Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business Recap – Episode 5 – Hello Mother, Hello Fodder


The not-so-secret word of this week’s show is…


For real, let’s round up all the things from this episode that are…


We’ll start with Darkchild’s decrees.


Rodney Jerkins, who’s producing the project we’re watching Ray J work on, says he doesn’t want Ray “wilding out” when he’s not in the studio. Clearly, Darkchild is out to orchestrate more than Ray’s beats. Trying to control VH1′s wildchild?


Here’s why:




You can’t keep a good partier down. Ray says that the club is like his office, “because that’s where the money’s at.” His job description includes: networking, partying and making sure the club pops. Kind of vague job demands, but he seems at terms with them. For the completion of his tasks, he is able to claim the title “West Coast Party King.” That?


Clearly, there are plenty of people out West who’d want to stake that claim (Hugh Hefner isn’t dead yet!), so if it is true, Ray is more like the West Coast Party Dictator.


And actually, his ever-present harem (seen above snuggling up with Shorty Mac) suggests he’s more of a sheik than a king.


By the way, per the editing, Ray’s partying it up at Bare in Vegas while his inherited business awaits.




Not that there are repercussions for his tardiness! Sonja gives him as stern a talking to as we’ve seen thus far (no baby voice or anything!), but this becomes an opportunity to receive one of the King’s proclamations…


Sonja tells him to remove his sunglasses but he will not: “When I’m wearing these shades in these meetings and when I’m walking in places, I’m setting trends.” Yes, yes. Ray J is to inside what Corey Hart was to at night. Let’s call the whole thing…


Oh, also Sonja misuses the term “smashing the homies” (she charges Ray with such, but duh, he’s not capable of committing that or any crime). You know what I’m about to say…


…and you know what I’m sayin’.

The interaction with Ray and Sonja is key, because this episode further explores Brandy’s internal crisis regarding what she sees as the favoritism Sonja shows to Ray.


“Favoritism” doesn’t make sense to Ray, probably because he’s on the winning side of it. To him, it’s just existence. He also calls Brandy out for “taking shots” at him for saying that she shouldn’t have taken the fall for the stripper he gladly invited into his office and lap last episode and that he should have. I think you see where this is going:


This leads to an argument between Brandy and Sonja. When Brandy approaches her mother, she asks her daughter if she wants to play piano.


Things devolve from there.


There is clearly a lot of resentment regarding Brandy’s upbringing — she felt like she didn’t have a mom, but Sonja consciously put motherhood aside to be her daughter’s manager. The word “business box” is said a lot. Sonja also kind of sweeps it all under the rug as the tension is igniting: “Sometimes you are as chilly as an iceberg. I’m gonna go get water, you want some?” she says to her daughter, not even taking a beat. Brandy may be “chilly,” but here she’s left cold:


That isn’t reeeee-diculous so much as it’s just sad. There’s a bit more discussion, but none of it is encouraging. Sonja says she’ll alter, but not change. Above all else, she’ll experiment in the field of synonyms and connotation, apparently. She says that she set Brandy “free” from her, but she’ll always be there for her daughter (now antonyms and connotation). Brandy leaves, saying she’s going to stare at herself. Hopefully, she’ll be thinking while she’s staring.

While Ray sweats and struggles in the studio…


…Brandy has a one-on-one with her dad, who is clearly the most level-headed, impartial Norwood family member.


Seriously, if you want to be told how it is gently and with insight, stop by and talk to Willie (“I don’t take sides, I just try to keep them from killing each other,” a quote of his, is at least worthy of being plastered on a T-shirt). Brandy deserves a fiefdom just for her wise decision to visit him. Willie agrees that Sonja shows some favoritism but he also concedes, “I don’t care what mothers and daughters go through, I know they’re going to work it out.”

In the interest of working things out, he talks to Sonja.


Sonja concedes that there are some situations she stepped in the middle of that she shouldn’t have. I didn’t know that Sonja knew she had the capacity to be wrong so this is news to me! Willie says she shows partiality to Ray. “You think?” she asks. “I know,” he counters gently. Are they seriously just getting around to talking about this now?


Willie distills the situation like this: “Ray J talks to me the same way [Brandy] talks to you. And Brandy talks to me the way she wants to talk to you.” We end the episode without a Sonja-Brandy resolution, probably because there are plenty more episodes left in the season, in which that can play out. Still: the lack of resolution is preeeee-dictable.

