R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio (1942-2010)


Just a few short weeks ago, we brought you an exclusive clip of Ronnie James Dio talking to our own Eddie Trunk on the Black Carpet of the Revolver Golden Gods Awards (airing this Saturday, May 22). Dio spoke bravely about the chemotherapy he had been enduring, as well as his desire to get back on the road and play again for his fans. Sadly, Dio passed away yesterday at the age of 67 after a valiant fight against stomach cancer.

Last night, Eddie Trunk posted the following remembrance on his Trunk Report blog:

This is a blog post I truly wish I was not writing. My hands are shaking on the keyboard, so excuse the typos. I lost a dear friend today, someone who I loved way beyond just the brilliant music he gave the world for decades.

Sadly, it has been confirmed that Ronnie James Dio has lost his battle with cancer. In my 27 years in the business, I have never met anyone like Ronnie. I am fully aware of people that I deal with, and people that deal with me, because it’s the business and what we do, but Ronnie was way beyond that. Nobody ever gave me the public show of support and respect back like Ronnie, and our friendship went way beyond the business.

I will never forget the first time I did a TV interview with him. I had done years of radio but when I first started as a host at VH1 Classic doing interviews under the show name Hangin With…, Ronnie was one of the first to come in. I was wrapping up the interview and thanked him for coming by when he stopped me in mid sentence and said, “No, thank you, more artists should be thanking you because you’re the real deal and you keep us alive.”

That was Ronnie James Dio. One of the classiest, most sincere, real people you could ever know. Sometimes it’s hard to find nice things to say about people when they pass, but not Ronnie; I could go on forever with similar stories and so can anyone else that had the honor to call him friend. I have memories and stories for a lifetime that I will cherish forever, way too many to get into here, especially in my current state as I type this.

There is video of the last time I saw Ronnie. It was at the Golden Gods in L.A. April 8th of this year. I had asked him to be a guest on That Metal Show a few days earlier. Wendy, his wife, called me the day before this interview and said he was not well and they were headed to the doctor. So you can imagine how thrilled I was to see him on the red carpet for the awards the next day. He told me he had a bad reaction to a treatment but was okay. Needless to say, I was hoping the same recovery would happen when news came my way early this morning that he was not well. Tragically, it didn’t.

The man fought this as bravely as anyone could as you can see by how he looks and sounds in the clip. Ronnie and I spoke on the phone when he was first diagnosed privately. It was a great conversation. I always knew how he felt about me and after we spoke he knew how I felt about him. I really need to process this, it is a tough one to say the least. Between Rainbow, Dio and Sabbath, his voice was consistently the most heard on my radio shows, and that will never change, the music truly will live on forever and I will see to that on my end for sure.

To his fellow fans, friends and family I express my deepest sympathy for your loss and I shed the same tears as all of you today. My radio show this Friday night will be entirely dedicated to the music of Dio. We will celebrate his music and memory, not just for the next week or so, but for as long as I do what I do. We have lost a legend. A brilliant musician but way beyond that, and more importantly, one of the classiest, nicest people you could ever hope to know. Rest in peace my friend, you will be missed, but know I and so many more you touched will be sure you are never forgotten through your music and love and friendship you gave us all.

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  1. Tom in Cleveland, Ohio says:

    Thank you Eddie for sharing your feelings here…My eyes welled up as I watched the Black Carpet Interview, Good Lord…very moving. What a complete class act and genuine nice guy. Thanks again for sharing your Blog here. And thanks, Ronnie for a lifetime of great music, and for being YOU!

  2. Steve says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Thanks Eddie for truly summing up with your words what a great tragic loss we metal fans have suffered. I did not know Dio personally, but I feel as though I lost a friend as well. I’m glad you plan on having a tribute to Ronnie on your show since none of the lame stations around me couldn’t even bother to do the same for just one day; his passing seems like it was an afterthought if you went by their radio shows today. I would also like to say that I was moved by all of the tributes Ronnie has been given by other bands, namely Priest, Maiden, Kiss, Metallica, Megadeth, and surprisingly Ozzy. Very classy guys. RIP RJD… I know I speak for a lot of others when I say I miss you already. The world in general is a lesser place without you.

