The Celebreality Interview – Evelyn Lozada



In light of the events of tonight’s episode (a confrontation with Evelyn’s alleged Internet harasser that led to thrown drinks…and cups…and papers….and pens), we had to get Evelyn Lozanda on the phone to chat (“I didn’t care if I looked like a crazy woman,” she explains). She also talks about the nude pictures of her that leaked on the Internet, her relationship with her Basketball Wives‘ co-stars and her penchant for younger men.

What do you think of your portrayal on the show?

I think how everything went down is how it was portrayed. When we started taping in January, I had just moved out maybe three or four months before that so I was still dealing with that. That was difficult — being connected with Antoine for over a decade, and opening up my shoe store and then the show, it was a lot going on. But I think that’s normal stuff. The Vanessa thing from this week’s episode is not anything I dealt with when I was with Antoine. That actually came about once I signed on to do the show. I don’t really know what’s her issue with me because we never were friends. I don’t know why she allegedly targeted me, but if she did it, she really has a sickness.

Do you think that she’s the person behind the leaked nude photos of you?

That’s what I suspect, and it’s bigger now than just pictures of mine being leaked. There’s a lot of illegal things being done. I mean, obviously hacking into someone’s e-mail is illegal, but spoofing, as well. I don’t know if you’re familiar, but she was spoofing my daughter’s phone and texting her making it look like it was me texting her. That’s what she was doing, allegedly, and it’s being investigated. It’s a big issue in my life right now.

But it seems like with that harassment aside, the raw fact that nude pictures of yourself were on the Internet kind of rolled off your back.

When they first leaked, I was like, “Holy s***.” If I didn’t have a daughter and it was just me single, I wouldn’t care. I mean, whatever. I live in Miami, people are topless all the time. But once I got over it, I was like, OK. It is what it is. I actually got more positive feedback than negative, which is crazy: people like “Yo, what do you do to work out? Your body…” You know? It actually ended up kind of backfiring. I’m not here crying about it. If anything, I think it quietly helped me in some sick way.

Did it make you feel bad at all for having attacked Royce for being put out there on the Internet? I mean I know this was unintentional, but it was similar messiness, right?

It was similar messiness, but I took those pictures at home. I’m not on stage smacking some girl’s ass. It’s two totally different things. I took those pictures and sent them to my man. My man travels, he’s out of town. I’m grown, I’m going to do things to keep things spicy. I think any woman should. I see why people would connect the incidents, but it’s not really fair because it was me, myself and I when I took those pictures.

Where do you stand with Royce?

There were times that I could feel a vibe that she’s full of s***. She likes attention, but then she cries about it later, so I struggled with that whole thing. I’ve told her this: “I think you like the attention. They’re writing about you, whether it’s good or bad, you want to be out there.” Then there were times that I was like, “This chick’s really not that bad.” I talk to Royce on the phone now. She’s just such a free spirit and you have to get to know her. Obviously I didn’t know her, I was just going by what I heard, and you judge people, you know? I’m guilty of that, judging her without really knowing her, and she’s not a bad person. I think she’s a great mom and I’ve grown to like her.

It seems that Gloria is someone who you had a very clear cut opinion on.

Initially I really, really liked Gloria. But then it became clear that she was kind of looking down on us like, “Oh yeah, you guys dealt with groupies, I never dealt with that,” and I’m thinking to myself, me and Jennifer know firsthand that Matt strayed with someone we know in New York. I was holding my tongue the whole time because I don’t want to seem like I was destroying her relationship or I was hating. It was frustrating because you know these guys. You see them, you hear stories about them, and most of the time it’s true. That aside, she’s a cool girl.

Do you think that your own break up has jaded you in any way?

No, I’m basing my opinion on that on facts. When we went to their house, Matt was amazing with the kids and changing diapers, amazing dad, very involved. But my opinion is based on what I know. It has nothing to do with hating or being bitter. If anything, I would love to see their family work because they have twins and it would be a great thing. It has nothing to do with Antoine and my experience with him and me putting that on Matt, absolutely not.

Did your relationship in general sour you to the basketball lifestyle?

I think I’m a little leery. I think I’m a little jaded as far as maybe not wanting to date another athlete because of what I’ve went through, but I mean I wouldn’t judge everyone on that, not at all.

Speaking of Matt, he described you as “single and ready to mingle.”