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  1. Tiff Young says:

    Ray Wendy Williams put u on blast about having a single and that she like it. What is up with that?

  2. Gale Boudreaux says:

    Hey I love the show, but its reality. where is Brandy`s daughter. It`s business but I see a lot of personal. Are you handling parenthood in this reality.

  3. sheila says:

    Rodney needs to walk away from ray J because he needs to grow up and it will not happen no time soon along has he is around his mom who thinks everything that he does is funny. Brandy just about every black girl goes through this with their mother because if truth be told they went through it with their mother. Now they are mad at us. Love her and more on. I have this on my table at home Happiness Is Having A large, Loving, Caring Close Knit Family In A Different City

  4. Kevinjkc says:

    I was shocked after seeing the last two episodes. I wouldn’t have ever thought that the family was having such issues, but hey all families do… None of us can judge anything that another does. I can’t judge Mrs. Sonia, but I was really saddened by her response and comment about the Ray J’s friend, being a nobody or something of that nature. It was apparent she was upset but to Brandy’s defense, (not that she needs it), Brandy was only saying from what I saw, “Mom that’s not nice to say about someone” Now Brandy should have backed off and waited to a more appropriate time considering her mom was upset and not hearing. It is really visible that Ray J is being treated differently by Mrs. Sonia than Brandy is. It seems like there is something Mrs. Sonia is either not willing to admit or that she is angry about something else that’s not being discussed. Almost like she hasn’t forgiven something that Brandy has done. Brandy I will say from what is being seen it does appear you go to the extreme with your emotions, not sure what is going on with that. But I will say something is up with your mom treating Ray J different. It’s like he is God and can do no wrong, which is dangerous for him, cause after seeing his disrespect to you, your dad, and even Rodney, (as it relates to not being prepared), it is clear that Ray J is turning into an ego driven man and it is not nice to see that he comes off that arrogant. If we as viewers keep seeing much of this from him, I can see it being to Ray J’s disadvantage. He comes off very arrogant and a bit over the top with his persona. I will say I love Brandy and Ray’s music, and I have everything you both have done and a big fan. I was really disappointed with Ray J and how he seems to get away with alot…I hope that in future shows we see more honesty and forgiveness, cause right now it’s really starting to sadden me. I don’t mean any harm at all…I respect all of you, but I think the commonality needs to be, “If what you are arguing about separates you, and either of you were to be injured or even fatal, how would you really feel?” Let go of the whose right or wrong and focus on understanding, listening and most of all loving one another beyond your ego.

  5. Kevinjkc says:

    Please know that I love your entire family and you’re not dealing with anything other families haven’t and are still dealing with. Please know that I am not trying to offend or judge anyone…But one thing I can say, Mr. Norwood, is an amazing man. I see how he constantly tries to see himself and everyone in the family through the eyes of love. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, we all in the world can take a cue or two from Mr. Norwood. Love beyond your ego and focus on understanding and aiding in providing a solution and not focusing constantly on the negative of the situation but find the solution in love. I learned from watching him, always try to act out in love toward those especially that mean the world to you. Doesn’t mean he’s perfect, cause we know he isn’t, but he appears to be even tempered and really in love with his family and he acts like it. Today I’ve learned, act like you love and do so in the face of adversity. You guys are a beautiful family and I pray life’s best for you all…and I pray much peace and love for you all.

  6. mrs nicky says:

    ray j is soooooo inmature and silly. who the hell would want to date him? their mom is on an ego trip, brandy what can u say!! this show sucks, please get off the air!!!!!

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Ray J Ray J you just do not have a clue what business is all about. You are acting like a teenager. I am a 49 year old mother of two boys the oldest your age, I would never allow him to enter a meeting late as I would see it as being disrespectful to me never mind the people there to do business with us. Stop playing business and be about business!!!!!!!