  3. DiolivesOn says:

    Rest in peace .. Defintely a huge loss to metal. The news this morning was hard to take. I am in my 40′s and growing up during the 70s-80′s most of my musical influence was of Dio, Rainbow, Sabbath etc. It was only natural that when my 12 year old son got into metal music and guitar in the past year that I would introduce him to the greatest music of all such as Sabbath, Dio, Kiss and other metal bands. This music is new to him but he is so impressed of how this music from years ago can be more musically influential and inspiring to him than what is out there today. I had heard in the past couple weeks for the first time on That Metal Show of Dio’s illness. The report was that he was feeling well, optomistic and doing well and I was shocked that such a great man was battling such a terrible disease. I thought if anyone can beat this hes the one to do it. With the upcoming tour and his positive outlook I was concerned for his health but thought for sure he was going to be around for a lot longer. This news was definitely a shock. It almost felt like being hit head on in a crash. I cant even describe the numb of it all. His music will live on for many years to come. Its just sad that something so terrible could happen to such a wonderful person like Ronnie. He will be missed immensely.

  4. TM (Seattle) says:

    Very nicely spoken Eddie…thank you. Certainly Ronnie touched millions over the years with his brilliant voice, but his kindness, generosity and humanity were perhaps his greatest virtues…let that be an example to us all!

  5. Tim Gilson says:

    Ronnie James Dio was such a hero of mine in high school. I’ll never forget when I saw him at the sports arena in Toledo OH. in 1985. I couldn’t believe that I was actually getting to see him it was an unbelievable experience. Thank you Ronnie R.I.P.

  6. Rocio From Argentina says:

    Thank you Eddi for these words. They really touched my heart, and I read it out loud with tears in my eyes. I´m from Argentina and I regreat deeply not being able to attend the Heaven & Hell show in Buenos Aires a couple of months ago. Now he´s gone, but still his legacy will prevail in music history. I am really sad! Thank you Ronnie for being the amazing man and musician that you were.

    You will always be missed and always be remembered… And wherever you went… To Heaven or to Hell… we´ll see you again someday rocking as always!

    R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio…

  7. Kevin says:

    Being only about 17 years old, i never got to experience Ronnie James Dio at the biggest part of his career. Nevertheless, he has been the biggest influence in the music i listen to, play on my guitar, and perform. From all the interviews i’ve seen from him, it is only blatantly obvious how kind this man was. My only regret is i will never get the chance to see him live. R.I.P. Dio. We all love you.

  8. Steve says:

    Ronnie was a great man who will be truly missed and i can’t believe he is gone. Ronnie is and will always be my favorite lead singer of all time. Ronnie had such a powerful and amazing singing voice and with the power of music, his voice and his music will live on forever!

    RIP Ronnie.

  9. AUBREY BAXLEY says:


  10. David F. says:

    Eddie ur right we did lose a legend, i have been listening to dio since i was 15, now i am 42 and still a big fan of ronnie james, my sympathy goes out to his family and friends, may u rest in peace my brother in metal.

  11. Steve "Gunny" Reinhart says:

    Thanks Eddie for that blog. I just started watching ur show TMS this year.
    It was on ur show I learn about Ronnie sickness, I’m truley sadden
    with his death. I never seen him on stage, which I’m sadden even more by his passing.
    I’m 44 an loved his music Holy Dive was my favorite song!
    He will be missed by all fans of heavy metal! R.I.P Holy Diver!!!!!

  12. JESSE says:


  13. james says:

    Eddie that was well said. I grew up in the 80s and Dio was one of the driveing sounds that I listened to and I still cannot belive he is gone. My Heart and prayers go out to his wife and family in this very sad time.

  14. wendell says:


    I was there at this taping. I was the guy with the goatee that was the first to shake your hand when you arrived that night. not more than 45 secs after this interview Ronnie passed by, i asked for a photo and he actually stopped. got the photo. I then said Ronnie I hope you feel better, which then was met with EYE CONTACT and a sincere thank you. he then shook my hand, at the time it was an ackward holding on too long as he talked to other fans. The too long, this is kinda weird hand hold. But now I get it, and cherish it forever. Ronnie really did give a $(`$_~+`$#+)%^&~ about his fans, unlike others that were there not to name names, but they rhymed with Clash, Hanson, oh and mustaine. Ronnie we love you too R.I.P my metal brothren.

