you may need to travel outside ATL to find a good non gay man!! it’s just a suggestion! I TLC and u have a beautiful son!!

  15. diamond says:


  16. Charles Adams says:

    Ms. Chilli,

    It is good that you have expectation of the man in which you would ultimately like to be committed to for the rest of your life, however you are sking for a lot. Not that you may not get it, but at what cost? You should be asking yourself two basic and very important question? Does this man love me for me and is he in love with me? Know the difference between the two and the rest on your list will be irrelevent. Good hunting my sister. Everyone deserves someone special in their life, make sure you are not counting others who could be that special one.


  17. Candy says:

    I hate this show. Chilli is so SHALLOW and this show is about NOTHING who

  18. anisha says:

    When looking for a man w/ class, seek the ^+$@)((_+@(%@@) istance of a matchmaker who actually has some herself. Why did you have this chick helping you in the 1st place? A woman like you does not need to settle to please others’ opinions. You deserve to have your standards fulfilled and for a man to step up his game and BRING IT if he wants his queen. The men need to upgrade, you are already there, so hold out for YOUR Mr. Right Chili b/c you deserve the best for you and your son;)

  19. The Truth says:

    Here is the issue, you. First of all, men find women, women don’t find men. What that means is that if you are looking a woman looking for a man, there is something wrong with you. You have probably ran off every single man worth having and am now bottom feeding in hopes that you swindle some sucker into believing the false self image you have duped yourself into believing long enough to marry you.

    The reason no one is interested in a real relationship with you is because you aren’t mature or equipped mentally to be in a relationship, which is obvious by the petty, self-centered, selfish traits you display on every show. If you really want to be in a relationship you need to start taking advice from someone who can honestly tell you what is right and what is wrong about you from a perspective that has value – a man.

    Floyd didn’t play you, you keep playing yourself. Grow up, take responsibility for your shortcomings and show that you are serious about committing yourself to a person.

  20. Gary Skirvin says:

    my sweet lovely Chilli im so sorry that u was feeling that way i seen it in ur eyes any man would b happy 2 have u as a friend and my god 4 u 2 want him in a way more then a friend so very lucky .I dont watch shows like that but i have 2 watch u so hard 2 think of u not having a man 2 tell and show u that u r the angel that u r hugs and kisses 2 u and urs

  21. missy says:

    chill u no baby anymore stop combing down your baby hair grown the ? up

  22. Steady says:

    This show demonstrates why so many “successful” black “women” are alone. The man she is looking for does not walk this earth. No human being could stand up to such microscopic examination. Imagine what kind of an intolerable mess a marriage would be like with her. I’m glad Floyd flipped it on her. Now she can know what the men felt like that SHE picked apart and tossed aside. Save a brotha a life of heartache little girl and stay to yourself! Chilli obviously wants sunshine perpetually blown up her hindparts. Good luck with that!!

  23. John Snow says:

    I guess I just don’t get it. She’s hood cute, but then what. Middle aged single mom with Usher Baggage, Floyd Baggage, and Baby Daddy baggage. Her career is behind her, but you still get the lack of privacy and all the wrong sort of attention if you’re with her. On top of that she wants to run the show and perhaps worst of all, she values herself too highly. In addition, Floyd is a lil grimlin looking brutha and her other men have been ok looking but not what she’s discribing. The one thing that they have in common is that they’re successful in entertainment and paid. That’s her only real criteria.

  24. Blessed Assurance says:


    You may need to suggest to Chilli that she get a professional Counselor. It is clear that she is suffering from some deep “father wounds” that she is not confronting head on and dealing with. And as far as dating goes you need to tell her that no one will be perfect and it is all about your ability to extend grace. You may love someone to “death” in the beginning but life happens and she needs to be able to see her future husband through God’s eyes and not her own, that is the key to a successful relationship/marriage. Good Luck.

