Watch A Live Preview Of Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch



If you’re curious about how Chad Ochocinco‘s upcoming dating show, Ochocino: The Ultimate Catch is going play out, or if you just want to know what reality TV is like in real time, we have your fix. Via Ochocinco’s Ustream, we’ll have video in this space Wednesday, June 2 at 11/10c allowing us to watch Ochocinco and some of his ladies on a night out as they film Catch. Viewer participation is encouraged (you can have your say on who should stay on the show) in this live date, which is certainly a first for VH1 but maybe reality TV, period. In a pulling-back-the-curtain kind of way, it should be interesting to see what from this date actually makes it to TV.

Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch‘s 90-minute premiere will air Sunday, July 11 at 9/8c.

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  1. kadi says:

    Um no i will not supporting this self-hatin negro
    VH1 fail!

  2. star718212 says:

    LMAOOOOOO!!!!!! @ Kadi, if that’s not the truth I don’t know what is! I’ve read some pretty pathetic things that went on concerning his dislike for black women. There’s nothing wrong with dating outside your race in my opinion. I’m all for dating whom ever you please but to disregard your own race is disheartening. Remember a black woman birthed you. Stop trying to be that Uncle Tom porch monkey; instead embrace and appreciate power and strength you fear! Weak a$$ negro!

  3. bpower says:

    OMG thats so lam-O

  4. true531 says:

    This whole story started with a girl that was hurt because they cut her from the show. She started the twitter sight the same day they let her go . Did any of you take the time to ask a Producer on the set or extras if this is true? You are all taking the word of someone looking for their 15minutes of fame. Shame on all of you for posting stories that you cannot verify is true.

  5. Lisa says:

    I will not be supporting this show. I don’t think that its wrong to date outside of your race, but when you eliminate your own race as a option I think there are some issues within yourself that you battle with. After reading all of what many blogs have said about this guy and the image he portrays I just think that its sad. Its the mentality of some black men, and not all so I say don’t get mad. Let him do his thing. He obviuosly have idenity issues within himself. (Ultimate Catch, for whom)????? Calling him names and being disrespectful only add fuel to the fire that all balck women are the same. Please do not add to the madness….

  6. Tiffy says:

    I think its sad to eliminate the whole black race. To each his own..I will not watch this madness.

  7. ej says:

    I was very excited to c this show whn i first read @ it, but now that i c he wont b supportng black women on the show, i will not b supporting him. i rather watch t.o.!

  8. Tyler says:

    Man… I wouldn’t pay attention to these HATERS!!! Do you thing Chad!!! With all this off season attention… Just make sure you perform ON the field man this upcoming season!!!

  9. Dantei says:

    He is sooo hot I will support him 100%, he seemed so genuine on dwts show. Whatever rocks his boat is what he will date, no need to judge him. xoxox chad!

  10. yo says:

    that was the most boring thing i have ever watched, i can’t believe i actually sat and watched most of it. if he is the ultimate catch we are in serious trouble.

  11. not the one says:

    I refuse to watch this show and will boycott Ochochinco, not the writer’s because I heard that they begged him to keep 2 black females and that’s a shame. I don’t have a problem with interracial dating but I think that there is something wrong when a person refuses to date someone within your own race. If he was not rich these other females would not give him the time of day. Black women have, in the past, and still do support our men when others will not give them jobs, we had to support them financially, emotionally and it is very disrespectful for them to run as soon as they can rub 2 pennies together.

  12. Diamond says:

    i understand that this jerk kicked all the beautiful black women off his dating show!!!
    Thank god he sounds like a loser.
    The man must be on crack. Just another loser who can’t respect the beauty of Blackness.
    I wonder how his mama feels about this.

    This is one show I will not waste my time watching.

    One less loser for us black women to deal with.


  13. LuLuCacho says:

    The show hasnt even aired yet… How do you know there are no black women? idiots…

  14. Burnz50 says:

    see the article on the site


    It is sad that he has such self-hatred or is a sell out thinking he need non-Black females to raise his status. WOnder how he explains this to his daughter. READ the article from the site above

  15. Burnz50 says:

    The 17 girls were pre-selected by the producers after being flown to LA a week prior to do interviews and photo shoots for the show. the producers wanted a variety of girls, meaning they wanted some blonds up in the house. This is probably just for some ratings.