  15. Daniela says:

    Wow, I’m crying right now, when I heard the news
    i couldn’t believe it :(
    RIP GOD!
    We are missing you down here…

  16. Jeff in Arkansas says:

    I’m 44 now. Back in the 80′s I got Holy Diver on cassette, yes cassette. Amazing musicianship! And Ronnie’s vocals… The band I played in covered Holy Diver, Rainbow in the dark. If you’re gonna cover Dio, better bring your ‘A’ game. My son is 23, a guitarist, and a huge Dio fan. He called me with the news. We were both so sad.
    Tonight a local station played 8 Dio songs in a row. I sat in my car with it cranked to the max, as always happens when a Dio song comes on. He had a special sound, balls out rock with pounding drums and screaming guitar. And the pinnacle always the vocals. Ronnie, you are dearly missed! One of my biggest influences and favorites is gone. Rest in peace.

  17. Steve Siebold says:

    Thanks for posting you’re feelings about Ronnie James Dio at this difficult time. I saw him with Sabbath in Chicago in 1980, and he was incredible. But I really came to respect him as a person when I saw him on that Metal Show last year. Thanks for giving me he opportunity to get to know this great vocalist on a personal level through your show. It was obvious to see the respect he had for you and your co-hosts. He came off as a humble, classy guy. While this is a loss to me and other metal fans, I can see by your post that this is a very personal loss to you. I wish you the best during this difficult time.

  18. Michael Kray says:

    Wow. Listening to the metal show I thought he had it beat, I am stunned one of my childhood idols is gone. Thank you for the music you gave us.
    As I write this I am listening to my favorite Dio song Rainbow in the Dark.
    My prayers go out to your family during the time of loss.

  19. JOE Z. says:

    Thanks Eddie for such a moving tribute of the greatest metal voice to ever come along.I was lucky enough to have met Ronnie a few years ago at Starlake in Pittsburgh.I told him that my 3 friends that were with me that night started listening to his records after hearing him in my car and that they were hooked just like me.He spoke to me for over 30 minutes like we had been best friends for 20 years.I will cherish that moment forever.RIP RONNIE JAMES DIO

  20. Mary says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience with such a great musician and human being. We are all blessed to have had his music in our lives. It is a sad day for rock and roll.

  21. Mark H. says:

    we will miss him dearly,he was a legend of metal, he will be miss, but not forgotten!

  22. Omar from Texas says:

    On Sunday May 16,2010 myself and a friend were going out to lunch from work. We were listing to the radio and the song playing was Rainbow in the Dark and we were talking when we first hear the song back in the 1980′s. I found out this morning that Ronnie James Dio pass away yesterday. We have lost metal legend, icon and the greatest frontman from Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Dio, and Heaven and Hell. I want to thank Ronnie James Dio for sharing his gift of music and the metal sign the devil horns to the world. Thanks VH1 for airing his videos and the episode of That Metal Show with Heaven and Hell. Ronnie James Dio we will soarly miss you, but your music will last forever. Rest in Peace and metal horns up high in your memory.

  23. scott b says:

    what a shock just cant believe the bad news hit me like a ton of bricks. just today i watched the heaven and hell concert. you will be missed more then you could ever imagine RIP THE GREAT ONE RONNIE JAMES DIO YOUR THE BEST

  24. shady says:


  25. Linda says:

    I will always rember Ronnie James dio when I first became a true metal fan it was back in 1979. And was listerning to the radio at first I didn’t know who’s song I was listerning to but once I found out who it was the next day I went to diffence music store to find all of Dio songs. Ifell in love with ARainbow In The Dark. I would like to take a moment to pray for the man who gave us rocker beautiful music to love. RIP Ronnie With Love. From Linda

  26. James in Murrieta says:


    I heard you show yesterday on Sirius Radio in dedication to Ronnie James Dio. Thank you so much for doing it. It must have been so hard to do a show like that and keep your composure. Especially so soon after RJD’s death. I am a 43 year old drummer who like so many, cherish all of the memories that the name Ronnie James Dio brings to mind. Just a great human being, whose character, as well as brilliance as a musician never faltered throughout his life. I never met him, but I feel almost as if a family member of mine had passed away. I just can’t believe it. He was our ambassador. A true musician’s musician. I was so proud every time I spoke of him, even as my years of aspiring metal musician gave way to my more conventional career as a CPA. I’m only speaking of my current profession to show how Ronnie’s passing is probably affecting so many humans in a variety of different areas of life. He wasn’t just a metal vocalist…….he was “the” metal vocalist, in a true literal sense for our whole lives up to the day he passed. Seriously…can anyone say his name, and give the horn salute without feeling happy, proud, with at least a little bit of a devilish smirk (all in good fun), all at the same time.

