What Chilli Wants Recap – Episode 4 – Nobody’s Perfect



This week Chilli goes on two bowling dates, a golf date, a kickboxing date, and an ice skating date. Turns out rejecting men is great cardio.

“She’s gonna be dating morning, noon and night,” Tionna Smalls promises at the beginning of this episode of What Chilli Wants. Is one half-hour show every Sunday going to be enough? Or will this constant plate of man meat she’s promising require some CSPAN-type 24 hour coverage?


Her life of upcoming dates: an Olympic athlete, an Iraq veteran, someone from Cosmopolitan‘s most eligible bachelor’s list, a model and a pro golfer. The last one sounds dubious.

Her first date must be an athlete, because Tionna sets up a kickboxing date. And he’s an attractive guy:


He is, apparently, also a giant. Chilli comes up to about his chest. Not that this is a bad thing:


He said a few smart things, says Chilli:


Smart as in sassy, not “intelligent.” And his sweat got on her, which, being a giant, really is inevitable, right? It’s like standing under a tree after a rainstorm.


But I agree with her. Sweat is basically just another type of human excrement.

After the kickboxing lesson they sit down for some drinks. And it turns out he has his own checklist to go by:

– intelligence
– happy with themselves
– trustworthy, character

Chilli prods him for more, but he says his list isn’t long, just hard. Her list is both. And she’s also not feeling him. He’s cute, but every time he talks he says something uncute. Like how he didn’t really keep up with female artists as much as the male ones. As they used to say on another dating show: Next.


Also, weird that Tionna basically sits in the parking lot outside for the entire date. This Tionna dating situation is like when you went to your first movie with friends, and you found out your mom secretly bought a ticket and sat three rows behind you…if your mom also got mad that you weren’t making out during the movie.

Tionna is realizing that she’ll need a different Chilli before she can bring in different men. So she’s doing all kinds of work on Chilli’s attitude. Like, taking her here to try new things:


“Vegas was your paradise, wig shops is mine,” Tionna says.

And, luckily, you can get cocktails in both paradises:


Chilli hates her new looks…




…while Tionna tries for “black Marilyn Monroe,” and is very pleased. It might be the cocktails talking though.


Chilli is barely tolerant of Tionna’s final wig choice for her. Is it a surprise that Chilli doesn’t like change? It’s not just her great skin and abs that have kept her looking the same age for the last ten years — she’s had the same hair too. “She needs to take one for the team,” Tionna says. Funny, but taking one for the team usually means helping someone else, not helping yourself. I mean, it’s not like Chilli’s trying to help Tionna find a boyfriend.

Here’s TJ, Chilli’s next date. He’s from Cosmo’s most eligible bachelor’s list, and he is, in Chilli’s words, “super fine.” He’s also a total baby face:


“That chest was really nice. But I didn’t see one damn hair. What the hell? Am I on a date with a kid?” Chilli interviews.


Maybe this is what Tionna means by trying new things? There could be some retirees on the itinerary for later this week.

Tionna is kind of the most intense date coach ever. Like, she creeps back early….


…then coaches TJ mid-date…



…which means date over for Chilli. It wasn’t his fault, but, then again, it’s hardly ever the date’s fault.

Next we get a summary of a week of Tionna’s setup. Here’s a quick rundown of the dates. Were this a romantic comedy, this would be the hilarious montage:






Some of the issues: too young, too fat, too unibrow-y, too atheist, too boring. I’m guessing the last one really goes for all of them, if these dates didn’t even warrant their own episodes.

She goes on a date with an Olympic athlete…


…but she leaves before the dinner even begins because he’s got a cognac and Red Bull on the table. Note: It’s the alcohol, not the Red Bull chaser (ew) that bothers Chilli. “If I ever get to know you, maybe I could tell you the problems you need to be working on too,” he says. Pretty rude! But pretty fair as well. Maybe he wasn’t the right guy, but that’s no reason to leave before appetizers.


Tionna says it’s time for a heart-to-heart with Chilli.


