Bret Michaels: Life As I Know It – Recap – On Again/On Again



If, “I grew up the diabetic son of a blue-collar family,” isn’t the best first line of an autobiographical narrative ever, I don’t know what is.

Welcome to Bret Michaels‘ home! There are lots of things here! And by “things,” I mean “sexy pictures of his on again/off again girlfriend Kristi Gibson”:




Obviously right from the start, we’re seeing her as Bret does. And who says reality TV has no capacity for empathy?


Bret says that Kristi is a “beautiful, smart, strong, fantastic woman.” She is the mother of his two children, Raine and Jorja, and has been with Bret since 1993. She explains that their on again/off again status just switched to off during Rock of Love. Let’s hope for her sanity’s sake, her TV was also switched to off during that time.

Bret talks about the past few years of his life. He says that when you throw your personal life into everyone’s living room, as he did via Rock of Love, it explodes. The accompanying illustrative archival footage obviously isn’t the half of it.


He says his infamous spill at the 2009 Tonys taught him that he needed “a little more balance” in his life. Indeed, falling in front of an audience of millions and ending up with two black eyes will do that.


Anyway, all this is setting up Bret’s search for more stability at home with Kristi. We’re told that we’re watching the start of his effort to turn over a new leaf. If I’ve learned anything in the past five years, it’s that TV is so the place for such an endeavor!

Bret surprises his family by arriving home earlier than expected. Kristi awakes to find him sleeping on the couch.


We’re introduced to Jorja, Bret’s youngest daughter who is full of gas and charisma. As they make breakfast…


…she farts but pretends that it was Bret. Bret is unwilling to accept the blame. There are some things you just don’t do, not even for blood, I guess. Jorja, however, is unwilling to relent in this matter, and when Bret walks away…


…she totally throws him under the bus. Obviously by now, though, he’s used to that on account of his stint on The Celebrity Apprentice.

Bret takes his older, quieter, soulful daughter Raine to the bus stop via golf cart (Jorja goes along for the ride because she loves the camera as much as it loves her)…


Bret lives on “rocker time” (another point brought up on The Celebrity Apprentice), and so Kristi makes sure he gets an early start on dropping his daughter off. It turns out to be to the tune of 30 minutes too early, to Bret’s annoyance. Whatever, though — you can’t fault someone for overcompensating for your chronic lateness. Either learn to wind your rocker watch or face the consequences.

With Raine gone, Bret spends some one-on-one time with Jorja. She calls him “boring” to his great offense. Jorja is a fantastic comic foil to a rocker’s ego.


During the course of their play date, Jorja farts and curses repeatedly. She’s basically a truck driver in a princess castle. Also, she may be the most compelling character ever introduced on VH1. Really, the only thing holding this program back from being The Jorja Show is its name.

When Raine is home, Kristi says that she’s going out for the day, leaving Bret to take care of his daughters.


That sounds like an invention of a child’s wild imagination, but it isn’t.


Is your adrenalin rushing yet? Bret takes Jorja and Raine to a go-kart/outdoor activities kind of place where he takes slightly awkward pictures with various fans.


Jorja loads up on cotton candy…


Gotta keep that energy up somehow, you know?

Meanwhile, Kristi meets a friend for lunch and she runs through her situation with Bret. She was excited to see him to the point of wanting to “hop on him right there” when she found him sleeping on the couch. She interviews that he’s been a “really, really good dad,” but she wants him to be a good boyfriend, as well. That’s reasonable! She tells her friend that she hopes that Rock of Love is in the past. I feel her pain and understand why she thinks that, but the prospect of no more Rock of Love ever has me feeling my own brand of pain. Whatever, I’ll get over it (one day).

Kristi tells her friend that she has “lots of boyfriends” for when Bret’s not around. She adds that these boyfriends are in her closet. Before you get the wrong idea and think that Kristi’s keeping a harem of gay dudes around because she’s somehow into that, she elaborates: she’s talking about sex toys in different sizes and colors. She laments all the batteries she goes through. Yet another extremely modern dilemma played out on reality TV.

On the way home from their outing, Raine and Jorja sit quietly in the backseat. They really do seem like ideal children. Perhaps raising hell skips a generation? Jorja dozes and her head falls forward. Raine reaches over and holds her sister’s head up…


Has the responsibility of the firstborn ever been more adorably or succinctly illustrated?

