The Celebreality Interview – Jennifer Williams


Basketball Wives‘ star (and arguable centerpiece) Jennifer Williams recently stopped by the VH1 Digital office and sat down with us to give us the scoop on the show. In clip above, Jennifer talks at length about her troubled marriage with former NBA player Eric Williams. We talk about the “dysfunctional” (her word!) lifestyle that she leads, his infidelity, whether she describes her marriage as “open,” why she’s still with him and how she feels about having shared all this information with the world via reality TV.

Below, she gets into the more fun side of the drama and explains why she doesn’t think she, Evelyn and Suzie are mean girls for the way they’ve treated Royce…

Click here for our full interview with Jennifer.

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  1. Tweety says:

    After watching basketball wives I have gathered that Jennifer and Evelyn are trouble makers and they are fake as hell, how are you claiming Royce is bad to be around because she not professional enough for your group, but what is so professional about going around starting trouble and trying to make people feel like crap because your man did wrong.

  2. that lifestyle is weird says:

    oh jennifer, I completely understand your reluctance to divorce, because divorce is just exchanging one set of problems for another. but if Eric is so disinterested, you could not only be making yourself unhappy, buy you could also be exposing yourself to HEALTH issues by sleeping with him.

    My advice-give up that lifestyle, or valueing the materialistic things, and give your life to God. He can save your marriage, ive seen it happen before. But I don’t think eric will change on his own.

  3. Cassi says:

    I really like Jennifer. She’s definitely my favorite on the show, though Suzie won a ton of points with me for throwing the drink in the girl’s face. I don’t understand why people think Jennifer is fake. If anything, I think she is one of the realest people on the show.

  4. nikki says:

    Jennifer, needs to quit listening to Evelyn’s miserable (`$**`+`^`)^^)( she already knows she had problems in her marriage. go talk to her momma or someone. that supposed to be friend of hers is a miserable heifer who doesn’t want to be solo alone. they are all catty and childish!

  5. MsDiva428 says:

    Wow that was classy! If your so unhappy in your marriage why have you not left yet? You admit yourself that you haven’t had sex in a while, don’t know if you still love him but your willing to spend his money, because clearly you have no career, I would have to agree with “groupie” you are a gold digger. Think about it this way what did you bring to the table day one and if your answer is nothing well then guess what??????

  6. Viewer says:

    You know, you know what, Aww you know. AWWm u know. Aww you mean LMAO n she is educated I guest she missed Speech Class.
    Awwm Awwm you know what.. u shallow

  7. Michelle says:

    She is so wack and she lets her husband talk to her crazy because he has money.She is to old to lose her self respect she needs to get with evelyn and move on.That man does not respect her.And he is not attracted at all so he must have a fat bank account!Move on chick get a back bone money isn’t everything.

  8. Shontell says:

    Jennifer Is a stuck up b****!!! I didnt like the way her and Evelyn was talkin after they left Orlando, they was talkin like they think they better then everybody! And for 1 as soon as that groupie walked up she shouldve got put in her place and she wouldnt of gotten any words out if it was me she was talkin to smart to them, I dont understand why Jennifer didn’t throw the drink and her friend did, she should’ve socked the ~$&))+~_@)$@+)#@+ not throw a drink!!!!

  9. ron says:

    she fake as 1,000,000 dollar bill. first dude look like somebody ran over his face with a school bus, she knew this when he approached her and she married him anyway golddigger then she always saying if i had 3 drinks in me i would be all over that groupie whatever fake )#&_+^+!_*)+$$$

  10. Keeping it real says:

    FIRST THESE HE/SHES COMPLAING about bloggers and now there all over them! trying to get interviews! IM TIRED OF EVERYBODY WANTING TO BE A STAR! WANTING TO be the next news! THIS CHICK WITH A D***! NEEDS TO GET OVER HERSELF!

  11. KEEPING IT REAL says:

    SHE or He looks like a clown! get some makeup for black women K*N*! HER HAIR IS TRASHED! SHE’S WEARING two Seasons past clothes! Damn lets just say1 She may be Stuck up! But She’s TRASH! She didnt come from a good family! she didn’t grow up with money! She is a gold digger! She wont divorce him because he has money! And get some estorgen! you sound like a dude! Maybe because your a TRANNY! AND A DOG FACED ONE!

