Interview: Brandy Shares Her Reason For Not Sharing Her Daughter With The World


When Brandy and Willie Norwood stopped by the VH1 Digital office this week for an interview, we had to ask her the question that’s been on everyone’s mind since the start of Ray J & Brandy: A Family Business: where is her daughter, Sy’rai. Above, she discusses her reasons for keeping her daughter off the show, and whether it has anything to do with entering the spotlight herself at such a young age.

Check the video page for even more of our Brandy and Willie Norwood interview.

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  1. LaQursha says:


  2. Dwayne says:

    I’ve got to commend Rich for getting down to the better of this situation.

  3. mhaxreiyee says:

    HMMMM… For me I wont blame miss brandy for keeping her daughter off the show.. We should respect her decision…

  4. l.shanks says:

    brandy your’re doing the right thing the less in the spotlight your daughter is the better off she’ll be it’s okay if you feel that she doesn’t need to be in the family insanity. do your thing

  5. ant says:

    its not a bout her daughter being rasied in the spot light to me its about brandy wanted to be viewed as more than just a mom right now brandy wants to do her and keep it about business jus like chilli about them more than the family it self meaning the kids and how she raises them

  6. ant says:

    let the daughter step in the spot light on her own or wait till she get a lil older where she can take judgement and it wont effect her.

  7. angie says:

    i think this is so fake. what is brandy trying to do? she is not a rapper. she need to just keep on singing not tryong to rap. i think she is so fake in this show. everybody is fake. this show need to be cancell!!

  8. Eric Michael Adams says:

    GOD is GOOD and always keep GOD first then everything else happens like you want Brandy! What up RAY? You the Brother I would be like if I were Single but I Blasted off in ah few Women and have CHILDREN that i’m blessed with! Sometimes Family and Bussines won’t mix GOOD but always keep Family after GOD then Friends (FANS) and it’ll be ah GOOD MIX in the END! LOVE Y’all and GOD BLESS YOU! OH!! that’s right keep your baby’s life private til they are old enough to make GOOD business deals later!

  9. atavia says:

    wow…. ray j is an !#@(!#~#~$%`&!$ hole just like sonja, which is way too old to be acting like she sucking rays $$^&)_$^(^%~$@`$ anyway, i love U Brandy and hate to disrespect the family but, they ain’t sh** and would have never been sh** without you…BUT, they don’t appreciate that “NOW” that they have names and $$$. What a shame, your mom loves ray, and your Dad loves you all… What a good man, especially to deal with sonja(notice that ray and sonja is in small letters just the way they are as people and compared to YOU). BRANDY and DAD, yall need to run as far away from them negative people as possible…they will do it to you when they are in their “all about me crazy rages”.ray, i used 2 love you sooooo much but now your just a boy with a couple of dollars, and what the hell happened to mz.berry and you !#@(!#~#~$%`&!$ hole??…ray is a waste of skin and heart beat and sonja is terrible, coming from a mom with a son and daughter that i love dearly, F@$% that favorite sh** u on sonja..u are hurting the only reason u exist (BRANDY) and sending your boy straight to hell with his and you ignorant devilish ways. what a disgrace u r to treat another woman that way ESPECIALLY your daughter. u don’t talk about Brandy like u talk about that monster of a son u created “any time me and ray spend together” is all u need,but u could’nt support Brandy because u don’t approve of BrandNu and u think the problem is back in the day??? u would have never done that to ray if he killed Brandy, who you’ll never care to understand and love like ray… AALIYAH’S mom would kill 4 the opportunity u got and they appreciated her till death, no matter what and that “sonja” is a real mother hen..u and ray are whack, but at least ray cares about Brandy

  10. atavia says:

    angie, shut up !! are you even paying attention to what your watching or is your 5 year old sibling summing it all up 4 you? you must be an a**hole just like sonja and ray… your an idiot

  11. atavia says:

    angie, shut up!! are you even watching what’s going on or is your 5 year old sibling/child summing it all up 4 you? you must be an a**hole just like sonja and ray if that’s all u can say after seeing all that…

  12. carmel says:

    please take this show, off Ray-Jay is so disrespectful to his mother he is very inmature. the ratings are going to drop.because people are not going to watch it because of his way.

  13. BlaqRayne23 says:

    Smart move!!

  14. Alegna says:

    This has to be the most bogus bull of a show that has ever hit the airways, my god people Brandy is grown I can understand not putting the daughter on camera OK I get that, but Brandy runs around like she does not have a daughter. She don’t mention her at all it’s like she’s not a part of the family, that baby the only thing Brandy has to be proud of in her life, an O how disgusted I was at the previews of next week show this upcoming topic is what should not be mentioned on the show (the accident) you call yourself protecting your child but yet you want to continue to inflict pain on the family of the person who’s life Brandy had a part in ending. How dare you!!!! And Ray J O God he is not even worth the comment, I can sum him up real quick. Fake, the only thing he got going for himself is his sisters name, she is the only reason we even know this fool is on the planet LOL. Sonya created this whole mess of a fake &__&(~!`$%*“%( family shame on you. Being a Grandmother should be celebrated not hidden but Sonya has been pulling cover ups for a long time…… Just maybe if she had been a better mother instead living her life through her kids they might have turned out a lot better.

  15. veronica says:

    as parents we always do what we think is best for our children. good for u ma keep up the good work and u look amazing as always. big besos ; )

  16. Lavon Draper says:

    I just viewed the episode in which Brandy was deciding whether or not to discuss the accident. I agree with her mother. This is the past. Move on. She should not discuss this event EVER. That is the past, she has a new/blessed future.

  17. rose says:

    Thats fine if brandy don’t want her little girl on tv,but can she please act like a mom and call her daughter on tv or say something about her like she’s a mom,i am a mom and i talk about my child all the time,it seems like she’s acting like she’s not a mom,i don’t like that….

  18. stella says:

    Hey!Bran, is nobody’s bix.if you don’t want to show Sy’rai on your show.When she grows up she’ii decide if showbix or not.B Rocka you are the best,pls sing more for are d queen,miss full moon.

  19. Cameron says:

    Brandy just addressed the negativity in this thread and there are still people evidently wasting their own lives coming on to spread negativity. Everything she said about not having Sy’Rai on the show makes perfect sense in the eyes of a true parent. I did agree that it seems as if there is no child in her life, but that may be discussed next season who knows and if not, as Brandy said she is still being RAISED. As far as people wanting the show to go away I can tell you right now ITS NOT. It had the most views of any other African American show on VH1 for the premiere. People are interested. Brandy is a great singer and this reality show needs to segway into another sitcom, maybe a movie, and then that can highlight even moreso the music that her and RayJ make. People stay hating just know that you’re an ornament to make these people look better. I enjoy the show and it has a lot to offer besides looking at celebrity lives. They go through a lot everyday just like we do and you begin to see them as real people.

  20. selena says:

    I think seeing Monica on her show interact with her kids give people alot more respect 4 her as a artist ..for being such a great mom, I really enjoyed watching her joggle mother hood and work because thats real life. I think it gave alot of young mothers out there a little hope to know that u can rais there kids and still have a career, And its never to late.. We all know Brady has a daughter, an while she worried about how people see her after everthing that happen in her life over the years, this could have help people see her in a hole nother light as a mom ! love u still girl……….

  21. 624274 says:

    What a lovely day for a 624274! SCK was here

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