Undateable‘s Things That Guys Do… Numbers 100-81


If you missed the first episode of Undateable, VH1′s countdown show running throughout the week at 10/9c, we have you covered — the first 20 of the “Top 100 things that guys do to guarantee they won’t be dating or having sex” are posted below…

100. Man Shakes
99. Blue Tooth
98. Wrong Sheets
97. Mandanas
96. Tanks & Sleeveless Ts
95. Arm Wrestling In Public
94. “The Blank –STER”
93. Vanity Plates
92. Quoting Lines From Movies
91. Unfortunate Ties
90. Cell Phone On The Waist
89. Sports Cliches
88. The Flatulence Trifecta
87. Ordering Wine @ Stadium
86. Online TMI
85. Pleated Pants
84. Embellished Jeans
83. Rearrange Junk / Butt Pick
82. Sports Jerseys
81. Dirty Car

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  1. Cinema says:

    yes. @`&#%()!)++%$$~^ yes.

  2. Ripa says:

    Thank you thank you thank you for doing this show. Most of these things have annoyed me about my husband for years. I felt sooooo superficial…for better or for worse, right? Wrong!! Yes – I did say most because he does a lot these things OMG …and he wonders why we haven’t had sex in 7 months! You probably think as you are reading this that I am some unattractive bitter cold woman…but I _)^$(_@&%!&&$!) ure you I am not. Far from it. I am sharing this with everyone I know. My husband needs an intervention. If not for me, then for his next girlfriend/wife.

  3. Bob says:

    What were the 5 things they mentioned during the first episode that made women undateable???

  4. Chay says:

    I thought this was funny as hell. Having 2 teenage boys (18 & 14) I thought I should make sure that what we’ve been teaching them would ensure they find mates in the future. My boys are definitely on their way to becoming real men who are date worthy and neither would ever consider wearing ^+)(%&`_$$&%`$( ri’s or driving their girls around in a filthy car. Of course, my 14 year old now has all sorts of noises to use when referring to breasts. My fault for letting him watch…..

  5. Brad says:

    I remember getting into it with my mom when I graduated high school she was trying to buy me some pants for walkout and she could not understand the phrase “pleats look *%#!*+$+*@!#+`!%$$ ed”

  6. brad says:

    man they !@#$%@#!$ out my word in my above post that means mentally challenged. gotta keep the VH1 site G rated

  7. brad says:

    (sirens blaring) blog police