They start arguing over Chilli’s list, and things go south fast, then explode when Tionna explains that Chilli can find a man, and have him change the superficial things through her example. Tionna says she’s eating better because she looked at Chilli and thought, “Damn, this bitch’s older than me, and she’s still poppin.” Chilli does not take kindly to the word “bitch,” which she calls “New York lingo.” And you know how Tionna feels about her hometown.


And you know how Chilli feels about Chilli:


Chilli takes off after Tionna says she’ll never find someone. She gave this heart-to-heart about as much time as her last, cognac-drinking date. Not a good sign.

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  1. Kimberly M. says:

    Chilli, there is nothing wrong with having standards. You should not settle for anyone. There is also nothing wrong with not being casually called the B word. Things they call normal and have accepted now is not what we have to accept and you are right for not allowing it. I am in you age range and am by myself b/c I have the same standards. I would rather be by myself than tolerate what those today say should be accepted in choosing a relationship or socially. Keep your head up. LOVE yourself and your beliefs. No man is worth settling for then looking back full of regrets later.

  2. glamgyrl says:

    Miss Chilli is totally right. This lady leads a disciplined lifestyle and does not carry herself in the low-class manner that too many younger people today think is acceptable. It was so rude and classless of that so-called matchmaker to call Chilli the b-word when Chilli has been very respectiful toward her. TJ is the first guy Chilli’s been set-up with who seems genuinely down-to-earth, magnetic and somewhat respectful of women; the so-called “matchmaker” is best at picking arrogant or vapid duds. However, I agreed with Chilli that he’s too young. Chilli would be much better off without that matchmaker, who has a mean-streak.

  3. Tony says:

    Chilli is a joke! She expects the man to be perfect however since she has a child the man in Chilli’s life will ALWAYS be 2nd next to her son. That man will NEVER have the chance to be 1st and by all means…that fine. That’s his choice…any man looking to score with Chilli should really take a second look and carefully review what you’re getting into like she stated in the show, she’s a package.

    If a man was looking for perfection he would be called all kinds of awful things. Maybe men should overlook women with 1 or 2 kids, stretch marks, over weight, no job, not educated, ghetto, fake hair, religion and hundreds of other negatives.

    Chilli is just another music star expecting perfection but she needs to look in the mirror…she is not perfect.

  4. gurlstopitplease says:

    I have never never would think we would come 2 this. Damn.. 1st she waited to long. When you are set in your ways at her age. Her son is set in his ways, what man is willing to step into that situation. What man.. The list damn, I wonder if her mother, aunts, girlfriends or any women would play around with a list. It’s like this, when he gets home from work he would have to look on the refrigerator 2 make sure he doing everything right 2 keep her happy. I wonder how they feel now after seeing themselves on T.V. And girlfriend the 1st man damn fine fine fine and down to earth. I hope her and her boxing friend will make a go. I really hope they do..

  5. 18years old says:

    chili….i hope you read this. you will never find Mr. Perfect.just like you have flaws, so does everybody else.you CANNOT HAVE A CHECKLIST FOR A MAN and a man cant have one for a woman.its discouraging for men to think they can come up to you and speak but cant because you critize them;they a “little on the heavy side” or they “have a unibrow”. these men that you pass up could possibly be the loves of your life. but you cant even get past thier exterior to get to their interior(WHICH IS WHAT COUNTS)i believe you would have a lot more men drawn to you if you werent so damn picky!!!!be open minded, especially since you havent had anyone in years.U NEED TO BE OPEN MINDED

  6. heres what i have to say says:

    yes, chili is way too picky, but that is the name of the game. When Tionna was first hired she knew DAMN well about Chili’s checklist, and she didn’t have a problem.

    chili is trying to create good tv, tionna agreed to the terms, but now SHE’S trying to be the protagonist. She’s stepping out of line, and I honestly don’t think she has ANY class whatsoever. Im from NY too, Brooklyn to be exact. And Tionna does not represent the average brooklyn girl, I like to think we have better comportment than that wigged out ball of attitude. She’s not even professional! just loud and arrogant.

