Brandy And The Car Accident


While Ray J forged on with his new music project (and was made to cut a verse from Shorty Mac, who was shockingly mature about the whole thing) on this week’s Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business, Brandy dealt with much more serious matters: namely, the 2006 car accident she was involved in that resulted in a fatality. It all came about when her publicist suggested she do an entire interview on the matter to achieve closure and clear up misconceptions (scenes of Brandy crying about the public’s perception of her as a “murderer” were interspersed between ones of her mulling over the interview prospect). To Brandy’s credit, she refused to play the victim (even after Sonja claimed, “You were a victim, just like everybody else, but because you were ‘Brandy,’ you became the target”).

In the end, Brandy decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea to speak about the incident at length (“How do you say the right thing about something like that?”). That seems reasonable, although it was unsatisfying from a viewer’s perspective: the juicy bits of info that passed through her filter (her doubts about an interview regarding it being positive, Ray’s assertion that the “media created a false story” that cast Brandy as the culprit of the incident, and the portion of the extended scene above, in which Brandy admits, “A part of me believes it, that maybe it was my fault…”) only made me want to know more. Still, the fact that this show broached the subject was surprising enough to make for compelling TV. Did you ever think Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business would go there?

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  1. elizabeth says:

    Brandy, you are just as what your motehr said and i agree that you dont have to explain yourself, go with what you heart tells you and pray cause the lord will guide you.

  2. elizabeth says:

    Listen to what your mom said brandy, cause what she said, about the type of person yu truely are is exactly right. Follow your heart and dont listen to what others are trippen on. Pray about it and the Lord will lead you in the right direction.

  3. Laquanya says:

    My name is Laquanya and I am watching the show for the first time right now. It feels weird being onthe opposite side of the spectrum. I lost my cousin last august to a car accident. A police car was speeding and rammed into the car my cousin was a passenger in. Unfortunately nothing that the officer can say will ever bring my cousin back. We had just celebrated our 21st birthday together, because we were born 5 hours apart. This past year I celebrated my 22nd birthday by myself for the first time in my life and it was the hardest thing I ever did.I tell this story not to make Brandy or anyone feel guilty, but to say that remorse is the only thing a family can ask for. I admire brandy for her remorse, have always loved her music and purchased every cd. I just hope she is encouraged. Nothing can ever bring a friend of loved one back, but the family does need a form of closure. I admire brandy for her boldness and courage.

  4. Virginia Schrougham says:

    Brandy it is very possible that the people involved and affected by the accident that day have probably forgiven you long ago now it is time for you to forgive yourself. They are called accidents because that is exactly what they are. The people who call you names or pass judgement on you need to go back and read their bibles and understand that only God can judge us. Something you might want to do is come up with a way to honor the woman who lost her life by starting a fundraiser or scholarship named after her. One that you can work on not just donate money to. Put some of your heart and soul in it and the self forgiveness will be there. Do not let negative people pull you down.

  5. MRS.Kitty says:

    @ Ray J. Adressing the issue with Shorty Mack. I feel like you should have left him on the track. And if he wasnt able to do, you should’nt have did it. Blood is thicker than water. Missing one track would’ve not put you in the “poorhouse”.

  6. Sonya H says:

    I feel like Brandy. It’s nobody business what happened. She has to live with it. If not for he fame and fortune she would made a two minute spot on the news. My cousins have been killed by a driver and it was on the news for two minutes. Just last night a 83yr. old man ran a light killed one of our friends and his girlfriend is in a comma at the hospital. I seen a two minute clip. So Brandy the only one that can judge you is GOD. And believe me Brandy he has forgiven you if you ask for it. Stay BLESSED AND KEEP YOUR HEAD UP. YOUR FOREVER IN OUR HEARTS.

  7. keisha says:

    hey i feel what brandy is saying the issue that she is going throught is her and the other people and not everybody she has to deal with that for the rest of her life so everybody thats in the business stay out of it. If she was a normal person and not on TV wouldn’t no one care so just act like she’s normal and not on TV

  8. dina says:

    Love Brandy and the show, but I’m willing to put money on it….that by the time her next CD drops she’ll be doing and ‘exclusive’ on OPRAH about the 2006 accident!