It’s true. I’m looking to get married and I’m looking to have kids and I want to have a family, so if I’m not out there trying to mingle…actually I need to get out more. I’m always at home, I’m such a loser. If I’m looking to meet somebody, I need not to be home.

You aren’t always home. Sometimes you bring 22-year-olds to your friends’ charity events.

I know! I know, I’m a little bit of a cougar.

You referred to Stefan as somebody special. How special was he?

We were just friends. He’s just someone to hang out with. He doesn’t live here in Miami, so whenever he would come in town we would see each other and stuff like that, but at first, I actually thought he was older, maybe 25. But he’s older than 21, so what’s wrong with it? I tend to attract younger men.

I’m assuming Stefan isn’t independently wealthy…


…So I thought it was down-to-earth of you to date someone who isn’t loaded, since you’ve been accused of turning your back on Antoine when the money ran out.

Obviously, you need to have a job and benefits and be able to support yourself, but I’m not looking for a millionaire. I just want to be happy. At the end of the day I just want to be happy and I want to have a partner where we can have a good relationship and maybe start a family some day. You don’t need to be a millionaire or anything like that.

Were you embarrassed at all about getting wasted at that party?

The pink drink tasted like juice. It crept up on me. I only drink Grey Goose on the rocks, but the sweetness of that drink messed me up. So I think that was probably the worst. But who doesn’t get drunk? It is what it is. As long as I didn’t look like one of the chicks on Rock of Love, especially with these pictures out, I would die.

Are you watching the show? Are you enjoying it?

I am enjoying the show. Everyone says it should be longer. So many people tweet me and say that. But then I guess it’s also good because then people the next week are dying to see what happens.

Any thoughts on feeding the homeless? Was that a good experience for you?

It was. I had an amazing time. I met these two guys, and they grew up eating there since the age of 13, and now they’re in their mid-40s. To hear these stories, it really humbles you and it really makes you realize how we complain about the stupidest s*** and how lucky we are. It’s a little intimidating walking in there, because you feel like you’re walking into a jail, like you’re fresh meat. But then you realize they’re cool, they weren’t trying to harm nobody. People judge them just because they’re homeless. I talk to homeless people all the time.

Really? Just walking down the street?

Usually I’m in my car and there’s a lot of homeless people in certain areas, and you’re at the light…

Returning to this week’s episode, I found it sort of strange that Vanessa would even agree to meet you on camera in the first place.

Well, she thought I wasn’t going to be there. She thought she was going to meet Suzie. She had no idea I was going to be there.

So she had already signed her consent, and then there you were.

There I was.

Tell me about your feelings on that confrontation. Are you happy with the way you handled yourself? What was it like after?

You know what, it was such a blur because I was so angry, and all I kept thinking about was my daughter, because it started becoming bigger than me. You can attack me all you want because I know I can handle it, but I know my daughter’s innocent, you’re trying to defame the person that she is. Anyone that knows my daughter knows that she’s an honor roll student. She got a scholarship from her high school for next year because of her academics. The entire time I was confronting Vanessa, that’s all I was thinking about. I didn’t care if I looked like a crazy woman, I was going to do whatever I could to protect my daughter from somebody who was trying to hurt her. I won’t take it back. If that would have rolled a little more, I would have left in cuffs. That’s my baby. She hasn’t done anything.

Were you happy that you did exhibit the restraint that you ultimately did?

Yeah. At one point she said, “Go ahead, go to jail for me,” and I had a light bulb moment. I was like, you know what? I won’t even give this chick the satisfaction. I hope the viewers understand that this is my child that I’m talking about here. Not only me, her.

How often would you say it comes down to this level of confrontation for you?

When I was with Antoine, I had one confrontation with a groupie. Aside from that, never anything. That was like the most intense, and that’s because it was connected to my daughter. After that L.A. taping, I was done. I felt like I needed a vacation. I was awake that whole flight home from California, I could not sleep. Me or Suzie. I had anxiety, I swear to you, because it was just so overwhelming.

This is something I asked Jennifer when she was in town, but your lives seem very stressful to me. Is that an accurate assessment?

Coming out of my relationship with Antoine, I still deal with things connected with him. I mean obviously now I’m doing the show so it’s different, but there’s never a dull moment. There’s always something going on, there’s always drama whether it’s with infidelity or whether it’s family or whether it’s friends. It’s very frustrating. Always drama.