    I just feel horrible. I am up at 3:08AM, because I can’t sleep, and your show for me was kind of like going to a funeral for one of your best friends and talking, reminiscing with other friends. It helped me and I’m sure it helped a lot of other people. I’m sure we will be talking about the great RJD for many…many years to come. RIP Ronnie.

    Thanks Eddie and God bless.

    James H.

  27. Brad in Troy, Ohio says:

    Besides his great music, I remember RJD the most when every musician was highly upset about the “This Is Spinal Tap” movie, because Spinal Tap poked fun at how rockers live, but RJD actually said that he backed them for it.
    Class act!!!!!

  28. L* says:

    I havent ben able stop crying.I just los my mother to c recently.Its a scourge..and the world has lost a true magnificent light whos magical musical messages will live on forever and help who ever heeds them, become better people.
    What a sad sad loss.
    Forever Dio

  29. Vinnie says:

    Really VH1, Ronnie James Dio passes away, one of the greatest and most recognizable voices in Rock history. One of the original masters of Metal and yet you have DIO tribute, highlighting his incredible 53 year career to music. What the hell is the matter with you?

  30. Staphany Plowman says:

    Dio was a amazing person. His music is what got me to get up and love life as if came not to be worry about the little stuff. He truly is a METAL GOD and i hope no one will forget the man man WHO INVENTED METAL. So today and for the rest of my life i pump the horns for you Dio. R.I.P. and my you look over all of us true METAL HEADS and shine your LOve to us as we will to you. YOUR A RAINBOW IN THE DARK. YOUR AWSOME AND I PRAY TO THE LORD AND LADY YOU REST IN PEACE. YOU WIL TRULY BE MISSED NOT ONLY BY YOU FAMILY AND FRIENDS BUT ALL THE FANS WHO ARE LOST FOR WORDS OVER THE LOSS. I WILL ALWAYS BE A TRUE Dio FAN. I RAISE THE HORNS TO YOU. All the love and suport for the families. METAL FOR LIFE IN THE NAME OF RONNIE JAMES DIO. REST IN PEACE MAN. <3

  31. eris says:

    Very well written, sir. The rock world has lost a true legend and proof positive that GREAT things come in small packages! RJD maybe have been short in stature, but he made up for it in character and integrity. He will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Dio…

  32. Schmaron says:

    A friend told me I was truly human for feeling so down about Ronnie passing. I only feel this was because he was truly human. Thank you Eddie for bringing to light the pure and genuine soul that was Ronnie James Dio. People like you make rock fans feel connected with their icons and mentors. I have always enjoyed watching you and Ronnie interact.

    I feel blessed to have been a fan of his while he was still on this earth. I will be sure to keep his music blaring! :)

  33. Audrea lambert says:

    Wow,5 months?! thats so fast why didnt he say anything ,why did we not hear about this before he died,I would have liked to emailed him before he past away.However to his family may your pain flee fast and olny the good memories remain amen. A.Lambert

  34. A.D. Ibarra says:

    The Holy Diver, singer, poet, songwriter, bard, performer and one of the greatest frontmen of all times, Ronnie James Dio has passed away, We are fire, we are stone, we’re the hand that writes and quickly moves away… I miss him already. The man that brought us Rock and Roll Children, King of Rock & Roll, Neon Knights, The Mob Rules, and Children of the Sea is gone, but not forgotten. Don’t talk to strangers… they’re only there to do you harm…don’t write in starlight…don’t hide in doorways…you may find the key that opens up your soul…don’t dream of women…cuz they’ll only bring you DOWWWWNN! Don’t dance in darkness, you may stumble and you’re sure to fall…We rock! Like a rainbow in the dark. The man on the silver mountain, the man behind “Stars”, the magnificent Hear ‘n Aid project to provide aid to the starving children of Africa, the man behind some of the greatest lyrics in rock history is gone. Two eyes from the east, it’s the angel or the beast, the answer lies between the good and bad…we search for the truth…but the chase is worth the pain…we’ll know for the first time if we’re evil or divine…we’re the last in line! You’ve got desire, so let it out, you’ve got the POWER stand up and shout!