At home, Raine calls on Bret’s help for a school assignment: she has to write about her father’s job. “He’s a music dude,” starts Bret. “He’s a musician,” translates Raine. I get the feeling she has to do that a lot.


One of the questions on Raine’s form asks about her dad’s worst day on the job. Bret mentions passing out from insulin shock at Madison Square Garden and when he broke his hand punching the bus “instead of one of the roadies.” Ah, but ’twas a noble break. Raine talks about the time Bret had diarrhea and had to run offstage to poop in a bucket after every song. Bret is mortified.


He denies ever pooping in a bucket, but I tend to believe Raine. Call me crazy. Really what I’m gathering from this show is that kids don’t just keep you humble, they humiliate you. The ones who are embarrassed by their parents have no idea how much worse it is on the other side.

Raine also proposes the Tonys fall as Bret’s worst day on the job, complete with a dramatic reenactment…


These kids are allowed to make fun of Bret to his face and often. I’ve never been more jealous of toddlers and tweens.

Kristi is determined to talk to Bret about their status. He says the kids are “like, doin’ dress-up or somethin’” and so it would seem to be the perfect time. However, Bret makes his way to the couch where he falls asleep. Foiled again!

Bret soon gets word that he has to leave early for appearances. Everyone is upset about this and it means that Kristi won’t be able to talk to him at dinner, as she had planned. She catches him as he’s preparing to go.


Bret gets what Kristi wants to a point — she’s asking him to be a better boyfriend “but in my crazy mind, that means I need to be home more,” Bret explains, and obviously, his career isn’t allowing for that. This conversation is left up in the air with Bret saying, “I know what you want.” Well, at least you can say that he isn’t ignorant!

Tearful goodbyes abound…



It’s sad for real! Jorja copes with absence through art…


…and also, costume…


Kristi notes that having Jorja is like having a mini-Bret at home. A mini-Bret with cat whiskers, that is.

Meanwhile, we’re reminded what Bret faces on the road…


…thus, it seems downright heroic when he returns home early to his family’s elation.


“You ready to rock?” he asks Jorja. “Yeah,” she says flatly. Obviously, this story will continue in the fall when Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It comes back as a full series. Here’s hoping that Jorja of Ew, Yucky, Gross! isn’t very far behind it.

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  1. Lindarella says:

    Kristi is so beautiful! I would like to see her with a bit lighter hair, or some just highlights, I think she would look even more beautiful and younger.

  2. amber says:

    my thoughts on the show is that it is really cute how he spends time with his daughters and they love him so much i really do hope his new show is a permanet fixture to vh1 cuz i would love to see how it turns out

  3. Babs 21 says:

    Somehow Bret as Mr. Suburbia does not cut it. Kristi
    you are a lucky woman, he always comes home to you and
    the girls. He is a good provider and loving father. If
    all his recent health scares don’t tame him -nothing will. Enjoy your beautiful life and get a sexy gardener
    or pool man. Bret is only being true to himself and not
    living a lie.

  4. MELISSA says:

    bRETT SOOO GLAD YOU R BETTER MY HUBBY AND I WENT TO SEE YOU IN BILOXI AT THE HARD ROCK AND THATS EXACTLY WHAT YOU DID ‘hard rocked “it !!!! well best wishes on your new show it bring a whole new point of view that you are a good dad and maybe much more kristi seems great keep her!!!!!!!!! and take time to look after your health so there will always be the PARTAY- KING!!!!

  5. KIMBERLY says:

    I really enjoyed the show. Kristi is the best thing
    that has ever happened for Bret. After all is said and
    done-and the show is over, the touring stops the instant
    gratification is gone, What do you have except your family. Bret you are indeed a rock icon, but I feel it’s important to know what really matters in life.
    You’ve seen it all-been there and have done that. Slow down and take care of yourself and the wonderful family
    that you have been blessed with.

    Would love to see more of the show!

  6. Cate says:

    LOVED the show.