    They choose five black girls, 5 spanish girls, 6 white girls, and a girl of middle eastern decent. Now was it really necessary to have six white chicks? This is going to make black females not like him, we can hear the blogs now.

    Word is, Chad wanted to send home all of the Black girls and replace them with some of the Caucasian and Hispanic girls who were actually extras on set. After not having picked any Black girls to remain on the show the producers pressured him into picking at least two. Chad, in turn, chooses the two most GHETTO girls there!

    This is a damn shame! And we actually liked teh dude after seeing him in Monica’s video…he lost a lot of “cool points”

  16. Burnz50 says:

    When asked on TMZ abour why there he didn’t want Black females Chad Ochosellout said, “Well I am a man of class and distinction.. Need I say more ???
    I wonder how he explains it to his kids/daughter??

  17. Burnz50 says:

    I will not be watching this show. On TMZ they asked him why he did not want Black girls (only added 2 after the producers begged him) he said “Well , I am a man of class and distinction” READ artcle at

    So sad with his great football career he has such low self-esteem to feel that he must be shown with non-Black females to get approval. How does he explain this to his daughter ??

  18. AJ says:

    Cool! I’ll watch it

  19. Queen B says:

    DAMN!!!!! people always %)$@)(@@`)~^&*_+ in hatin…

  20. dimples says:

    @ kadi you sound like you are racist just by the way you used the word…it’s sad how other people try and be little people whom they don’t know and to be honest with you I really he won’t think twice about you if he say the comment….However Thank God that ur not here in Miami because I will beat the DOGG #&($@_*@+&!*$$%( out of you…just for using that word !!_+)#)*`!@~@&%^_ HHH

  21. dimples says:

    and by the way all his kids are from black women sorry…

  22. chat says:

    I cannot judge him as I don’t know him personally but I don’t think the $)&%_^!+^_&)`_` le Ultimate Catch is not appropriate as he has 4 kids out of wedlock and loves to flirt with women so how can you be called the ultimate catch?

  23. AJ says:

    I was shock to see the show. I searched hard to find someone look like him. WHAT A JOKE. Me and my friends will not support VH1 or Ochocinco in anything you do. Ochocinco, What a slap in the face to you’re people and your mom and grandma don’t care, but your fans do. VH1, ARE YOU SERIOUS to air something like this. Stupid Stupid Stupid.BRING Back the Basketball Wives or Chilli. This should be cancelled. Watch out T.O, guilty by hanging out with him. Thank goodness you have the sisters as your side kick. Somebody need to read some history books on the slave masters daughters.

  24. Stephanie says:

    Love you CHAD!

  25. Steph says:

    I wonder if people’s comments would be different if this were a white man only wanting to date black women??? Everyone has a personal preference!!! I think black women are jealous and that is why they all say he is racist. Get over it!

  26. brown eyes says:

    Chad do you actually think that these women want you for you. Granted maybe the sistas do not either, but at least you have the dinity of knowing that you respect your race enough to be fair. Have as many black women as white women. If you are going to do a show of this calibur at all cost just be FAIR thats all im saying you do have your personal preference as we all do. And, i respect that. But you know when you took on this show that you are dealing with the public. And we in the black community want you to showcase us to. After all tis is where you came from.

  27. wontwatchtoandocho says:

    This show is promoting the same hatred that shows like the bachelor on ABC promote. The bachelor always has one token black woman who gets voted off in the first rose ceremony. The Ochocinco show and the T.O. show are promoting this same hatred towards black women. It just isn’t right. I refuse to watch this show. Shame on T.O. and Ochocinco for not giving black a chance and shame on the producers for casting almost exclusively white and latin women. There is nothing wrong with dating outside your race, but when you promote a message that black is ugly and not beautiful, I refuse to support this type of show and further perpetuate this false message.

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