  9. Felicia-Texan says:

    Hi Brandy, after seeing tonights episode, I regret that i ever judged you for what happen, i did not care for you when this happened, but baby girl i am so sorry, i soo forgive you and i hope that the family of the victim forgives you, tonights show was a breath of fresh air to watch….again Brandy i am soo sorry i judged you, you didn’t deserve it, keep your head up, this is the best education i got out of your reality show, glad you did it now, bless you sweetheart, live your life, i admire and love you.

  10. ms. Robert says:

    Brandy it is apparent that you were dearly affected about your accident, and anyone involved in a tragic accident can relate to you. I did have a different view because the media did make it seem that you hit and killed someone and you only objective was to not go to jail and to stop your career for financial protection purposes, so I was judgmental. To hear that you were one car out of multiple do offer a different perspective and shows that the media was just naming you in the accident because of your career!

  11. ms. Robert says:

    Ray-J regarding the record with Shorty Mac if Wac do not want use those bars on his song you need to take Shorty MAC in the studio and use it, that was HOT, Straight clubing music and the lyrics was saying something that the Rollers can relate to! I was very disappointed that you did not just make them listen to it. I believed that Wac feared that Shorty Mac would outdo his artist. The guy singing with you has nice vocals but Shorty Mac was making the song from what i heard!

  12. michelle says:

    I feel that Brandy is doing the right thing because its not for everyone to know how you’re coping with that tragic accident. Its hard enough to have to go through that pain of someone losing their life, but for you to go on air and talk about it is a little bit too much. You have to handle that the best way you can and if that is going on air talking about then thats fine, but if its dealing with it between your family thats fine too. But thats your decision alone you have to make. No one can tell you whats the best to deal with it.

    And about Ray J and Shorty Mac, it Shorty Mac been in that rap game along time and hasn’t come out with a hit, then Ray J needs to cut him loose. Business and friends are totally different. Ray have alot of hit songs how come he never got put on one of his singles. I never heard him come out with anything yet. I just know him from when they did that show (one on one) together. Put him on one your songs and see what happens, and if the fans like him then everything is good and move forward, if not then let him know its not working or improve on his rap

  13. Justine1961 says:

    Brandi. I am sorry you have to go thru that tradegy. that said.. i am equeely sorry I judged you for your looks all the time you were on Moesha show i couldnt stand looking at you but I watch this show and see your beauty inside and out.

  14. lisa says:

    @Mary Hoover, no disrespect, but this is not about Laura Bush, this is about Brandy, she’s a young mother still trying to get over this, Laura Bush has had over 45 years of putting this behind her, plus she was underage, the media and some people just won’t let her live this down, but she will pervail. You need to educate us on a history of her accident with almost a whole article is not necessary, but it’s people like you who seem to want to dig up old news, and by the way, a lot of people knew that Laura Bush had that accident, so please let it go. BRANDY be strong and this too shall pass, raise your beautiful daughter, keep on working and loving you. Good Luck young lady, mother, daughter, sister. A whole lot of family love you including your fan family….Have a Blessed life.

  15. sk says:

    I’ve been in Brandy’s shoes, in that I was the driver in a fatality accident that was just that, an accident (I was sober, having just left work, didn’t see a pedestrian who was jaywalking out of the crosswalk against a yellow light, and hit him as I made a right turn). Even after 7 years, while the intensity fades, the guilt and pain continues, and that will never change. Brandy has every right to her privacy and to work through her emotions while out of the spotlight. People will judge her because her life is mostly public, but what matters most is how she feels about herself. I wish her luck and goodwill in her life, and not doing the sit-down is likely the classiest decision she could have made.

  16. debraAnn says:


    We love you! and God loves you too! Be strong and hold your head up high. Keep your eyes on the prize. We are all imperfect, one way or another. Forgive yourself and be encouraged. You are a strong beautiful women.

  17. debraAnn says:


    We love you! and God loves you too! Be strong and hold your head up high. Keep your eyes on the prize. We are all imperfect, one way or another. Forgive yourself and be encouraged. You are a strong beautiful women. This was an unfortunate situation thing that happened. Look to the future, the past is history. We learn and live.