  7. TN Chicky says:

    Absolutely *L*O*V*E* the show!! Bret’s kids are soo precious!!! They remind me of my own. They can have you in tears one moment, and rolling on the floor holding your sides laughing the next! The Kristi thing, I know she is the mother of his children, and there will ALWAYS be a special bond between them… and if Bret or Kristi don’t work out, whomever they do have in their lives better damn well be prepared to know that they will always be a part of each others life in some shape, form or fashion. They are wonderful parents as far as I can tell and I hope they always stay that way. Fighting does nothing but harm your children people. I think a few million could benefit from watching this show. Bret and Kristi are great role models, not only for their children, but for all the adults in the world as well!! Keep up the good work!! … And, if it’s meant to be between them, it will be, but I think Kristi has been wonderful at being understanding, and I don’t blame her for wanting something more, but at the same time, she’s going to have to be patient. And Thank God everyday for 2 beautiful girls, and that her and Bret are in each others lives. Please don’t rush or pressure him. I’m afraid it may backfire on you girl… But this, like everything that is written here is nothing more than somebody’s opinion. Do what your heart tells you. I wish Bret, Kristi, Raine and Jorja all the best… Love, Chicky

  8. Crystal in WV says:

    I was at the wheeling show last night and did not get to see the show, but from this site it looks wonderful. The kids are adorable. I met Brett for the first time last night, after seeing him at my first concert when i was 12 with my parents! It was amazing so nice I contained my self and was respectful eventhough I wanted to eat him!LOL I can’t help but feel guilty, It is sad that Kristi is alone alot and the girls miss thier dad all for us to have a few minutes of our lives fulfilled. I want to thank his family for thier sacrifices. Meeting him met the whole world to me and they are making people happy by sharing him, so thank you!

  9. Genibean says:

    I watched the show with great anticipation. I thought the time spot was not well placed on the VH1 lineup for the evening. Hopefully that will get better to ensure more viewers. Bret was adorable with his girls. I realize that Kristi has been in his life for some time, as she stated sometimes by her wishes and sometimes by his. I find the sudden need to make the arrangement more permanent a little contrived for the show. I found Kristi to be conflicted with past of the relationship. Suddenly after 16+ years, she wants more??? I think she has a great arrangement with two lovely children, a super rock star significant other and lives like a goddess in that compound. Not to mention that the “open relationship” goes both ways. I can’t believe she was sitting home with happy toys while he was out partying. I know this was filmed before Bret’s recent health issues, but I would be happy and grateful for his life and what I have instead of pushing for more when you have more than most.

  10. Sheila Williams says:

    loved the show. I would love to see this be a reality series.
    Rockers never die….we just slow down and catch our breath..

  11. Alyce says:

    I absolutely loved the show!! It was so nice to see Brett with his kids and Kristi. I really hope that with his medical scare he realizes how important Kristi and his children are. I am so excited to watch this series!! Brett: Stay home with Kristi and the kids, stop touring, keep the reality show and do American Idol!!

  12. Kate says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this show. I sure hope that VH1 gets this in full production for fall. I cant decide if Kristie is out of her mind for staying with him for so long or a saint.. Hell she’s a saint. She is beautiful and you can tell a really awesome chick. Love the girls too. This is one great show Vh1 your onto something great for a change.

  13. RockChick says:

    The show is great. I would love to ask Kristie, for a woman being as hot as her and not having her boyfriend around but one or two days a month what else does she do for well ya know male attention. Her closet full of battery operated boyfriends ( as she called it lol ) can only last so long. She is too beautiful to be left behind. Great show keep it coming

  14. tania says:

    I hope Bret picks family over fame and fortune and it will bless him in the long run! Besides he already fame and fortune!!!
    Yes I will watch the series!!!!!!!
    Big Fan!!

  15. Liz says:

    I just loved the show last night.Bret it was great seeing you spend time with your family. I think its time you settled down with Kristi,she is really an awsome person and so lucky to have you.I hope to god she didnt see rock of love with all those girls throwing themselves at you. Kristi has class which those other girls dont.Bret you are such an awsome person and you rock. I hope you slow down and make the right choice,you got a second chance. No matter what you decide you still rock Bret

  16. Poison IVY says:

    They are both to blame for not wanting to stick with a commitment. In away I don’t think Kristi wanted it or wants it saying she has men stashed away in her closet if he chooses not to. And that her batteries are still in power. Looks to me he don’t want the commitment with her cause he still wants to play the feild also. The only ones who are hurting are the kids… I am still ashamed he had ever did those Rock of love shows having his own children and their kids friends who will watch these shows (if they hadn’t already) surely will be an embarrassment to them. Only to show that’s it’s ok to act like these women did on these shows cause daddy approves!!? What kind of a father is he?? I love the guy as a musician but don’t agree on his actions. All of a sudden he’s a “GREAT DAD???” I think there is a reason why his health is going to hell-life as we know it can be cut short…the guy needs to snap (ple) out of it!!

