A Dance Lesson With Royce Reed


When I heard Basketball WivesRoyce Reed was coming to our office, I knew exactly what I wanted out of her. Not a sit-down, soul-baring interview (we already did that, albeit over the phone), but a dance instruction. I admired the way she was able to annoy Evelyn with burlesque dancing during the show’s second episode, and so I asked her for pointers on achieving the same effect. Why argue with someone on the subway when you can just dance at them? That’s what I always say…well, always after this lesson.

The problem? I can’t dance. I mean, I understand that rhythm exists as a concept, but I possess zero coordination. Merely moving my feet on the dance floor seems too monumental of a task to even think about. Also, I haven’t been choreographed since grade-school plays. Royce had quite a task on her hands. Above, we rehearse and then below we run through her prescribed dose of rhythmic aggression. God help us all.

Haha, this is so embarrassing! I can’t even watch a minute of it. I hope you appreciate the amount of ego I had to swallow to post this, Internet!

Portions of the song “Jukebox (Instrumental)” by Kidz in the Hall appear in the video above.

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  1. Brookiebaby0506 says:

    OMG, I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE you Rich for posting this!

  2. sunshyne84 says:

    Rich fofo?

  3. KellyHerrera says:

    This is amazing. I want to be your best friend after seeing this, seriously. And don’t even lie about the fact you still probably practice these steps so you can serve Royce next time you see her.

  4. linxdogg says:

    i feel she is a cool chick”but she would only be gd for a one nite stand and she could cheer lead for me anytime””

  5. carol says:

    i think royce is no basketball wife soooooooo why is she on the show to tell the truth she spell TROUBLE NO CLASS

  6. Suzie says:

    I like the “Basketball Wives” show. However, I don’t like, in my opinion, how Shaunie used Royce. It seems most of the ladies on that show had problems with Royce, and/or tried to use her to bump up their obviously low self-esteem. Jennifer treated her really nice. In fact, Jennifer and Royce are my two favorites on the show. They are both beautiful, gorgeous women. Gloria on the other hand is a trip. She had the nerves to sit and tell Royce that she will never be as good as Gloria and the other women. Please she is not married to Matt, yet and she needs to be careful because every word she said to Royce is bound to bite her on the butt. She thinks she is so much better than the rest; she needs to lose some weight with her chunky butt. I hope Jennifer does not let these women influence her to leave her husband. She is beautiful and she needs to do what it takes to make her marriage work.

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  10. Gerry Dabney says:

    This was novel. I wish I could read every post, but i have to go back to work now… But I’ll return.