With so much drama swirling around all the time, would you consider yourself happy?

Yeah, I would consider myself happy. Obviously my life is stressful right now because of the show and the pictures and there’s just so much going on. But it’s not like I’m not sleeping at night. When your life’s an open book, there’s a lot that comes with it, but for the most part, yeah, I am happy. I don’t have to worry about my man or wondering where he’s at. I can go to sleep with peace of mind. I like where my life is right now.

Check out Evelyn’s shoe store, Dulce.

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  1. amanda says:

    evelyn is the most beautiful woman on the show in my opinion, and it wasn’t a surprise to me that this chic was hating on her. clearly she’s just jealous of her, and it was SO obvious that this chic was the jealous (*$$~^&)+)@~^(_&~ sending her all that &`(~!&(`(#~^+@#~ you could tell by the way she was acting!!
    so go evelyn!! way to stand up for yourself!! it made for great tv too (:

  2. PINKIE says:

    Evelyn is bitter and jealous that her relationship didn’t work out and that supposely she chose not to be married .. The reason why she’s not married is because she’s a golddigger wit her old self shes older than all of them . This show i can’t watch ova and ova maybe if they actually were wives on here then jus ex-girlfriends and fiances maybe i’ll be intrested in watching.

  3. Arthur Majalya says:

    Evelyn you are a beautiful woman and you deserve a good man in your life that is going to be faithful to you.

  4. ODETE says:


  5. April (AP) says:

    After watching episode 7 I also come to the conclusion Evelyn is most definately bitter. It was very childish for her to throw water on a REAL BASKETBALL WIFE & insult her as if she is above her when she cannot even be compared(shes is prettier but thats besides the point).Does she even have a child with her ex? Anyway it seems like shes enjoying her spotlight.Cant wait til the next episode. I wish someone will let Gloria know shes a babymother just like Royce til she’s offically a wife, AND SHES NO BETTER THAN THE OTHER EX FIANCES OR GIRLFRIENDS OR EVEN JEN FOR THAT MATTER…

  6. dora says:

    Is evelyn that hateful towards Real Basketball seems like she is targeting wives of basketball players… is she that bitter….She shouldn’t even be on the show she is not a wife or any of the other maine women it she be called badketball wife hater, wanna be wives and home recker cause evelyn won’t be happy untill every basketball wife is either beat up by her and her angry followers or divorced and bitter like her, oh thats right she never got married

  7. Ashley Carter says:

    Evelyn I think you are a strong woman with plenty of common sense! Episode 7 you showed you natural black ~~@&@(`!(+^(+)( on national tv. One question did or not your “PI” tell you exactly that Vanessa was the one sending you the harassing emails? NO! Why did you overreact the way you did I understand the emails were about you and your child, but at the same time let’s BE SURE!

  8. L.T. says:

    Evelyn forgot to mention that she sent those pictures to Vanessa’s husband’s phone and Vanessa got a hold of the pictures and put them on the internet. To me that’s not stalking that’s payback.

  9. imsuckafrknlady says:

    she is a hater just like the other hoes on there except royce and gloria..what real woman throws a drink in another woman face real high school…that is just what that is high goin back talkin behind peoples back..then all n there face…if yall were real yall would say that shiy to royce and gloria’s face..hating in gloria b/c she got what yall want..and that ugly $*`!((%@`~)_^`( jennifer she is real stuck up

  10. sheeta says:

    man shawty real talk dat gul evelyn hell but no way she would have throwed water in my face!!!!!!

  11. Yvonne says:

    Evelyn really shows her immaturity in tonight’s episode. When Vanessa told Evelyn “you weren’t even a basketball wife”, Evelyn retorts with “I was a fiancee”. For real, bish? Being a fiancee is not being a wife. LOL!! Vanessa KILLED Evelyn with that line. Retorting to throwing drinks and cups in someones face? At 40+ years old? Just tacky.

    I would be SO embarrassed if I were Evelyn’s daughter. Evelyn is such a bitter, crass, and unhappy individual.