  12. reason says:

    How many times does she say “you know” i lost count

  13. ree says:

    I don’t understand why the show is called basketball wives in the first place. If you look at it there are only 2 married women on the show and the rest were live in girlfriends. hat hate on the woman that they use to be.And as far a Jen staying in a dsyfunctioal marriage she enjoys it . She had her signs a long time ago to leave but she chooses to stay in that mess and he will continue to treat her just like the rest of his jumpoffs.

  14. Merlyn Holt says:

    The show entitled, “Basketball Wives”, on VH1, what a joke?: 1.) Loyalty shown towards you lies within your husband. 2.) These quote, “Groupies”, are not raping/drugging your husbands/men. 3.) Everything voiced should always be voiced to him and him alone. 4.) She DOES NOT owe you a da@n thing. Finally, 5.) Pick a team…, you either will leave or stay, if stay shut the h$ll up and get some rest. Thank You. Also, for Mrs. Jennifer, never allow your friend to throw a glass of water in another woman’s face. Never throw a rock and hide your face sorry, scary a$$ hand. Be a woman about it, simply because you came to her. However, I DO NOT support sleeping with married, just strongly believe in placing blame where it should go…. Therefore, women reading this, please benefit and swallow a reality pill. Allow Myself to Clarify: Not referring to when women do not know; however, to after women discover the truth, they attack/belittle the other woman, that’s not cool. Why don’t you attack/belittle/divorce him? Oh yeah, his MONEY, lol.

  15. almightyb says:

    this chick is such a fake. yeah he cheated, either get rid of him and move on or take the necessary steps to reconcile. stop badmouthing the guy yet stay married to him, especially when the badmouthing is being done in front of cameras for the world to see. this chick is just hungry for her 15 minutes of fame. whether it be her true personality or clever editing, this lady looks like such a b.itch it aint even funny. she knocks on her husband, she knocks on royce for “living”, she knocks on gloria for having faith in having a successful relationship with an athlete, something jennifer was unable to do. she seems to only get along with evelyn and suzie; 2 other wives whose marriages/courtships didnt work out. shes a walking talking example of, if i cant do it, no one can. even without all that, she just exudes senseless drama. get over it all and stop being in everybodys business. maybe she should work on her own failing life before she criticizes everyone else. obviously the money that she’s sucking eric dry from isnt buying her happiness, maybe she should divorce him, im sure she’ll be much happier. get over yourself lady!!

  16. uninterested says:

    Looks like a lot of jealousy towards Jennifer here. She’s ugly? Looks like she was run over by a school bus? Ridiculous…
    When a man cheats once, after a long period of fidelity, it’s better to look at all the issues at hand then simply play the blame game. If he cheats again, he’s probably a chronic cheater…time to get out.
    Eric Williams’ odd mouth gives me the heebie jeebies…I’d divorce him on that alone.

  17. Felicia says:

    Jennifer I say stay with the fool and play him just as hard as he play you but at the same time you have to beat him at his game and stack your cheddar in the mean time. Face it you can’t change him so join him and when he see how the table has turned I bet he will either sit down some where or leave. Most likely he will leave because they can’t take it and that’s fine because your cheddar will be on point by then. So see my beautifle black queen of a sister you have the upper hand and just don’t realize it at the moment.

  18. Nina says:

    I admire these Ladies. I know it is not easy. Married or have dated a NBA Man. I am glad Jennifer and Shaunie and the rest of the ladies helped in all the hard work. And not only that but to have to put their personal life out. The show has helped me. I am prayerfully keeping them in my thoughts. As well as my prays. I wish them the best. I know you have people who dislike the show. But they keep it real. Jennifer I hope you and your husband stand the test of times. Love you give Royce and all the ladies my love. Peace

  19. Vonnie says:

    Jennifer, don’t let the haters on this site get to you. I hope you haven’t signed a pre-np, you should sit down with Shaunie and put together a plan,and start saving some money. I aint made at all with Shaunie on buying up real estate or what ever she was accused of doing, what ever she did she has paid for it being that Money’s wife. I would let him playing all he wants and not even nag him, I would work on my plan until mission is accomplished; then walk with that paper girlfriend

