A Dance Lesson With Royce Reed


When I heard Basketball WivesRoyce Reed was coming to our office, I knew exactly what I wanted out of her. Not a sit-down, soul-baring interview (we already did that, albeit over the phone), but a dance instruction. I admired the way she was able to annoy Evelyn with burlesque dancing during the show’s second episode, and so I asked her for pointers on achieving the same effect. Why argue with someone on the subway when you can just dance at them? That’s what I always say…well, always after this lesson.

The problem? I can’t dance. I mean, I understand that rhythm exists as a concept, but I possess zero coordination. Merely moving my feet on the dance floor seems too monumental of a task to even think about. Also, I haven’t been choreographed since grade-school plays. Royce had quite a task on her hands. Above, we rehearse and then below we run through her prescribed dose of rhythmic aggression. God help us all.

Haha, this is so embarrassing! I can’t even watch a minute of it. I hope you appreciate the amount of ego I had to swallow to post this, Internet!

Portions of the song “Jukebox (Instrumental)” by Kidz in the Hall appear in the video above.

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