  35. Flynn777 says:

    Fighting bravely and facing one’s life journey bravely, it would seem to me, is what, Rnnnie James Dio was all about weather it was fighting a dragon in his shows “riding the tiger” and finding The Sacred Heart at the end of it all. His music was an inspiration to me and others and being of italian decent I always knew about the “horn” deal because I still have the italian corni my grandmother gave me lol. Blabbermouth wasa filled with posts all day yesterday remembering Ronnie from musicians both young and old. There are post all over youtube about him and his career starting out when he was a doo-wop singer, Ronnie and The Red Caps, RJD in a pompador!!! Who knew??? I was looking, ironically enough for something on Peter Steel whan I saw the news. I knew he was sick but I recently saw a video with him recieving a Best Vocalist award. He looked healthy alive and positive and I thought the worst was over. I hope someone somewhere in the medicine field does something in his name. God bless Ronnie, you will be missed.

  36. Mrs. Martin says:

    I was/am truly saddened by the loss of such a great performer. Dio was a class act in all ways.I am now 43 years old and have considered Ronnie James Dio a big part of my life since high school. When i was down and out about my own life, he was ther for me, in his music and lyrics. I found soless and companionship in his words, he told me to hang on, we all have demons in us and you can’t let them beat you down. We all share our own battle between Heaven and Hell. Oh Ronnie you no longer have to battle anymore. I know you found the Heaven you were hungry for. Thank You for leading me to the rainbow in the dark. We do hold the key to open our hearts and lets us be free (my faverite line). Be free my friend. God be with you and your family. you are gone and never forgotten

  37. Charles Ami says:

    I have had the greatest pleasure to meet Mr.Dio not only once but twice.First on the “Under The Blue Moon” tour,then on the “Heaven and Hell” tour. As Mr. Trunk has stated he was truly a gentleman in every way. As a Native American, I related to his idealisms and thoughts he purveyed through his music. I have been a fan since hearing him with Rainbow-his voice very unique to me at that time-and have been a follower since. With Black Sabbath, his progression was astounding and fed my desire to want to meet him. Countless albums,casettes and CDs passed fueling this desire, I had purchased a book entitled “The Encyclopedia of Heavy Metal” that had his statement as an intro. Later he had a show at Alice Cooperstown in Phx,Az in 2005 where I met his drumtech Andre to whom I had shown this book to and that got me through to the meet and greet.I was ecstatic that my chance was near to meet this legend. The rest of the band was milling about,then we were asked to form a line-I didnt know where exactly-so I backed up to the wall and out came Mr.Dio right to where I was standing.AWESOME!!! He then sined my book,acknowledged me sincerely,gave a hug and a handshake and went about his business. A truly great human being. I will miss you MR.RONNIE JAMES DIO! MAY YOU REST IN PEACE.

  38. Yevgeny Kotlyar says:

    The constellation of Music has lost one of its brightest stars.
    Eddie, thanks for all the kind words that you have said about Ronnie James Dio.

    Fans from Ukraine.

  39. Blaker73 says:

    Truly one of the greatest rock singers the world will ever know.A man who’s voice and lyric lifted me personally, out of some of the darkest days of my life.He never wrote of the typical,cars and chicks that every other metal songwriter(including myself) seemed to rely on. His words were are a window into a world of magic and the realization that with mystery comes a certain truth.Believing in ones self is one of the greatest lessons I learned from Dio’s music.May his music,memory and legacy live on. God bless you Ronnie

  40. Sharon L Suggs says:

    I was not familiar with Dio’s music until 2007.He had a wonderful voice.May he rest in peace.My condolenses to Black Sabbath and the Dio family.

  41. colleen says:

    I am a big DIO fan I love his music I loved what he wrote about. I hope vh1 classics has a tribute of music videos of RONNIE JAMES DIO. He will live on. I will miss you and thank you for sharing your love of music with us. R.I.P. LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU!!!!!