  20. Nina says:

    Happy Mothers Day! I just wanted to add. I think the show should have been called BASKETBALL WIVES. Reguardless if these women married these men or dated. Some are the mothers of these men children. Happy Mothers Day! With children or not. If we would honestly put ourself in these ladies position I can understand. Live and let live. I Love you Shaunie and Jennifer. And all the hard work all these women who married dated any of these men do. Again the show has helped me to see the hurt and ups and downs in relationships. We will stay strong motivated…Grace & Peace

  21. lawyerchick says:

    I like these reality shows. Its gives us a reality check on our own selves and how we think. Relationship 101: IF he never made vows to you, you are not the WIFE. And if you choose to ACT like the wife and he doesn’t treat you like the WIFE, first, BLAME YOURSELF, then make a vow to change you, and how you treat yourself and others. Stop making silent vows to people who refuse to give you that status! JEN needs to be in her marriage 100%. She says she treats him a certain way because of what he did to her, but mostly because she is not committed 100% to HIM. Royce is performer, she performs for a living. Why are these ladies expecting anything else?

  22. phebie82 says:

    Shaunie I think the next time you want to make a show about celebrity relationships you should not only make it about the negative. Your show only tells the world one side of the story. It shows that all or the majority of athletes are cheaters and heartbreakers. What about Tamia Hill who has been happily marrired to Grant Hill and does not have the drama you ladies have/had. Did you ever think to promote the good as much as you promote the bad? Stop being bitter all of you with exception of Gloria. If you dont like your situation leave it stop ^~^`$%)&#&+~($*~~ ing cause it changes nothing and only makes you look bad. By the way don’t influence Gloria to become one of you, she is in a happy place and misery loves company. She does not need to be apart of you alls man bashing crowd. Plus Matt is not having that, trust me!

  23. jessie22 says:

    I think that Jen is an insecure gold digging idioit u think ur the best n everyone eles is beneth u, even ur man well guess what dumba** no wonder why ur man loves to spend his time away from u and say’s HELL NO to having kids with u.

  24. WTF says:

    Why is only one of the people on this show married, when it is called basketball WIVES?????

  25. Jazzy says:

    Jennifer DO WAT U GOTA DO!! but STAY focused!!!! Dnt let these blogs gt to u! let ur haters b ur motivaters! IF I had the opportunity to walk in ur shoes i would have married his ugly `@$$+`%@“%$_+# too!! get the loot get the loot!! hold ur head up!

  26. Dedria Piear says:

    You all are beautiful women. No one need to know that much of your life because you end up as a target. Never underestimate your competition

  27. Deb says:

    I think i am more concerned how they can be called wives when their are only 2 wives out of 6 or so women…And who say they are engaged being with a man over 10 years? Get a clue if he didnt marry you in at least 3 years dont hire a wedding planner? And a baby mama dont make her the wife.I’ve been married for almost 22 years to a man in the military and trust these words that sh**t isnt easy. Heck after 3 years of marriage i learned to pack trojans in his rucksack and count them when he returned. At least i didnt live the fantasy of he wasnt human enough to fall into that temptation trap. For a real show with true facts look to military wives i know i can write a book and it doesnt come with the Gucci purse and Prada shoes!!

  28. jessie Mecklenburg says:

    jen your an idiot and i have to say the worst waste of electricity ever. you stupid FAKE `&*_+(^(&$~&$(^_& es woner why your hubbys dont like you. remove your fake eyes and hair and all the work you cant hide the manly nose and HELLO!! adams apple….scars last forever dumbass add the overbite and super-huge shoulers….CANKLES? ne1? why R these stupid `&*_+(^(&$~&$(^_& es interesting to ne $)&~%+^%%~$^(!!& ing one? NANY DIVER/SEAL/CHIEFS WIFE I DARE NE ONE `&*_+(^(&$~&$(^_& 2 BEAT THIS

  29. jessie M says:

    stop sucking your own @+^&@)$)%&~~^~~!