  8. Kim Kat says:

    Last but not least, in the last comment, I meant to say Look in the mirror. Also,this is my take on what is going to happen later on down the line, and my suggestions on what I truly see better for Brandy.
    This is number one, 1. Get rid of your mom as manager. She loves you, but in her own little way, and her own little way looks to be quite toxic for your career. If you have a person, such as your mom, that is showing favoritism towards one of her clients more than you,and that person happens to be your brother, how is that benefiting your career in the end? Why can’t she be equally supportive to you and your brother? But if she can’t be as equally supportive to you and your brother in the emotional and personal part of your lives, then how is she going to do that, in your professional life? I believe that she was a great manager when you all were kids but now its different since you’re older. I say, follow your heart. The voice within knows whats best for you. Its clear that Mrs. Norwood is having the problem. Now what that prolem is, who knows? I hate to say this, but do you know sometimes the people that you feel closest to such as your family, can be the ones who can be the most jealous of you. I don’t know if this is the case, but why else would she treat you differently, than she treats RayJ? I know your mom loves you, but can it be that the way she treats you has something to do with her own ugly little insecurities within herself? Food for thought.
    secondly, 2. Keep it movin. Pray for your mom and go on. Yeah, it hurts, but what can you do? Its just like the young lady said on last weeks episode, (I guess that was your cousin, she said,) you can’t make your mom act like you want her to act. She should want to act a certain way. But what can you do? You’ve got to keep it movin.’
    thirdly. 3. I hate to say this as well, but i’ve got to say it like it is, and thats the truth, I would not be surprised if your father left your mother for good this time. Because your mom is so overbearing and sooo harsh!! She’s so harsh in her own ways. I hate to say it, but she should take a chill pill. No man, I don’t care what color he is, wants to be around someone who is always so hard, and always soooo bossy! Its like everyone is walking around your mother like she’s Cleopatra. She gon keep on, and she gon loose her man. You can’t be so mean to people, including your children and your man, and think they ain’t goin nowhere, especially your man. She gon’ wake up one day and she ain’t gon’ have no man to boss around, not that I want that to happen, because I like to see when a couple have been together for a long time. But its inevitably ovbious that this is going to eventually happen if she continues to treat her family like crap!
    Fourth, 4. Brandy, you seem to be so down to earth and humble. Stay that way. You are the real star. Now lets be for real. You’re the one with all of the hit records. Not hatin on your brother, but we shouldn’t forget who the real star is, you, Brandy. God blessed you with a Grammy!!! I’m not sayin that your mom did not share and help you get to that point, but come on now, we can’t forget who the real and true star is, and thats you Brandy. Yeah, Rayj, you got a couple of hit songs. But you still have not accomplished what Brandy has accomplished. So RayJ lets not get too _$(@(*(&($`%$&~+ y. Brandy, I met you one time in Las Vegas about 5 years ago and you were cool as hell, and very humble. Stay that way and continue to reach for the stars, because thats what you are, a star with a sincere heart. I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. Can’t worry about other people, not even if its your own family. As the Bible tells us, “When your mother and father forsake you, there am I in the midst.” “Men may fail you, (meaning human beings), but God will never fail you.” Stay positive, and keep that great attitude.
    Sincerely Kim

  9. nicole w says:

    I will say after watching the show again last night,i can see where Brandy coming from. I belive sonia need to take a hard long look at what she is doing with brandy I mean the women is clearly needing some confirmation that you see her & love her the same as Ray IMATURE J. I really did not feel sonia this episode & the whole not showing up when your daughter needed you (SMH) & the whole Iam going to free me from you Bullcrap.Personally i don’t think ray even had achance to grow up to be a man with a Mother like sonia & i do like me some Mr norwood but he seems a little soft for me.

  10. STEPH says:


  11. CS3 Fan says:

    Steph is right, Ray J and every other fool on this show wouldn’t even HAVE a show if it wasn’t for Brandy. She MADE that family and now they are treating her like the last one on the totem pole. I call BS!

    You’re the star of the family Brandy, hold your head up!

  12. Alicia says:

    Sonja and Brandy,

    As I watched the epidsode where Brandy tried to express her feeling to you Sonja, my heart broke.