  42. johnnyringoaz says:

    MAY GOD BLESS R.J.D. !!!!!
    This man and his music have had a tremendous influence on my life. He’s one of the reasons why I became a guitar player. Must of saw him in concert 6 or 7 times from Germany to Arizona @ Alice Cooper’s in PHX. My prayers are with his wife Wendy and his family. The religious right needs sunday school from Ronnie, they would meet a true man of god. God bless from a fan of 35 years. ROC N’ ROLL !!!!!!!

  43. Laura says:

    I couldn’t of said it better Eddie. Ronnie James was a class act all around. He is truly a Metal God and changed the course of metal for generations to come. I will always cherish his music and remember his commanding voice on stage.He will never be forgotten and never be enough tears shed for his loss.

  44. Michelle Miller says:

    Ronnie James Dio will be missed by anyone who has ever heard or tried to sing Rainbow in the Dark.

    I was and still am a big fan of Black Sabbath.

    He will truly be missed; by everyone.

  45. Phil Whisenant says:

    The world has lost not only one of the nicest and most gracious of God’s children it has lost one of the greatest Rock singers of all time. Ronnie I will miss you my friend!! May God be with Wendy!!

  46. deanoo says:

    Well put Eddie. This is truly a lost that all Music fans should morn. My heart goes out to Ronnie famley. And thanks to the late Ronnie James Dio for all of the great music he shared with us

  47. evesin0207 says:

    Eddie, thank you for saying so eloquently and from the heart what we all feel about Ronnie. I thought I had finally finished the crying but it has started again and the heartbreak of his loss lingers and will forever.

    I have sent my condolences to Wendy and his son Tony on a different site but they are only words from a stranger. Your words to them will give them some comfort because you and he were FRIENDS, and you spoke with sincerity and a true feeling of love.

    I never miss That Metal Show and ask one thing of you and Don and Jim. Could you have one show dedicated to Ronnie James Dio, his music and his love of the industry he chose as his life’s mission to give words of inspiration, love and contemplation of what we do in, and with our lives that the Great Dio strove to get across to us with his music.

    Make it a celebration, not a wake. Ronnie loved life, he loved you guys, he loved his fans, he loved his music. Show everyone just how much he meant to Metal over the past three decades by showing who Ronnie James Dio really was!



  49. John says:

    Could not have said it any better Eddie.
    A sad day for music lovers. I got to see him with the
    band Rainbow back in the 70′s, and 3 times with his band
    DIO. The ” ROYAL ROAR ” will live on forever, because he
    was at the top of His game. ” LOVE YA RONNIE ”

  50. JEAN says:


  51. mike Clifton says:

    It’s hard to accept that my favorite singer has passed. I’m glad he kept so busy these last years of his life making music for us to hold on to. Lots of recent music solo and H&H. My favorite band Black Sabbath were the last ones he played with and I’m so thankful they re-united before it was too late. I never really cared if Sabbath ever got back together with Ozzy, Ronnie was the best. I met Ronnie July 26, 1992. He signed my Dehumanizer Lp “To Mike”. He was happy to be there after the show spending time with his fans. Too often some musicians take their fans for granted, but Not Ronnie. I told him that day I thought he was the greatest vocalist ever. I love you Ronnie and you are dearly missed.

  52. Tom Mitchell says:

    He was a great performer and person.I wrote a song dedicated for Ronnie on my myspace.”Deepfreezerecords”
    video section is where it is and my youtube Rightfuzzball”site.it’s called ” Dio Lives On”. Miss you Ronnie. If there is a Heaven and Hell i’m sure you’re in the first one.
    Peace, Tom

  53. tina says:

    very well said. i wish i had the honor of meeting him in person but ive seen him perform many times on heaven and hell. what a great performer and what a lost to the world. his music will live on forever

  54. David says:

    A true rock GOD, the voice of Metal. May he rock for all eternity. \m/

  55. Michael AllISON says:


  56. Dan says:

    I was lucky enough to see Ronnie many times in Chicago over the years and met him in the 90′s before a show. He was great to all the fans and signed some stuff for us and spoke to us about his music. I was very sad when I heard the news of his passing but I know that as long as his music lives on, he will live on!