  12. nypeach says:

    first of all, are is vanessa still a basketball wife? from all accounts she and ricky are divorced or about to be divorced. but what does that have to do with cyber stalking somebody and sending pictures out there? Good for evelyn…she should have clocked her a$$ for playing games and talking about her kid. I love evelyn and Jennifer, I think they’re just real. and please stop calling jennifer stuck up and white because she can speak proper english and can tell a chanel from coach. she comes from money and she’s used to a certain lifestyle. besides, i’m sick of black people who speak like they’re SUPPOSED TO being labeled and called derogatory names. but i will say to Jennifer, stop listneing to your friends when it comes to your marriage. that’s between you and eric and if you feel you can work it out, good for you. remember, God hates a divorcing.
    Gloria has a lot to learn and she needs to stop being so self-righteous. as long as you are “engaged” you are NOT a wife, you are no different from Royce or any of the other women. they started out right where you are…a fiancee. i wouldn’t throw stones if I were you.

  13. L.T. says:

    In all honesty it really doesn’t matter whether or not Ricky and Vanessa were married or not. Something still had to be going on with them. How else would she be able to get to his phone and go through it. I don’t think that Vanessa was “stalking” Evelyn. She just “put” her out there with the pictures. For all we know Ricky and Vanessa were trying to reconcile and Evelyn was getting in the way of that. Then again Ricky was probably trying to have his cake and eat it too by telling Vanessa one thing and Evelyn another. We’ll never know.

  14. BBALLFAN says:

    Evelyn really needs to stop and take a long look in the mirror. She is an ex-fiancee. That’s nothing more than an ex-girlfriend with a ring. And let’s get one thing clear, if Antoine were going to marry you, he would’ve done within the 10+ years you were together. He was NEVER gonna marry you. You cry like you loved him but the reality is that he didn’t love you back.

    You showed your maturity by throwing water at a grown woman. Wow! You want to fight somebody because you are mad as hell things didn’t work out for you. You can’t even be happy for Jennifer in her marriage. You don’t know if it’ll work out or not. Saying that she’ll definitely be in the 96% of divorced players wives…JEALOUSY!!! Maybe her HUSBAND will change. You should encourage, not hate…that’s what real friends do.

    Vanessa got you good by telling you that you’re not a wife!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. She walked away looking like the adult, you walked away looking like a fool. Girl, stop the madness and get some help. AT 34 you’re too old to catch another player, but you might find a grown man eventually if you get some help!

  15. pbl says:

    Basketball Wives is the most shallow vh1 reality TV I’ve seen. These women are ridiculous caddy and immature. I know I don’t have to watch, but I thought I would give them a chance. Please, I like to see our Celebrealities- doing some good in their community or for their families instead of being portrayed as victims from bad relationships.

  16. slim says:

    Vanessa made Evelyn look real silly. As a matter of a fact she sounded silly too. When Vanessa told her she wasn’t a wife the ditz responded by saying “So, I’m an ex-fiance!” What is that? LOL! I couldn’t stop rewinding the t.v. And the one with the bad teeth needed to be checked for even being there! I really don’t understand the name of the show. Who’ married? How about Basketball Ex- Fiance’s. I wish Royce would get Evelyn in some gloves. Make some of those ugly faces she makes stick! Loose her Jen!!!

  17. Papi says:

    This show is a perfect example that money does not bring happiness! I know that there are men out there that would love to treat any of these ladies like the queen they are, but sometimes in the environment we grow up in can have a big tole on us. The 1 thing from any episode I’ve seen that I liked was when tehy were helping at the shelter and Suzie was conversing with the residence there but she told a gentleman that she was just normal and want to live normal. Eveyln, you are what I would call a queen of a life time. If you were to ever cross my path, God sent love would be shown unless you were with someone. To be blessed with such a beautiful woman can be hard for some guys. It all falls back on their past on how they act when they are bless with such beautiful woman. But being in that type of limelight can be hendering. Like with Jen, she excepted her cheating husband, but she new what he was about. Evelyn you jsut pray and ask GOD to keep having you and lil mami’s back and evil will not preveil! I PROMISE THAT! No matter whre you are from me, ALL of our GOD is 1 in the same! God bless you and stay strong luv!

