What Chilli Wants Recap – Episode 5 – Couples Counseling



Stretching with Chilli actually increases workout tension!

We begin this week’s What Chilli Wants with a backyard workout lead by Chilli and reluctantly followed by Tionna.


Tionna says she didn’t want to go after their fight the night before, but they had already scheduled it. Also, this is a show, and I think this weighs a little more heavily. And as she says, “My word is my bond,” though, she also vowed to find the right guy for Chilli before she said she was out, so really, some words are bonds, others are not. This is a tension-filled stretch:



Chilli takes time during workouts to tell Tionna that she didn’t like coming at her “…in a very judgmental way.” Tionna takes this in a very hypocritical way because this show’s tagline could have been “…In a very judgmental way!” But Chilli ignores Tionna’s snorts and says she’s willing to change. So she’s going to see a therapist on Tionna’s orders.


Actually Chilli sort of ignores Tionna. She takes it out on her with this passive aggressive workout. Like, it’s just mean to make a young lady this busty do jumping jacks and standing chest flies.


Tionna takes it until she just dashes away. Note: Running away from exercise is still running. I’m enjoying this running physical fitness theme throughout What Chilli Wants. The rest of the episode? Not nearly as hilarious.

Chilli gets a pre-therapist therapist when she does a photoshoot with T-Boz. First, I’m not sure what the look for their TLC photo was here: Teacher and student? Senior photo?


I expect T-Boz, who has survived two deadly illnesses (a brain tumor, sickle cell anemia), to say something about compromise and finding someone and greater perspective, but like a good friend, T-Boz is on Chilli’s side, even if that side is a little ridiculous.


Chilli’s going to have to get that greater perspective elsewhere. So Tionna takes Chilli to meet a couple that’s been married almost 50 years. They talk to her about compromise, but mostly, they teach by example. So cute, this couple.


Then Chilli goes out on the only date she’ll be having this episode.


“I’m preparing my son for somebody’s good, clean daughter,” she says. But who’ll be good enough? “I got dibs on Sasha Obama.” Hey, it’s the next best thing, since Missy Elliott pointed out that Barack Obama’s the only one close to good enough for Chilli.

“I think you’re like, my favorite celebrity. Not just because you’re my mom,” Tron says. Now, you’d think it’d be the past boyfriends in Chilli’s life that have led to her high standards, but maybe it’s Tron too. Once again: so cute, this couple.

Though this is Chilli’s therapy, it’s really couples therapy in a way. Here’s two people that need to work together and build a relationship (for one of them, but still, together), and they can’t get along.


But then Dr. Davis asks Tionna to leave so she can dig into the list a bit more. She asks Chilli to pick a boyfriend that stands out in her mind. I know which one I’d pick! And I know which moment would stick in my mind. But Chilli goes with Dallas, her first serious boyfriend.

She confesses to having an abortion when she was 20, which she’s regretted ever since. Chilli says she cried almost every day for nine years, part of why she wanted to have Tron with Dallas, so she could make up for what happened.


Her history with Usher? Just that she couldn’t compromise and see herself with him for the rest of her life. So, from age 20 til now, Chilli’s had two serious relationships: Dallas and Usher. The takeaway: You develop issues when you miss out on your sloppy 20′s. I believe a series of truly terrible short-term relationships would have helped Chilli out.


Dr. Davis brings Tionna back in, then says to Chilli what Tionna’s been saying in her own, precious, four-letter way since Episode 1: Chilli’s using her list as a form of self-protection. When Tionna hears that Chilli is, at least, slightly, kind of, a little, willing to comprise on the list, she is happy.


These ladies! Such a cute couple.

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  1. Tiye says:

    I’m just trying to figure out why in the blue hell would Chilli ask someone like Tionna to help HER find a date/Man? LOL…I find that very funny. Look like Chilli should be the one to give Tionna some advice. I wonder, does Tionna have a man?

  2. Drama Free says:

    Tionna would easily get a date if she had too….before! Chilli!….Chilli is SHALLOW!!!! and FAKE!!!! and Men hate! that type +_&!#`*@@*`#*+^* most of all! Trust! and Believe! that!

  3. shar says:

    I really like the show. I love that Chilli is honest and genuine…if she has standards then dammit you have to live up to those standards. Point blank. And Tionna is a great addition to helping her find a perfect mate. Tionna has a great bubbly personality and is just what Chilli needs in her corner. Good Luck with the search…but if you ask me, I think Chilli and Floyd make a great couple.