    Long Live Rock & Roll, Long Live Ronnie James Dio…Rest In Peace!

  57. Pablo Quintana E. says:

    Many Thanks for your Career & your MUSIC, RONNIE!!
    RIP Big Little ELF!

    Pablo Quintana from Bilbao (SPAIN)

  58. lisandro sardon (argentina) says:

    long live Ronnie James Dio, long live rock and roll

  59. Wally says:

    It’s already been one week and I am still in shock. Thank you Ronnie for sharing your talent with the world. RIP great man!

  60. kyle says:

    Thanks Eddie for keeping Ronnie’s memory alive with all the tributes. I’ll never forget hearing Dio’s voice for the first time when I was 16 and got my hands on an 80′s metal cassette tape. The two songs on the tape were Neon Knights and We Rock. That planted the seed in my music taste that has grew to being a big fan.
    I enjoy all the bands he was in and I think people should check out Elf because their underated.
    Dio you will live forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Paul says:

    RIP Dio.

    He will be sorely missed, and live on in my heart with his music.

  62. Paul Wells says:

    First off I would like to say thank you so much, for giving us metalheads, a place to lay our heads, and see our favorite bands, on that metal show. You guys do a great job. Secondly, I cannot express how sad I felt, when I heard the news of Ronnie’s passing. His music, and voice, will live on forever, but a true beauty died with him. In every interview, tv, or live concert dvd, I ever watched him in, by the look in his eyes, and the smile on his face, he truly was a beautiful person. Never an ego moment, and always appreciative of us fans, with praise and admiration, he projected the feeling of an old friend, even though I never met him. As I get older, and older, it really starts to hit me, that my hero’s, that I grew up with, will eventually pass on to the next life, and there is nothing I can do about it. Except look forward to meeting them there, when it’s my time to leave as well. Thank you Eddy, and please, don’t ever stop what you do…

  63. Tisha says:

    Rock ‘n Roll Heaven just got a hell of a Lead Singer. It gives me peace to know that Heaven is rocking tonight. But we will miss you here on Earth. Thanks for so many great songs, memories and shows.

  64. Jackie says:

    Eddie thanks so much for this beautiful blog, and for the wonderful job you did on the Dedicated to Dio Special! I too was fortunate enough to call Ronnie a friend and was devastated by our loss of a huge talent and genuinely wonderful man. I found myself watching your dedication to Ronnie, tears streaming down my face, yet smiling and nodding at the same time at your description on the Ronnie you knew, knowing exactly what you were talking about. Thank you for your grace and kindness. He left us too soon, but the “royal roar” will never be silenced as long as we have his music and lives in our hearts. And I am sorry for YOUR loss.

  65. Jackie says:

    Eddie, I want to thank you for this lovely blog, and the wonderful sensitivity and caring that you put into your Dedicated to Dio program. I was also fortunate enough to call Ronnie a friend, and while watching the dedication, tears streaming down my face, I was also, at the same time smiling and nodding as you spoke of the way Ronnie was as a man, having seen most of those qualities many times, myself. He left us far too soon, but the “royal roar” will never be silenced as long as we have his music and he lives in our hearts. And Eddie, thank YOU, for your sensitivity, your kindness and your friendship with Ronnie. I know how much it meant to him. I miss and love you, Ronnie. Be at peace, my friend.

  66. Jackson Feroe says:

    Its a shame he really seemed like he was doing better in this interview but I was lucky enough to see him at merriweather last August. RIP Ronnie

  67. Jasaon Reese says:

    Great Clip. If you paid attention, That may be one of the last interviews of Mr. Dio. As for myself, I never met RJD, although i bought the albums, and CD’s. I believe RJD was the greatest American Songwriter of all time, no matter what genre. This man could write a song. (Rock n Roll Angel. Heaven and Hell. The Devil You Know)
    I just want to say to the family of RJD, Thank You.
    It was a privilege, to have been a fan of this great talent.
    RJD is a Positive Influence and Role Model.
    Jason D. Reese
    Heaven has been upgraded.

  68. Katlyn Swentner says:

    Will you guys get AC/DC on That Metal Show already? I mean you’ve had KISS and Aerosmith, but not the great Angus Young. Why not?

