Bret Michaels Checks Out Of Hospital, Is Expected To Make Full Recovery



Bret Michaels will “fortunately make a complete recovery,” said Dr. Joseph Zabramski, a member of his medical team at a press conference at Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona on Tuesday. The representative of the institute where Bret was treated last month following his subarachnoid hemorrhage. The doctor says that a stable Bret was recently discharged from the hospital, is making a “good recovery,” and as confirmed earlier by Bret’s sister Michelle Sychak, no longer slurs his speech when he talks. The doctor says that Bret is talking well and “mentally aware of everything that’s going on,” but is having some problems walking as a result of back spasms.

The doctor said he expects Bret to be fully recovered within four to six weeks. He said that Bret may suffer from back pain or headaches, but will be able to assume all normal activities. There’s still no firm answer on what caused the hemorrhage (although the doctor once again denied speculation that it could have come from Bret’s Tony Awards injury). He credits “very good luck” as the cause of Bret’s potential full recovery. [Image via Getty]

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