  4. Shar says:

    I love this Show!!!

  5. what the? says:

    Tionna lacks professionalism. Of course Chili is being ultra picky and has issues, that’s why there’s a SHOW! Tionna’s job is to deal with that in a manner that befits her position. But she is not supposed to be the star, yet I feel like that’s how she’s trying to orchestrate things.

    Honestly, TIonna has a nasty attitude, and Chili really needs to quit this idea before Tionna blows up on her in a fit of self righteousness and and tries to put her on a biscuit or something.

    BTW-Tron is more than adorable, but Im not sure Chili should have let him be on the show. There are a lot of adult issues being discussed and Im not sure how that would be for a school-aged child. Also kudos to Chili for being so brave to talk about having an abortion on nat’l tv. Hope some other young women see and understand what the consequences of that can be.

  6. Nice says:

    Have anyone notice the likability and respectability chilli give out when she’s on date’s with a non-brothers??I’ll seem to notice there is some disparity between the two groups of men. If you think I’m paranoia just watch all the episodes/bonus clips with non-brother and vice versa..This is just an observation…

  7. MIRIAM ELLIS says:

    I know the perfect candidate for Chilli to meet if she’s ready to stop looking. But first to seek him she must seek the LORD because by His side is were he is. I can _&`)~%*^(!$~%$( ure you that he will be like no other she woud ever meet. But thats only if she is ready.Vitals God- fearing, 33 (sept, 20th)NO KID, NO DRAMA, and waiting for his wife.

  8. peggy says:

    I ENJOY THE SHOW i thing chili touched on a subject that was very personal and can be judgemental, but yet she chose to share that issue on the show. I went throught he same thing as iam sure many women have. She is a bit picky but yet she has standards she has to figure out what she truly can live with because no one man man can be all those things she has on that list. Something will be sacrafised on that list iam sure. Tionna is hillarious in a funny disrespecting way but she trying to do her job.

  9. Erika M.I.P says:

    Hey, I really love the show and also I’m a TLC fan too. Tron is adorable, I really enjoyed the part when they went on a mothe and son date. I going to do the same with my son too and get dressed up also so my son will know how to treat a lady. I also tease my son that Sasha could be his future wife too!!! I hope Chill will find true love someday soon. I would not reccommmed her to see Usher again because he’s been married and now has two kids. I think floyd could be a better match for her. Her counselor is great. She needs a minister or someone in the gospel business with money to be with.

  10. Gr8ndWyzard says:

    First, since Chilis bday is the same day as mine…I really see who, what, when, why, how and how much! There is more about Chili that Chili will learn later that will allow here to be available to meeting the right man…could be me…but she is lving in fear of the past and will not let it go. She needs to realize that she was young and vunerable because of knowledge of self. She needs to treat every person differently. She is needs control over everything even Tionna…she will follow Tionna only but so far until she needs to take over like a plane about to crash and she is co-pilot taking over…she is not superficial. There is a VIBE that needs to hit her and that vibe is more spiritual and intuitive within her. The issue is not many men will have that vibe-sync. The right person with that vibe is like not seeing a needle in the carpet til you kick it. She needs to look into meditation, relax and have faith. Hopefully she meets the guy in time to have kids…which she should. Mayweather is a Pisces also and knows how to charm even though he does not want a relationship. He still has play in him that’s why he stood her up…he couldn’t avoid flirting with her..it’s in his dna. Digression…how does she let her son where those breads and think that Obama’s daugther would want that.

  11. HNIC says:

    I just want to know if chili has thought about looking for a regular guy who works for a living, and is not a famous athlete or public figure.

  12. Dutches says:

    I agree NICE, She’s a lot nicer to none brothers. She has a totally different attitude, way nicer to non-blacks. What a )@_~+!@`#@@$&&@+% with a slave mentality! She always trying to size a brother up all the dam time!

  13. ProudtobeAA says:

    to nice
    You are not the only person that notice it. If she treats White men different from black men and it appear she does, then she is no more different from the people on Fox news.

  14. virgolady says:


  15. virgolady says:

    Some women are not meant to be with a man. Has she EVER considered that? It may not be for her. God blessed her with a son and that should be her first and foremost concern. There are millions of women out there with no man or husband and they are just FINE! She needs to consider the alternative of maybe not having a man. It happens!

  16. virgolady says:

    She just needs to get over herself. She is NOT all that!!

  17. Enchanted says:


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