The Greatest Gift Of All: Shirtless Muscle Men


Check out this extended scene from tonight’s Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business, in which Ray attempts to hire some buff dudes to carry Brandy out to the pool on her birthday, realizes he actually has to select said buff dudes, becomes squeamish and then enlists Brandy’s friend Shay to help him choose. After watching Ray surrounded by scantily clad women for two seasons, the irony of seeing him surrounded by scantily clad men was not lost on anyone.

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  1. MEL says:

    It was soo nice to see how Ray J put all this together for his big sis! It was so sweet! You can see how much he loves his Sister. I could definitely identify with it b/c my brother and I are so close. This episode made me like you even more! Good Job Ray J.

  2. kathytaylor says:

    brandy i really need to talk with u. I wish i could really just sit u down n talk women to women with u about ur relationship with ur mom. I lost my mom but i had the same wall with my mom. I have children n out of five girls i bump heads with one. Your girlfriend shay n my eyes n alot of others feel her opinion means nothing that she is along for the ride. U may have known her for a while but the Real Friends see the wolf n sheep clothing. What does she bring to the table as a Best Friend. Sometimes we get to caught up with the idea of having that one best friend that we loose focus on the real values it takes to consider why a person is my friend. I wish ur producers will alow u to meet with me. Must for twenty min. U would love to have me around to shut down the real mess happening around u so u can see the forest from the trees. I am a thinker by nature. I have lost my best friend my brother n 2007. So i love the relationship u have with ur brother. I care about people that don’t see the whole picture thats why u have to have a rezl team player. Both of my parents r gone n i feel like as ur fan and person of intrest for ur well being as a person, we should talk as friends just one time. Thank u for reading this comment, hope to hear from u or someone soon…God Bless u all sincerly k.taylor

  3. Amore says:

    I want to know where is your daughter through all this? I would think she would be around more often.

  4. felicity etoile says:

    Brandy should beware of the chunky bewigged hanger-on posing as BFF. Her opportunism must be pretty thinly-veiled and transparent if I can view it on TV. Borrow? Go buy your own damn shoes to wear. Best friends like Shay are usually envious and resentful deep down on GP.

  5. Tisha says:

    Awww…Ray J sure went all out to make Brandy’s birthday a great one. I love the sibling bond between them. There’s nothing like that unconditional family love to keep one going.

  6. lala says:

    @felicity etoile, first off you need to stop hatin on Shay she has been down with Brandy since day one! Shay and my lil sis were friends back at LB Poly and she is a real chick and she was down with Brandy back then! Anyways I havent had too many nice words to say about Ray but what he did for his sis was beyond love! Its good to see through all the hype they remember family is the most important thing!

  7. felice says:

    I would like to know WHERE is your daughter and how come NO ONE ON the show even mentions her name. Your mother i feel is showing alot of favortisim and you Brandy need to grow up and be more responsible for yourself, because YES you are a very talented and gifed girl and for how long you have been around singing, you have still not reach the stars as yet as been a pop star. Take my advice and take some responsibilty in your hands to take over your career and do not let others keep you down.

  8. Jewels says:

    I’m watching the rerun of this show now. Up till right now I’ve always been happy for others when good things happen to them. But this seems obscene to me in this economy, to fly people to Florida for a party, fanning 10,000.00 on a counter, all the clothing, etc. I’m just shocked that Brandy and her family think it’s a good thing to do. Shay is getting giggly excited at seeing the men to carry Brandy. She touches them and they sizzle, omg. It just makes me sad that this family has so much money that they want to show people how they spend it. I think that in this economy, it might be best to keep some stuff private and that they might lose some fan due to this.

  9. Felicia says:

    First of all kathytaylor, why in the hell would vh1 set it up for you to speak to Brandy, if she feels like Shay is her friend, so be it, we all have fake friends in our life. Brandy has already addressed why her daughter is not on the show, so damn get over it.

    @Jewels, Brandy and Ray J worked for that money, it didn’t fall from the sky, maybe in your world, your economy is busted, if they loose you as a fan due to them spending their money, “did i say their money”, not yours, they can choose to spend their money for celebrations, so take your broke a– to work make your money and spend it how you chose, broke B—–.

  10. 3379776 says:

    What a lovely day for a 3379776! SCK was here

  11. 2283789 says:

    What a lovely day for a 2283789! SCK was here