  30. Mark Dizzle says:

    I like Jennifer a lot. She’s very beautiful and classy. I don’t know why so many of you are hating. I do think she has some gold digger qualities; because there is no way she would put up with her husband’s behavior if he made 60K per year.

    And throwing the drink in Sandra’s face was NOT classy. And she should confront her husband NOT Sandra. Sandra represented.

  31. toomuch says:

    Hope Jennifer can get away from the negative chatter around her and not let it take over. I’ve been through a marriage and divorce where my husband was AWOL. Put yourself first,carve out your own life, stay positive and motivated by good people and good causes. What the husband is doing he will have to account for.Pray for him, take care of your mind, body and soul.

    I hope Jennifer does not take suzy’s advice to cheat.The cheating is not a good look. You will have to account for what you do and in the end will it make you happy and will you get what you want? Are you doing it to make up for the lack of attention? I doubt it. Leave before you cheat.

  32. DEIONE says:

    Evelyn, she’s phony and seems like an undercover h8ta. It’s not fair for her to talk behind ppls’ back an get away wit it…she didn’t tell Royce how she felt about tha dance act Royce did at her dependant party…to me Evelyn is two faced and she starts trouble, sit back and watch it unravel. Jennifer, she needs to go ahead an be tha ghetto queen she is inside…stop front’n. I’m so glad that Gloria is standing up to them all and Suzi, she looks like a man, she had no right to throw that drink. Royce needs to get away from them, cause it seems like they are get’n more laughs off of her than they are her friend.

  33. Moon says:

    This chick and the rest of the girls are classless. This is why dudes don’t mind (~@)@^+(&*(+$@$( ting on you, because of these type of actions. Gloria is the only show regular that is worthy really. These clucks are going in on her about something her sister did. These chicks, except Gloria, are being played by Shaunie. Shaunie has them showing their ignorant #(~!^~`~+!&%`~& and she doesn’t partake in it at all (smart). Rundown…jennifer (Classless), evelyn (classless), the water flinger (classless), royce (every1 pray her, seriously), and Gloria (great mother and fiancee’).

  34. IMME says:

    Yall should change the name of his show to dumb _^_)#_`(@+`~^$^ miserable boards because only one of them is a wife and none the other ones are. Evelyn is just miserable and how can she give relationship advice when she was never a wife just engaged for 10years what a dumb _^_)#_`(@+`~^$^ and she only broke up with him because he is broke now that is the true definition of a golddigger. I dont even know why Shaunie is hosting the show I mean really are you still that sprung off of shaq that you had to make a show about nba guys get a life really and go finish dating that lil 21 year old boy you are dating because arent you like old enough to be his mom I’m just saying. All these ladies are backstabbers, __^_@`+%+(*$($`# starters and ver two faced

  35. pinky says:

    Jennifer and the one named Evelyn are some triffln old school gold diggers. They keep stuff stirred up on this show and the Royce’s dumb tail too ignorant to see that these tramps using her to do all things they don’t have the heart to do. Evelyn didn’t even get to marry a baller she got dumped as just a girlfriend and that one that looks like she used to be man named Susi, the baller that even went her with her was lucky he didn’t marry her cause wow she is a transvestite looking and shaped trick. Jennifer got the nerve to tell the jump off that she was groupie yet all these chicks go their men doing exactly what she was accusing the one lady of..hanging out were the ballers are hopfully to catch one. he running around on her like a child at a play ground but she lookin like a fool getting hype at a party over him, I mean get in his face trick. Gloria is the only one on there wiht any class and they hate on her cause she is also the pretties one. What her sister does has nothing to do with Gloria, they are individuals and she can’t nor has any right to attempt to control her adult sisters life so those haten itches need to step back, Gloria’s hair is real @`#(**#+&`~_$`!~# es!

  36. *Dymond4eva* says:

    Jennifer listen…you are faboulous..beautiful..classy..all of the above ok? When a man cheats once, it changes EVERYTHING in a relationship and the fact that he is so careless about it, makes it worse. If you divorce him, I’m pretty sure that you will find another great guy in no time…a guy that will bring that fire back in you. But you are going to have to prepare yourself first because you might have to sart from the ground, up but thats ok..its common. You can do it. Oh and…please dont listen to these HATERZ!!! They just want to bring a sista down! Gotta luv it!