    Respectfully with much luv,

  18. Saiwha says:

    Evelyn, Evelyn, evelyn… how embarrassing!!! First bringing the “little boy” to the party, getting stupid drunk, the naked pictures and now throwing water… really? For an older (45+) woman you sure act like a fool! It’s obvious that you are hurt but you REALLY need some treatment because you get lower and lwer each week and then have the nerve to frown up at Royce… huh? I think you hate that Royce still has youth on her side and she’s the baby’s mama to a BIG STAR, she’s set!!! Vanessa made an idiot of you…. you threw the water becasue she told you the truth… you are NOT and NEVER were a wife, you got played dummy! Suzie need to spend some time at the dentist and with her kids and stop stirring the pot, shame on her for setting Vanessa up like that…. WOW what a loser! Last, Shaunie looked AWEFUL, like a hood rat. Shaunie, please take more time getting yourself together before making your cameos please…. not attractive! Gloria, you and her sister need to stick togehter.. they deserve each other and all of the STD’s they’ve shared from being the town bikes! YUCKY NASTY SISTERS… just some more baby’s mamas!

  19. says:

    All of these women are a nothing but a bunch of corny wannabees. They have no class they portray trash. Their wardrobes are cheezie and those huge hoop earrings they were are so whack and are not even gold. Their earlopes are sagging. They all need to go out and find a job. I believe all of these athletes are overpaid and throwing away money wastefully in ever direction. The amount of money they make could help eliminate hunger in most third world countries or fund tuition for people who cannot afford medical school and want to become a surgeon. These heifers are all a waste as well as their dumb jock husbands and boyfriends. Sports is definitely overated. What a joke and a waste.

  20. pooh says:

    evelyn will be sooooo guah if that girl vanassea didnt write that stuff..and if it does happen i will laugh soo hard at evelyn..cuz i hate her………..

  21. Saiwha says:

    My stuff never gets on because I tell the truth but whatever! Vanessa made a fool of you Evelyn, you are NEVER going to be an NBA wife! That made you mad and thats why you threw the drink. You said ‘you are not imy league… she said you are NOT IN THE LEAGUE after 10 years, HA!! Jokes on you Evelyn! Suzie should be slapped for setting that girl uplike that, shame on her! Suzie… fix your teeth and stay out of other peoples business!

    Shaunie… stay off the air, you look TERRIBLE! Can we say… bald headed hood rat! Not attractive at all girlfriend.

  22. Saiwha says:

    What I really want to understand is why the NBA “brothers” seem to be attracted to mainly plain and ugly Latina girls… Gloria, Vanessa Davis, Vanessa Bryant, Gloria’s sister ewwwee and even Suzie, she’s not Latina but she sure is ugly and that mouth…I dont get it. Is it that the main groupie followers and +#~_))~*@++!+)_&( s are mainly Latina? I think Latina women are beautiful but not the ones I see with the NBA brothers and they arent too cute either. I sincerely think the players would prefer the beautiful sistas but black girls dont chase, suck and spread fast like the others do. Does anyone else notice this and have an opinion? I looked at Gloria and her sister in the bathroom talking… YIKES and then the horse face of Vanessa Davis… someone help me with this please????

  23. sandy jones says:

    evelyn i think she is the worst of them all she is very bitter and unhappy…i think that was so childish to throw a drink in someones face..bcuz u think there doing sumthing ur the one sending her hubby naked pic…i dnt encourage violence but vanessa should of knocked ur nose of your face…. ur the oldest +$&$(&+(#_*+`@&^+ in the game and ur the one left with nothing….ur nt a basketball wive and never will be…as for royce stop letting them tell u anything they dnt care aboutu i think ur a real good person stay that way….gloria my favorite person very low key and very devoted to her family thats a real women dnt let them bitter women put u dowm………

  24. BBallgirl says:

    HOw does a couple of wifey rejects get a show, bad enough how are they gonna sit here and actually try to act classy..WTF..the only one thats married is Jen and shes just so shallow, trying to confront sumone that “supposely” talked to her man, lol..u should talk to ur man and confront him about it, its not anyone’s fault but ur man. Suzie and Evelyn-two bitter, two faced,gold diggin’ hoodrats..dont have anyone but on tha show talking about their exes..blah blah blah..royce needs to go take care of her child and stop being a HOE..and last but not least the worst %)~&$^#%+&(@&$*@_ of all-Shaunie, she shouldnt even be on this show bcuz hes tha bitggest %)~&$^#%+&(@&$*@_ ever, she was having an affair with her trainer and even bought him a house and put money in his account, what way to show how classy u u have a little hate on Gloria bcuz of her sister but u had ur little sidekicks talk )~&@^@##`!~~_#*& about them, why did u say the things they said scary ^+#$%_*!*&~+*!@ %)~&$^#%+&(@&$*@_ thats what all u guys are sum dirty ^+#$%_*!*&~+*!@ %)~&$^#%+&(@&$*@_ es that cant do )~&@^@##`!~~_#*& by urself that u need other people to fight ur battles…keep hatin’ u guys will get far..i hope this the first and the last season for ur trashy ^+#$%_*!*&~+*!@ %)~&$^#%+&(@&$*@_ es..Peace!