    I am the mother of a 16 year old daughter and we went through a tumultuous year this past year. What caught my attention is that the two of you reminded me so much of my daughter and I. We fought. We both wanted to get our point across and we both wanted to be right. Well we came to a point where we had to take anger management classes together. That was the best thing that we could have done as a mother and daughter. In the class we learned to actually listen to and HEAR what each other was saying. I would like you the two of you to try some of the things we did in our class. 1. Instead of blaming the other person for everthing that is wrong in your relationship, try telling that person how you feel. When you say “You do this” or “You don’t do that”, you automatically cause the other persons defenses to go up. They go on guard. They are ready for battle. Instead try saying something along the lines of “Mom, I feel like you put Ray ahead of me.” Instead of saying “You always put Ray ahead of me” See the difference? Because now you are talking about how YOU are feeling so Sonja can’t fault you for how you are feeling but she can HEAR you now because she is not seeing red because she is being attacked. 2. Sonja you feel like Brandy is angry at you for whatever happened her childhood. But why? On the outside Brandy is all good. But on the inside she is hurting so badly, only wanting her mother’s love. If I could draw a picture of an iceber sitting on top of the water looking calm cool and collected then, just below the surface you see that this same iceberg is moving frantically. Just rolling with the movement of the water, I would show you that anger and bitterness are all things above the surface. But beneath the surface are hurt, pain, feelings of neglect, feelings of not being loved as much as RayJay all drive what responses you receive from Brandy. 3. I need both of your very lovely ladies to each sit in total silence for 3 minutes and listen and hear what the the other person feels. So it would go like this. Brandy you sit quiet for 3 minutes. Sonja you explain to Brandy how you FEEL. Don’t Attack!!! Brandy, you take 2 minutes to say back to mom, “this is what I heard you say… and then respond to what she said. Then you reverse roles. All of the talking AT EACH other DOES NOT WORK!!!! YOU NEED TO HEAR EACH OTHER. GOOD Luck and God Bless.

    Mom Whose Been There

  13. MEL says:

    brandy and her mom remind me of almost EVERY single Black family I know that has a daughter and son. For some reason, as women, the moms just seem to hold the daughter to a much higher standard, especially when the daughter is firstborn.

    My mom did the exact same thing, I had to have perfect grades, never dissapoint the family, and was still always aware that I was never the apple of my mom’s eye the way my wayward brother was. He didn’t even FINISH high school, yet she was always in love with him, always made excuses for him, and always found a way to justify his behavior. It’s very strange when you’re going through it, but I think the best bet for Bran is to find different management. that would allow her and her mom to focus on just having a mother/daughter relationship, but I bet ms. sonia would never forgive her for that.

  14. Lil Mizz Meme says:

    I personally liked Ray J but once the show started I began to hate him and his personality life is not all about money I understand that you have to make money to make a living but if you have to constantly bragg about the money you have then you must be unhappy with it.Everything that comes out of his freaking mouth is about money.Sorry but I dislikes Brandy’s mother also.Brandy and her father are the people that make this show.

  15. JonTx says:

    I was flipping channels and stopped at this silly-ass channel / show and was disgusted. I watched about 2min. of the show and what a waste of a couple of minutes. Brandy complained about how unfair her Mom is the whole time. She’s a spoiled little brat who has questionable talent; of course her driving skills are ok I guess, but she hasn’t killed any innocent drivers recently. I’m sure she’s still texting while driving- laws don’t apply to the little b#@$%. Her loser brother is just as bad. I’ll never waste my time again. Hope she reads this- and understands people are aware just how morally bankrupt and corrupt she is……

  16. Nishpie says:

    I did not think I was going to like the show, but I do. I can relate to Brandy about the favoritism that is shown to Ray J. I am the middle child of three girls, which already sucks; but it is worse when your Mother treats U totally different from the oldest(in my case). One thing I think this show along with all the other shows that Ray J has been in have one thing in common, that he is very immature and needs to be set straight. It is one thing to be young, hot & having fun, but I’m sorry he does some dumb stuff that makes him look so stupid. The sad thing about it is that he thinks it makes him look cool. That “check my bank account” statement he used on the show to I think her name is Shay, he should have kept that trash, all the money u have or whatever u need to spend some of it on a image consultant and please do it quickly. I hope Brandy and her Mom work out their differences because life is too short and as her Mom put it the business that they are in is so low down and is not worth losing the family over.

  17. carol says:

    When it’s all said and done, Ray J is still just a little boy: he wears his pants like a teenager, he is spoiled and manipulative, he does not yet know sex should be rooted in love, not the degrading videos or television, nor has he been taught to preserve the dignity of women with whom he interacts. He is a disgusting example for our black sons. Disgusting. When he laughs at serious issues, it is even more disgusting. I just want to slap the ugly little face off him. I do hope he is taught some kind of lesson before he ruins anybody else’s life. The show is a bust, and has no value for families, especially black families. If my sons treated women like Ray J, I would be ashamed, whereas, his mother coddles him and his father has not reprimanded and taught him about “ladies” – but then, he admits he was “just like Ray J”…enough said. Bring Megan back with her killer bachelors…that was far more interesting…