  37. Sonya says:

    Jennifer, Evelyn and Susie are drama queens with no life. They are jealous of Gloria and that is why they are now trying to make trouble for her because she will not let them influence her and tell her what to do like they can Royce. Did they tell Royce all the mess they said about her. Three times worse than what Gloria said. Gloria and Shaunie are the only ones in this group that I like and Shaunie is not on the show very much. I love that Gloria does not let them push her around and she owes none of you anything concerning her sister. The person that would fell strange about it(Shaunie) has already talked to Gloria and is fine with Gloria, but the drama girls just want to keep mess up. You go Gloria!!!! She told them broads end of discussion and kept it moving. Love it!

  38. DeeDee says:

    I like Jennifer. I can see why she can’t just walk away from marriage after being with someone for so long you don’t just walk away without trying to work it out. On another note I don’t know why people keep calling her a golddigger, I’m sure Eric asked her to marry him, not the other way around. Although, I hope she’s putting together a financial plan with Eric’s money whiles she hanging in the relationship. That way she won’t walk away with broke pockets and a broken heart..real talk!

  39. SB says:

    I really think Jennifer should not listen to other women in regards to her marriage. Marriage is a closed society. It is between Jennifer and her Husband. If he is asking for forgiveness, that should be discussed between the two of them. And true forgivness is letting go of the issue and moving on, and rebuilding. God forgives and does not through anything back in our faces(Matthew 6:14-16;Mark 11:25) . If the both(not only Erik, but it will take maturity on Jennifer’s part also) of you are willing to put in the work, it can definitely work. I truly believe Jennifer and Erik and work this out. Stop fighting with each other and fight for your marriage.

  40. Debrico says:

    It’s not so much that I dislike this chick but her ways make her look ugly on the show. As well as the rest of ‘em with the exception of Gloria. She’s the only one with enough common sense to be her own person and not fall into drama and so on…

  41. moe says:

    I like Jennifer.I know the other girls are your girls, but don’t let their problems be yours. You had to know what it was before you married him so no excuses.Far as sex you’re suppose to be in the mood even if you are not in the mood. My mother told me that people that have something to about your man will do anything to keep theirs, but because they are failures they want to put you on their level to make theirself feel better about not having someone. Another thing you are the only married female on the show with No kids so that should say a lot, and he don’t want kids,so, enjoy the life evverything happens for a reason. Keep your eyes wide open and your eyes covered. #1 rule of a relationship is don’t blame him for making you unhappy make yourself happy regardless about the stituation when he see you are doing the same then he will follow. I have learn that with men to not let your bitter friends be a part of the relationship, because that makes the man insecure also.

  42. Lmar says:

    Some of ya’ll need to shut the hell up.How can you be a gold digger if the man asked you to marry him? Is he so stupid that he don’t know one when he see one? He see them every day…so what set this lady apart from the others that he asked her to marry him? He has money so he didn’t have to marry anybody.She is there all he has to do is bring his @$$ home to her.Him and a lot of men like him should think ahead of time am I really ready to commit to one woman? He should be glad that he got her, with HIS UGLY @$$!!!!! He ain’t spending time with his wife he need to spend some money on his mouth.

  43. carol says:

    Please buy some books for your home, i.e., English grammar, spelling, current events, Miss Manners Etiquette, Transforming from a Hoe to a Housewife, Get the Money-Go to College-Not Bloomingdale’s.

  44. carol says:

    51 times; 79 times; you should drop the phrases, “you know”, and “like” and “I mean. Learn how to take a deep breath in place of those wasteful, low-classes phrases.

    Also, it’s “AN athlete”, not “a athlete”…there were too many grammatical embarrassments coming too fast to write them all down, but…get some grammar books and do the homework.

    P.S. Royce does not need to wear bracelets for earrings to be beautiful; she is simply pretty without the pearly makeup. I thought you were the interviewer when I saw the stills on this page; it wasn’t until I heard you speaking with your overemphasized “s”es that I realized it was you. You do look a little masculine here without all the special lighting and low-cut dresses.

