Mindy McCready Overdose?



Celebrity Rehab 3 ‘s Mindy McCready suffered a possible drug overdose this week. An overdose report came Tuesday morning, according to a Florida sheriff’s office, but Mindy was already home that night. Her brother Josh McCready said the incident was a misunderstanding. “She is fine and back at home with my mother. It was by far over a huge exaggeration,” he said. [AP/Huffington Post via ONTD]

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  1. Marla Cartright says:

    You have your story so messed up because people are lying to protect Mindy and its just wrong. I am her aunt and live here close to her mother’s house. I talk to my sister Gayle on a daily basis. All the info that Mindy has released is an out and out lie. She came here to go to court to try and get custody of her child back. She has slandered her mother into the ground every chance she gets in the media. Her mother still allowed her to stay at her house with her boyfriend, and she catered to mindy and david like there was no tomorrow. She loves her daughter very much. There was no problems what so ever the whole time mindy was here in her mom’s house until the night before she was rushed to the hospital. She got into an argument with the boyfriend over him texting another girl, and decided to attempt suicide for like the 6th time I think. It was told that her mother gave her a couple darvocets because mindy broke her toe while she was here, and she was in horrible pain. But mindy did not take the darvocet because she had her own (@)`~(~!$~&#`++^ tail of drugs with her that she hides. She was on alcohol, attovan, and oxy cotten. These are the only drugs from the toxicology report that were found in her system at cape coral hospital. It was taken intentionally because she wanted to end her life because the boyfriend up and left to go back to nashville. Her mother found her that morning slumped over her computer saying omg he’s gone, he’s gone. And she was incoherrant. But because of her love for mindy and the fact she didnt want to hurt mindy’s case of oneday getting her child back, she lied at first to the media saying she over reacted and that she didnt feel like it was a suicide attempt. I am furious at Dr. Dru for making a statement like he did about mindy without him having the facts straight. And also for making horrible accusations about my sister Gayle when he has not interviewed her and doesnt know the real story. He has no clue who mindy really is, or what her problems are. We as mindy’s family love her, but are so sick of everybody lying and covering for her, and it keeps her from getting the help she actually needs. She is a very sick girl mentally and has a severe alcohol dependancy and addiction to prescribed pills. I mean really, come on people. How many times does she have to be rushed to the hospital with all these drugs and alcohol in her system for people to realize the truth here?? Mindy has a horrible problem of lying whenever she has done something to be ashamed of, so she just figures…well I can blame my mom, its always worked before. God if all of you only knew truth, you would be amazed. My sister Gayle has been thru a double masectomy with cancer in the last two years. She has been thru a broken foot, which was horrible for her while trying to take care of Zander, who is absolutely beautiful, but a handful for sure. She has been constantly accused, trashed, and not been shown one bit of appreciation from mindy for taking care of her child. Gayle is a beautiful loving mother, grandmother, sister, and I am ashamed of the way she is being treated, and Im not sitting still for it anymore. Im standing up for her and saying enough is enough. Mindy is going to shorten her mothers life with what she is doing and Im tired of it. Mindy…you should be ashamed of yourself and admit your problems and quit trying to always blame your precious mother. I would give the world to have 5 more minutes with my daughter, but I dont have that option because she is in heaven now. And I know Niki is looking down on what is going on right now, and she is begging you to love your mother and show her respect like you should. Your alcohol and drug dependancy is not anyone’s fault but your own. Now step up and own it. Thank you!

  2. MP3Million says:

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