Tila Tequila Says Pills Are Driving Her To Rehab



After the news broke this weekend, Tila Tequila took to her newly founded gossip blog to announce to the world that she plans to join the cast of Celebrity Rehab 4. I think if we’ve learned anything from pop culture so far it’s that something isn’t true unless Tila Tequila says it is. She writes:

“I KNOW I am an EXTREMELY smart girl, and to run all these empires when I am not even 30 yet, is quite an accomplishment, however I finally admitted to myself that I cannot rely on taking prescription pills everyday for the rest of my life! I didn’t spend my heart and soul into building this extremely successful website, invest every last ounce of money into it, and believe me, a site like this plus staff is EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE!” [all sic, naturally]

And since you obviously love her so much and want nothing more than to watch her all the time, you’ll be elated to hear that she already has her sights set on a spin-off:

“…Our OMG sources found out that if I do well on “CELEBRITY REHAB” and continue to stay sober, that VH1 May pick up my OWN SPIN OFF SHOW ABOUT MY LIFE SOBER NOW AND HOW I CAN HANDLE BEING A MOGUL, AND STILL TRY TO MEET THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! IT’s gong to be very raw and real.” [sic strikes again!]

If you know anything about Tila’s, erm, aesthetic, you could guess that this announcement post of hers prattles on and on, addressing haters multiple times, asserting MissTilaOMG!’s legitimacy and calling on her “TILA ARMY” to hold it down for her while she’s in the not-so-big house. Let’s hope that pills aren’t the source of these online rants of hers. I’d hate to see her wild writing change — it’s kind of what she has going for her at this point. [MissTilaOMG!]

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  1. Cinema says:

    If that spin-off has any validity, don’t do it.

    For the love of god and all that is holy and good in this world, don’t do it.

  2. melissa says:

    Total #tilaarmy luv and support for Miss Tila. #tilaarmy4life

  3. Trishcuit says:

    If she were doing this to get the help she so clearly needs, I would support it whole heartedly.

    Instead she is doing it for the hope of a spin-off and to stay in the public eye.

    As much as I have watched and been moved by Celeb Rehab and Sober House, and adore Dr. Drew, I refuse to spend my time watching her lie and manipulate.

    VH1 you must be desperate. She claims to be a mogul yet she’s broke and fails at every venture. Who could possibly be helped or inspired by that?

  4. Bethy says:

    ANYTHING But this!! Or if so, bring back Karrie Ann…

    I usually like VH1′s trashy stripper shows…but she is just horrid! Her and Spencer Pratt are in the same boat to hell.

  5. Jack says:

    There is a god!!! I am in love with tila!!!

  6. erika says:

    can we say attention ~@*#!@^)*`_`_!_~$

  7. Sara says:

    I agree she is sick, but she’s mentally sick. Tila is a pathological liar and has no intention of “sobering up”. She is only doing this to get that VH1 show and, should I throw in, trying to get some of Lindsay Lohan’s press coverage. Anyone with common sense can see through her.

    On her gossip site, she posted about helping Lindsay, then she turns around and talked about Lindsay in the worst way and now she wants Lindsay to join her on CR.

    She is a mogul in her head only, she’s damn near broke and she is the laughing stock of Hollywood.

    If CR4 goes through I hope Dr. Drew see through her lies and calls her out. I hope VH1 does not give her a show but if they do I, for one, will not be watching it.

  8. Rodney says:

    Yeah I know, that she’s pathological liar and your right she’s just there for her 15 minutes of fame that’s it. Also, I heard rumors going on that there’s going to be 2 more people is going to be on CR4. One of them is Bizzy Bone (from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony) and the other is reality T.V. show Jason Wahler.

  9. gross says:

    THIS SITE IS NUTS FOR EVEN MENTIONING THIS FALLEN WOMAN!!! I will never back up anything that has to do with VH-1 because of their love for this crazy ~^)&+@~*)&%(&!)^ Tila

  10. Honeythorn says:

    I really hope that “IF” she does CR4, that’s it’s for real and not for some stupid spin off show. It would not be fair to the other patients(celebs) that are there trying for real to get clean and sober. She already said on her blog that she’d go in there all kinds of hostile. That would really defeat everyones purpose.

    I know Dr. Drew sees every type of manipulator, liar, and addicted patient, and I would hope he puts Tila on blast for everything she’s lied about. This chick stated yesterday that her “suicide” was for entertainment purposes and everyone was in on the joke. She has yet to apologise to the LAPD, the City of Los Angeles, and many more for that so called ‘Entertainment” stunt.

  11. TilaLover says:

    DO IT! You will be a big hit for the show and for your sobriety. I would rather see you in rehab trying to make yourself better, than not going at all and slipping out of society. Don’t listen to all these haters – they just don’t understand what it really means to have a problem. You are a survivor…take it seriously and be true. The process takes a lifetime and this is just the beginning. You may fail, you may will have hard times, but at least you realize you may have an issue.

    The fact that these people are writing and making these comments is that they too want to have a “meaning” to society. They are the ones messed up. I admit I have problems and can learn from everyone and can learn from you on the show – your successes and failures. WE ARE ALL HUMAN BEINGS INSIDE with loving hearts…remember that no matter what people say.

  12. TilaLover says:

    btw: everyone remember that even in “normal” rehab, most people take it as a joke via court order or some other legal matter. Don’t hate because Tila can get some paid work and also do some rehab…those serious enough in their own recovery will be able to work through anything that Tila or other “non stable” people throw at them…this is part of rehab and in the bigger scheme of things part of life…Tila may bring up issues within people that makes them cope with other emotional stills such as coping and talking about issues.

    REMEMBER that most people do not come out of rehab and never relapse…does not matter if it is on Celebrity Rehab 4,5,6 or the best rehab centers in the united states…it is the reality of the disease.


  13. debbie says:

    well TILA TEQUILA i think ur all washed up i dont think4one secound that u have a pillpoppin problem i just think that ur lookin4 a “comeback” and this show is not the way2go so i think u should take ur gross looking face and ur nasty “!(!)~~*&!~)$^(( and just disapear.

  14. kendra bethune says:

    hey leif where are you thinking you are running to i just saw you leave while i got dressed and put on dark kiss bath and body works lotion in my room where are you running to

  15. 1154300 says:

    What a lovely day for a 1154300! SCK was here