  18. twana says:

    brandy sweetie from what i read and how i saw u on tv i see that you are remorseful and sorry for what you have done god knows you and he knows your heart so u stop feeling gulity it was not done intetionaly and YOU ARE NOT A MURDERER who ever call you that name needs to get a dictionary a MURDER IS SOME ONE WHO INTENDED TO KILL im more than sure that day you did not know thats was going to hapen i have love you and ray j forever im 36 years old if its true what these people say about you then it must be true that i gave my 3 yr son CANCER we know thats impossible so if i cant give my son cancer.mrs BRANDY R NORWOOD YOU ARE NOT A MURDERER GOD DOSENT SEE YOU THAT WAY AND NEITHER DO I. I SEE YOU AS THE WAY GOD MADE YOU AND YOU MADE A MISTAKE SO YOU TELL THEM PEOPLE WHOS CALLING YOU THAT TOO KISS YOUR YOU KNOW WHAT AND THINK ABOUT THIS ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE CALLING YOU THIS ARE SO PERFECT THAT THEY NEVER DID NOTHING WRONG

  19. chris says:

    After watching this episode I felt so much pain for Brandy. I could literally feel the hurt that this horrible accident has caused her. Sometimes I dont understand the human life, how can people call her murderer and be so mean to her without knowing the true story. Why are we all so judging of others, like we all live a perfect life when we dont. My wish for her is closure, because without she will never move on. And deep down in my heart I really do believe that to get full closure is by talking about every detail of the accident. Yes, this is her personal life, but I want this beautiful soul that we know as Brandy to finally be truly happy again, and I think this would be accomplished by talking this out. I know it might be the hardest thing she has ever done, but I do agree with Sonya, Ray J and her publicist. Closure Brandy is what i want for you.

  20. twana says:

    brandy girl stop blaming your self YOU ARE NOT A MURDERER THAT IS SOME ONE WHO INTENDED TO KILL that is not you its not in you from what i know of you it was an accident you took responsibility for your part and thats what you focus on yes im sorry for what happen to the other person but god knows your heart and im with your mother where she will protect you you talk about it when you are ready but dont you dare believe that crap that you are a murderer you dont fit in that cagtergory i dont know you personally but from what i see is a beautiful young women doing her thing im about 6 years older than you and i love you from the time of thea so like i SAID I DONT KNOW YOU PERSONALLY BUT I SEE YOUR HEART AND YOU HAVE A HEART OF GOLD LOVE YA B ROCKA

  21. RudeRude says:

    I feel as though BRANDY did the WRONG thing and i think nobodys going to buy her album and her not talking about it makes her a nobody star and she needs to apologize to everyone which she should of been done in 2006 but was too weak minded cold hearted cuz it was all her fault and she’s an idot driver and could of seen the old lady!Why mention it to her when she doesn’t give a DARN!It feels like she should of touched a few bases abbout it in an interview with a Larry King in 2006!!Watching this episode is the last of this show i’m watching!!I can’t look at the dumb crap for another season!!All Brandy does is cryy about everything and Sonya is a terrible fake stage mom like she cares about Brandy feelings she clearly likes Ray J more which I see why!!And Willie is the realest of the show but he boring to watch!And common whens the last time you hear Ray J make a platinum album like he can really make some quality music besides a sexy can i and aint gon tie me down!Yall know what this whole show was probably Sonya’s idea to put Ray J on cuz didn’t nobody want to watch another season of For the love of Ray J cuz Brandy’s little brother yes brandy’s little brother degrades women!!Oh yeah another reason might be Brandy trying to redeem herself from a car accident which she isn’t gonna talk about cuz oh she murdered somebody and won’t forgive herself!!Good JOB Sonya for raising a jerk,rude,pimp named Ray J and Brandy a spoiled,selfish,murder!!Poor Willie Ray is that your family!

  22. player says:


  23. Kesha says:

    Honestly Brandy, my opinion does probably does not matter. I thought the situation was tragic when I heard about it awhile ago. I did/do not blame you or any of the drivers nor did I tune in to the specifics. After watching this episode, I understand what your publicist is saying. There should be some disclosure of what you think is appropriate, your interview does not need to be centered around that solely but certainly if nothing else to defend your name and give yourself a sense of closure. By all means you may have been a target due to your status… Celebrity status is neither here nor there in a tragic situation… if you you have been accused of something unjustly or justly (again which I don’t know either way) and you are remorseful, and you feel that strongly… then speak out generally, there is no need to be specific. It is correct no one can judge you but God and if you have already asked I’m sure He has forgiven then you are good to go!