  7. Tara says:

    Chilli, I admire your standards, and keep holding out for the right one.He that findth a wife findth a good thing. Your Boaz is coming,and you will know him.Stay encourage, because my daughter and I are watching and learning that is okay to wait,and not rush things.I have settled my whole life for a man and lost me.So dont ever do that. Stay Chilli be blessed.

  8. Ashley says:

    From the looks of the show…she’ll b single for awhile…sometimes you have to let a man be a man…you can’t change anyone….there is no perfect man/woman. so she can let that dream go. some things on her list makes sense, but some are asking for too much….the matchmaker is hilarious (as far as callin her a B*, not a good idea) however i thnk she should giv Floyd another chance…that is someone she has chemistry with, never hurts to take a chance…she has to be open to new things, which hasn’t happened much……she should see a therapist bc there are some internal issues she is dealing with to preventing her from finding someone she is compatible with, but not necessarily perfect (checks off her LONG list)

  9. Naomi H says:

    Chilli, you are fine the way you are. Settling just for the sake of wanting to be with a man doesn’t work. Indeed no one is perfect but unless you find the closest ‘perfect’ for you then it is not worth it. I went through a divorce and have two children of each sex and can honestly say I am happy without being with someone I know will not be able to make me happy and I won’t be able to make happy either. I feel bad for the kids but they are not happy being around unhappy people either.

    Keep your head up! You will be OK with or without a man. The key is, are you happy with yourself? You cannot make anyone happy and no one will make you happy if you can’t do that for yourself.

  10. AJ says:

    Chilli, don’t believe them lies the enemy is telling you about what you CAN’T have and what you’ll NEVER find. God has created your perfect match…What you are asking for is NOT TOO MUCH and there is NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You happen to be a woman with standards and we are becoming more and more rare these days. Most women settle for things they don’t like in a man b/c they are tired of being lonely and have hopes of changing him INTO what they really want. I’m proud of you and don’t change for anyone except the Almighty. I’m sure HE doesn’t have a problem with your request and HE is ALL WHO matters. By the way, envy / jealousy is a strange emotion to the one who holds it b/c they don’t know how to let it out without revealing it’s identity…it normally comes out in the form of personal attacks on the one they hold the feelings towards. Negative comments about your character are attemps to make you feel inadequate. They can’t take your beauty, intelligence, or wealth so they chip away at your self esteem until you’re no longer happy with who you are. How could you let someone like this help you find your other half? You have REAL friends who love you and want the best for you.

  11. Shallow Chilli says:

    I really tried my best to keep an open mind while watching this show, and actually before this show, I really thought I liked Chili. My eyes have been opened to the truth that she is truly the most self-serving, selfish, self centered judgmental, not very good looking, played out afro with a jerry curl (no drips), rude cow. How unintelligent this woman is and she is really a no-talent, lip synching has-been! She seems to have built up every wall to ensure that she remains a trapped, lonely _#$~$`*^_+%#!!%!+! While she is sweating (no pun intended) all these possibly worthwhile guys, she needs to take a good look in the mirror at herself. She’s rude, very masculine. I think she’s avoiding finding a man because she is truly a lesbian. Which is totally fine, but I mean damn, spare these men the worst date of a life time with this ridiculous excuse of a woman with your list of requirements and just admit to yourself your into woman. It’s no wonder at all why Usher cheated on her and why Floyd stood her up at the restaurant. Dodged a bullet with that one Mayweather! Good Fight Money!