  45. Greg S. says:

    Jennifer is fake as hell. I don’t understand why this show is called Basketball wives, almost all of them are single and divorced. They preach on setting examples to children and imagery,yet they go around starting drama and throwing drinks like ghetto trash. It’s a miserable, lonely version of sex in the city.

    Jennifer is nothing but a gold digger, she walks around labeling people and priding herself on her fake as image. She comes from money, leave her ugly `_%+#^_+^&@($(_ husband and get a divorce if he has done you so wrong. She even makes jokes of their bad relationship, yet won’t serve him papers until he buys them a big `_%+#^_+^&@($(_ house so she can get it in the divorce. Like I said, she comes from NJ wealthy black folks, divorce and go home if you are not a gold digger.
    I under stand women find it hard to divorce, but these women are truly trash and should not be kept on the same level as everyday women.

  46. Greg S. says:

    Also, why don’t any of these women BLAME THEIR HUSBANDS. I understand that women outside their marriage are tempting them, but ultimately your man has to choose to cheat. They talk about groupies and dancers, hell not all men in the NBA are married. For Christ sake, why is this chick arguing with women in the street but not her husband. Throw a drink in Eric Williams ugly as face.

    GOLD DIGGER? People say you can spot a GOLD DIGGER, no you can’t. A gold digger is defined by his/her own need to have wealth around them and not earn it. She comes from money, is married for the money and is holding on to a broken marriage to keep money. There is a BIG difference between a woman scared to step away from a big relationship and a woman that was never there to be with anyone but her dresses, shoes and bags.

    I was hoping this show would be positive of showing strong mothers and how some of these women actually support themselves and charities….but its just a chance for Shanie O’Neil to make more money out of her own crippled marriage.

    P.S. Suzie needs to get her teeth fixed, if she is gonna be so glam w/ a body like a man.

  47. T.L.JOHNSON says:


  48. Caprice Bivens says:

    I think that Jen is a very pretty girl and I also think that as a women myself if you first don’t respect yourself how do you expect your hubby or any man to respect you. Eric is the type of man that does not really cares and he lets you and the entire world know that I just think that you can do a hella alot better why in the hell don’t you try. I mean is having a little money worth all of yourself respect please you need to that the high road just like your girl Eve did. You can really learn a couple of things from her. Besides whats happens if and when Eric’s money runs out!

  49. AreUSerious says:

    O.M.G!!!! WHY?????? As I stated before Prime example of how money can make you very comfortable and as we see NOT HAPPY! Yes ignorance is very entertaining! Jennifer, booboo, like my momma always told me, and it isn’t any different for anyone else…”Once, shame on him…Twice, shame on you!” so you need to cut all that boohoo mess out cause the world no longer feels sorry for you. You knew what it was before it even started and nothing has changed so shut up with the same stories, stop crying because now it’s aggravating and do something about it and be a real subject for matter for t.v and not just a joke!

  50. Montrece says:

    I am appalled that Shaunie has created a show such as this, it is a disgrace, there isn’t any substance to this show. Evelyn, Jennifer and Suzie are so pretentious, they are only concerned with drinking liquor, discussing their dysfunctional lives with their men and ex-,fiancées trying to expose “groupies”, and carrying a name brand pocket book. I have yet to see them discuss anything positive or discuss their “businesses.” The only episope that was of interest was when Royce the “outcast” pulled their cards and invited them to serve food at the homeless shelter, even during that time, Evelyn, Suzie and Jennifer were acting fake, what was that all about? There has to be another way to make money, come on Shaunie, Evelyn, Jennifer and Suzie.

  51. Veronica Roberts says:

    Hi Mrs. Williams I wanted to stop by, and chat for a moment about your relationship the problems you are experiencing. Talk to Mr. Williams the way you talk to your girlfriends, at the end of the day its the two of you that weather the storms. Mr. Williams married you right. You are an intelligent, talented, and sexy sis-ta who has done what the majority of the other women want. Don’t let the pain, and sadness of the other relationship determine your relationship. Times might be different but what a man truly wants remain the same. A man likes the hunt, pursues, and capture his prey. They want three things food, sex, and piece and quit. Turn the tables on Eric let him be the hunter, again. You do the who-do that you did so well to get him. Last but not lease keep our Heavenly Father in your life. talk to him abut the change you want to see in Mr. Williams. Our Heavenly Father can change things trust me. I see something you don’t, Eric said to you “sometimes it takes longer for people to grow-up than others”, you said, ” yea but people don’t have time to wait around for change.”(Key word) he said,”But I’m not with other people, I’m in this with you”. One sis-ta to another, all women want what you have. PRAY ABOUT THE CHANGES YOU WANT TO SEE IN ERIC, WHEN YOU TALK ABOUT MR, WILLIAMS SPEAK POSITIVE THINGS FROM THIS DAY FORWARD. Trust me it works. Stay Blessed