  18. loving me says:

    Ray J is hallarious! he said this is how I make my money by club parties showing up if people need to borrow money they know to call me so I have to keep money! who the hell make money just so people can call them to borrow it! that sounds like some personality issues! and who would admit to that lolololol

  19. loving me says:

    You wont see Brandys daughter on the show becaue her dad is not in agreement! This is very interesting! We have to drama queen brandy, the control freak sonja, the wanna be Ray J and the only cool collective of them all Willie the dad! Its so nice to see the Glue

  20. shawntee says:

    sonja if everyone around you can see the favortisim thet you give to Ray J why cant you? Listen to Brandy she is telling you how she feels.I did not listen to my Daughter and now she is gone.My nephew was playing with a gun and killed her,and we was going through the same changes as you and your Daughter.And I was not able to make a menes but you do, please just listen to her and hear her.May God please you and your Family!

  21. marquette alexander says:

    brandy needs to tell all of them that if it was not for her and her career ray j and her moms would be out of a job. matter of fact she made them who they are today.

  22. Sathom01 says:

    Ray J sucks!!! He has no talent, no looks, and God knows he can’t sing! Rodney, let him go. The only thing that put Ray J in the spotlight was the sex video with Kim. Get a job Ray J.

  23. melodee says:

    This is one of my least favorite shows on vh1. Brandy is too full of herself with nothing to back it up. Brand new is not.

  24. PT says:

    First, I am a long time fan and eternal router and fan for Brandy and Ray J & the Fam Bus. As for as Sonja and Brandy’s relationship, your Mom needs to remember that you were not an adult you were still a teenager without a mature mind nor should you should have had to conceptualize it all as an adult, and a child dealing with business and perhaps lacking MOTHER LOVE as a kid. Feeling like a product not a kid. Brandy has resentment as a kid and Sonja has resentment for what she gave, did, garnished financially and lost???? Ray J, love him, but a spoiled kid in hollywood, reaping the results of your accomplishments, on his own now, but still. Thank GOD for POPs. Love him! I hope that this was filmed long ago and your issues have been resolved. I got love for the NORWOODs.

  25. PT says:

    Oh, and Sha (Brandy’s homegirl) and Portia (Sonja’s homegirl) they both need to step back and just freakin listen, Mom/Daughter is sensitive, talking about who’s listening and separating is very inappropriate. I would look at both of them with a 3rd eye, they both need to play the back and listen. Not defend because they like/love or have other motives. :)

  26. Chanel says:

    oh yeh…To the whole Norwood fam & `*((~__%*%#&$*) ociates you all are a beautiful family..I have no idea why so many people are being negative on here bc every1 I know loves this show! “Men lie women lie #’s dont lie”…Waves @

  27. Barbara says:

    OMG! Who is RayJ and if I were Brandy I would hire a manager if and when her mom decides to retire instead allowing RayJ to ruin her image. RayJ is disingenuous and a wanna be. He is always bragging on himself–who does that! It is okay to have confidence but he went off on Brandy’s friend talking about he makes the money. Brandy is the real star and he needs to respect her. He can’t even speak a clear and correct sentence. Sonja is a great mom and Brandy’s dad is a great down-to-earth guy! Sonja and Willie are a great couple! Also, why do people on these reaity shows always state everybody who is somebody is going to be here and you don’t recognize anyone at the party. I understand that you necessarily recognize everyone important in the industry but when Jay-z and Diddy state everyone who is somebody you recognize a room full of stars. Also, each Brandy and RayJ show is the same–calling meetings that get nothing done.

  28. Bunster says:

    I am 54 years old, the middle child of 3 siblings. Growing up it was always about our younger brother, even to the detriment of my mother’s health. The issue of favoritism and who was loved more was always an issue. I’m not sure when I understood, but what I know now is that no one was more favored or loved more. What I now understand is that a mother will give to the child she thinks need more; a child who is more likely to take the wrong path. What I now understand now is that my mother loved me as best she could and I’m glad I came to that understanding because my Mom passed away on March 1 of this year. I only wish I could say this to Brandy because it’s an issue that can (and will) haunt you forever.

