Jessica Simpson’s The Price Of Beauty – Finale – It All Comes Down To A Fashion Show


Jessica Simpson wrapped up The Price of Beauty with a fashion show featuring looks from all of the countries she visited on her season-long global trek. That was about as lively as things got on this episode, which wasn’t quite as goofy or quotable as the rest. Instead excitement and confusion over the ways of foreigners, the tone was more introspective and the quotes followed. (“I feel beautiful. I do,” said Jessica…finally? Additionally, “I think it’s a healthier perspective that I have on life right now,” which is sort of amazing, because how many reality shows ever have achieved that?)

The emotional high point of the show came in the form of a makeover. Panya, a Thai woman who bleached her skin to the point of disfigurement that we met in the premiere episode, was brought back and given a second chance at hotness via an even skin tone and extensions:


That may sound completely superficial and frivolous, but watching Panya view herself post-makeover was really moving. This was not just the emotional high point of the episode, but the season, period.

And speaking of before-and-afters, there was an update on Meena, whose cleft palate was operated on thanks to Jessica and Operation Smile.


Jessica talked about her new initiative with Operation Smile called Beautiful Me. More info should be available at Jessica’s site. The initiative’s slogan is, “Believe in yourself, change the world.” That’s an order, people!

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