Basketball Wives/What Chilli Wants West Coast Online Viewing Party


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  1. Neets says:

    Yes the guy was really good looking…but what I don’t get is that Chilli says she wants a Christian guy and says she is a Christian but it is obvious that she has not ONCE looked in the Bible to check out what qualities a Godly mate would have. Going to church does not make someone a Christian and getting advice from someone who wants her to compromsie does not make sense. If Chilli wants a Christian…she needs advice from the Bible. PS I have made all the mistakes to know that the Bible IS the only instruction manual to go by!!!!!

  2. Globalsoulsista says:

    What I don’t understand in the first place is why would someone as accomplished, good looking and sane as Chilli take advice from a much younger, not so attractive, ghetto-fabulous chick like Tionna in the first place? It’s like going to a foot doctor about getting a new lace-front wig… what does a foot-doctor know about a lace-front wig? Chilli has standards and limitations and there’s nothing wrong with that. Tionna looks like she would scrape the bottom of the barrell anyway…having a child is important when choosing a mate…don’t settle!! Get as close as possible to what you consider perfect and then decide for yourself what you can be okay compromise on…. some of the not so important things…Tionna is a completely different person than Chili and she clearly possesses quite different values…kissing on a first date is not cool…well, it is if you don’t mind contracting herpes or some other transferable disease or virus… especially nowadays when oral sex is not considered sex and is just as casual as shaking hands…you can’t even shake a persons hand comfortably these days… I don’t believe Chilli is ready to date and right now she should enjoy dating and taking care of self an child until which time the GOD she believes so faithfully in sends Mr. Right to her…

  3. Lily says:

    Basketball Wives is great, please let there be a season 2!!!

  4. Trisha says:

    I like Tionna and think she’s done well and tried to work with that insane list Chili had. I did notice that Chili seems to have given the non-brothas an easier time which is questionable.

  5. Unknown says:

    As a women currently dating a BBall player I expected more from this show. Congrats to Shaunie on her come up, she’s the smartest one on the show. (Continue to stay clear of the drama). However I was hoping to relate to REAL women that deal with the daily ins and outs of having a successful man in the NBA….this show is FAR from it. I should’ve known better since it’s aired on VH1! No offense to the producers ’cause drama seems to be the only thing that catches one’s attention these days.

    Good luck in the second season, I’ll stay tuned for a good laugh
    at the “WANNA BE” Basketball Wives.

  6. Bryanca says:

    They need to get off Gloria’s back and realize what her sister did had nothing to do with her even though it was wrong. I wish my friends would dog my sisters in my face and think I won’t have her back…FAMILY COMES FIRST…their so worried about their marriages they forgot about what really matters. Just somebody else to blame in my opinion.