  24. Dayna K. says:

    Brandy I really like the person you have shown your fans on the show. I wish you the best in everything you do and my prayers are with you as well.
    The first step to healing is not telling your story to the world it’s between you and GOD. Forgive yourself it wasn’t your fault. You are Brand New girl and I can’t wait for that chapter!

  25. Brandi says:


    I don’t normally do blogs but watching the episode regarding the accident really inspired me to share my feelings, I recently lost my brother to an Overdose, my job to stress an became homeless with two children due to my apartment being tied to my job but I can never loose my faith in God almighty. In a small way I understand what your going through an understand your decision not to disploit the family nor yourself just because others have opinions, and even against family/publicist wishes. Continue being a beautiful person, continue to stay strong as I myself have an not allow others to harden your heart for you an only you in the end answer to God.

    Forever a Faithful Fan


  26. Jennifer says:

    I want to know what is going on with Brandy in this show! It is REALLY portraying her as a horrible parent! There is nothing mentioned that she even has a daughter! What is the deal? I understand if she does not want her child subjected to the cameras ect., but you would never even know she has a kid at all by this show! She is always without her daughter going on trips and there is not even a mention of her child’s name or that she is even a parent. It seems she is being portrayed negatively in that aspect, not the car accident!

  27. taylorr says:

    ii thinkk thee wholee thingg waxx aa accidentt andd thattt accidenttss happenn forr aa reasonn and brandyy iss nott aa murdere andd thatt maybeee people cann gett thatt throughh theree headss we still lovee youu brandyy keepp yourr headd heldd highh thankk youu

  28. Sharon says:

    Regarding Ray J being asked by the music producer to drop Shorty Mack from the track, I agree with Brandy in her advice to Ray J: Use what leverage you have to include him, because music label A&R people, producers, etc. are NOT always correct in their $%%+~^_`~%_!$&$ essments of what the music-buying public wants. I thought the song was great – very catchy, great hook, great vibe – a very fun tune that would be great for the summer season on radio. Here’s the thing: The reason given to Ray J NOT to include Shorty Mack was that the producer wanted a rapper who’s already “out”; However, if an artist isn’t given exposure, he/she will NEVER be out, because the buying public won’t have a chance to catch onto them. It’s one track – what does the producer have to lose if he keeps Shorty on it and sees where the single goes? If the song becomes a hit, then everyone wins: Ray J has a hit, the producer claims a hit, and Shorty gets some exposure.

    Bottom line: Ray – follow Brandy’s advice: Step up, issue the ultimatum that Shorty stays on that one track or you’re off of it, and see what happens. These are the risks inherent in any artist’s career, and moreover, it’s the “right” thing to do.

  29. Kenneth Epps says:

    Brandy, you know I LOVE with my whole heart. You don’t ever have to do anything you do not want to do. Regardless if people still look at you as the one that caused the accident or not, I still think you should do an interview to clear it up. I think the “media” wants to see you show that humility and vulnerable side and I think that will make most see that you aren’t as cold-hearted & careless as the “media” tried to make you out to be. Besides, like your mom said, everything was already said and done by the time you got there. Like your mom said about wanting people to really see the real sweet and genuine person that you are, I want ALL to see it, too. I will see you soon and stay blessed! I have nothing but LOVE 4 u!

  30. Hazel says:

    I honestly believe that Brandy DID NOT plan or intent for the accident to happen. It was an accident and I pray that both, the family of the victim and Brandy heal from the incident. In this episode, I was very disappointed in Brandy’s attitude towards the young lady who was typing when Brandy’s father began to sing. The lady was typing first and the father just start singing; Brandy responded in a condescending tone,”don’t you ever type why my father is singing.” Now I know the family has money, but that’s no way to treat people. We are all created the same; he is not better then this lady. But I guess that’s how money groom some people. They believe it’s their ticket to treat people cruel. I saw it in Ray J and the moms, but not Brandy. The father seems like he has a heart. I so hope it’s true. I understand that we are a product of our surroundings and maybe that’s Hollywood for them. I pray that the Lord kept and bless this family

  31. vanessa says:

    I think that you need to talk about it be it to GOD,a family member, or even yourself, but you need to talk because someone lost their life. Hindsight as you kept yours; A family lost a child,a friend,a family member. This particular family hurt as well as you did.Ok, you didn’t mean to hurt anyone,bring them closure as well as yourself. ex. Talk to the family members,hold little benefit charities, but doing NOTHING will hurt you more than you’ll ever know. Stop worrying about what people say you know that talk has been around the beginning of time.Maybe it’s good that you cry this out and feel ashamed of what you did because if it were someone in your family (especially your “precious” little brother) you would not want the other person to rest on it as well, you would want closure. No, you do not have to pay anyone with money, but you can pay them with your time, your sympathy, and an effort to change,because you have to think…. you have a little one as well, and I know that she is the apple of your eye and you would want what’s best for her. THINK, Brandy ….EVERYONE is not judgmental, and your TRUE FAN (me)am not still loves you.

