Undateable‘s Things That Guys Do… Numbers 80-61


If you missed the second episode of Undateable, VH1’s countdown show running throughout the week at 10/9c, we have you covered — the second batch of 20 of the “Top 100 things that guys do to guarantee they won’t be dating or having sex” is posted below…

80. Aggressive Sport Fans
79. Murse
78. Whining
77. Jorts & Japris
76. Air Guitar
75. Boner
74. Fake Swearing
73. Hawaiian Shirts
72. Overly Creative Voice Mail
71 Names For Breast
70. Listening To Lite FM
69. Skullwear
68. Speaking In Cartoon Voice
67. Can’t Throw Ball
66. Pet Names for Penis
65. Crocs
64. Pitted Out Shirts
63. Booya
62. Tap That / Hit That
61. Playing Dungeons & Dragons

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