Happy Mothers Day…?


This week’s Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business explored Brandy’s tempestuous relationship with her mother Sonja in greater detail than ever before. This bonus clip gives us even more footage of the mother-daughter pair’s blow-up argument, and sheds light on Brandy’s life growing up in the spotlight. “I’ve always been the product and I’ve always been the person,” she says matter-of-factly, which is kind of insane. Think, when was the last time you heard someone refer to herself as a product? Brandy’s upbringing is probably alien to 99.9 percent of the population.

Whose side are you on in this debate: Sonja, who raised her daughter using her business sense, or Brandy who so desperately just wants a mom? And can you believe this episode aired on Mothers Day? That can’t be a coincidence, right?

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  1. Cynthia Anderson says:

    I feel where Brandy is coming from as far as wanting her mother to relate to her as a mother and not her manager, she has been in her life more of that than a mother which she is reaching out for and her mother is just too family business wise to see her “daughter” is wanting to spend time with her and do the mother/daughter things and I see her not having her own daughter in the spotlight because of what she and her mother is going through so that’s good to protect her little one from that showing that she doesn’t want to lose that between them as she did with her own mother so her mother just need to step back and let them grow up now and face their own responsibilities on their own come on now she has a husband at home that she needs to focus on also now is the time for them two to travel and just do them for a change and I’m not saying it’s not okay to worry about your children but come on now it’s time for mother hen to leave the barn!!!!

  2. Cynthia Anderson says:

    I also want to add that the mother is more concerned about the business but not putting her children in their place by calling her by her first name so where is the respect in that and since this is a reality show and everything goes dang how long they been calling her by her first name and not even calling her Ma or Mom I seen plenty of reality shows and trust and believe the parents have not been called by their first name, where are the boundaries!!!!!!!!!

  3. Renee says:

    I think they were both under stress and I hope they can find resolution. I love the show and think they are very brave to share personal aspects of their lives with the public. Stay strong family and blessings to all of you.

  4. Kim says:

    Brandy’s mother is very mean and a cold hard women, she is not a likeable person in my book, I would never want to work with her or deal with her in any respect. I feel so bad for Brandy, I see clearly what she is saying and her mother does favor Ray over her, but her mother is too mean to admit it. This womem, to me, is horrible, CONTROLING and I’m glad she is not my mother. Would showing some love and kindness kill you or something, you are just plain ole mean and hard and it makes me sick, you need to show your daughter and husband some love, let immature Ray grow the hell up, he like a big ole kid or something at 30 lawd, you need help mother, ASAP!!! Or maybe a nice bug will bite you or something like really quick, lawd a mess.

  5. Andrea says:

    This is my first time watching the tv program, and it will be MY LAST. I don’t like what I saw in the few scenes I watched. I will not allow this program to be watched in my home and hope my friends follow suit. This program reminded me of the Frankie – Neffie free-for-all fiasco. Both Brandy and Ray J come across as two spoiled brats who are disrespectful to their Mom. Ray-J thinks he is a high roller, deal maker, party-boy, wheeler-dealer type. He’s a joke, a man with a child’s mentality. If you are the boss, set the example. Don’t be the poster child for the bad example. What makes him think he is man enough to call his mother by her first name? Brandy needs to listen to her Mom and quit trying so hard to prove she is the one who is the “star”. After all, is this not the same girl who faked a marriage and caused a deadly crash? She does not come across as being mature, just loud. I also think their Mom needs to “wake up”. Is she the Mom who raised these two or the hired help who allows them to give her orders and walk all over her? The business side of their relationship has over shadowed her parental wisdom. Why do reality shows starring African Americans young adults come across like a melee with disrespectful, aggressive children?

    Brandy and Ray J need to learn a thing or two about life and respect. If you want to run with the big dogs, you need to know when and where to bark.

  6. Narcassistic Ray-J says:

    It really seems like Willie Sr and Brandy are 2nd and 3rd to Sonja and Rayj’s relationship. Ray-J is THE most self-centered narcissistic fool on earth. He has an average voice that a great producer can make something out of but his immaturity is a total let down and turn off! He completely lacks the ability to be a REAL business man. His mother stands by covering her eyes almost at his pathetic behavior but is all over Brandy for speaking up to her mother’s cruel words to others. She absolutely shows favoritism and it is really sad. She should be thanking her lucky stars her daughter hasn’t completely shut her out of her life, She’s impossible! Ray-J acts like a spoiled 17 year old. He and Paris Hilton would make a perfect couple.

  7. angel says:

    I agree that sonya plays favorites. Ray came late to a meeting when it was just about over,his mother gave him a slap on the wrist. If Brandy had came late to a meeting she would have been all over her. Ray had the stripper all over him and he says close the door, but she said nothing to Ray about it,she dogged his friend instead, jumped all over Brandy, still nothing to the person(ray) who was encouraging the stripper.