  52. April says:

    I can’t believe the way Jennifer and Evelyn act. They are such lying, back-stabbers. They tell Royce of the things that Gloria said but yet they talk about Royce behind her back. I don’t like the way they treat Royce. They act like they are better than her. I can’t believe the way they acted after leaving Gloria’s house. Jennifer and Evelyn acted like it was beneath them to be in Orlando. Who do they think they are? Just because they have money does not mean they are better than anyone else. The only reason Jennifer doesn’t want to leave Eric is because she doesn’t want to give up that kind of lifstyle. They need to get over themselves!

  53. Petetrica says:

    Hello, like to start by saying I like the show.Seeing others problems make you feel better about yourself. First I would like to say Gloria keep doing your thing girl don’t be like the rest of those backstabbing, lying, trouble making hoochies. They talk about groupies cause they all was problaly one therselves. And I thought the show was called Basketball Wives is it me or the ones causing the most drama ain’t and never will be a wife your EX’S.And why can’t anyone mind their buisness. And Shawnie is not Queen why is everyone answering to her. Furthermore Royce girl RUN………….. You is a pawn girl they are fake wait till you look back on this you and Gloria could of been friends but because of a rumor everyone judged and pointed fingers but remember before her they were talking about you. Suzie go get a face lift and some braces. And Jennifer stop talking to your fake barbie’s and talk to your man. Marriage is a foundation not an group event you got married alone deal with it alone. All of the ladies but Gloria need to get a life and seek God cause all things are possible through Christ. Love one another and stop all that running off at the mouths does everything these days our people put out have to be negative most of you guys have children act like it the world revolves for just more than you. Stayed Blessed.

  54. EssJay says:

    Can ANYbody tell me where Jennifer got that gorgeous white maxi dress she was wearing on her fabulous frame on at the beginning of Episode 6? I’m going to a White Party and it would be great!!! ANYBODY???

  55. shantay says:

    I don’t like you at all personally, your a stuck up ~_##*(+_^$^$!)~*# point blank period.

  56. Brown Suga says:

    Please Jennifer STOP discussing your marriage. have more respect for yourself- You are beautiful and dont belittle yourself to other’s standards!!!

  57. Layla says:

    I hope Jennifer stops whining…..same ol same ol!
    come on Jenn….the only words that we heard was I am not sure if I should stay married…but not ready to file papers…stop…stop..stop…I would stray too! you are Uber boring……find a new subject matter and keep other chics out of your marriage! the only two people in it are the two of you, if you fear a divorce it will come…if you see a long marriage with children that will come too…it is up to you, you are the one wearing the ring, grow up and deal with it!
    You are putting your man on blast, be loyal first and foremost!

  58. sugamama says:

    Besides Gloria, Jen seems to be the only one who has a relationship. Yes they have problems but all marriages have ups and downs. It just depends on how much you are willing to go threw with the other person. Marriage is commitment and she is really trying to honor the commitment she made before God. Like she said she knows how divorce affected her. She obviously loves Eric and wants a family. He needs to grow up and appreciate the beautiful woman God blessed him with before she is gone.

  59. Detroitnista says:

    I wanted to know where and what’s the brand of the gray sweater/shrug Jennifer wore to Evelyn’s the day they spoke about her marriage? HOT!

  60. Tim says:

    I think Jen is great! Its a great show and needs to be a full hour!

  61. Tasha says:

    What is the name of that cute sweater/shrug Jennifer Williams wore on Basketball wives. Where can I find one??