    Be Blessed

  25. Drama Free says:

    Wow!…she brought a strange! man to her….Home!!! where her and her son lives!…she’s crazy! as hell! fot that!….he can be a stalker! or tell other’s where she lives!….

    she’s a very! silly little girl!….it’s time for her to come into 2010! and leave that 90′s look! behind her along with that silly %)@(~+++^%$^~&@ list”! of her’s….Wow! the world will never! see her the same again! after this show….

    She’ll be in the pile with withney and the other…has beens!

  26. Stephanie from Maryland says:

    Chilli is A TYPICAL…and unfortunately what a lot of black men THINK WE are alike.
    She has a TOM BOY LOOK and attitude. She gives off the impression she COULD BE GAY. Always got a reason WHY she can’t get along with man…tearing men down for the smallest reasons. SHE IS NEGATIVE and way too picky. She’s unrealistic.
    She puts in front of everything else that REALLY COUNTS SUPERFICIAL physical qualities in a man AS IF she’s a 17 y/o GIRL.
    The truth is she’s middle aged, a single Mother who has NEVER been married, with a career that is all but behind her. Not taking anything from her BUT let the truth BE TOLD.
    WHO does she THINK she is? WAKE UP?!
    The one thing she hasn’t come right out and said is she wants a many WITH MONEY…but I would believe she isn’t that stupid to come right out and say.
    Fan or not…she’s making a fool of herself.
    Chilli get your head out your )%^!($`$`+^&_!_ BEFORE your a GRANNY.

  27. LadyE says:

    I understand you dont want to settle for less and I completly understand but come on now Chili you are TOO PICKY, you are a beautiful woman but you need help. Remember this sweety ” YOU COME TO LOVE NOT BY FINDING THE PERFECT PERSON, BUT BY SEEING AN IMPERFECT PERSON PERFECTLY.–hope you find a man!!

  28. thagooods says:

    I have now watched two episodes..WoW!! Looking at Chillis face when it’s time to date has reminded me of myself(At least you have the courage to try) Another thing I know what you mean when you something is missing, I look for it too, I need to feel it as they need to give it.

  29. Samuel says:

    Hello: How are/is all who reads Chilli i can end the show right at the first time we meet and greet,But if it’s all about money then the show go’s on if it’s about finding the right man then that’s me.

  30. nelson says:

    Chilli, my opinion is that you need to stop letting that girl tryna hook you up with guys. Your a very pretty and intelligent woman. Alot of good men like to find that one, not to be found by a woman.By you being a music entertainer dating is really have gotten over rated. I suggest that you take a vacation and go some place were someone dont know and dont act like you have money. Perhaps a small town or something, but remember DONT LOOK FOR HIM.

  31. Trueself says:

    Chilli should keep her standards. She and her son are the only ones that will live with her choice. No one not
    Tionna, her fans or any person on earth will have that experience. The first time something happens that any one doesn’t approve of or understand someone will say something.

  32. Poetic Voice says:

    What is a check list. Why is there a check list. Love is not a check list. I am a man that can see a woman for what she is. The thing is can you see the real you to see a real man. Sometime love can be a man that is not on a list. but how he make you feel. I am sorry that you cant find the one you love. The thing is not to look for the perfect man but to look for a man that will compliment YOU! ALL OF YOU! I wish that i had all the things on you list. But i don’t. Love is there it takes time. Enjoy!

  33. kelly says:

    Does anyone know what nail salon they were in, in the first episode? I’m headed to Atlanta in a few weeks and want to check it out.

  34. LC Smith says:

    I believe that the show needs to be taken off the air. Chilli needs to grow up before she can find a man. She is not ALL that. Just because she “was” famous does not mean that everyone should cater to her. She really gets on my nerves. She needs to go to church more to get in touch with reality. Also, the $@@&+!_~**$&*_( istant who is trying to find her a mate, well she needs STOP!!!!!!