  17. Sue in NY says:

    Dear Brett,

    I hope you’re feeling stronger and healthier each and every day! My mother suffered the same thing and was treated at the same place as you. She was there for over a month though, in the ICU at Ba (well, I won’t say even though you said it already and hopefully you won’t ever need to go back) and we got to know them pretty well. You’re extremely lucky. Take the good fortune and make the choices you’ve been so graciously afforded and use them wisely!! Most aren’t so lucky. God speed in your recovery. I pray there are no more set backs. You’ve had one (w/ the stroke) and there can be more…so take it slow. There is nothing more important than the full recovery of Jorja and Raine’s father! Fans don’t matter so much….they do! We (fans) can and will wait….just make sure you’re fully recovered.

    The show was sweet, cute, funny, and Kristy is a saint to have put up with all she has! Let’s hope she didn’t turn on the tube when Rock of Love was on!! You have an amazing family!!! Cherish them always. I think the show could be a real hit. The girls are just adorable. But please get better first. None of it will matter if those precious girls lose their Daddy!! In my prayers!!

  18. Liz says:

    I just loved the show Bret, it showed the softer side of you being home with your family. Your daughters are so precious and Kristi is so awsome. I wish I could hang out with her.Bret I think its time you made the right decision and stay with Kristi. I dont know how she does it with you always on the road, you will never find another one like her.You got a second chance on life dont blow it.Those girls on rock of love had no class at all, and i hope to god kristi didnt watch it.Bret you will always rock my world.

  19. Athena says:

    Oh my goodness!! I cannot wait to watch THIS program this fall!! I think that THIS show is going to be the best one that Brett has been apart of yet….

  20. Katmandu says:

    Sorry but Kristi does not know how lucky she is. She said that she gets to spend 24/7 with the girls. Bret has provided her an incredible lifestyle, yet she complains. I think she is such a phony. If she was something other than a pole dancer she could possibly travel with Bret, take the girls and home school Raine for a period of time. She is a very lucky woman. I think there are others that would take her place if she is that miserable with her current situation. Yes, she is a very pretty woman, and I am sure that Bret appreciates that, but I also think he needs someone with more depth. On again off again obviously involves removing her ring for the show, (refer to many other pictures that show a ring on her left hand). I am a big Bret fan, but I am not so sure about the show, not looking to find out about what Kristi is thinking or feeling. I was hoping the show might be more about his creative time when he is not touring, and his time with his daughters. Let her get off her pampered butt and find a legitimate job or something else to do. Perhaps doing something constructive with her day would take her mind off Bret so that he can do what rock stars do…. tour. I can’t believe she openly discussed her battery operated boyfriends. Would any man really want that type of woman as their girlfriend/wife? He deserves better. Bret, wishing you good health, and genuine love in your life.

  21. Reverend Carmella says:

    “Celebrity Apprentice” introduced me to Bret Michaels; watching “Apprentice” led me to follow news about Bret’s health. I never watched “Rock of Love,” (nor do I care to see it) but I did watch the new special, “…Life as I Know It….”

    Who says you can’t be a rock icon, a rock star and a good loving person?

    Where is it written in stone that the “Partaying” Bret Michaels of “Rock of Love” will lose his rock idyl”ness” if his behavior begins to reflect a more centered, balanced person no longer needing to be that “Bad A_ _,Partaying Rocker?”

    Dear Bret, the work you love and the people you love don’t have to be at odds with each other. Stay home, give up your career OR go on the rode, give up your family are NOT the only choices.

    You seem to be incredibly creative with a sensitive soul — Please be true to your soul, to your heart and to your talent. Your life is worth it; you are worth it, and so is your family.

    Seek the “Sages” in your life, or gain access to them –the trustworthy and honest (I do think some still exist).

    Non-solicited advice (even this one) is/can be cheap and sometimes not worth much, I know. Please know of my sincerity. Bret, you have impressed me, touched my soul and my heart — somehow — someway — who knows.