  8. nicole w says:

    The sad thing here is Sonja knows what brandy talking about but she is jut to guilty to admit that she favors Ray j,Yes she loves her daughter but it’s quite clear that she let ray j get away with murder.I belive Brandy feels & felt that she was always her mother project like she said like i was working for you. Listen I have the same arguments with my moms favoring my older sister but my moms have six daughters so i guess it’s not that noticable<LOL But FYI SIBLINGINS NOTICE!!!<LOL

  9. jeanette says:

    Brandy your mother behavior is more common then we know as daughters. Southern born women like your mother and my mother fall in love with their sons. I felt as if me and my mother never connected either. Please love your mother and forgive her for what she can not see and refuse to understand. I am old enough to be you mother and Afican American mother have not changed their aggressive support for their sons since slavery, The belief “If I see my son as the leader and favors his actions my son will do as I want him too”. I being a mother of tough love myself had to learn a woman can not give to her son the things the son believes is being a man. They received that ego from their father.

    My mother was just as tough and never acknowledge are support my emotional self. she is dead now and it still hurts. You are your mother seed, she looks at you she see’s herself and the attitude is one of protection love and defiance.

    You are now needing confirmation of your indiviual identity. being a Diva, very gifted and muti-talented try a consultant or publisher of your choice who will work for and you only. You will never change your mother mind, take control of your happiness. You are not being disloyal to be concern about your happines.
    It may help your mother too truly see you.
    “You have paid your dues”. If your mother see’s you as a woman and not her daugthers hopefully your mother can see more clearly.

  10. shar says:

    Brandy, I understand how you feel about being looked at as a product, but at the same time, your mom has sacrificed a whole lot to groom you into the women you are today. It feels like your purposely rebelling against your mom for not having the power or control when you where younger and now that your in your 30′s you want to do what you want to do. Im sure she has no problem with that either, but at the same time, you have to understand she made an investment in you and now you want to turn all that hard work that she put in and basically throw it in her face by wanting to be a rapper at 30+. Although, you were very good on stage with Timberland I think you are truly a genuine singer. After taking off for many years, a real singer can come back and recapture her fans with a deep love song. Thats what you can do Brandy. Leave the rapping to the hoodrats. You have been groomed into a women with class and dignity. Your mom knew what she was doing years before you could understand. You and I are the same age so I know what it feels like to want to express yourself on your terms, but as far as this type of business is concerned, your mom’s still knows best. Trust her and sing. We want to hear your voice singing and telling us stories about Love etc. Believe me Brandy, sing to us that’s what we want. Peace & Love, Shar! (Jersey Baby)

  11. NeNe says:

    Sonja is partial to Ray J and his childishness – she makes excuses for him all the time. However, Brandy is old enough to cut the apron string and find a new manager so that she can enjoy some mommy time with her mom. Willie is so cool. He takes everything in stride. Don’t know what the hoopla is all about – there is no disrespect by addressing their mom on a first name basis. They only do it when they talk about her, not to her face. Get over it people.

  12. zmiyah says:

    It’s a shame that a mother doesn’t or does not want to realize that she has placed one child above the other. For Brandy to be the oldest and the first of the family to enter the business, her mother gives her no respect or encouragement. I have watched each episode that has aired and it’s plain and completely visible that Sonja’s preference is Ray J. Brandy – I know you wish to receive your mothers love and I hope that when she matures you receive it, but you’ll endure more stress and sorrow the more you continue to try to make her understand. Sonja is just mean to Brandy and doesn’t appear to care.

  13. Anita says:

    On the day of the Stripper, Brandy was disrepectful to her mother. If I had been in Sonja’s position, I would have left too. Although it is obvious Brandy has issues with her mother and seems jealous of the relationship her brother has with the mother, Brandy is the one with the disrespect issue NOT RayJ.

    Also, quite frankly, RayJ has other issues — he is a male whorish acting man. He needs to grow up. The Stripper and his boys are all apart of his immaturity. I am sick of RayJ and his immaturity.

  14. C.Johnson says:

    This is the real problem …Mom does show favorites towards Ray-J however,he is disrespectful to his parents.Far as Brandy , Her mother is her manager! If she feels that she can find a manager like her mom then go for it if she wants that so called mother and daughter relationship. Brandy in my opinion wants business and mother to be intertwine together.Thats not good business!They need there mother working as their manager. They are not even trying to learn the business either.So who do they call on..they mom!

  15. jimmie says:

    Brandy’s mother is so prideful, hopefully they can work it out. A mother daughter relationship is so special. Ray J is the real problem he really needs to grow up he loves child’s play. Just because you have a little money does not make you a man, I remember on that episode when he told the girl to check his bank account. It reminded me of the Kanye West song You Can’t Tell Me Nothin, that song describes him to a T.

  16. lila says:

    brandy,are you a mother ? why have you portray yourself as a single lady, it seems like this is the same deception of your marriage,very phony,disappointed.

  17. Tay Buckner says:


    If your show is all about family, why havent we seen your daughter yet? I understand she may not be part of the FAMILY BUSINESS, but she is part of the FAMILY!!!

  18. Tay Buckner says:


    If ur show is all about family, why havent we seen your daughter yet? I understand she may not be part of the FAMILY BUSINESS, but she is part of the FAMILY!!!

  19. judemore kayode says:

    shes a *`$#$+(!&%!~)@(_@

  20. ashley says:

    i just want to know where Brandy’s daughter is in all of these shows. That shows you that this is not a real reality show bcuz they have dinner and go on all of these trips without her child. i understand if she doesnt what her on tv but she could at least mention her it is starting to make me mad as a mother!!!

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