  35. Tregoes says:

    The kick boxer was fly; the problem is the men are not Flyod! If she really payed attention he talks $~#@^_~@~(&&`(`$ just like Money May; he is `)~#~~@*@+)`_)@( y, confident and hella-sexy. Man she is dismissing all these guys due to her feelings for Money Mayweather! Nice Win in Vegas

  36. LaShanna says:

    Chilli first of all you are asking for these men to have certain qualities but really what do you have to offer? You are still wearing the same hair style since hector was a pup. You are too dang on picky and first of all you are not as feminine. You are more on the manly side. You may not be ALL that to GUYS!!!! The bible said that he that findeth a wife, findeth a good thing, so why are you out searching. You are too controlling and you have too much going on. You look for all these christian attributes but you so what display christian behavior. If you were in the church, maybe it’s possible, that person may be there. I totally understand Tianna’s frustration with you. You are NOT all OF THAT!!! Change your hair style, change your attitude, change your demeaner and dress MORE FEMININE and its not about what you want, it’s about WHAT GOD wants for you!!!! UGH!!I hope men don’t think that ALL females are like this, REALLY we are NOT!!! IT doesn’t take a list to find true love, it seems like you are looking for a MEAL ticket for you and your soon!!! And it seems if they don’t fit the bill, then you are kicking them to the curve…..GET IT TOGETHER sister!!!

  37. wow 77 says:

    u too dam old to be picky. take the pills. your a 3 who used to be a 6. get over ur dam self. the show needs to be canceled cause usher is not walk trough that door

  38. Bflynt says:

    Yo, Chili is straight trippin’! She don’t know what she wants in a man, but I think she wants a rich and famous dude, not some Average Joe type cat. Every bad thing she pointed out in these guys, are some of the same qualities Usher and Floyd Mayweather have!!! WTF?? She said kickboxer dude was too macho??? And Floyd isn’t with all that #^+_*“^#&#~+++! talkin’ he does? The thing about it is that the Usher’s and Floyd’s of the world don’t need her @#++~!~*_)!$#~& because they have 10 – 20 other extremely bad broads on speed dial! You see Usher cheated on her!

    Her list is ridiculous for a woman knockin’ on 40 years old. She said another dude was too young, but uh, Floyd and Usher are both younger than her. Plus she’s used goods. She done been ran thru by Dallas Austin, Usher, and some NFL player too. Who knows how many others? This girl wants a dude with some status and money, but she best watch Basketball Wives to see where that road leads. She’ll be single for the rest of her life with that list!

  39. titia says:

    I think that chilli is a very beautiful person but she holds these men at a standard that’s too high. It will never be reached. She says she wants a christian man but she hired a stripper not only that she touched his goodies. What christian woman behaves like that?! She says he has to be super fine but she was willing to settle for Floyd Mayweather.(nice body but not the best looking.) And don’t forget Dallas is not the best looking either. I think she would be willing to over-look that check list if their bank account is big.

  40. Jamie says:

    My comment is to the person that calls themself the Truth on here. You need to go sit down…who has made you God….to judge Chilli and talk about how selfish she is and that something is wrong with a woman that’s looking for a man. Obviously there is room to grow and to learn for us all…but you are just rotten with your mouth. You have a nerve!

  41. SHIANNE says:


  42. Sam says:

    I understand that Chilli wants a good man as well as the men she’s been talking to wants a good women but when someone’s standards are as high as Chilli’s there is not going to be anyone for her. I think that Chilli needs to get her act together and stop being so rude and disrespectful to the guys that are taking out their time to go on the dates with her. She wants someone that’s flawless and that is unreal in this world! I’m unsure of what world she lives in but it’s not happening in this one. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t think she should settle for less but if she don’t want to be alone for the rest of her life she better go on and get someone and be happy because she’s not getting any younger. Now, on the point of Floyd standing her up, THAT’S WHAT SHE GET, LOL ! This is what you want but it’s may not be what you need. You get what you give and you’re getting it. I think Chilli needs to take a look at herself before she go on her next date and realize that she ain’t really that deal and people are not perfect because we are all man made.Now, I think she should go take a drink or two.