  25. It's me says:

    1st! love the show…2nd Evelyn i was 50/50 on you personally. But of course don’t know you or what you have been through with that ex of yours…but I do feel like you are so right about that attack on your daughter(we have to leave the kids out of it)! Who does that…for anyone on this post to say you are ugly and old…they are the one’s that are jealous, because you look great! all of you do…you girls got me up exercising and getting back in shape! Do what you do and be happy, love the show!

  26. aprluv says:

    Ms. E,….you have a daughter….okay…you showed out because of the things that your daughter had been exposed to….but don’t you think that was over the top!…What kind of example are you setting THAT situation with Lady “V” could have been handled in such a different way. IF YOU SAY U ARE A LADY THEN ACT LIKE ONE….the throwing of the water & cups could have caught you a nite with the ORANGE SUIT ON FOR 48HRS….Think about it…Then what would you have explained to your daughter. …Now she may think its okay to throw water/cups at people. …I have to be honest at this point when Lady V stood up she should have cut your @##! for real! Come at a real sista and find out whats up!

  27. missy says:

    May 25, 2010. You know that girl GLORIA on the VH1 show Basketball Wives. You know, the one who always tries to act like she’s ALL EDUCATED and better than the rest of the ladies. And the same one who’s fiancé Matt Barnes was caught with some GROUPIE.

    Well just learned that she has a CRIMINAL RECORD. According to police records, Gloria was ARRESTED in 2007. She was charged with part of a ring that hacked into the University Of California’s computer system – and was got money from students to have their grades changed.

    At the time, Gloria was charged with A FELONY.

  28. yesmia says:

    I’m so embarrassed for you and don’t believe you when you say you don’t care about how crazy you looked. Throwing a drink in someone’s face is not the way to deal with the problem. It really made you look ridiculous.
    The young woman handled herself well and I was glad she asked you what you will do when you find out she wasn’t the guilty paty. It appeared that you were more upset for her saying you weren’t a basketball wife. Again, SHE handled herself well, like a lady. Watching her taught me a lot about handling problems and vicious attacks with style and grace. Shame on you for setting an example like that when you have kids. ESPECIALLY since you do not have concrete evidence that the young woman was the culprit. I have no desire to watch this show again.

  29. Yesmia says:

    I’m so embarrassed for you and don’t believe you when you say you don’t care about how crazy you looked. Throwing a drink in someone’s face is not the way to deal with the problem. It really made you look ridiculous.
    The young woman handled herself well and I was glad she asked you what you will do when you find out she wasn’t the guilty party. It appeared that you were more upset for her saying you weren’t a basketball wife. Again, SHE handled herself well, like a lady. Watching her taught me a lot about handling problems and vicious attacks with style and grace. Shame on you for setting an example like that when you have kids. ESPECIALLY since you do not have concrete evidence that the young woman was the culprit. I have no desire to watch this show again.

  30. shakira says:

    i dont like evelyn u need to stop hatin on royce n ur not that cute with all that makeup on

  31. Stephanie from Maryland says:

    I think considering the timeframe of the taping of the show and Evelyn’s breakup she does show signs of wear and tear. Which is understandable. But I don’t believe it is right for her to project her failure and misfortunte in love on any of the other women…particular her girl Jennifer. For all the people that say Jennifer’s man is ugly…I think that’s SHALLOW and and small minded. He’s a black man who stepped up to the plate. He might be weak in the area of fidelity but he is TRYING. Give a ji**a a chance PLEASE! There are ENOUGH single miserable black women WITHOUT adding another to the mix. IF they can WORK IT OUT…LET ‘EM and STOP hating and criticizing.

