Taya Parker Talks Bret Michaels On CNN


Rock of Love Bus winner Taya Parker appeared alongside the likes of Donald Trump, Jr. and Darryl Strawberry (both of The Celebrity Apprentice) on last night’s Larry King Live. The topic of discussion, of course, was Bret Michaelsbrain hemorrhage. In the clip above, Taya talks about watching Bret live recently (“The energy onstage was amazing”), her association with Bret since Rock of Love Bus, and fans’ well wishes to Bret they’ve sent courtesy of her.

Additionally, Dr. Sanjay Gupta weighed in on Bret’s hemorrhage. He said that Bret’s head injury at the 2009 Tony Awards and his diabetes were not likely causes of the hemorrhage, and that, in fact, we may never know the true cause of the aneurysm that triggered the hemorrhage (high blood pressure to smoking to genetics were among the possible factors listed). Gupta also said that the fact that Bret is talking (as suggested by reports) following the hemorrhage is a good sign.

Update: According to Bret’s Facebook page, he’s experienced a setback:

“Test results indicate a setback in Bret Michaels condition a side effect from the brain hemorrhage called hyponatremia a lack of sodium in the body which leads to seizures.”

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