Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business Recap – Episode 4 – Bad-Day Brandy



I’d quote “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days),” but that doesn’t seem appropriate given the parties involved.

Brandy just can’t catch a break!


This episode sets up a familial tone of favoritism that clearly has plagued Brandy forever. See, when Ray “I Am the Business” J shows up to a family meeting hungover…


…or maybe still drunk…


…but at any rate, completely distracting…


…Sonja finds it all hilarious:



Look, she’s even covering up her mouth because she knows she shouldn’t:


But she does anyway! Everything Ray “I’m Not No Little Kid” J does is golden! Don’t try to tell her otherwise!

Meanwhile, contrast her reactions to Ray’s antics with her reaction to the mere mention of Brandy’s rapping alter ego, Bran’Nu:


I know, right? When I heard Bran’Nu on Shock Value II, my first thought was, “Needs more puke breath.”

I think Sonja’s reaction is so unfair. I mean, singing and rapping are but two of Brandy’s many talents. Let’s see some more:




Meanwhile, Ray J has the puppy do all of his work:


The inner 8-year-old in me was wailing, “No fairrrrrrrrrrr! No faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!” for the duration of this episode.

Anyway, the reason Bran’Nu is mentioned is because Brandy is set to perform tonight with Timbaland at the House of Blues. Ray’s already knocked her off course, but what happens next takes her to her knees…


Ray’s friends, Shortie Mac and Dre Sinatra (who apparently now wants to be called “Dre One,” perhaps to distance himself from the homey-smashing scandal?), collectively possessing the maturity of a fetus, arrange for a stripper to visit the Norwood Family office:



Ray “I Put S*** Together” J receives her with aplomb, at one point requesting for the door to be closed. Brandy does not fulfill his request.


Shortie Mac camps his way in the office…


…and practically ignores Sonja while she’s trying to throw him out.


Although, whatever you have to say about her relationship with her children, you have to give it to her for savaging Shortie: “You are scandalous, Shortie Mac, and that’s the reason why you are where you are today. Nowhere!” Nowhere, of course, except on the Norwood Family reality show.

Meanwhile, Willie is…occupied. As Brandy says, “There is a stripper in here and my dad is here…eating Chinese food.” It is clear that Willie takes a chopsticks-off approach to discipline.

Everyone gets yelled at. Brandy and Ray “Check My Bank Account” J bicker. Shay implies that he’s good for nothing, causing him to spout all the quotes I’ve been using as his middle name in this recap. He rhapsodizes cellulite. Then he proves he’s at least slightly more mature than his friends…


After all, fetuses don’t chew gum.

Brandy attends rehearsal with Timbo, where she faces more strife, this time against the rhythm that Tim’s dishing:




Before the show, she’s put in an outfit that won’t allow her to “do her thang”…


…but she wears it anyway. Things seem to be on an upswing for Brandy, as she is greeted by her dad at the show…


…and receives a positive review on her MCing from the Game…


…and, once on stage…


…makes Tim’s eyes bug out…


…and causes him to basically fall on the “make” side of this make-or-break performance…



Ray loves it, too.


But you know who doesn’t? Sonja. She didn’t attend the show, and the next day, she won’t even let Brandy talk about it. It seems like more anti-hip-hop vitriol, but Ray breaks it down for Brandy, saying Sonja’s mad at Shortie for ordering a stripper to come to the office, Willie for not speaking up about it (sweet and sour chicken can be soooo distracting!) and Brandy for taking exception to Sonja telling Shortie he’s “nowhere” (a reality show is somewhere, damn it!). Ray comes off unscathed because, he explains, “It wasn’t my fault.” After all, we watched him for two For the Love of Ray J seasons have a nearly Pavlovian response to strippers. How could you possibly blame him for accepting the lapdance that was ordered for him?

Willie says it best when he explains that Sonja’s mood and behavior are putting a damper on the previous night’s festivities. So the one thing that went right for Brandy this episode is now destroyed. Great!


Who knew rapping still had it in itself to be so devastating?

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