  32. Joella says:

    Basketball wives is a joke. NOT ONE of Them are actually wives they are groupies. Jennifer can’t even keep her man, she needs to be submissive to him instead of running with all this ladies. Shaunie, got rich off of Shaq, and it’s not showing good ladies it’s showing them how stank they are. They run in circles just like groupies they crack me up. At least Royce keeps it real. Sorry Dwight maybe she will grow out of it and your real life can be good. The show to me really sucks and I won’t be watching any longer it’s not showing the ladies in light of anything but putting people down and talking trash. What about there lives, charities. IT’s a joke…All of them suck…Gloria you alright keep your head up cause you will be a wife. They are just hating on you regardless of what the say. He is still there.

  33. futball8 says:

    Evelyn is a stage 1 classless, cradle-robbing, alcoholic…really? Getting that drunk at your friend’s function while hanging out with a 22 year old? Okay, I guess that’s just how you roll. I don’t understand how you can act the way she does knowing that she is on national television…that lady was right…she’s not even a wife. Good thing she’s gorgeous because she doesn’t have much else going for her.

  34. Debra says:

    Basketball Wives, was entertaining as well as insightful. Gloria is naïve, self center, an immature. As I got to know the ladies my views changed on how I saw the ladies. Gloria and Royce are the youngest and I felt that they were down to earth and not self righteous like the older ladies. The last few episodes my views changed. When Gloria put herself above the other women because he is with her babies daddy she fails to realize that ladies been there and done that … Gloria need get out of her rose mirror house and see the world as it is, she is living a fantasy. There is nothing wrong with sticking behind family, but right is right. She says that she is going to stand behind her sister knowing that her sister was wrong to mess around with a married man. To mess around with your friend’s husband is twice as wrong. It was her sister who did the crime. If her sister committed a murder would she stand behind her? You do not stand behind family like being the cause of splitting up a family or committing an illegal crime. Gloria needs to tell her sister she is wrong for braking up a family. Her sister needs to find her own man. Women always have control. Her sister could have told Shack NO!
    The only way Gloria will feel the pain of the other Basketball Wives is when she walks in their shoes. Gloria’s rose mirror house is going to come tumble down soon. I am sure her man is playing on her. It will all come out in the wash. Gloria needs a taste of reality she is going to need the ladies real soon. I want her to feel what their pain so she can get off of her high horse.

  35. keeta says:


  36. carol says:

    Evelyn I think the show should cancel your (_#_(&_#(@!~!!~ out like drama queen because you show no class when you threw that drink in that lady face you would have gotten away wiyh nothing in my face GROW UP

  37. Ouida says:

    The very name of the show is a a false statment – these women are no better then what they have called Royce – who stays with someone for YEARS and multiple babies without getting married? There are only TWO wives in the show – and one is divorced and the other ones husband is retired!

  38. Melissa says:

    Evelyn I’ve been where your at girlfriend,so continue to stay strong and stay focused on yourself and your daughter and remember keep your faith and trust in GOD!!!!!!!!!

  39. chanel says:

    Evelyn played herself by trying to act like suzie and throw water in that girls face.That chick was right she’s not even in the league and is obviously hating on the other wives,especially Jennifer,by trying together to end things with her husband.Trying to act like she’s so strong and independent when we all know she lefted when the money ran out.Or at her when he stopped spending it on her,and more some where in a casino across town.She had no other choice either leave or get lefted one or the other sweetheart!Oh and you looked very tacky getting drunk at a fundraiser your supposedly friend was giving to save Haiti.You just had to come and bring the bronx with you instead of saving it for another time and place BX in the house!

  40. Cynthia Willis says:

    Evelyn! I love love you. You are a strong and beautiful woman!You held your own and did it with class! I am so looking forward to the next season. Stay exactly how you are. REAL. I didn’t think you were letting Shaunie direct ur every moves, I looked at it like she is your friend and you took advice from her.I love the show. Black women sticking together. Food to my soul! GOD bless you and I hope everything work out with your civil case.

  41. nikki says:

    evelyn u talk about fake hair hoe dont u have fake azz hair to

  42. dluster says:

    I think that Evelyn is so hateful that who ever think of marrying her is a fool and better think 50 times over before he do she talk about people and when they say something about her she want to fight or yell and scream at them come do that to me your pretty little face will match how you really are Jennifer you are dumb

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