  69. Katlyn Swentner says:

    Rest in Peace Dio, we love you man, oh great man that has given us the classic rock symbol of the pinky and the index finger up, and the two in between down, curled,and thumb over, thus the rock on symbol was born!

  70. Crystal Rhynes says:

    I always watch That Metal Show. I loved the Anselmo piece and the Dio tribute. I just wondered how come Metal Church and specifically Dave Wayne always get left out of your pieces? You can’t deny Metal Church’s influence back in the 80s.

    My husband, Bill Rhynes, played with Dave in the band Reverend back in the day and we are always talking about the “big three”….Metallica, Megadeth, and Metal Church.

    I think you should include something about Dave and Metal Church in a show. He was awesome.

    Crystal Rhynes

  71. jeffrey says:

    hi im a big fan of the show quick question first wjy not touch up son industial metal like ministry nin ?etc 2nd best cds of all time debut slayer’s reign blood pantera cowboys from hell deftones adrenline tool undertow alice cooper’s billion dollar babies white zombie la sexcortor

  72. Joe says:

    The Dio years of Black Sabbath was the REAL Black Sabbath. Heaven and Hell album is probably one of the all time greatest rock albums.

    Ronnie James Dio and Phil Mogg (UFO) will always be the top vocalists in the Rock music world.

  73. TIM HAWKINS says:


  74. Karen Brophy says:

    Just watched the tribute show to Dio! It was great!!! I have to agree with the Metal God, Rob Halford!! I love Dio and I love Black Sabbath. But….Black Sabbath to me will always be with Ozzy! When Ozzy left Sabbath they started a new band with Dio.

  75. Laura says:

    I just saw the Dio tribute show on That Metal Show. I am sort of a new fan to Ronnie tho I knew of his work with Rainbow. I had recently bought his Holy Diver CD and his song “Invisible” spoke volumes to my soul. I believe that he truly grasped and sang to the darker painful side of living that many people REALLY have to survive any way they can.

  76. Pete from Massachusetts says:

    You guys need to quit kissing Kiss’s ass so they will come on the show. Every contest thats on, Kiss is always at the top, don’t get me wrong great band if you like 3 chord songs with 3rd grade lyrics. I was listening to AC/DC, alice cooper and the like when I was a kid, but never a Kiss fan. Everyone makes fun about how there a marketing machine but you still play into it. Enuff,

  77. Andres Mendoza says:

    RIP DIO, We miss you also in South America – Peru.

  78. Dan The Metal Man says:

    the gayest thing about metal is eddie the stunck.LOL. you guys show a lot of metal, but you never show [manowar] they R the metalist of metal bands. Come on man be real dont be about the buck$, thats what killed metal in the first place.All 3 of you guys need to listen to some manowar .
    yours untruthly Dan the metal man
    P.S . you guys rock please keep the metal rolling

  79. i just met eddie trunk at wzzo in pennsylvania. now i see why people respect him. hes genuine in what he says. i just watched the episode tribute to ronnie james dio. what a class act!!!!! everyone involved paid their respects with such dignity. his memory lives on. keep rockin!!!

  80. Mike White says:

    Just curious as to why there is never any mention of Clutch on any of the shows (that I’ve seen). I think they fit the Hard Rock genre pretty well. They are one of my favorite bands and have been around long enough to get some mention on the show. Show ‘em some love !

  81. joe howell says:

    Love it when guest guitarist play a riff, not a piece that all sounds the same. Rock on!

  82. Everytime I hear any of Ronnie misic I give a Thanks You Ronnie! while throwing a Horns UP!
    Stand Up And Shout! King Of Rock and Roll!
    I was at this concert/tour in Dallas TX What a great show and memories!
    RIP Ronnie from Shaune!

  83. Pam Galloway says:

    Why dont you…or have you ever,,,had the NWBHM band GIRLSCHOOL on the show????!!! They have just released a “revisited” Hit and Run cd. Also their 30th anniversary cd has Ronnie J Dio, Lemme, and a crue of other MH, BS, and Twisted Sister mates on it too. I WANNA SEE THE HARD CORE GIRLS ROCK YOUR SHOW EDDIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. SINZ says:

    Love and respect to all things DIO> To Eddie and the guys, Did you all forget about FLOTSAM and JETSAM in the world of thrash?