  29. April Salas says:

    I love this show, and I understand biting your tongue because it’s your mom, But what the hell! Mom is so tunnel visioned where Ray J is concerned. Brandy walks the line and yet her mom is SOOOOOOOO onesided against her and favors Ray J way more than he deserves. What is the deal!! Brandy it’s time to speak up for yourself. If you have to speak to her as the manager YOU hired her to be and put your foot down!!!!!!!

  30. princess says:

    This show is getting ridiculous. Brandy and Ray J need to grow up. Brandy is always arguing over something and playing the victim. This show is really destroying her image. I don’t think i will buy anything she put out. Her mother trying to help both of them if Ray J want to party and be as azz so be it. Brandy bringing up favortism mess from when they were small. come on brandy. Mrs. Norwood you need to pass the business on to someone else not them two we can clearly see they are not ready. I’m done with this show.

  31. Kim Kat says:

    Hey does anyone know what sign Sonja Norwood is? She has got to be a Leo or an Aries. She is tooooooo bossy, not to be a Leo!!! Leos an Aries have a whole lot in common, and Sonja Norwood fits this description, she is bossy, know-it-all, gotta be right, never admit that they’re wrong. Did I say bossy? Gotta say it again, BOSSY, BOSSY, BOSSY!!!!!! Also they MUST BE IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, AND VERY RUDE!!!!! I always tell my Leo friend that she needs a managerial position so she can tell folks what to do, let some of that bossiness out. This is not all leos, Obama is a perfect example of 1 of the worlds most positive leos. Last but not least, in one of the replys on this blog one woman went on to compare her mother daughter problems/relationship to hers. That has nothing to do with the price of eggs and the tea in China. No!!!!! There can sometimes be 1 party causing most of the problems, in any type of relationship and that sometimes in this case can be true. People always want to say that in a relationship, no matter what type of relationship, that both people contribute to the problems. Thats not always the case, sometimes one motherf—— can be causing all of the rutkus. Sonja Norwood tried to put it as though most mothers and daughters go thru this. NOT!!!! Favoritism, is favoritism, no matter what shape, form or fashion it comes in all shapes, forms or fashions, and its a very ugly thing. Lets go back to the obvious clue that favoritism is a commonality for Sonja Norwood. Lets point out the obvious, How does Brandy have anything to do with why her mother got mad because the stripper was in the office. That has nothing to do with the issue, her focus should have been directed to the person who was enjoying the lap dance, and that person was Rayj not Mr. Norwood, Brandy or anyone else in the office. So, I go back to my previous response to Alicia, Mom Who Has Been There, you’re trying to make it as though both mother and daughter need to listen to each other. NOT!!!! No,Sonja Norwood needs to learn to listen, did you not hear the husband have a conversation with
    Sonja about her controlling ways. Brandy has done her part to listen. Brandy should not be taking responsibility for something she has not done. Please comprehend Ms. Alicia, who has been there!!! It ain’t always both people causing the problems in the relationship, not sayin that Brandy is perfect, but what I am sayin is that sometimes it can be 1 motherfu— causing most of the problems in the relationship, whether its mother/daughter, sister/brother, mother/father, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc, no matter what type of relationship. Its okay to say that a parent can be wrong as well. Which is what I teach my own children, be able to admit when you’re wrong even if you are the adult. Adults can be totally wrong too!!!! So tell the truth, and shame the devil, as the old sayin goes. Brandy is not the one with the problem, Sonja Norwood is, as just about every other blogger has stated on this page, everybody can’t be wrong!!!! People like Leos, not all leos, have a tendency to never admit when they are wrong, and the only thing this does, is make them look ugly and unattractive, anyone can make excuses, and never take responsibility, but what is admired by most people, is being able to admit when you’re wrong and own up to your shi–!!!! I think that is what is so digustingly not admirable about Ms. Norwood. Even if she apologized to Brandy behind the scenes, what would have been right, correct and fair,was to apologize. She should have been the first one to apologize, and to publicly apologiz to her daughter on tv, would have been sufficient. And I hope Sonja Norwood did apologize.

  32. BigBaby says:

    Brandy is clearly the money in the whole outfit. RJ is only known as Brandy’s Lil Brother. The only thing he has accomplished is getting drunk and having sex with any and everyone…Oh yea and living the life off of Brandy’s talent. Sonja I’m sure feels the need to favor Ray J because he has no real talent. Brandy should fire them both.

  33. 2350913 says:

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  34. 4487540 says:

    What a lovely day for a 4487540! SCK was here

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