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  1. Jack says:

    I miss celebrity Rheab already and im so happy there is going to be another season! They should bring Kerri Anne back!!

  2. Rach says:

    “Addiction/recovery enthusiasts”– awesome term for the mixed group of fans.

  3. evfan says:

    they have no one right now, u can’t have a show running w/ out a cast o.O

  4. Kellogg, PhD says:

    I’d like to see a follow-up season for the celebs who’ve “made it” through the program (Rodney King, Dennis Rodman, and Heidi, Tom Sizemore, etc.) to see how they are doing? are they sober and going to meetings? what jobs do they have? Has their ego been humbled by their sobriety? Kerri Anne’s saga makes for good television drama (hoping she gets the serious help she really needs) and hoping she “comes through the other side” of addiction to know and love the real person inside of her (the non-addicted one). June 26 is my 2-year “birthday” of compulsive overeating (OA) and other ^((%_^~~(%*@)^! ociated addictions. WHoopeee for me and others who now see the other loving beautiful non-addicted “inner child” come out…be loved, appreciated, allowed to grow and experience life without Ego (EDGING GOD OUT), narcissism, pseudo-esteem, and other destructive issues. It is a long and winding road but so well worth it at the other end….as my higher power (manifested as Buzz Lightyear) reminds me every minute-of-everyday…TO INFINITY AND BEYOND.
    Hang tough and keep the rehab reality going…it has helped me and others I know.
    Dr. Drew…I believe in you and your treatment methods.
    Give us a follow-up of seasons past. Looking forward to next season (hopefully with Rodney, Dennis (Mr. Denial), Kerri, and other celebs I had no idea who they were.

  5. Rouge says:

    well I really wish they’d make it easier for us “celebs” to contact them without getting our managers/agents or staff of any sort involved at all…

    I may not be a top notch “celeb” but I am a “celeb” none the less, and my “career” has fallin right off track and I could REALLY use some help… I seen a lady on there whos situation was EXACTLY like mine, except my past and use is much worse… And of course I was told I was much better looking lol..

    anyways maybe if they made it easier for us to contact them IN PRIVATE, it’d be easier on them to get us… Because I know for darn sure I’m not gonna let my name get out there and trashed just for the show to get canceled before I get my well deserved chance, for nothing..

    BTW Any e mail addy you may have from my post, is a rouge… It’ll jump all over the place, everythings a rouge.. Of course it would be… I wouldn’t want anyone knowing who I am until I can actually get on the show..

    anyways.. Thx!

  6. Anthony Vargas says:

    Please consider entertainer Leif Garrett as a patient for CR4. I hear that this man really needs some help to get his life back on track. I feel CR4 would help Mr. Garrett to turn his life around in a positive direction.

  7. Lee says:

    I would REALLY Love to see Leif Garrett on Season 4…
    The guy really needs help, and Dr. Drew is just the man for the job!

  8. Reginald Collins says:

    Leif Garrett would be a prime candidate for Season 4. The man really needs help.

  9. Daniel Hart says:

    I would really like to see Leif Garrett on Celeb Rehab. I believe he would be a success story as he is still trying to do well in life. Didn’t he just tour Korea singing? He is great on Americas dummest criminals. I would like to see him beat his heroine addiction. Dr. Drew may be the right guy to influence Leif.

  10. Anthony LaPugh says:

    i like to get help for my best friend and family can you please help Leif Garrett before it’s to late i never like to see him do somthing like before agian he need to be there for his mom thanks so much


  11. Dawna Sodders says:

    I love the show. It would be great to have Leif Garrett on CR4.
    He has been struggling with his addiction for years.
    Please consider him for your show. His life is worth saving!


    Dawna Sodders

  12. efficacious1 says:

    Please help DMX!!! Like now…right now! While you’re at it, try to get Whitney Houston, L. Lohan, Maia Campbell, Toya Carter’s mother Anita and Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie. I don’t want to watch for entertainment but I would like to see them all get help.

  13. StopHeroin dot Net says:

    These shows (rehab/sober) are amazing and bring to light what it’s really like in Detox-rehab and trying to live in a sober environment post detox. Having “been there” and now clean for 4 1/2 years it’s like watching my own past. It took me getting a 84 month prison term (suspended in lieu of a 1 year rehab program), 10 years probation and a year in county jail to wake up. I really hope for each of these folks (and everyone else in this boat) they may wake up and smell the coffee. Good job Dr Drew and good luck!

  14. ja says:

    lilo. whitney. bobby.

  15. chacha says:

    OMG…if they put Kerri Ann back on I think I will vomit! She doesn’t need rehab, she needs a psychiatric ward.s..besides, how many chance should she really get to abuse the staff and other patients? Totally agree with Kellogg though and would love to see a follow up-how are the former patients doing now, etc.

  16. Latina Warren says:

    I love this show and I have faith that you guys will find other celebrities that are ready to get clean. Dr. Drew is very good and patient. What about Busy Bone from Bone thug and harmony, Little Wayne, Gucci Man, Eminem.

  17. Carole says:

    i think Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Leif Garrett, Danny Bonaduche, And bring Mike back,kerri anne, come on there has got to be some stars out there that need help get Lindsay Lohan on there she needs ALOT of help… WE WANT DR. DREW

  18. KIM says:


  19. Claudia Goetz says:

    Dear Dr. Drew:
    I am wondering why there is not a show for the codependent. I feel it would be so helpful for loved ones and family members of the addict. I have been in recovery for about 10 years. However, it is not for addiction. It is for codependency. I know that the codependent is not as colorful as the addict, though I consider myself and other codependents quite interesting. I am proud (though sad) to say I have divorced my husband after a 28 year marriage and his multiple addictive behavior. Though not before trying an intervention. I loved him dearly though had to let him go – for myself. I have made enormous progress on working on myself with a therapist, Alanon, and a co-sex group. The help and support I have received from these three avenues have helped me enormously. I have been sharing my life with others, and they find my courage and strength helpful. I hope my thoughts are considered. I feel there are alot of people in the world would benefit from hearing from the codependents.

  20. Linda says:

    there are so many people out there in hollywood that need help… Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Spears, Amy Winehouse, Paris Hilton, Jesse James(more so sex rehab!)Liza Minnelli, Michael Lohan, DMX, Charlie Sheen….it’s sad that these and more are what kids now a days look up to.. no wonder our teens are turning up pregnant @ 15…

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