  12. Mrs. Whitney says:

    My husband and I have watched Chilli’s show weekly and we both agree that we never thought she would be so shallow. Lacking depth and being superficial will not get you anywhere in life which is why we see now that she is where she is in life, ALONE. What if she found the perfect man (which you would have to get to know first to find out who he really is) who comes along has all that she’s looking for but he says that Chilli is too short, has no boobs, has no style, no real education, no long money, is SHALLOW, and they have no chemistry because she’s too judgemental then what? Yes I read other blogs however; MY GOD, she needs help. Yes, a woman has every right to search for indepth qualities that will make her happy but that’s not what real life or love is all about. People are just not made that way and like the saying goes, NOBODY’s perfect. I fee really sorry for her because she has now shown the WORLD that she is clearly ignorant. I love TLC and I love Chilli’s vocal ability and wish that she would return, with TBoz to the do what they do best, record hits.
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  13. Ms. Shon says:

    I realize that it is important to have some standards, but at the same time, you must be realistic. Chili you will never find a man with all of those requirements. Especially living in Atlanta.(Too many suspects)Pick maybe 5 things on the list that are most important and go with that. Give yourself a chance to get to know some of the men you are going on dates with. Some of my best relationships have been with men I never thought I would ever date. Try being friends first.

  14. nicole w says:

    Ok Really Chilli you left a date cause homie had a red bull & Henny,lol you did’nt even give him a chance. You pratically called him a drunk with a problem(SMH) Please tell me this is all for show cause who the hell are you to be so JUDGMENTAL!! I mean I can’t stand a smoker but low & behold the love of my life was a Newport Head,LOL Just Relax Chilli!!!!,LOL

  15. bigbamagurl says:

    I think Chilli needs to give it up. Her checklist is ridiculous. There is not a perfect man out there or even a woman so give it up. If it was there wouldn’t be so many divorces

  16. CollegeGirl says:

    This is stupid!!! She isn’t “settling” if she gets rid of her checklist. After, watching this episode I no longer like Chilli she was rude to damn near all her dates, picking them apart like cattle. I was so proud when that Olympic Athlete Guy stood up for himself. She is being very unchristian-like judging and criticizing the men before even knowing them or trying to know them. If the tables were turned and a man said he wouldn’t even go on a date with a woman who isn’t in-shape, doesn’t drink alcohol, and so on. Ya’ll would call him a pig and complain that he’s superficial and shallow. Guess what so is Chilli. Tionna was trying to get her to try new things just up her mind & she couldn’t even do that. She’ll never find true love and happiness this way. NEVER!!

  17. Shyygirl says:

    Iam basically speachless,
    First let me ask the queation how many of you that agree with Chilli and think she should hold out. how many of you have a man/woman?

    I have seen this in so many women they want a man and cant find a man because he’s not attractive enough, or there is something she may not like about him these women never find the right man and they end up alone. you will never find the toal package these women who are looking for Mr Perfect are not even perfect themselves.
    Chilli I see no feminine qualities, no sense of style,she is plain not pretty in a word she is just o.k she seems to sweat the small unimportant things, not to mention this way of thinking is not only shallow but it is also inmature and ignorant.
    I did really like TLC however after watching this show I will never see them in the same light again. If it is just for TV then I am sorry but it has shown them in a negative way.
    I got married at 21 I thank God every day for the good man that he blessed me with.

  18. keepinit100% says:

    Miss Chili, First and foremost you are in lala land. Women our age are set in our ways and expect everything we want because we feel we deserve it, well, we do but wuth limitations. You are not without baggage yourself so cut a brother some slack. Haven’t your mother ever told you don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Mr. RIGHT could be staring you right in your face are you willing to see him and I don’t mean Floyd!!!!!! Just re evaluate your list and throw out what isn’t detrimental.
    I love you and when is the next TLC album I’m waiting.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I think that her standards are set so high because of how she was hurt in the pass. However, someone needs to tell her that she can not make men pay for what a man has done for her. plain, and simple as that. Tionna ain’t gotta come at her with no attitude, and talk to her like she on a pedal stool.

  20. tom says:

    This girl is goofy! What’s the deal with this list she has. Your not ‘Beyounce or Halle’ please give me a break! Typical, that’s why you’re single. You seem to have a good girlfriend trying to hook you up, but she needs to leave you alone. Get over yourself and get off the television.

  21. Lita says:

    I think Tionna has been doing a great job, I’ve liked all the guys she’s picked so far and I don’t know what Chili’s problem is. It’s sad that she’s not the type of woman who would date a non-superstar…let’s keep it real, because of her own insecurity and ego, who she really wants is a celebrity and not a regular guy. Let Drake or somebody ask her out and she’d throw her checklist out in a heartbeat.

