Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty – Finale – It All Comes Down To A Fashion Show


Jessica Simpson wrapped up The Price of Beauty with a fashion show featuring looks from all of the countries she visited on her season-long global trek. That was about as lively as things got on this episode, which wasn’t quite as goofy or quotable as the rest. Instead excitement and confusion over the ways of foreigners, the tone was more introspective and the quotes followed. (“I feel beautiful. I do,” said Jessica…finally? Additionally, “I think it’s a healthier perspective that I have on life right now,” which is sort of amazing, because how many reality shows ever have achieved that?)

The emotional high point of the show came in the form of a makeover. Panya, a Thai woman who bleached her skin to the point of disfigurement that we met in the premiere episode, was brought back and given a second chance at hotness via an even skin tone and extensions:


That may sound completely superficial and frivolous, but watching Panya view herself post-makeover was really moving. This was not just the emotional high point of the episode, but the season, period.

And speaking of before-and-afters, there was an update on Meena, whose cleft palate was operated on thanks to Jessica and Operation Smile.


Jessica talked about her new initiative with Operation Smile called Beautiful Me. More info should be available at Jessica’s site. The initiative’s slogan is, “Believe in yourself, change the world.” That’s an order, people!

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  1. Julia H says:

    Jessica, Ken and CaCee,

    I just want to say thank you for this show, I have a whole new appreciation for myself. You’ve all made me see not everyone should be the same, I shouldn’t have to strive for a size 0, because I’m content with a size 8. I’m happy now. Jessica your beautiful in so many ways, I’ve followed your career, because I adore you and not only are you beautiful on the outside, but your so beautiful on the inside and always have been. Stay true to who you are, that’s what you’ve taught me.
    Thank very much and I look forward to another season of the “The Price of Beauty”.

  2. Aelish says:

    Thank you so much Jessica, Cacee and Ken for doing this show. I have just finished watching the season finale and was so moved. I think the show was so inspirational. The message you sent to all women is that beauty is from within. I don’t think this message is stressed enough! It saddens me that the whole world is full of women who let outside criticism dictate who they really are. When in reality is about who you are on the inside. I really do hope you continue this show for at least another season. It really can have a big impact on young girls. This series also showcases how amazing Jessica really is. She has had so much MEAN stuff said about her in the past and instead of letting Hollywood bet her up she has taken those horrible experiences and made such an amazing documentary about how beauty is so much more then looks. Jessica you are my inspiration.


  3. Kathy says:

    This show is so contradictory! Jessica simpson and crew say things about inner beauty and everything but in the end, they just portray the fact that beauty is all about the outside.

  4. Jackie says:

    I’m a big fan of Jessica Simpson and also a Texas girl myself. I hated to see Nick and Jessica break up. I also love the new show. I even found myself getting teary eyed about how we as Americans put so much pressure on our girls and women to be perfect. But I also wanted to see more about other American cultures such as Blacks and Hispanics. I didn’t see any of American girls of color in the run way show. Also, I saw a statistic on the show that I think didn’t feel reflex the feelings of girls of color. As a woman of color we are taught, like Jessica recently found out, to embrace and love our curves too!

  5. Gilea Artis says:

    Loved the show. Will it have another season? I feel like the show only scratched the surface. I can see how this show could become huge, but it will need to pull more people out, like the Taiwanese lady who bleached her face.
    I have perfected cosmetic tattooing and while I watched episode where she had bleached her face, I thought, I fix people every day.People who have been burned or scared, laser malfunctions,cleft palate you name it, it has walked in my studio and walked out happy just like at the final fashion show.
    I feel like your message is bigger and closer then you know! (

  6. Brionna says:

    Growing up for me has always been hard. Im a freshman, and overweight. I believe i have very beautiful features. I have several friends. But i just can’t find myself to be content with my weight. It gets frusterating. This show has helped me so much. Thank you

  7. Tom says:

    I see the Simpson employees are out in force. THE SHOW IS LAME

  8. Erica Warwick says:

    I would like to take the time to commend Jessica, Ken and CaCee;as well as VH1 and their production staff, for creating such a deeply moving and wonderful show. It is truly inspirational to watch them document and portray how women around the world define their own personal beauty. The work that Jessica Simpson does on the “Price of Beauty” and with Operation Smile is praiseworthy. Also, I’d like to thank the several different women that were interviewed on Season 1 for the strength, courage, and vulnerability it took to shed light on such topics as eating disorders, cosmetic skin bleaching, plastic surgery,weight, self-esteem, etc that real everyday women are often confronted with & struggle over on a day to day basis. This show really encompasses and embraces the overall message that a woman’s inner beauty is what is truly most important. I would really enjoy more seasons of the show,and hope more episodes are in production, so that more of this message is spread throughout the world. To women everywhere, remember, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  9. Sue C says:

    Congratulations on a great series on the Price of Beauty. I know you have been harshly criticized by the media, ignore them. The show was interesting, silly in a charming way, and I think you have succeeded in what you had hoped to accomplish. We are all beautiful. Your show will have made a difference for a great many young women.
    Hold your head up high. You have found a way to change people’s lives.
    Sending light and love.

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