  32. ibdw2 says:

    I am glad that Brandy didn’t discuss the accident. It was obvious that it was very painful and, that it was something that made her very vulnerable. I think she would have been opening herself up to additional criticism. I believe that those people that are her fans realized the truth about what happened and, supported her by not judging her. Being in a car accident which is non-fatal is traumatizing enough but, dealing with one that had a fatality is worse. Although it wasn’t her fault, she got the short end of the stick because of who she was. My heart went out to her during that time. I wish her the best and, know she will be okay. She is a great talent and, I love all her music. I think she can make a comeback if she gets the right music and producers behind her.

  33. lewis says:

    Ok I usually well never Blog but I jus got heated.SOme person named Rude who obviously lives true 2 there name…..regardless of who u think u r u have not ri8 2 judge ANY1….u r not perfect and have indescretions of ur own….jus the fact that u r on her call’n some 1 out there name and be’n disrespectful is RUDE…..THEN the smart person that said she’s a bad mother….hello smarty, they take bits and pieces of all footage they shoot and they r not with them all day evey day….the camera crew does go home….I know real life adults that go on several vacations with out there child…..and jus mayb she doesn’t want the cameras on her child because sicko’s do exist in this world and can possibly try 2 hyrt her child…this is an adult show so her daughter need not be present….better yet it’s wrk so I i’m sure many well majority of ppl dn’t take their kids 2 wrk so y shld she….lets exercise some common sense here….

  34. sasha says:

    i think brandu is very selfish for her actions in this episode.she wants to get her career back on track but is stil avoiding the accident issue.whether or not you believe it is your fault or not a woman lost her life that day and children lost a mother.i think if that would have happen to her own mother she would have felt the same anger and hurt.the media didnt make her look like a monster she really did make a huge mistake that do you not stop?just curious to know what makes a person plow into stopped traffic…whatever the case may be seeing this episode and this season of this show really makes me not like brandy and helps me see her for the person she is…not to mention the fake persona that she is trying to have..i think its time to give up on music snd just stick to being a mother…get over yourself…

  35. sasha says:

    get over yourself brandy!everyone else has except the old ladies who still like you and think you have a shot at a decent career..i wouldnt bet on it..

  36. C. Rae White says:


    Maybe now you can begin to let go of the grief, guilt and emotional pain `#_!+*+%&*))##) ociated with the accident. You deserve to be at peace and not lend any part of your spirit and soul to the residual worry and angst that the outcome heaped upon your life. I don’t believe that anyone in their right mind would ever consider you a murderer (You were as much a victim as those who were maimed, lost their lives or those who walked away unhurt). Anyone who points a judgemental finger at you, to single you out as a cause of anything regarding the accident is a hater. Don’t ever entertain any thoughts about what other people think, other people’s opinions don’t matter. Believe me, we all know that you did the best you could do inside of a very bad situation. Also, know that you are allowed to heal and move past this horrible situation that occured in your life. Bad things happen to good peole everyday and it don’t stop. Just speak your truth, note your lessons learned and be a better person for it. Life is good and you have a lot to live for. Be blessed and continue to prosper. There are those of us who never doubted you and have continued to love you and have concern for your well being through this whole situation. Stand tall and be proud of yourself, good times are ahead. Peace and blessings, C. Rae ;)

  37. joanne says:

    To Ray J.
    Please use proper grammar on the show. You are a bad example to the young people thinking that wrong grammar is cool. This is a BIG sign of ignorance. Start reading books and improve your grammar.

  38. Sharon says:

    Where is Brandy’s baby? Is the reason why she is not on the show is because of the accident brandy had? Whay are they trying to hide her and act like she is not part of their family? I think the baby has some kind of disorder they do not want the public to know about so they hide her and keep her a secret.