    Bret, Kristi, Raine and Jorja — All be Blessed!

  22. bill says:

    when does this become a regular show,,,,,WE WANNA ROCK!

  23. Deborah says:

    The show was GREAT. So nice to see a real life peak into the window of Bret’s family life. So much better than the Rock of Love stuff…Nice to see “reality”. Loving father, partner…real life conflicts and resolutions. His children are beautiful and to the the bond between them and thier parents was touching.

    Thanks for sharing and we hope to see much more.

  24. Bestmomto3 says:

    Our house loved the show. Bret is lucky to be alive and also very lucky to have three great ladies in his life. The girls are so cute. Kristi is wonderful and we are loving her !!!

  25. Marci says:

    I like the idea for this show…if Ozzy and Gene can do it, then why not Bret. LOVE IT!

  26. Shelli says:

    I love seeing the “family man” side of Brett!
    I loved him in the 80′s and a I still love him…thank
    God for his health!

  27. Bryan says:

    That was really, really boring. Bring back Rock of Love or Daisy of Love or at least Tool Academy. It’s possible the health issues he’ll have to deal with may provide some more drama but that show was awful (except for his daughter farting of course.)

  28. S. Shep says:

    I so happy that he is doing better and that he is putting his family 1st. I will continue to watch the show. It looks like he is going to do the right thing by his family cause in the end, that’s all you have.

  29. Rock Chick says:

    Loved the first episode of the new show… just wish we didnt have to wait so long to see the next episode. the fall seems soooo far away. :(

  30. Mitch says:

    Great show!! At last a show thats not about arrogant self absorbed wanna be D listers. Bret is real and down to earth…Can’t wait to watch this show!!!

  31. shaknbak480 says:

    That is one hell of a woman to stick by his side for that long thru all the dating shows and groupies. Simply amazing. I love Bret Michaels he is an overall great person whose only downfall is he loves the ladies

  32. shaknbak480 says:


    You are crazy. Your talking about her not getting off her lazy +~~&%#&*&!+_~#% and working because she takes care of their kids? And you mentioned her home schooling them and going on tour with Bret as well? I sure hope you never have kids

  33. AJ says:

    All I can say is I LOVE IT! The girls are beautiful, and the deep rooted love in that house made me cry. Keep on rockin’ and rollin’ with those girls! It’s nice to see that side of Bret!

  34. leann says:

    Loved the show, cannot wait for this fall…I love seeing the family side of Bret…We all know and love the rocker/parta, good will ambasader side…It is refreshing to see the fathers love and the attempt too be true and availiable to Kristi…She rocked the show, It takes a very strong woman to handle a rocker…God be with you Kristi…Hopefully with all the health scares…Bret will see in the end Family is everything…You are very lucky for the 2nd chance…kids grow up so fast…don’t miss too much of it.

  35. melissa says:

    I LOVED IT! I look forward to seeing more!!!

  36. Mary Lee says:

    Thought the show was great. Bret is a really good father and Kristi is a saint if she can handle the lifestyle he has. Will be watching for the show when it comes on. Luv Ya Bret!!

  37. Silent says:

    If your family was important to you, you wouldn’t model and tape these horrible examples of “dating” and “relationships” for your girls. How could you possibly want them to expect to be treated this way by men? Ick!

  38. robin says:

    Honestly, I have never paid much attention to you or your music and Lord knows, I can sing the words. I’ve seen your other reality show a few times & have just laughed. It wasn’t until recently & learning about your illness & where you live that’s caught my attention. I just happened to catch your other show tonight & after seeing pictures of your most beautiful girls & your home that I realized that you may very well live down the street from me. You see, I live in Scottsdale, I come from an extremely wealthy family so your fame really means nothing to me. I just have one ? because my dad (btw I am 46 yrs old) has always given my mother the option to let us travel with him. Why do you leave the most precious people in your life crying when you go & not take them with you? Get a grip, love the, I guess, “girlfriend” whom you obviously love & your georgeous daughters and make something of it before it is too late. I feel sorry for you. Good looks and money are awesome, but anonimity is way better. Just my thoughts.