  62. Cynthia Willis says:

    Jennifer stay strong and try to work your marriage out. The courage it took for you to expose the truth about your situation. Remarkable. Don’t pay attention to plastic surgery she is a hater! You driving the bentley etc. Don’t speak on it anymore. Action speak louder than words. Keep looking flawless and being the class act that you are! Keep putting it in there I love everything that you have worn on the show. Stay strong and prayerful. Put Eric into Gods’ hands. Trust me God will get him right and submissive. Stay a faithful and praying wife. We always have favor with GOD! God Bless U

  63. Wife & Air Force VET says:

    Mrs. Williams I agree with Veronica Roberts’s comments. You are the spokeman for a lot of BLack Wife in America now. Weather you beleive it or not you are (The other women on your show are not! They are not married U R!). And you are a beautiful DARK AND LOVELY Queen, Lady. Instead of talk and asking for advice from your WANNABE’S, Go talk with the LORD first, and he will directed your path to some real wives that can give you some good advice. AND KNOW THIS NO MARRIGE IS WITHOUT IT’S THORNS! Just like a rose garden. And if you want your husband to change you will have to change first. Because lady we all can’t change no one but ourselves.The only one who can change people and Husbands is our LORD GOD. HE THE MAKER AND CREATOR OF US ALL. Stay in prayer for your married girl. Because if your marriage is grounded in the 3 of you, God the Father, the husband & the wife,Your marriage will never last! Put it in god’s hand and leave it there! AND PLEASE STOP LISTENING TO THOSE WANNNABE’S!!

  64. vickimck says:

    first off all sandra is right,your husband is just a business partner because he wouldnt want to be known that he is married to a 6ft man! all you are is side kick crap. you need to get your crap straight and grow and your other friends embarrass the rest of the the women of miami. you need a good ~^#)($*!@&@)#+@ whooping from sandra. bet you woudlnt talk crap if you werent with your other male looking !$(%`@)_%!!*++`(@ es. you all need to grow up and vh1 needs to cancelthis ridiculous show.

  65. Big daddy says:

    Jennifer if u decide to get a divorce give Big daddy a call you fine tall beautiful brown suga u are a whole lot of woman and i luv that

  66. vanessa says:

    Jennifer, Honey, I truly feel sorry for you. You are trying to hold on to something that is not there. I hope that Eric does try to do better by you (for your sake)Let marriage be honorable among all, and the marriage bed be without defilement, for God will judge fornicators, and adulterers. (Hebrews 13:4) You keep doing what YOU are doing,hold on to YOUR marriage, don’t let YOUR “FRIENDS” steer you to do something out of your element. Eric will come around, if not HE will have to deal with his behavior, not you. Don’t do evil for evil to NO ONE. Provide fine things in the sight of ALL men (& woman)(Romans 12:17) In the end your conscience is clear. I hope that I have provided dome insight for ya’.
    ——————————————————–Now everybody knows that I know why “J” is not leaving her husband! But since she won’t leave, I tell her what she wants to hear!

    I love ya “J”

  67. donna says:

    i work evening shift don’t get a chance to watch your show on vacation caught last episode i love fashion i don’t where shades because i have an eye diseased that makes it even harder to see but the shades you had on when you and Shaunie were at the pool who made them will take all my over time to get them they where nice please respond i am all the way in Texas

  68. Alma T. says:

    Jennifer, stop listening to your gurls. they want what u have, a man in their lives. don’t let them come between u and your man. like most of your reader said, basicly, keep your biz 2 yourself and talk 2 your man. only u your man and God can work this marriage out. you did make a fool of yourself on the show as far as i am concerned by acting the way u did. u girls make our black women look so bad. and ya’ll supposedly have so much class… well, i’d hate 2 c u without class! you’d b a disaster.

  69. THUG MISSES says:


  70. tamika says:

    Jennifer where did u get that gray sweater?

  71. Ashley says:

    Jennifer!!! you are defiantly my fav on the show. from the little i seen on tv i think your marrige can be worked out. he seemed sincere when he was talking to you. with counseling and time i believe everything will be okay.keep faith and dont let the past ruin your future…

  72. 1429822 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1429822! SCK was here

  73. 2028717 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2028717! SCK was here

  74. 409689 says:

    What a lovely day for a 409689! SCK was here