  39. ab says:

    This show is soo fake. Like Ray J grew up “in da hood”. Ray J would not know what the real hood was if it bit him in his a**. Where is Brandy’s daughter?? Hello, I am a parent, you see my child or here about him all the time. NOT ONCE HAS SHE MEANTIONED her child. What kind of mom is she? My child is my life, what does that make her’s?

  40. Nobody's Business says:

    At the end of the day, we, the public don’t know what Brandy has already done for that family. I hope that she has gone to that family and actually addressed the incident with them. She owes the public nothing. Nothing can bring back that poor woman…but remorse and most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY goes a long long way in healing wounds. If you sweep it under the rug and don’t address it…no matter how much you cry…you ARE NOT really sorry…. You’re sorry for the OUTCOME but not the action. Every person must sit back and say this, if MY mom were killed by ANYONE….accidentally or not…what would I need to find closure? I don’t care about how sorry she feels for herself…as long as she is asking God for forgiveness and that family for what she has done. All it takes is one split second of carelessness for a child to be motherless and for a family to be in shambles. Just bc it is a celebrity does not mean that driving while distracted is okay….and I would hope that she would get active in that way….encouraging others to not do what she did…(start a foundation….go public for laws to prohibit that practice) that would be the greatest work that she could do should she decide to address it publicly…HUMBLE herself…say I WAS WRONG….and WORK to REDEEM herself. Avoidance and hoping it goes away may work for her for a while…but not forever… What would the answer be if that victim’s child came to her and said “why did you take my mom away from me?”……. The best thing she could do is start prepping her answer now…or just go answer it privily without mommy & daddy & Ray to fall back on. Enough time has passed.

  41. Tessa says:

    Brandy, I know what your feeling! I also was in an accident that took a life of another. I don’t blame you for not wanting to talk about it. It hurts. It was July 14,2003. A day that i will never forget. For the longest I told myself….you killed somebody… over and over again! I suffer severe panic disorder from that. Can’t keep a job but I deal with that. I’f it was’nt for My Lord and Savior and prayers I don’t know where I would be. Your not alone.It’s been almost seven years and I can still tell you everything about that day.I have a scar on my right wrist that’s almost gone and a beautiful healthy almost 8 year old son that was with me!!! He was 11 mths at the time. It’s between you and God. I’f you don’t want to talk to the public don’t.Cause they will never really understand anyway unless they have been in your shoes. God Bless You Brandy…Cause He Has Me

  42. Alyeh Gillum says:

    I strongly disagree. First of all, who are you to judge sonja and the way she raises her kids. She has a done a DAMN good job with them. They are grown and can make their own decisions. You can’t blame the parents for their kids. As for ray j, he’s your typical man. He takes care of his business and his family. The show is about family growth and unity.Society has completely lost the definition of that. so, before you start judging dig deep inside yourself and find out who you really are!

  43. Alyeh Gillum says:

    As far as the brandy accident goes, my condolences go out to the family.In my perspective of the whole situation I find it completely absurd how people can target on person based off internet and news. You have no idea what celebrities go through. if you haven’t forgotten their people just like us. I’m sure they go through far worse because their in the public eye. Whether you choose to believe this or not brandy is a victim to. being asked to talk about something as tragic as this. It wasn’t her fault so stop pointing the finger when you know nothing!

  44. Alyeh Gillum says:

    First and foremost, my condolences go out to the family. in my perspective of the whole situation, I don’t believe brandy owes anybody anything. It is between her and her lord. He knows the truth and that’s all that matters. At the end of the day brandy is a human being just like the rest of us. Who are you to judge? I applaud her for taking responsibility about the situation. All we can do is pray that nothing like that happens to our families. Whether you agree with me or not celebrities have it harder than us because they are constantly in the public eye. So, before you start bashing, stop and take a look on your life and things you could have done differently. GOD bless brandy and the family that suffered right with her. remember in many ways she’s the victim too.

  45. milana says:

    i just feel like how brandys mom had said it could have happened to anyone, honestly it could have but you have to be a careful driver you are driving a huge machine that you’re responsible for. I understand its painful but this will teach other drivers that you have to have awareness of what you’re doing.

  46. kacie says:

    i give respect to the family and the life that women could have still had.

  47. SHEILA D. says:


  48. nee says:

    its too bad ray j is such an a-hole, maybe he would of had more of a career than appearing on vh-1 reality shows. then again he’s right where he belongs, the channel that launced flavor flav and new york