  22. charles says:

    chilli is gonna be an old maid,she is so concerned with what offer her.she is so self absorbed that if she does find a man that they would have to wonder if they are always on the chopping block,and no woman in this world is worth going through that.has she ever thought that she’s the one with the problem?she seems like she’s a real nag

  23. Queen says:

    Iam a professional life coach. The problem is Miss Tiona has no idea who Chili is or where she is coming from. why the hell would a Lovely young Christian (sucsessful) woman want to date a series of Booty call trolls with no moral value while wearing a tired wig ( Chillie has lovely hair)Tiona is a Jackass and she has No idea what a life coach is she has the wisdom of a chicken wing and Chilli needs to get rid of her before she makes a Complete fool out herself. Tiona needs to take some self esteem classes so that she can know what it is!Tiona is a Fool!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Alycya says:

    No one is asking her to lower her standards but she needs to know that she may not find that man. I understand what the young lady is saying. Open yourself up sometimes. She may never know what she may find. Because Floyd is young and he still has things to prove.

  25. monique says:

    i believe that tionna is right on the money with chilli. I dont think that floyd is a good choice for her because he is so self absorbed. He likes the shine, the limelight, all eyes on him. He has all of the physical aspects of what chilli is looking for but is he really the lifelong partner for her or the father figure, male role model for her son. I dont think he would take the time that she claims to want in a man with her and her family. also, i would guess that chilli is a gemini because she clearly has control issues. i think she dates younger men and men who are not the “fine” that most people would think of when you say the word because she feels a sense of control over men like that. she can control those relationships in a sense because the men are younger and/or maybe feeling so ‘privileged’ to be in a relationship with the likes of ‘chilli’ that she feels like that trophy. the other thing is chilli’s list… she says the man needs to be well endowed but you want to date him first. My question is if you date a man and take the time to really get to know him, like and possibly love him, he meets most of your checklist standards and gets along well with your son and mom, what are you going to do when you become intimate and find that this man may not be as well endowed as you’d preferred? Does that love just get thrown out the door? If that is the case then I would say maybe you aren’t really looking for love but a partner to make love and help you make a baby and move on. I don’t know.

  26. MS.P/NEW YORK says:

    Ms.Chilli honey,u chose the wrong chick to find you a man.She have no respect for who you are.What you want.The guys she chose are good for her not you.Its not that complicated.You want a clean man in every way.Simple.Its not just you,you have a son.Be patient.The same way you find one man, you can find another.Just be careful next time.what you’re looking for is out there.Trust me i know i found 1.(without looking)Trust,that man is in your face you don’t see him.Ditch the chick.And stop looking so hard.Be cool

  27. kay says:

    I would like to first opolagize to chilli for the hostile work environment. Tioni doesn’t have enough insight,experience,or customer service abilities for this kind of work and if she does she is not displaying any of these qualities with her constant jealious atitude towards chilli because of her own internal issues that she has with in her self she needds to keep her own personal feeling about her self to her self and not blame chilli for them with her poor understanding skill and what seems purposely throughing salt in the game. I mean this girl is running around like a chicken with its head cut off come on therapy. I dont think that chilli need to change what she knows is wright for her, but I do beleave that what chilli wants is on earth but it is not alot of it making it hard to find and would take alot of searching. Also I hope after the show is over that Tioni will have learned to help and humble herself to reconize other persons needs learn to connect with the person you are helping

  28. steve says:

    What chilli wants?She doesnt know what she wants when it hit her.Until she pull her head out of her +!~`$*&$#`%(__! when it comes to poor/sorry judgement about men ,she will be single for many years to come (old maid).She is not perfect herself although i do not know her either, the way she come about she cant tell me nothing either!(pitifull judgements)!

  29. 4478370 says:

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  33. thato says:

    i just love watchin her and she awakens so many different emotions in me