  39. Michelle says:

    Bret I am so glad everything is ok with u and u have beautiful Daughters who need there Dad!My son was just recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and life as we new it changed forever now we have a new life which I tell him is a great one but now it just alittle different it is not easy but he is a 11yr old strong boy who loves Baseball and just being a kid. As his Mom it feels good to see peaople like u who have this crazy deseas Thanks Michelle

  40. Balou says:

    I absolutely loved this show.

    I was a fan of Poison’s throughout the “Hair Metal” years, and I’m glad to see that Bret has been able to maintain some longevity to his career (unlike other 80s rockers). With that said, however, I think he is a complete idiot for having done “Rock of Love.”

    Don’t get me wrong; I loved that show for the train wreck that it was. But after watching the pilot of “Life As I Know It”, and seeing what an amazing woman Kristi is, I can’t believe he could have thought that any of the skanks on “RoL” would have been right for him. Kristi is beautiful, seems intelligent, has a fantastically wry sense of humor, and is obviously dedicated to her family. I’m glad that Bret has decided to reevaluate his life in light of his recent health issues. I just hope part of that is realizing what a treasure he has in Kristi and his girls.

  41. Southern Comfort says:

    I know this will sound absolutely crazy. Feel like a kindred spirit to Bret. Hope the show is successful, because this is something you want. If you ever feel the need….would really like you to help you write. Don’t see the passion that I see in your words. Don’t see the creativity. Really like your girls, they need you, so be sure to take care of yourself. Good luck with the show, your tour, and most of all your health.

  42. Amy says:

    Absolutely loved the show!! Bret – you have three gorgeous girls in your life…don’t screw it up. Think about it & what you have right now…you’re 47…if not now, when!?! Not many womean would be as patient & understanding as Kristi. I am going to love watching Jorja throughout the show…she is the spitting image of you and I believe you may have finally met your match in a 5 year old. :-) I can’t wait to watch!!!! Love & well wishes!!

  43. Cindy says:

    I want to start off first by saying, Brett we love you, and I’m so glad that you’re doing well and getting better. Love this show, wish it was more episodes to see. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long. VH1, thank you for this episode, can’t wait for the new taping to began. Bret, Kristi is a keeper, really love her, and your kids are absolutely adorable. Now that God has given you a second chance. Be good to your family. Spend quality time with them, because life is so short, and tomorrow is not promise. Your life was speared for a reason. I would love to see you as the next judge on American Idol and continue to do the VH1 Show. Let the touring with the Band stop. You only need these two gigs and to spend quality time with your love ones. This seems like a no brainer to me. Love you and wishing you well … always.

  44. Pamela says:

    Bret… First let me tell you I prayed everyday for you to recover from your brain hemorrhage… as you heal, really give yourself the opportunity to do so, I think you are doing way too much too soon. I watched all your Rock of Love shows… saw all those women and NONE OF THEM compare to Kristi. Oh my goodness… she is beautiful, sexy, lovely, kind, caring, tolerant, patient… and she truly loves you. Please, for the first time in your life… slow down… listen, we all love you, and what we would really love is to see you spend your life, not on the road, but at home with your darling family. You are so fortunate to have your precious little girls and Kristi. Hopefully you will ask Kristi to marry you, give her your heart, soul and attention… like she has given you. This new show is awesome… thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. Yes, it is great to see you rock… but this is better. May you be blessed with restored health… take the best of care.

  45. Karen says:

    Bret, you are a beautiful man in many ways. Can’t wait to see more of your life in this series coming in the Fall!

  46. cher says:

    Its time for Bret to lose the teenie boppers and be a real man and support his family by being with them more and be a husband to Kristy.

  47. Carolyn Vogel says:

    I think this show is great. Anything Bret Michaels is a part of is a must see.

    Keep it coming Bret. Keep well & happy..

    So many people Love You & wish you the best life has to offer you…

    Your kids are adorable.Keep up the good work!!!!

    I am a fan for sure….Kristi sure is lucky..

  48. Carolyn Vogel says:

    Great show, great family, great guy.. Very talented.
    Be well & happy… We all love you in N.C.

  49. j says:

    He does not seem that into Kristi. I did not see any chemistry. Love for their children but it seemed as if he does “right by her” but he does not seem as if he has true feelings for her. They have history, share children and he is a nice guy so he does the right thing, but there doesn’t seem to be sparks.