  43. JACKIE says:

    I like the show and I don’t have a problem with chilli’s check list but you can’t have your checklist be that of someone whose living their life as though their sold out to christ, yet you get someone that’s not living their life for christ to find you a man. seem’s to me that you would’ve hired someone whose living for christ with the same way of thinking as yourself, to find you a man. What you’re doing is like, asking the devil to help to get people saved ,so that they can live their life for Jesus Christ. That is the reason this is not working for you.

  44. Jz says:

    Chilli I feel for you and I totally understand where you’re coming from in choosing your man. I think you and Floyd would make I great couple. So stick to your guns and you’ll be fine! I wish you well……. : )

  45. Jonathan says:

    I really thought that Floyd and Chilli would have made a great couple! Never the less, Chilli expected him to wait around . Floyd made his point clear, but Chilli wanted to play the “friend” card and date other men. Any real man would have done the same. He only showing her that he doesn’t have to wait on her. Especially..when what she need and looking for was there in front of her. She didn’t see it!! She is looking all in the wrong direction and going about it the wrong way. Her man found her. She denied him! Chilli has been hurt along the way and now she is totally living in a world with BULL! expectations. The list!! Until Chilli figure out what she want and herself, every attemp will fall. Chilli…I have always loved TLC and watched the group develop over the years. Lots of love. Girl! you hve some serious issues and I hope you work it out. Stop looking for it it will find you again!

  46. Mrs Carla says:

    This comment is for Chilli sweetheart don’t you worry about this friend and her hook-ups. I think she doesn’t get you or what you are really looking for. Chilli I think it is very important for you to get by your self and have a real talk with God because he is your creator and who would know what is best for you other than God him self because, whether you know this or not he wants the best for you and he wants you to be happy.This is so important because I feel you on the fact you do come with an package so its not just about you and I glad you see things the way you do,I am so proud to see a young woman like your self that carries your self in the manner that you do. So put your trust in God sweety and watch him bring the right person into your life., but you have to trust him and put it in his hands.I think you are a wonderful person I like your spirit., you are stronger than you think,you are just afraid.Just relax and live don’t look you will find the right person when you least expect it.
    So may God bless you and give YOU! the wisdom in every area of your life.
    Mrs Carla

  47. Beatriz says:

    Your matchmaker is not doing her job at all. She shouldn’t be degraded what man you want. You have a son and a career that you started from the ground and reached the skys. You deserve to get the guy you want. Miss Matchmaker is not doing her hire The Millionaire Matchmaker and get what you want. A matchmaker should be working around what you want not trying to look to for a less of a man that you want. It’s about you not the matchmaker. Of course there is a healing process in dealing with relationships of the past, but you are a strong person that has overcame that obstacle. You need a pro to set you up seriously.

  48. cryshy says:

    chili u nee to come chil w me in brooklyn n let us go to jamaica to get marrid lol

  49. Teresa says:

    I have had mixed feelings about Chilli since her reality show. I felt bad for her when Floyd did not show up, but at the same time she is so shallow. The worst thing to do is to get someone perfect and they find all of your flaws. She is beautiful and lonely. You figure that out.

  50. Isaac says:

    Give up the list and bring your head from out of the sky. You might have to live with them but they also have to live with you. May God help who ever he may be!

  51. sasha says:

    you dont treat men no you dont treat people like that it does take its toll trust

  52. TIFFANY says:

    I just got something to say if i dont say it i will explode Will someone please give that fat _%_(~)`^`!@_@*# girl Tiona whatever her name a damn BREAST reduction and a hellable make over i wouldnt go no where with this heifer, they make clothes to fit her, cant she afford to buy them? three words FAT, FUNKY AND FLOPPY, FROM one big girl to another ,she makes me want to hit the tread mill constantly night and day!