  50. Holly says:

    I agree with J. Bret doesn’t seem that into Kristi. He comes home for his daughters. Supposedly Kristi and Bret grew closer during his medical saga. We’ll have to wait and see how they act around each other in later episodes. I also agree with the person that wrote Kristi should go get a job or something else to fill up her time. We heard plenty about her sex toys, but nothing about her doing something more meaningful. And multiple times they showed the family eating to-go food from restaurants. If she is a “stay-at-home” mom, devoting all of her time to her family, couldn’t she cook something?

  51. roswell51 says:

    I agree with J. Bret doesn’t seem that into Kristi. He comes home for his daughters. Supposedly Kristi and Bret grew closer during his medical saga. We’ll have to wait and see how they act around each other in later episodes. I also agree with the person that wrote Kristi should go get a job or something else to fill up her time. We heard plenty about her sex toys, but nothing about her doing something more meaningful. And multiple times they showed the family eating to-go food from restaurants. If she is a “stay-at-home” mom, devoting all of her time to her family, couldn’t she cook something?

  52. Charles says:

    I agree with J. Bret doesn’t seem that into Kristi. He comes home for his daughters. Supposedly Kristi and Bret grew closer during his medical saga. We’ll have to wait and see how they act around each other in later episodes. I also agree with the person that wrote Kristi should go get a job or something else to fill up her time. We heard plenty about her sex toys, but nothing about her doing something more meaningful. And multiple times they showed the family eating to-go food from restaurants. If she is a “stay-at-home” mom, devoting all of her time to her family, couldn’t she cook something?

  53. j says:

    Was there zero chemistry between the two of them or what?

  54. Rachel Moyer says:

    I love Bret Michaels!!! Cant wait for the show!!

  55. kelly baylo says:

    bret love grils

  56. Nancy says:

    I think Bret ought to do some soul searching when looking for love. I really believe that Bret could re-do the song (if you want to be happy for the rest of your life get an ugly girl to marry you)

  57. KELLY P says:


  58. Mrs. Bret Michaels (Adrianna Fazio) says:

    let me start off this note saying that i am a diehard bret michaels fan ever since i can remember! bret is a dedicated father and a good boyfriend to Kristi. The first premeire of this show i watched every second of it not even changing the channel. I just HAD to see my baby bret. I am so happy that he went to my concert in Massachusetts. One of my old teachers got me up front and i couldnt even breathe when he sang, his songs are so full of inspiration and detication. I love bret with al my heart and soul. I am so thrilled and over joyed that he is safe and healthy again. I love u bret, you are the best dad to Raine and Jorja, they are lucky girls to have a father as caring and nice as u are.
    adrianna <3333

  59. Ray says:

    He’s a good guy, but why bother with the reality crap…

  60. LQQKNatU2day says:

    As far as Bret goes as a Dad….it’s very clear he loves his girls. The “girlfriend” Kristy, seems like she’s up for anything, but is that what makes them a family? And does the fact that they’ve been “on again/ off again” make it a good environment for the girls to grow up in?? I don’t doubt their love for their children…..I just hope for their sake, they act like two responsible loving parents that are leaving the impression that it’s OK to live in the same house with each other and be “together” whenever they want that…..but when the wind blows in another direction…they live separate lives. Do they think about how that affects the girls???? ~JMO~

  61. Carrie says:

    Did I over look the date that this show comes on? I did not see it…can anyone help me?

  62. linda says:

    cant wait to see brett on his new show in October, he is a hunk,love watching him, he is awsome& his daughters are cute too& Kristi is lucky to have him.

  63. Stella says:

    Being a life long diabetic since the age of 8( think Brett was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at age 6), it truly touches my hears when Brett visits with children who are living with juvenile diabetes. Thank you me Brett for all that you are doing for Juvenile Diabetes.

  64. Pam says:

    Kristi seems like a nice gal and all, but she seems too predictactable (the peanut butter episode was unpredicatable, but a little gross.)I think Bret would have more interest in a girlfriend who had the same personality as Jorja, as she would keep him on his toes. So what can I say: In my opinion, Bret loves his girlfriend and wife of his kids, but he doesn’t seem to be in love with her. If he didn’t have kids with her, I don’t think he would still be with her. Maybe Bret should date a perky Italian with a little sauce!

  65. Pam says:

    Oops, got carried away with my vowels on predictable and unpredictable.

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